Our Consignment Contract - Childrens Closet Consignment Policies

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					                        Children’s Closet Consignment Policies

                                2285 W Harrisburg Pike
                                 Middletown PA 17057

      This consignment agreement is in effect for 90 days. Your pick-up will be on
      If you wish to pick your items up anytime before the 90 day fulfillment there will
       be a $25.00 processing fee.
      You will receive 50% of the selling price of your items.
      A monthly maintenance fee of $2.00 will be applied to your account for each
       consignment period.
      Prices will be set by the owners.
      All items are subject to price reductions. In addition we will run peridiotic sales
       for out-of-season and clearance merchandise. All merchandise in stock is subject
       to sales.
      Payments are made every 30 days by cash, check or merchandise credit. No
       exceptions to more than 1 payment every 30 days. We can mail a payment for a
       $1.00 processing fee if your balance exceeds $10.00.
      If you plan on picking up your items please let us know at least 2 days prior to
       expiration. We DO NOT collect items for you. You are responsible for doing this
       on your own.
      We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.
      Any items not picked up will automatically become property of Children’s Closet.
       Any donated or acquired items become property of Children’s Closet to dispose
       of at owner’s discretion, including donating to charities or stored for later re-sale.
      PLEASE keep in contact with us we are not responsible for contacting you should
       your items expire.
      Once we contact you with any items we weren’t able to accept you will have 48
       hours to pick up. Anything not picked up with 48 hours become property of
       Children’s Closet consignment.
      If any account becomes inactive for more than 120 days the said account is
       automatically deleted and any monies in account are forfeited.

We reserve the right to not accept items for any reason.
Thank you for joining the Children’s Closet Consignment family!

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