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									                                             East Tennessee Region
                                       Health Council Productivity Report
                                  Reporting Period: July 1 – December 31, 2008

       County                     Priority                                  Progress July-December 2008
Anderson County   Decrease Family Violence                Health council exhibited a booth at Norris Day on July 4.
Health Council
                                                          Healthy Start is now celebrating 10 years of service to moms and
                                                          children in Anderson County. The Family Support Worker is
                                                          currently serving 12 families.

                                                          Advocacy Committee is working on second annual fund raising
                                                          letters for a tea to be held in the spring with the Blue Ribbon
                                                          Campaign. The committee is beginning a letter writing campaign to
                                                          raise additional funding for Healthy Start. The Lucille Thompson
                                                          Foundation made a donation of $5000 to Healthy Start.

                                                          Real Men Rock (a pictorial exhibit that depicts men rocking their
                                                          babies) is currently in the lobby of ORNL Credit Union
                  Decrease Substance Abuse                The first Access Breakaway Class of 2008/2009 began on
                                                          September 2 with 11 students and 11 parents attending orientation.
                                                          The class is currently at capacity with 4-5 on a waiting list. ASCESS
                                                          Limited held their first class on October 14, 2008. The Hill of Truth
                                                          Mountain Bike Race was held on October 25, 2008, at the Life
                                                          Development Center.

                                                          The Knoxville Metropolitan Drug Commission received a $75,000
                                                          Federal Grant to mentor the Anderson County Health Council for the
                                                          next 2 years as the health council works towards securing more
                                                          permanent federal Drug Free Communities, SPF-SIG (Strategic
                                                          Prevention Framework-State Incentive Grants) money.

       County                      Priority                                    Progress July-December 2008
Anderson County    Improve the Lack of Dental Care         The dental program served 38 patients with 104 procedures during
(continued)                                                this reporting period; estimated fair market value of these services
                                                           estimated at $6,549.

Blount County      Prevention of Substance Abuse           SPF-SIG Grant is still in planning stages with implementation
Community Health                                           targeted for early 2009.
                                                           Substance Abuse Action Team is developing information and
                                                           program for drug disposal in Blount County. Team is also expanding
                                                           to include more of the sector in the community such as judicial
                                                           system, law enforcement and retail businesses.
                   Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention         Recently this team has expired a grant which was used to provide
                                                           informational billboards, posters and postcards which were created by
                                                           middle school students in all three of Blount County School Systems.
                                                           Since this team has found themselves without funding they are
                                                           seeking to do a reassessment of Blount County residents health needs
                                                           and concerns. This is supported by the larger Blount County Health
                                                           Initiative Steering Team.
                   Tobacco Prevention                      The health educator and county director presented the Tobacco
                                                           Endowment Grant results at the TPHA Conference in August.
                                                           Second-hand smoking material was distributed to all of the schools in
                                                           Blount County, Alcoa and Maryville to be used for the 2008-09
                                                           school year in the Wellness Classes.
                   Violence Abuse and Neglect Prevention   The Violence Abuse and Neglect Action Team has been working on
                                                           continuing education since January 2008 for each of its members by
                                                           having speakers at each meeting.

       County                        Priority                                   Progress July-December 2008
Campbell County       Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention   The health council held a retreat in September to evaluate the health
Health Council                                              assessment results and decide on new priorities. It is anticipated a
                                                            decision will be made at the October meeting on the new priorities.
Claiborne County      Decrease Heart Disease Among the      The Coordinated School Health Program has added school-based
Health Council        Population                            walking trails at two area schools.

                                                            There will be a CSH walk/run held in the spring at Harrogate City
Cocke County Health   Obesity/Cardiovascular Disease        The Community Resource Guide has been completed and will be
Council               Prevention                            distributed electronically and via hard copies.
                      Access to Quality Health Services     Status of Health Action Plan is incomplete; status of Community
                                                            Resource Guide is completed.

