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									                                 EAST SPOKANE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION
                                   MEETING MINUTES August 12, 2009
The meeting was called to order (opened) by Bob Mauk, Chairman, at 12:07 pm.

MEMBERS PRESENT:                     Barry Coon (Commercial Photographers), Robert Gilles (Gilles Realty), Jim Hanley (Acme TV/Tin
                                     Roof), Joy Hart (Property Owner/EC Chair), Ami Keiffer (SNAP), Holly Martin (SNAP), Bob Mauk
                                     (Northwest Seed & Pet), Sean McKenzie (Strong Technologies), Darrell Smith (Boyd-Walker
                                     Sewing), Alan Stanford (Wheatland Bank), Teri Stripes (City of Spokane), Cara Weipert (SNAP)

VISITORS PRESENT:                    None

GUESTS PRESENT:                      William Kelley (EWU), Terri Symbol (Impact Capital)

    I.   City of Spokane – Teri Stripes
         Fire Hydrants
         Teri reported that the project to install 10 – 11 fire hydrants in the area will probably end up being seven. Hydrants must be
         installed on both sides of the street from another hydrant so fire hoses in use are not lying across the street. Locations will be
         communicated at a later date.

         ESBA Organization
         Teri inquired on the status of nominations for Chair-Elect for 2010 and was informed that the process is still underway. She
         indicated that it would be beneficial to have 6-months to work with the Chair-Elect to bring them up to speed on City
         happenings, ESBA projects, and to finalizing the Action Plan for 2010. Nomination and election of officers for the positions of
         Treasurer (2-year term beginning 1/1/10), Secretary (2-year term beginning 1/1/10), and Chair Elect (1-year term beginning
         1/1/11) should take place in the next few months. Four Director positions will also need to be filled beginning 1/1/10 under the
         job descriptions outlined the Business Center Organization & Action Planning Guide introduced to ESBA in February 2008
         when the first Board of Directors was formed. A question was raised about having co-Chairs and Teri responded by saying
         that the North Monroe group had co-Chairs that seemed to be working out okay. She recommended that the group put a call
         out for volunteer nominations.

         Editor’s Note – Under the leadership of Bob Mauk, Jim Hanley, and others over the past three years, neighborhood
         participation in ESBA activities and events has grown tremendously. Along with the participation came new project and
         energies that began to make positive things happen. Partnerships with the City of Spokane, East Central Neighborhood
         Council, Impact Capital, SNAP, and Downtown Spokane Partnership have been strengthened as have the relationships
         among the businesses that call East Sprague home. The infrastructure is in place within the organization for interested
         individuals to step right into any position and have the support of the entire group behind them from day one. Nominations
         can be submitted to any ESBA officer or Board Director. ESBA gets things done. THE JOURNEY CONTINUES ….

    II. Ben Burr Trail – Jim Hanley
        Jim announced that the City’s final plans for trail development will be out to bid in September with construction likely to start in
        October. It is part of the revitalization plan and will be before City Council on August 17th. Changes were made to the “ends”
        of the trail, including S Fiske where new parking and a roundabout will be constructed.

    III. Bike Racks – Teri Stripes
         Teri clarified that bike racks the City is looking at through Karen Mobley will most likely be over $2,500 each. Teri is looking
         into using some of the $47,000 in streetscape funds for the project. Using CDBG funds will automatically increase cost due to
         requirements for design, construction and installation, so the group may want to consider local sponsorship to purchase and
         install bike racks.

    IV. Banners – Terri Symbol
        Avista has indicated that they recognize that many of the light poles in the area are in worn condition. They will be in the
        neighborhood over the next two weeks “testing” poles with the potential of replacing some with wood ones. In these cases,
        poles would be available to use to hang banners along East Sprague. Officials will be getting back to Terri with the number of
        poles being replaced and suggestions for the type of banners that would work.
    Jim Hanley suggested looking into circular pole brackets that have holders for flags. They are in use in Coeur d’Alene and
    seem to be effective.

