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                         Computer Resources Council
                          Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Members Attending: Carl Dury, Richard Wall, Brad Hyde, Debra Bauer, Ellen
Weed, Eileen Crane, Mark Starrett, Annette Starrett, Jim Johnson, Will Plunk,
Faye Jones, Carol Martin-Osorio, Wilma Johnson.

Meeting brought to order by Carl Dury @ 3:00 p.m.

1) Updating I.T. Strategic plan (action)
     a. We are constantly updating status reports
     b. Basic goals are an ongoing process
     c. We need a new 3 year plan – we need a committee – it was suggested
         that we wait until Fall 2008 to create a committee and begin meeting.
         Currently, Ellen Weed is busy with SACS and Debra Bauer is busy
         with the auditors. It was decided to wait until fall to begin this process
         of developing a new plan..

2) Updating Network Plan (Informational)\
     a. Wiring Infrastructure Plan – Completed Phases – C-200-C300 – CAT 6
         Conversion; A-Front Hall –Cat 6 Conversion– Black Box; A-Rear Hall –
         Cat 6 Conversion /CNT Partial Complete; A-Rear Hall – NAT Network
         Rebuilt; K-Library/Testing – LC Cat 6 Conversion; A-55 Closet – Mini
         Closet Built; C-207 Closet – Mini Closet Built; C305 Rack – Mini Rack
         Built; C303 Data Center Rewired; C303 New Core Switch installed;
     b. Sprint 3G Wireless Routers have been placed in K and C, Private in W
         Lobby. Faye Jones mentioned that the students in the library love the
         wireless connection and are constantly using it.
     c. We have removed one ton of Legacy Wiring – it was sold by weight
         and the funds were returned to the General Fund at NSCC.
     d. Managed wireless will be in conference rooms but because of the
         nature of wireless we can not completely control who uses it.
     e. New Building Wiring @ NSCC – we plan to contract out wiring for new
     f. Construction has begun on the new building at Waverly
     g. Waverly’s current building has Legacy wiring issues also – Legacy
         wiring will be removed from current building and replaced with CAT 6
     h. In the past, internet access has been provided through TBR by TNII.
         That contract is now up. New contract will have more options.
     i. Comment by Jim Johnson – we may need to provide Internet 2 – high
         speed for distance learning – interactive video .

3) Remote Access Policy (action)
     a. Direct access to Banner INB from off-campus will be blocked by the
        NSCC firewall. Access to myNSCC will not be affected.
     b. Employees may request off campus access to Banner INB (using
        appropriate form) which must be approved by their supervisor, the
        “owner” of the data they wish to access remotely, and the Director of
        Computer Services and a VP’s signature. This is for employees who
        sometimes work from home and for NSCC sites not directly connected
        to an NSCC server. Internet access is not provided by NSCC.
        Employees should be given a specific length of time that access is
     c. A motion was made by Eileen Crane and seconded by Ellen Weed to
        accept the standard as presented with the addition of a statement that
        access will limited to a specific period of time. Motion carried
     d. Dickson Center will be the first off-site location to get direct access to

4) Luminis (Informational)
     a. Luminis provides a single point access to multiple systems – Luminis 4
        doesn’t work with Banner 3.1. Waiting for new version of Banner but it
        will not be available until December 2008 due to the 30+ modifications
        to Banner that have been made at the request of TBR and all must be
        tested before installation of the upgrade into production.
     b. Luminis should be available in Fall 2009.

5) Vista/Office 2007 (action)
      a. Most colleges are holding off installing Microsoft Vista.
      b. At this point – Microsoft is still selling XP. MS may abandon Vista –
         there is no real benefit –Vista is used most by home users
      c. Vista is considered a memory hog and students are removing it from
         their laptops.
      d. Microsoft is continuing XP support.
      e. Mark Starrett agreed that Workforce Training has not seen any real
         interest in Vista from employers
      f. A motion was made by Ellen Weed to not upgrade to Microsoft Vista at
         this time and to install Office 2007 in all computers on campus by Fall
         2008. Motion was seconded by Debra Bauer and approved

6) Sun Ray (action – shall we proceed with further investigation?)
     a. A Sun Ray “Brick” will work with a monitor, keyboard and mouse,
        potentially from anywhere in the world. It works like a PC with several
        additional advantages
     b. It is possible to run XP, Vista, MAC, OS, Linux, etc. using one Sun Ray
        Brick. A classroom could teach VISTA, and the next class XP, and
        then LINUX with no hardware setup changes.

      c. Backup – servers and data would be part of the daily campus backup
         system – currently no backup.
      d. Each Sun Ray unit would cost an average of $650 over a 4-year life
         cycle but the initial investment would be high due to the cost of the
         SUN servers.
      e. Power cost would be reduced using the Sun Ray unit – PC’s use
         around 400 watts, Sun Ray units use about 10 watt; power and AC
         cost will be reduced.
      f. The Engineering Department opposes using them – and can not work
         with them and uses PC’s to teach classes. Accounting wants to
         proceed with them and would agree to be the first users.
      g. The Sun Ray units would be great for Off Campus locations.
      h. C-Building has been completely wired and can accept Sun Ray Units.
         Karen Stevenson has a classroom that she is willing to use to test
         these units.
      i. Proposal made to request funds for one classroom from TAF
         committee. A TAF Budget Request will need to be made for this.
         Other units will be placed in faculty & staff offices and these must be
         funded with non-TAF.
      j. We need to get cost estimate prorated over time to see what the real
         savings would be.

7) Disaster Recovery Plan – (informational)
      a. We have been looking for a place for our Disaster Recovery servers.
         Auditors are requiring a plan.
      b. The Southeast Center has the space and was a possibility but they
         have had lots of power outages. It’s an old building and the State may
         have plans to rewire the building but it will be expensive
      c. Waverly does not have space.
      d. Cookeville has space but no connectivity.
      e. We may check with TBR and see if MTSU or Columbia State has
         room. It will require a 19 inch rack to house these servers and
         associated equipment.

    Meeting adjourned at 4:02.


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