                                                            Health Council members voted and seconded the motion to have a
                                                            Remote Area Medial (RAM) clinic in Cocke County, July 17-19,
                                                            2009. RAM serves indigent populations. A RAM Vet Clinic was
                                                            held in December.

                                                            The Better Health Home Team is investigating the possibility of
                                                            reviving the Crisis Response Team to work with existing programs.
                                                            Previously, the Team consisted of representatives from all local
                                                            schools, who were trained by a professional from Cherokee Health
                      Prevention of Substance Abuse         As of October 1, the Cocke County Enhanced Community Prevention
                                                            Initiative Grant (ECPI) monies is no longer monitored by the
                                                            Department of Health but rather the Department of Mental Health.
                                                            The Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention will
                                                            recruit young people to become members of the coalition.
                                                            Community members, who work with young people, will be
                                                            contacted to secure ways on how recruitment can be accomplished.

       County                    Priority                                 Progress July-December 2008
Grainger County   Decrease the Incidence of Heart   The “Grainger Gets Fit” (GGF) Home Team had a display booth in July
Health Council    Disease                           at the Grainger County Tomato Festival. Information was given on
                                                    healthy eating, healthy recipes and the importance of physical activity.

                                                    “Grainger Gets Fit” continues to have over 200 members for the
                                                    Walking/Healthier Lifestyle Newsletter. To assist in postage costs, at the
                                                    Tomato Festival Booth the team sold t-shirts that said “Grainger Gets Fit”
                                                    and chances to win various other donated items.

                  Community Assessment              The “Grainger Gets Fit” (GGF) Home Team had a display booth in July
                                                    at the Grainger County Tomato Festival. Information was given on
                                                    healthy eating, healthy recipes and the importance of physical activity.
                                                    “Grainger Gets Fit” continues to have over 200 members for the
                                                    Walking/Healthier Lifestyle Newsletter. To assist in postage costs, at the
                                                    Tomato Festival Booth the team sold t-shirts that said “Grainger Gets Fit”
                                                    and chances to win various other donated items.

                                                    Through examination and detailed focus on the community assessment
                                                    data and state statistics two decisions were made; new priorities were
                                                    chosen that the council will work to improve upon as well as the apparent
                                                    need for general health care for the under served.

                                                    The new priorities that came from the analyzing of statistics and data
                                                    were substance abuse prevention as the top priority. With this, it is the
                                                    councils hope that other partners will join in this effort including law

                                                    Secondary priorities were chosen as a group. These include diseases/
                                                    issues that can be reduced/eliminated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle
                                                    through a healthy diet and exercise. These include heart disease and
                                                    obesity prevention/reduction and improved nutrition.

                                                       To address the general healthcare needs of the under served, the RAM
                                                       Foundation was invited to a meeting and gave a presentation. The council
                                                       agreed that this would be fundamental in improving the health of all
                                                       citizens in need of health care. Plans are underway for a Grainger County
                                                       RAM Clinic to take place in 2010.

Hamblen County   Physical Activity                     The Healthy Hamblen Kids Program is being restructured to go in a new
Health Council                                         direction within the school. The program is looking to coordinate with
                                                       the ESP Program as well as working with the Morristown-Hamblen
                                                       Healthcare Systems. Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System is
                                                       providing a $1500 donation to the Healthy Hamblen Kids Program.
                 Increase Awareness about Dangers of   The Hamblen Education Awareness Team (HEAT) is working to change
                 Methamphetamine                       the process of how 911 calls are coded in order to have a more accurate
                                                       information. In 2007, there were 47,000 call to 911 in Hamblen County;
                                                       however, TBI only keeps a record of those calls that result in an arrest.
                                                       Approximately 92% of all 911 calls are either directly or indirectly
                                                       related to drugs and alcohol.
                                                       HEAT is meeting with the school system to request the Tennessee
                                                       National Guard Program, "Stay on Track" be added to the 2008-2009
                                                       school curriculum. The program would involved 12 sessions lasting 45
                                                       minutes each and would involve the parents in helping build self-esteem
                                                       and team building using activities at home. The program would also
                                                       allow students to earn credits toward graduation.

