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                    promoting that which helps to strengthen families

Let’s Stay Connected!
                                                  Stella’s Closet                            an online family publication
 The REM Memorial Fund is
                                           Volume 4, Issue 1                                                                                  State of the Union
now on Twitter & Facebook!
We’re tweeting & posting on                 Hello Family & Friends!         Present. We are happy                      Florida’s    seriously     ill
 everything from recipes &                 Here’s our first update of       to also report a few                       children are deserving of
   parenting tips to family                            2010!                changes to our memo-                       our efforts for another
organizations & kids crafts.
                                           Past. We are happy to            rial fund for 2010! We                     year! We normally an-
  Join us & let’s stay con-
                                           report 2009 was another          have had the opportu-                      nounce our charity select
  nected! Together we can
                                           great year! Since we last        nity for our website to                    during the summer.        We
     make a difference.
                                           updated, we were able            be hosted for free! This                   hope this earlier announce-
Follow us on                               to donate $1,000 to              will allow us to reduce                    ment allows us to do a little
                                           Camp Boggy Creek at              our operating costs &                      more. Camp Boggy Creek
      @REMMemorialFund                     the end of the year.             help     more   families!                  has a campers needs list.         Robert’s only living son,        Thank         you     to                   We are looking to collect
                                           Tony & his wife, Trisha                 camper items along with
 And enjoy some daily tweets                                                for your help in making
                                           went to the Orlando area                                                    our monetary assistance.
         like these:
                                           camp       to   give   our       this possible! In order                    They need things like swim
                                           contribution in person.          for this to occur we had                   goggles, arts & crafts
Dinosaur Train: Hands On                   They received a warm             to revamp our site, so                     supplies, life jackets &
Activities . Hungry Herbivores |                                            be sure to check out our
                                           welcome & were given                                                        inspect repellent. There is a
PBS Parents:                                       NEW layout & join our
Mar 3 343pm via web                        an inspiring tour of the                                                    camper list on their website
                                           facilities! Thank you to         NEW mailing list today!                    with more items you can
Search for recalls in your area. 6 diff.   everyone that helped                                                        donate!
agencies have joined together to           make this donation pos-                                           
make it easier.    sible. We are so blessed!
#recalls 3:30pm Mar 3rd via web            We’d also like to give a                                                    Feel free to contact us for a
                                           special thank you to our                                                    drop off or pick up. We will
Mmmmmm! RT @375ToGo Healthy                                                 Future. As we look
                                           fantasy football partici-                                                   be collecting items through
Cooking: Avocado Chicken Salad Rec-
                                           pants! What a great              ahead we are excited to                    the end of the year. Again,
ipe 12:28pm
                                           season with some really          announce     our   2010                    we thank you for your con-
Feb. 28th via Tweetery
                                           close records! Congrats          charity early this year!                   tinued support & we will
                                           to the Port Orange               We were so touched                         update again in June! Until
           facebook                                                         with our experiences
                                           Pelicans for taking home                                                    then    please   follow    us
Become a fan on Facebook                   the       title    for   a       with    Camp      Boggy                    online!
    & you could win!!!                     consecutive year.                Creek, that we feel that
 Check out our contest on                                                                                                                                                P ut your com puter o n a die t. ..

   page two for details!                                                       Fix it & Forget it
                                            Shout out to Slow Cooking Hotties on Mixing Here’s a members yummy dinner recipe!

                                                           Chicken Parm                      Directions:
                                                               By MonicaImig                 1. Beat egg, salt & pepper together.
       Did you know?!?                          Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook time: 6-8 hours   2. Dip chicken & coat with bread crumbs
    Our Memorial Fund has given                                                              3. Sautee in buttered skillet then arrange in
           $14,906                          1 egg                                                  slow cooker
                                                                                             4. Pour on sauce
                                            1 tsp salt
 in monetary assistance since 2002!                                                          5. Cover, cook on low 6-8 hours
                                            1/4 tsp pepper
  Help us reach our $15,000 mark!
                                                                                             6. Layer mozzarella & sprinkle on parmesan
                                            6 boneless chicken breast halves
   Send in your donation today!             1 cup Italian bread crumbs                             & cook an additional 15 minutes.
         Check payable to:                                                                     Interested in time saving crock pot recipes?
        REM Memorial Fund
                                            2-4 tbsp butter
         1650 Arash Circle                  14 oz jar pizza sauce (I use marinara)               Join Slow Cooking Hotties Online Cooking
      Port Orange, FL 32128                 6 slices mozzarella cheese                        Group! Just send
 100% of your donation goes to our          Grated parmesan                                     an email to received your invitation today!
 charity select, Camp Boggy Creek!

