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Do you have a sleep debt to repay ease flu symptoms by benbenzhou


Do you have a sleep debt to repay ease flu symptoms

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Do you have a sleep debt to repay?
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• Millions of Americans do
   YOU’RE PAYING down your credit cards and making
smart decisions about your home and auto loans. But are
you overlooking the most important kind of “debt,” a debt
that you owe yourself to pay off in order to maintain good
health? This is one kind of debt that will have a huge impact
on your life if ignored, but is easy to pay off with minimal
   More than 75 percent of Americans are sleep deprived,
according to the National Sleep Foundation. In fact, many
have incurred a “sleep debt,” says Dr. Michael J. Breus, a
clinical psychologist and diplomat of the American Board of
Sleep Medicine. “Many people deprive themselves of sleep
during the work week, losing an hour or more a night, and
try to make up for it on the weekends,” says Dr. Breus. “But
while you may be able to replace some of that lost sleep
each weekend, you can still be sleep deprived, and your
‘sleep debt’ will just keep growing.”
   One quarter of the world’s population is subject to a one
hour time change twice per year. One study by Ludwig-
Maximilian University in Germany shows that it is easier for
people to adjust to the time change when we gain an hour
rather than when we lose an hour. The majority of people,
however, do not use that extra hour in the fall for sleep, and     and dark circles can make you look sleep deprived. Even if
this occurs during a season when schedules get even busier         you improve your sleep habits, it can take a while for your
for many Americans.                                                appearance to catch up. Looking well-rested will help you
   “Unlike our ancestors, who let the sun delineate between        feel more rested, so try Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye
the hours of rest and work, we let the demands of everyday         Cream to brighten and depuff. The potent cream uses a com-
life choose when we can sleep, eat and work,” Dr. Breus            bination of natural ingredients, including Panax Ginseng,
says. “And all of this has an effect on our bodies - we are        Caffeine, Vitamin B Complex and Magnolia Extract to com-
more stressed, sleep less, and pack away more fat and calo-        bat puffiness and dark circles and help provide radiant, clear
ries. All this directly relates to our risk for illness and dis-   skin in the delicate eye area. Visit to
ease.”                                                             learn more.
   Repaying your sleep debt is relatively easy and can be             ∫ If your sleep/awake cycle is truly healthy you shouldn’t
one of the most healthful things you do for yourself, Dr.          need an alarm clock, but you may need the psychological
Breus points out. Here are a few tips to help decrease your        comfort of having a backup wake-up system. In that case,
sleep debt:                                                        position your alarm clock so that you can’t see it once
   ∫ Wake up to the light. Our brains are hard-wired to want       you’re in bed. Look for a clock that has an LED time display
to sleep when it’s dark and waken with the sunlight. The           that can be turned off or on, an adjustable volume control for
shift in seasons and our busy modern schedules have many           the alarm, and the ability to have music or an MP3 player
of us trying to wake up in the dark. Dr. Breus recommends          connected so you can wake to the sounds of your choice.
sleeping with the shades open and allowing natural light to           ∫ Avoid napping the day before and three days after the
enter your room and wake you at an appropriate time.               seasonal time change. Napping can actually make it harder
   ∫ Once you get up and begin your daily routine, make            to fall asleep. Parents, keep in mind that your children will
sure you turn on all the lights. This will help stimulate the      probably take longer to adjust to time changes than adults
optic nerve to reduce the production of sleep-inducing mela-       do.
tonin.                                                                ∫ Stay active. Studies show that regular exercise helps
   ∫ Go to bed when your body tells you you’re tired. Don’t        the body better adjust to time changes, so continue your
                                                                   workouts throughout the seasonal transition. However,

Americans earn failing grade on diabetes
waste the extra hour of sleep we gain when we shift our
clocks back in the fall. Additionally, don’t add to your sleep     exercising too close to bedtime can have an over-stimulat-
debt in the spring when shift our clocks ahead one hour.           ing effect, so schedule your workout several hours prior to
   ∫ Sometimes, even if you get enough sleep, puffy eyes           turning in.
                                                                                                         Courtesy of ARAcontent