                                                       HEAT worked a booth at BooFest and gave out substance abuse
                                                       prevention information to parents; approximately 6,000 kids were in
                 Community Assessment                  The health council is partnering with Grainger County Health Council in
                                                       sponsoring a RAM Clinic in 2010.
                                                       A community meeting/membership drive was held in September at
                                                       Walter State Community College.
                                                       The health council is in discussions with YMCA representatives on the
                                                       possibility of opening such a program in Hamblen County.

        County                     Priority                                   Progress July-December 2008
Jefferson County     Obesity Prevention                 Several focuses are in process to encourage participation in the program.
Health Council                                          The Kids-Fit Initiative will be a front page feature of the Coordinated
                                                        School Health September Newsletter. Discussions are being held to
                                                        provide education to all new teachers during their in-service and possibly
                                                        encourage them to become part of the mentoring program provided to
                                                        new teachers. Nutrition may become a future focus for the Kids-Fit

                                                        A teacher survey conducted revealed about one-half of the teachers are
                                                        using the Kids-Fit DVD. The local newspaper printed an article on a
                                                        Kids-Fit Contest planned for teachers currently using the DVD; a Kids-
                                                        Fit "kit" will be awarded to the winning class in March 2009.

                                                        On November 18 a Kids-Fit In-Service was held for all new teachers in
                                                        Jefferson County for grades Kindergarten through 5th.
                     Provide Health Care to Uninsured   A representative from the health council attended the Tennessee
                     Residents                          Healthcare Campaign (THCC). The purpose of the organization is to
                                                        work toward affordable healthcare for all Tennesseans.

                                                        Rural Health Clinic held an additional dental clinic October 31, 2008,
                                                        with approximately 40 patients served. A donated panoramic x-ray
                                                        machine was placed in one of the dental clinic rooms.
Health Education     Increase Community Awareness of    Lenoir City Civitan Club: September 23, 2008; STAR Center (Shangri-
Alliance of Loudon   Litter Prevention                  La Therapeutic Academy of Riding), Speaking engagement to promote
(HEAL)                                                  the following H.E.A.L. Programs: Keep Loudon County Beautiful;
                                                        Imagination Library; Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition; Tobacco
                                                        Use Prevention Program.

                     Risk and Resiliency Building in    Self Esteem Program for At Risk Females: July 23, 2008, Lenoir City
                     Children                           High School. H.E.A.L. co-sponsored annual “Scrapbook Project.”
                                                        Each member designs her personal scrapbook with special photos and
                                                        inspirational mementos to bolster self esteem.

                                                     Tellico Village Kiwanis Club: August 19, 2008, with attendance of 50+,
                                                     speaking engagement to promote the Imagination Library Program.
Health Education     Prevention of Substance Abuse   Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition meeting monthly.
Alliance of Loudon
(HEAL) (continued)                                   National Night Out Celebration: August 5, 2008, from 6-8 pm; at Lenoir
                                                     City and Loudon Pools; combined attendance for both events was over
                                                     400. The event was sponsored by Health Education Alliance, TN
                                                     National Guard, Lenoir City & Loudon Police Departments/Parks and
                                                     Recreation. Educational & promotional materials were distributed to all
                                                     participants via “goodie bags.” Literature & materials represented the
                                                     following programs: Keep Loudon County Beautiful & Litter Prevention,
                                                     Imagination Library; Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition; Tobacco
                                                     Use Prevention Program.

                                                     Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (SAPC): July 28-31, 2008,
                                                     sponsored four organization members to attend CADCA (Community
                                                     Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) Mid-Year Training Institute in Palm
                                                     Springs, California. Focus: “Building a Stronger, More Effective
                                                     Coalition Workforce.”

