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We will offer at Public Auction the following described Surplus Property located at the Swiftel Center (824 32nd
Ave.), ½ mile East of I-29 Brookings exit), Brookings, South Dakota (watch for auction signs) on:
                      Thursday, September 20, 2007                 Sale Time: 4:30 p.m.
                                              Lunch on grounds
BROOKINGS CITY: 2 sets computer speakers, (2) mouse, under desk pencil drawer, slide projector,
tape recorder, Risers, (9) Monitors, folding chairs with chipped wood seats, (5) Office chairs, Computer
chair, Putty Cash lock box (locked, combination unknown), (2) metal cash drawer inserts, Phone (Can’t
use on city system), (3) metal magazine racks, bulletin board, (2) desk lamps, metal file drawers with
wood looking fronts for a desk, center wood looking drawer for a desk, Pitney Bowes postage machine,
(2) metal hanging file for computer printouts on wheels, (2) black metal shelf, metal 2 drawer card file,
metal filing cabinet with sliding doors, (7) brown metal filing cabinets for legal files, buff metal filing
cabinet for legal files, (2) coat racks, Miscellaneous plastic trays and wire trays, Sharp #2950 Fax
Machine, Rescue Body for Truck, Jeep, Rescue II, Window frame w/glass, Large pulley & hook, (2) Back
ups Pro UPS systems, Old fire extinguisher, Stencil cutting machine, Aircraft grounding reel and cable,
Parts washer, Metal 5-gallon jerry can, Miscellaneous hand saws, Miscellaneous portable lights, Hand
crank chamois wringer, Miscellaneous air filters, 1982 S-10 Pickup (Asset Number 625-0059), IHC 300
Utility tractor with loader (Asset Number 625-0056), 1971 IHC Truck (Asset Number 625-0055), Garage
Overhead Door 12’ wide by 16’ high, Trash Pump (Asset Number 625-0082), Trash Pump (Asset
Number 625-0083), John Deere Rider Mower – bad engine (Asset Number 625-0071), Metal AV cabinet,
Record Bin, Short round table and stools, Outdoor book drop cabinet, wood study carrel, Sharp Liquid
Crystal Projector (XG-H400U) – works, Lamp, Typewriter – Swintec 2410, Desk – metal with wood
laminate top, (3) Floor chairs, red, (2) tables – wood with brown laminate tops, 48” X 72”, Computer
table – brown laminate top, Camel (stuffed animal), Microwave oven, Technical pen set, (6) Upright
standards for beer cooler gravity flow racks, (20) Gravity flow shelf units, Assorted extra dividers for the
gravity flow racks, (13) Wire wine racks, (2) Large wooden wine racks (double sided), (2) Windsor
vacuum cleaners, Royal vacuum cleaner, Sharp vacuum cleaner, (7) Wooden Doors, Door frames, Metal
door, (4) Office chairs (2 padded with wheels, 2 padded w/o wheels), 1986 Chevy 300 Cube Van, 24”
Enclosed Truck Box Trailer, 15’ Trailer-Built for Cement Tools, 5’ John Deere Rotary Mower Model
509, (2) 20” Echo trim mower, weed eater, old metal office desk, Microtech Scanmaster, (3) HP
Keyboards, Dictaphone Voice Processor, 120 bikes, (2) two-way Standard radio (Serial #U280099 &
Serial #U280226), two-way Wilson radio (Serial #305-AL4020), Stihl Chain Saw (new in 1987) Model
028AV, Serial #311Y, 3.5 hp Gas Engine, Brown Folding Chair, (20) Assorted three-ring binders, 4’ light
fixture, Easel, Desk Organizer, (2) Floppy disk organizers, Postage scale, HP Inkjet color printer, (26)
Soap dispensers, Paper shredder (does not work), Wet dry Vac (needs work), (20) Assorted blue drape,
(6) Security shirts, Whiteboard, 3-Shelf wire shelf unit, (10) Telephones, Sharp LCD Projector (does not
work), Assorted computer parts, (2) Keyboards, (3) Computer Hard Drives, (2) 12v Deep cycle batteries,
Walk behind scrubber (Needs work), C-60 Dump Truck, School desk chair, (3) 7’ Aluminum door strips,
200’ Drain tile (perforated), (50) Assorted wood pallets, 120 bikes: Blue 20” Huffy Sea Star, Blue
Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Green Roadmaster Mt. Fury, Green Roadmaster Chrome Edition, Red
Next Shocker, Red Huffy Canyon, Black Murray Saber, Blue Giant Boulder, Purple Murray Mt.
Climber, Blue All Pro 10 speed, Blue Schwinn Frontier, Silver Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Blue
Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Blue Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Purple Roadmaster Mt. Climber,
Montgomery Ward, Red Huffy Sandy Creek, Blue 20” Huffy Rock It, Purple Roadmaster Mt.
Sport, Black Huffy Howler, Green Magna Vermillion, Green Vertical Mt. Tamer, Black Huffy
Mt. Storm, Black 20” BMX, Blue Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Green Huffy Superia, Blue Roadmaster
Mt. Fury, Blue Roadmaster Mt. Fury, Purple Huffy Stone Mt, Blue Huffy Iron Man, Purple 20”
Magna Charmer, Purple Trek 800, Blue Huffy American, Red/Blue Raleigh Mt. Trail,
Green/Blue Raleigh Mt. Trail, Blue Roadmaster Mt. Fury, Black Haro Vector, Blue 20” Outlaw,
Silver 20” Next, Blue Next Plush, Blue Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Red Murray Spectra, Blue Next
Plush, Purple Magna Great Divide, Purple Roadmaster Mt. Fury, Red Schwinn Aluminum,
Purple Next All Terrain, Black Huffy Reno, Blue Roadmaster Mt. Storm, Silver Roadmaster Mt.
Storm, Black Roadmaster Mt. Fury, Black 16” Huffy, Purple Huffy Aviator, Blue Huffy
Ironman, Purple Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Purple Huffy Storm, Silver Roadmaster Mt. Fury, Blue
Huffy Overland, Gray Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Green Murray North Wind, Blue Huffy Mohave,
Red Huffy Sandy Creek, Red Marquis 10 speed, Red Huffy Sport, Gray Murray Ultra Terrain,
Black Huffy Strobe, Green Huffy Superia, Black Adult Bike, Blue Trek Mt. Track, White Huffy
Precision, Red Puch Austro Daimler, Blue Raptor, Purple Roadmaster Mt. Climber, Red
Mongoose, Blue Magna Exciter, Red Huffy Pinnacle, Black Huffy Lattitude, Blue Roadmaster
Mt. Fury, Brown Huffy Santa Fe, Blue Mongoose Stormer, Black Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Silver
Roadmaster Mt. Fury, Black Quest Escape, Blue 20” Next, Black/Red Vertical Mt. Tamer, Red
Huffy Jass/Lattitude, Purple Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Black Quest, Green Pacific Scorpio, Blue
Roadmaster Mt. Fury, Silver/Black Schwinn S-25, Black/Blue Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Black
Schwinn Sidewinder, Red 20” Next, Blue Diamondback Outlook, Gray 20” Mongoose, Gray
Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Blue Huffy Rock It, Red Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Purple Roadmaster Mt.
Climber, Blue Roadmaster Mt. Sport, Blue Murray Mt. Scene, Red Huffy Sandy Creek, Blue
Magna Outreach, Green Huffy Blades, Yellow Mongoose D-40, Brown Huffy, Green Schwinn
Ranger, Silver/Blue Trek 820, White Huffy Precision, Black/Red 20” Murray, Blue Murray
Actra, Brown Huffy, Yellow Coast King 3 Speed, Red Mongoose Inland, Blue Next Break Point,
Blue Next Power Climber, Black/Blue Powerade, Red Roadmaster, Silver Raleigh 3 Speed)