   IT’S A disease so common it         disease.                                betes is caused by genetics and        factor for developing the disease,                 says registered dietician Sue
strikes every 20 seconds, yet             When asked to rank which dis-        lifestyle factors. Being overweight    but other risk factors, such as fam-               McLaughlin, CDE, president of
Americans earn a failing grade         ease (diabetes, breast cancer,          does increase your risk for devel-     ily history, ethnicity and age also                health care and education for the
when it comes to basic knowledge       AIDS) was responsible for the           oping type 2 diabetes, and a diet      play a role. Unfortunately, too                    Association. “Stop Diabetes is a
about diabetes, according to a         greatest number of U.S. deaths          high in calories, whether from         many people disregard the other                    wake up call for the nation.
recent Harris Interactive survey       each year, not even half the            sugar or from fat, can contribute      risk factors for diabetes and think                Diabetes kills more people than
conducted on behalf of the             respondents chose diabetes (42          to weight gain. If you have a his-     that weight is the only risk factor                breast cancer and AIDS com-
American Diabetes Association.         percent).                               tory of diabetes in your family,       for type 2 diabetes. Most over-                    bined.”
   The Association has launched a         Fact: Diabetes causes more           eating a healthy meal plan and         weight people never develop type                      “One in three children born
new initiative, “Stop Diabetes,” in    deaths per year than breast cancer      exercising regularly are recom-        2 diabetes, and many people with                   today will develop diabetes if this
an effort to better educate the pub-   and AIDS combined. Two out of           mended to manage your weight.          type 2 diabetes are at a normal                    trend continues,” she says.
lic on the physical, emotional and     three people with diabetes die             Myth: If you are overweight or      weight or only moderately over-                    “Rather than let these facts scare
economic toll of the disease.          from heart disease or stroke.           obese, you will eventually devel-      weight.                                            us into denial and apathy, all
Americans earned a 51 percent             Myth: Eating too much sugar          op type 2 diabetes.                       The Stop Diabetes movement                      Americans need to take a stand to
passing grade when asked a series      can lead to diabetes.                      According to the survey,            aims to educate people about the                   stop diabetes by learning their
of questions about diabetes,              According to the survey,             approximately three in five            seriousness of the disease and to                  risks and how they can prevent or
according to the Harris survey.        approximately one third of              respondents did not know that this     stop its spread bringing those                     manage this serious disease.”
The results showed that several        respondents knew this myth was          is a false statement. In addition,     affected by it together to share                      To join the Stop Diabetes
diabetes myths and misconcep-          false (32 percent).                     more than half of respondents did      their stories, raise awareness, and                movement, visit
tions are common and that dia-            Fact: No, it cannot. Type 1 dia-     not know that risk for developing      support fundraising efforts.                       or call the Association’s National

   Is it a cold or the flu? There are ways to tell
betes remains a misunderstood          betes is caused by genetics and         type 2 diabetes increases with            “We hear stories every day                      Call Center at (800) DIABETES
disease.                               unknown factors that trigger the        age.                                   about the tragic toll diabetes takes               (800-342-2383).
   Myth: Diabetes is not a serious     onset of the disease; type 2 dia-          Fact: Being overweight is a risk    in every corner of our society,”                              Courtesy of ARAcontent

      “MY BODY aches and my head is                                                                good health, the flu - either seasonal or             ∫ Overall weakness and fatigue.
   throbbing. Do I have the flu or is it just                                                      H1N1 - will likely do no more than make               ∫ No appetite in adults and children,
   because I’m stressed or tired? Do I need a                                                      you feel rotten for a few days. You proba-         and diarrhea and vomiting in children.
   flu shot? Do I need the H1N1 vaccine,                                                           bly won’t develop complications or need               ∫ Worsening of chronic ailments like
   too?”                                                                                           to go to the hospital. If, however, you have       asthma, diabetes and heart disease.
      Millions of Americans will be asking                                                         an already weakened immune system or                  Most healthy adults will only need to
   themselves these and more questions this                                                        are among those considered high risk -             treat the symptoms and let the illness run
   fall and winter as news reports and health                                                      such as infants, young children, pregnant          its course. Infants, young children or adults
   care providers continue to warn about sea-                                                      women or the elderly - the flu can be a            at risk of complications, however, should
   sonal influenza and novel H1N1 influenza,                                                       serious and even fatal illness.                    see the doctor right away. Antiviral drugs,
   otherwise known as swine flu.                                                                      Common symptoms of both the season-             taken in the first 48 hours that symptoms
      The flu symptoms self-assessment tool                                                        al and swine flu include:                          develop, may trim the length of the illness
   on can help you assess                                                              ∫ Sudden onset. Colds usually develop           and help prevent the development of seri-
   whether you or your loved ones have some                                                        over a few days and are only a nuisance.           ous complications like pneumonia.
   form of flu, or just a cold. If you possibly                                                    Flu hits you quickly and hard.                        Ultimately, getting vaccinated is the best
   or likely have the flu, you’ll also learn                                                          ∫ Chills, sweats, headache and body             way to protect yourself and your loved
   whether antiviral medication is an option.                                                      aches, especially in the back, arms and            ones from contracting the flu. Talk to your
   And you can check a concise list of high-                                                       legs.                                              health care provider about getting vaccinat-
   risk groups who should seek medical atten-                                                         ∫ Fever higher than 101 F in adults and         ed. Visit for more
   tion for the flu.                              attacks your respiratory system. Health          up to 103 or 105 in children.                      information on managing your health.
      Flu - influenza - is caused by a virus that experts agree that if you’re generally in           ∫ Nasal congestion but a dry cough.                                  Courtesy of ARAcontent

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