                                                     Community Symposium: September 30, 2008; First Baptist Church
                                                     Lenoir City. “Raising Responsible Kids in an Irresponsible Culture;”
                                                     sponsored by the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, an educational
                                                     symposium for parents, community members & professionals. Keynote
                                                     Speaker: Lt. Bud Hulsey, Watch Commander Kingsport Police

                                                     In October, Health Education Alliance sponsored the Red Ribbon Week
                                                     celebration for all Loudon County and Lenoir City schools. RRW
                                                     educational & promotional materials were distributed to over 8,000
                                                     students and teachers. Literature and activity suggestions on the history
                                                     of RRW were also included for all teachers.

                             H.E.A.L. also provided Red Ribbons to local organizations and
                             encouraged everyone to wear red on Friday, October 24th; Loudon
                             County Health Department and the Loudon County Chamber of
                             Commerce enthusiastically participated in this event.

                             Health Education Alliance/Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
                             partnered with the TN National Guard to present a Marijuana Prevention
                             Assembly to all students attending Fort Loudoun Middle School on
                             November 25, 2008.

Community Health Education   Health Education Alliance partnered with Loudon County Health
                             Department to distribute the “Vial of Life” to all patients participating in
                             Flu Clinics held October 30 and November 6, 2008.

Tobacco Use Prevention       Tobacco Prevention T-shirt Campaign: July 28, 2008. Distributed
                             “Tobacco Free” t-shirts to Loudon County Health Department staff to
                             wear on Fridays in an effort to promote tobacco use prevention.

                             September 2 through October 1, 2008: Health Education Alliance
                             partnered with the TN National Guard Counter-Drug Task Force to
                             implement new Tobacco Prevention Curriculum for each middle school
                             in Lenoir City & Loudon County. A trained drug prevention specialist
                             from the TN National Guard traveled to each school with the H.E.A.L.
                             Tobacco Prevention Program Coordinator to present curriculum. Every
                             student (grades six through eight) received educational literature and
                             “tobacco free” promotional items, as well as an awesome “CSI”
                             (Cigarette Smoke Investigation) t-shirt. In conjunction with new
                             curriculum, the annual “Tobacco Free” poster contest will be held during
                             October and poster judging will take place in November, 2008.

                             H.E.A.L. concluded the 2008 Tobacco Use Prevention curriculum in all
                             Loudon County and Lenoir City Middle Schools; Say “No” to Tobacco
                             curriculum was presented to 2200 sixth, seventh & eighth grade students.

                                                    Tobacco Prevention Program poster competition was open to all middle
                                                    school students who participated in curriculum program. 350 students
                                                    participated in the “Tobacco Free” poster competition with judging held
                                                    in November 2008.

                                                    County poster winners will have posters displayed on area billboards in
                                                    Loudon and Lenoir City. In December, the Tobacco Prevention Program
                                                    Coordinator hosted award ceremonies at each middle school to present
                                                    certificates and monetary prizes to the winners of the “Tobacco Free”
                                                    poster competition.

Monroe County Health Domestic Violence Prevention   The Alcohol and Drug Task Force is in the process of implementing a
Council                                             Battering Program which will serve the entire 10th Judicial District.

                                                    The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Intervention Program held a
                                                    meeting on August 29.

                                                    900+ Monroe County Government employees received paycheck inserts
                                                    on domestic violence during the month of October. Information was
                                                    given on how to recognize signs of an abusive relationship, where to call
                                                    for help, and prevention.

                                                    The support group held weekly for victims of domestic violence had a
                                                    Christmas party on December 15. Pampering kits were given to the
                                                    women who attended and their children received bags with fruit, candy, a
                                                    book, stickers and a stuffed animal.
                      Nutrition and Exercise        There will be six sessions on Diet Free Life at Sweetwater and Sequoyah
                                                    High Schools; the sessions will include a ten minute aerobic workout and
                                                    free weights.