BROOKINGS HEALTH SYSTEM: Crouptent, Compressor, CPAPS , (4) step stools, Suture cart, Hip
fracture table, Phaco machine, Color videocassette recorder, (2) wheeled stools, (4) head video cassette
recorder, Overhead arthroscopy cart, (8) Hill Rom rockers, (6) Tires, Sewer snake machine, Window Air
Conditioner, (10) Wood chairs, (2) Wood desks, Metal desk, (9) Gray steel shelves, Stainless steel towel
holders, Chalk board, Counter top, Single Mattress and Box spring, (3) Casement windows, (6) Office
chairs, six-door freezer, Ice Machine, Walkers, Crutches, (2) File cabinets, (20) Four foot fluorescent
lights, Baby crib, OkiData Microline 321 Printer, Datacard Embosser, (24) Monitors, various sizes, (18)
Misc. Printers, HP 5P/5MP/6P/6MP Toner, HP Fuser and pickup rollers for 5N Printer Parts, IBM
Typewriter, HP 4L/4P Toner, (5) Fax machines, HP 700/96 Dummy Terminal, HP
4/4+/4M/4M+/5/5M/5N Toner, HP Laserjet 1012 Printer, Torus Internet/Email Server – Internet
Appliance, 3COM Internet/Email Internet Appliance, Scanner B/W HP Scanner, HP Netserver CPU, (2)
Ciscopro Access Solutions Switch, (2) 3COM Superstack Switch, Deluxe Monitor – CRT Arms Monitor
– Arms, Numerous types of Cables, (7) Electric Beds, Miscellaneous Items