    A comment was raised regarding installation of pedestrian lights. Teri Stripes indicated that it has been a consideration in the
    past as an option to trade out street lights for pedestrian lights. Technology has advanced in this area with the availability of
    solar-powered lights, but cost is still a big consideration. Pedestrian lights could be part of streetscape planning going forward
    to compliment planned facade and street improvements.

V. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center – Bob Gilles
   A motion was made to provide $500 for the group that participated in the 2009 outdoor team building event with Adventure
   Dynamics. Discussions included revising the process which ESBA receives and considers requests for special funding of
   community activities and projects. The motion was seconded and passed. A check will be sent to Adventure Dynamics.

VI. Façade Improvement Project – Holly Martin
    SNAP has sent a proposal to WSU for 400 – 450 hours/year for students to participate in the design phase of the project, with
    the understanding that some work will be needed at specific times during the year. The proposal is being discussed with
    school faculty.

VII. Miscellaneous
     Emergency Medical Services – Jim Hanley
     Jim informed the group that the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Spokane is in the process of being evaluated by the
     Abaris Group, a healthcare consulting firm from Walnut Creek California. They will be seeking public input from two meetings
     set up for next week.

    Planter Boxes – Bob Mauk, Teri Stripes
    A question was raised on the status of the railings being considered for the planter boxes in the neighborhood. Teri Stripes
    indicated that the initial designs that were submitted to the City also made the rounds through the City Attorney’s office. There
    were questions that the design would probably need insurance coverage before the railings were installed. It was not clear
    which designs were submitted as Bob Mauk was working on a simple angle iron design that would not pose the potential injury
    problem that a pointed design would. Teri recommended that the group hold off on the project due to the lateness in the year
    and new possibilities that may come with future streetscape plans.

    1st Friday – Sean McKenzie
    Strong Technologies displayed photography work of a friend and invited guests for wine and sandwiches as their participation
    in the Downtown Spokane event. Although the EC neighborhood cannot directly participate in advertising the event with
    Downtown Spokane Partnership, Sean encouraged other businesses to put up art displays and announce the event in the
    neighborhood. He indicated that Strong Technologies will host the 1st Friday event in September (September 4th) as a way to
    increase visitors to the area.

    City of Spokane Art Walk – Sean McKenzie
    This is a citywide event taking place in October that unlike the 1st Friday Art event is not just for the downtown area. Sean
    suggested that the group begin planning to participate as a neighborhood. Contact Sean at Strong Technologies for more
    information or stay tuned for further announcements through future meeting minutes.

VIII. Announcements
      East Central Community Council Meeting Schedule
      The group meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Community Center. The next meeting is Tuesday, September15th at
      6:45 pm.

    One World Spokane – Fund Raising Event
    The annual fund raising event has been scheduled for FRIDAY, September 18th from 6 pm to 9 pm on the rooftop of the
    Saranac Building (25 West Main Street). Tickets for ONE NIGHT …. ONE WORLD goes on sale August 1st. The event will
    feature organic food, beer & wine, a silent auction, and entertainment provided by Jim Green, Spokane’s premier stand-up
    comic and community activist.

    ARC of Spokane – Cara Weipert
         ARC is moving from their W Boone location to the old Inland Power building at 320 E 2nd. The Arc of Spokane … “Creating
         Opportunities for People with Developmental Disabilities”. Welcome to the neighborhood.

                                     **** SPECIAL Guests for upcoming meetings ****

The next meeting will be Wednesday, August 19th @ Strong Technologies (1718 East
Sprague Avenue), located between Commercial Photographers and the Checkerboard
Tavern. Meeting time is 12 noon.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm.

                                     East Spokane Business Association Board of Directors

Chair:           Bob Mauk               534-0694             Director - Promotions              Robert Gilles
                 Northwest Seed and Pet                      Gilles Realty                      939-6420

Chair Elect:     Position open                               Director – Organization            Janice Raschko
                                                             One World Spokane                  270-1608

Treasurer:       Darrell Smith             535-1501          Director - Design                  Keith Raschko
                 Boyd-Walker Sewing                          One World Spokane                  270-1608

Secretary:       Alan Stanford             241-0153          Director – Economic Restructuring Alan Stanford
                 Wheatland Bank

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