                                                    Coordinated School Health and TNCEP - Supported
                                                    Diet Free Life is being taught in the wellness classes at Sequoyah High
                                                    School each week. The program teaches students how to achieve healthy

                                                          eating habits by addressing portion control and frequency of eating small
                                                          meals. Wii and Wii Fit games were brought into the wellness classes at
                                                          Sequoyah as well; students got to play several games, including balance,
                                                          aerobic, and core stability.
                      Diabetes Self-Management            The Diabetes Support Group met in October and covered barriers to
                                                          eating well, caffeine/Diabetes, and satisfying your sweet tooth on a
                                                          Diabetic diet. They cooked low sugar pumpkin pie, sweet potato
                                                          casserole, and stuffed green peppers. During the second session in
                                                          November they made low-sugar chocolate cake, good for you chicken
                                                          noodle soup and spinach artichoke casserole.
                      Decrease the Incidence of Teenage   In Conjunction with “Let’s Talk” month, MCHD/HP and Monroe Co.
                      Pregnancy                           Boys and Girls Club staff coordinated a special luncheon hosted by “The
                                                          Club”. The meeting provided updated information concerning Teen
                                                          Pregnancy in Monroe County and the progress of current programs that
                                                          are being implemented in the schools throughout the county. One major
                                                          concern is the passage of Active permission slips as opposed to Passive
                                                          permission slips by Monroe County Board of Education. There is a
                                                          feeling among Education Staff and those working in the school system
                                                          with current programs that attendance for these classes will be lower due
                                                          to the fact of the confusion and time it takes to use active forms. A
                                                          committee is preparing to express their concern to the board in January
Monroe County Health Reduce the Incidence of Substance    The Alcohol and Drug Task Force purchased book bags which were
Council (continued)  Abuse in Monroe County               handed out August 5, at the National Night Out. The bags contained a
                                                          spiral notebook, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, erasers, ruler, health
                                                          council pen and brochures. The Task Force also took 35 clients to
                                                          Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg as an incentive. Everything was paid
                                                          for including admission to the Aquarium, food and parking. On August
                                                          19 the Drug Court held its first graduation in Monroe County; it is
                                                          normally held in Cleveland. This is a two year program that offenders
                                                          must complete which includes being tested weekly, hair sampling taken
                                                          every 3-4 months and is the last opportunity they have before going to

                                                          Drug Free Communities Prevention Grant was awarded to the Health
                                                          Council in the amount of $112,623 for the first year. Battle of the Bands
                                                          will be the first event and kick off. Two teen mentoring programs will
                                                          take place, $3,000 - $4,000 will be allotted per event.

                                                          Madisonville Middle integrated the SADD (Students Against Destructive
                                                          Decisions) program throughout the school. The students participated
                                                          through the guidance program. The SADD curriculum was bought with
                                                          the tobacco money. At Sequoyah High School over 230 students
                                                          participated in Great American Smoke out Day. Information concerning
                                                          benefits of quitting, dangers of second hand smoke, non-smokers
                                                          protection act, and quit line were covered in each session. A guest
                                                          speaker with an unusual effect of smoking “vocal cord damage” came
                                                          and spoke to each class. The students were very responsive and
                                                          extremely attentive. Some commitments were made regarding tobacco
                                                          use as a result of the presentation.
Roane County Health   Provide Dental, Vision and other    The Roane County Health Council is scheduled to host a Remote Area
Council               Services to Uninsured Population    Medical Clinic (RAM) at Roane State Community College, September
                                                          19-20, 2009. A grant proposal to help defray costs was submitted to
                                                          United Way.

                                                          Flu vaccine has been ordered and flu clinics planned.

                                                          A grant proposal for the Roane Medical Center Pharmacy Patient
                                                          Advocate Program was submitted to United Way.
                      Reduce the Incidence of Substance   The drug free clubs, P3 are currently active in each of the five high
                      Abuse in Roane County               schools in the county.