BROOKINGS MUNICIPAL UTILITIES: (72) 5/8” Thimble Eye Angle, (81) 3 Bolt Clamp, (61)
Small Pole Band, (36) Medium Pole Band, (44) Large Pole Band, (69) Extension Link, (25) Extension
Link, (100) 5/8” x 16” Double Arming Bolt, (164) Pole Top Pin (2-sizes), (275) 5/8” x 12” Machine
Bolts, (194) Down Guy Washer, (449) 5/8” x 10” Machine Bolts, (140) 5/8” x 8” Machine Bolts, (92)
5/8” Thimble Eye Nut, (130) Secondary Broad Back Clevis’ (Misc.), (50) St. Light Connector (Style
845), (25) Clamp Top Insulator Bracket, (354) Secondary Spools, (50) Used Cutouts, (120) Perform Tie,
(9) 15KV Distribution Expoxiator, (47) 3KV Overhead Arrestor, (428) 5/8” x 4” & 5/8” x 6” Cross Arm
Pins, (3) Wheels, Tamper, Misc. Hoses, (10) Shelves, Chair, Christmas Tree Stand, (3) Milk House
Heaters (Broken), Misc. Phones, (2) Desks, Typewriter, Copier, Bulletin Board, (102) Signal Light
Heads, Tommy Lift, 3400 Ford Utility Tractor, 300 Farm All Utility Tractor, (4) DEC Backplanes, (2)
DEC Bridges, (3) DEC Brouters, (44) Computers, (28) Monitors, (2) DEC Server, HP OfficeJet 720
Printer/Scanner/Copier, (14) Printers, (10) DEC Repeaters, DEC RouteAbout, Box Computer Boards,
SCSI Drive/Interface, IDE CD Rom Drive, IDE Tape Drive, Floppy Drive, HQI-112 Audio Horn
Speaker, Cognitronics 640 Announcement Recorder, (25) Seiscor COT 1 A/B Carrier Equipment, (2)
Seiscor SSC-1 Shelf, (47) ITT Pairsavers, (4) ITT Pairsaver Shelves, (24) Seiscor DSL-1 / CO Carrier
Equipment, (2) Seiscor SSC1 Shelf, GYYR TLC 2196 HP Recorder, Hamilton PM909 Modem, DX1000
– DX1004 – 030 Recorder, Panasonic DVD RV32, RCA XEDD INV-2173 Invertor, (5) DEC Keyboards,
HP 400/4I Terminal, (3) DEC VT320 Terminals, (2) DEC VT420 Terminals, (2) Alcatel DML-3X50
Fiber Terminal, Dantel Order Wire for above Fiber Terminal, Telcon CDI-90 Fuse Panels, (4) CS3
Batteries, (2) Fuse C Panels, Passive Infared Alarm, Mutitech MT2834 BL Modem, Sharp SF2035 Copy
Machine, Shelving Unit, (12) rolls bond paper, (5) metal folding chairs, (5) desk chairs, (2) wood shelves,
IBM Typewriter, calculator, 36”X36” wood window, Bosch 3/8” Cordless Drill, HILTI TE-17 Drill (
doesn’t work), (2) 6’10”X1’4”X2’ wood floor cabinets, wood display shelf, misc. ceiling tiles with wood
frames, (7) 2’X2’ fluorescent lights, drafting table, misc. counter tops, misc. steel shelving, misc. slat
wall, misc. storage cabinets, small table, (3) vertical window blinds, water fountain, wallmount office
furniture, (4) chairmats, 5HP Snowblower, reverse osmosis tank, HP Designjet 750C Plotter with stand
and ink cartridges, HP 5000 Laserjet Printer, (2) Rycom Locators (missing one wand), Makita 9.6V Drill
with chargers, Hako Floor Sweeper with charger, (6) truck tires, Robin Generator, 3/8” 120V Drill, 12V
Milwaukee Drill with charger, Hydraulic Pump, (7) hard hats, office chair, Wet/Dry Vacuum, (3) office
floor mats, (2) 66”X42”X48’ Vaults, rooftop vehicle ladder carrier, office desk, computer station, misc.
computer equipment, (4) Century 12 Channel Mobile Radios, GE Base Station Mobile Radio Transmitter
with Antenna, pay phone sign, (9) NT Jazz Phones, Plantronics CS-10 Cordless handset with lifter,
Engenius cordless phone, (7) NT 9516 Phones, (5) NT M9316 Phones, (9) NT 3000/3500 Phones,
payphone enclosure, (28) Leviton Furniture faceplates, Melco LSM-30 Control Unit, (2) Bogen AT10A
Preaker Controls, (2) Bogen SPT-15A Metal Horn Speakers, (3) PFT-TSB12J Triangle Support Brackets