                                      Our first GIVEAWAY of 2010!
                                             In the Chinese zodiac & calendar 2010 is the year of the Tiger.
      Blooming Spring Cucumbers        For the Memorial Fund it will be the year of the Book. :) We are kicking off
                      @bmbusby           a year long campaign for supporting family literacy. Our e-newsletter,
                                                   posts & giveaways will support reading in families.
Spring is around the                    Help support our efforts by winning a new book for your family library!!!
corner. If you’ve been
thinking about starting a                                  Win! Win! Win!
FL garden you still have                      First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
time! Vegetable gardening             Reading level 4-8 years. A picture book with die cuts
provides fresh air, exercise           explores the stages of development in the natural
& economic savings to                 world! Winner of the Caldecott Honor & the Theodor
name just a few of its                  Seuss Geisel Honor. Seeger is an Emmy-winning
benefits. Garden boxes &                artist & you’ll love her book no matter your age!
container gardens have
been the growing trend.                All you have to do is sign up on our NEW website,
For convenience you         , to receive our email updates!
should locate the garden                                           Yep, its that easy!
near the house & a water
source.     Organic matter                           Would you like extra chances to win this great book?!?
should be added to the soil,
as it’s the key to nutritious         •     Become a fan on our Facebook page & you’ll get an extra entry.
soil. Check out this UF               !/pages/Robert-E-Miller-Memorial-Fund/341682602555?ref=nf
IFAS extension publication            •     Leave us a FB comment & tell us your family’s favorite book to read &
for some great gardening                    you’ll get another entry.
details:                              •     Follow us on Twitter @REMMemorialFund & Tweet about this giveaway,              include @REMMemorialFund in your tweet...for not one but two more
Table 4. Suggested Varie-                   extra entries!
ties for FL Gardeners is a             Contests ends on 04-30-10 at midnight. Winner will be randomly selected & announced on 05-1-10!
must read!
A little bit of research goes           Remember to spend at least 30 minutes a day reading to your children.
a long way but the best                Keep reading materials visible & available. Remember to make it fun & to
way to learn about garden-                                involved everyone in the family!!!
ing is to get dirty & give it         The NCFL has some great free literacy resources. Check out for more ideas:
a try! Try a simple crop &                            
see how much time it actu-
ally takes up (or doesn’t).
Cucumbers & Tomatoes                                                    Fun Earth Day Activities
are a fun spring crop,                    April 22nd, 2010 is Earth Day this year! Make sure this important holiday isn’t overlooked.
especially for kids. They                                 Try some of these green ideas for your family celebration:
produce flowers & offer a
shorter growing period.              1. Plant a Tree! Or a seed or a garden!
You can tweet your                   If you aren’t interested in getting dirty you can still plant a tree! Check out this great program:
                                     Plant-It 2020 is a nonprofit tree-planting foundation. For every dollar contributed to this foundation
gardening questions to
                                     a tree will be planted, and the contributor selects where the tree(s) will be planted from an interna-
                                     tional site list!
Gardening is the art that uses
flowers & plants as paint &          2. Organize a project to clean up or beautify your neighborhood’s common
   the soil & sky as canvas.         areas! Contact a local adopt a spot or adopt a street program.
     ~Elizabeth Murray
                                     3. Try Natural Crafting. There are lots of crafts that use natural materials…
                                     sand, pine cones, salt, rocks, seashells, etc. Here’s a good article from
    Please email us your questions
                                     Family Fun on Crafting Projects Using Natural & Recycled Objects.
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