                                                          Students from Oliver Springs High School wrote, filmed, and produced
                                                          three anti-tobacco commercials for use in schools in Tennessee. The
                                                          students plan to also submit the commercials to CDC for use nation-wide
                                                          in middle and high schools.

                                                            The Multi-jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force Training Unit
                                                            (MCTFT), sponsored by Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of
                                                            America (CADCA), came to Roane County in May to shoot a video on
                                                            the growing prescription drug abuse problem in our area. Several
                                                            members of the community were interviewed for this production. The
                                                            video, Sizing Up the Situation: Fighting Drugs in All Population Areas,
                                                            will be aired on CADCA TV ( The hour long
                                                            video was aired on July 17. The video will also be used in online courses
                                                            for CADCA’s National Coalition Institute.

                                                            Twenty teens attended a summer camp where they developed skills
                                                            related to leadership, self-esteem, and anger management, etc.
Roane County Health   Reduce the Incidence of Teen          The health council continues to support the Students Teaching and
Council               Pregnancy                             Respecting Sexuality Program (STARS). The Stars program is working
                                                            in conjunction with the Just Wait Program throughout the county for an
                                                            additional resource to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies.

                      Reduce the Incidence of Heart Disease The Roane County Home Team continues to sponsor the “Health
                      among the Citizens of Roane County    Cooking Show” on a local cable channel twice a month. Food for the
                                                            broadcast is donated by a local Food City Store.

Scott County Health   Diabetes Prevention                   In order to exhaust remaining monies from the Federal Diabetes Grant,
Council                                                     the health council is planning a health event for the spring of 2009.

                      Community Assessment                  The health council met in September and voted on priorities for 2009
                                                            which were:

                                                            1. Obesity/Diabetes
                                                            2. Substance Abuse
                                                            3. Cancer
                                                            4. Cardiopulmonary Disease

       County                     Priority                                       Progress July-December 2008
Sevier County Health   Community Awareness and Education   The Sevier County Health Improvement Council’s website is continually
Improvement Council                                        updated to reflect health resources and activities. The website can be
                                                           accessed at

                                                           The council continues to distribute the Community Resource Guide
                                                           throughout Sevier County. Copies of the Community Resource Guide
                                                           are available for dissemination at the Sevier County Family Resource
                                                           Center and other locals throughout Sevier County.
                       Community Assessment                As a result of the health perception survey, MAPPing for a Healthy
                                                           Community, the health council is expanding to include alcohol, drug
                                                           abuse and mental health task force and appropriate subcommittees.

                                                           The health council continues to assess the health and resources of the
                                                           community. As a result, the health council is now holding meetings to
                                                           form an Anti-drug and mental health taskforce. Several diverse
                                                           stakeholders have come together to determine the priorities of the
                       Family Support – Parenting          Parenting classes were started this fall for parents of young children and
                                                           teenagers. These classes will be held by the Family Resource Center.
                       Obesity Prevention                  The Preventive Subcommittee has partnered with Sevier County Schools,
                                                           Parks and Recreation, Fort Sanders Sevier Medical Center, home health
                                                           agencies and concerned citizens to direct their efforts toward the
                                                           implementation of childhood obesity prevention activities. The group is
                                                           being called the Local Physical Activity and Nutrition Coalition (LPAN).
                                                           LPAN has provided manuals to Sevier County Schools which contain
                                                           programs for nutrition education and physical activity. The manuals are
                                                           in 16 schools in Sevier County for use this school year.

                       Preventive Health                   The Preventive Group hopes to hold another Diabetes Fair in August
                                                           2009; the planning for this event will begin in March.

       County                       Priority                                  Progress July-September 2008
Union County Health   Decrease Heart Disease Among the   “Union Gets Movin” (UGM) Subcommittee continues to work on the
Council               Population                         newsletter publication.

                                                         A RAM Clinic is being scheduled for the fall of 2009.


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