BROOKINGS COUNTY: Info Printer 8 Color Computer Printer, Savin 2518D Digital H83 Copier with
Reverse Feeder, (2) Typewriters, Panasonic Variable Speed Dictaphone (doesn’t work), Brother Laser
Printer (doesn’t work), (3) HP LaserJet Printers (don’t work), Magnitronic Notebook Computer
(outdated), NobleView Computer Monitor, Misc. Keyboards, (2) Nobilis Computer Tower, Magitronic
Computer with Monitor and Keyboard, 1986 Chevy Custom Deluxe 20 Black Pickup, 3/4T 4WD, (2)
Office Chairs, Credenza, (5) Brown Chairs, (2) Panasonic Phones, (3) Swiftel Set Phones, (2) Phones w/
Side Pieces, Plantronic Vista Head Set, Dell 1500 GX400 MHz FSB, Battery Backup Surge Protector
(battery side does not run), Server Transfer Switch, Athlon XP Computer, Westinghouse VHS Rewinder,
(3) Panasonic Telephones, (4) Office Chairs, (3) Plastic VHS Holder, (3) Panasonic Telephones, Tower,
54XMax Tower, Microsoft Computer Keyboard and Mouse, (3) VHS Recorder, U-Max Computer
Scanner, (2) Intel Computer Mouse, Couch, VHS Camcorder and Case, (3) Shell Boxes, (3) Riot
Helmets, Wall Clock, Misc. Door Knobs and Hardware, Milwaukee 14” Chop Saw, Wood Floor Creeper,
Misc. tires, “64” Hoist Lift (4104), 1952 Semi Water Tank (5000 gal), 1955 Lacrosse Low Boy Trailer,
1982 Ford Semi-Tractor (LM9000), Kodak DC 50 Camera with 4MB Memory Card, Telephone, SF2027J
Copier, (2) Epson Color Cartridges, Multi Media Tray, Gateway Docking Station, (2) Mouse Pads,
Recipe Box, Coin Tray, Black File Trays, Index Card File – Green Metal, Book Spines, Paint Roller,
Computer Keyboard, Computer Cables, RCA Television, 78 Int. 1700 Truck – Cab and Chassis, White,
Yaesu Handheld Radio, (2) Green Army Trailers

BROOKINGS SCHOOL DISTRICT: 1999 Red Suburban, 2000 Silver Impala, Tennant Vacuum
Cleaner, Metal library shelving, Library Cabinets, Large Cabinets, (2) old wooden benches, (3) metal
drainage grates, (2) chalk boards, (2) bulletin boards, (4) doors, Several VCRs, (2) large metal storage
cabinets, (3) filing cabinets, (8) large tables from the library, Large Oak teacher desk, Library circulation
desk, (2) microwave ovens, (4) pedestal tables, (3) large office desks, bookshelf, misc. plastic chairs,
misc. padded chairs, student desks, misc. round tables, wood-grain office desk and cabinet combo units
EAST CENTRAL MULTI-DISTRICT: BJC-250 Canon color bubble jet printer SE, Epson Stylus
Color 777 printer, E1600 Gateway computer, (3) Gateway LE500 monitors, Gateway keyboard,
(22) Monitors (various sizes & conditions) EE, (7) Calculators, Film projector, Overhead
projector (ECMD # 502 – T24-0141), Tube oscilloscope, misc. computer components, and other
misc. items

TERMS: Cash. Not responsible for accidents or theft. Announcements made day of sale take
precedence over all written advertising. All descriptions believed accurate but not guaranteed.

AUCTIONEERS AND CLERKS: Jim, Scott & Bob Peterson, Lenny Burlage, 317 4th St.,
Brookings, SD 57006 (Office: 605-692-7102, Fax: 605-692-1285) Email:

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