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                             Hawkeye Court Apts

Hawkeye Drive Apts

                               Parklawn Apts

     University Housing - University Apartments
          Hawkeye Drive * Hawkeye Court * Parklawn
                    HAWKEYE COURT APARTMENTS

  A Place to Call Home...
  A comfortable distance from the hustle of campus life, Hawkeye Court Apartments provide a relaxed
  atmosphere for families and single students who want the convenience of living in University-owned
  Hawkeye Court offers one and two bedroom apartments equipped with essential appliances, but
  unfurnished to accommodate the comfort of your own belongings.

                                                        Dryer Vent                                                  Closet
What’s Provided                                                                  16’ 9”

 Electric Stove                         7’ 11 1/2”                        Bedroom
 Electric Water Heater                    Furnace

 Natural Gas Furnace                                                                          Closet
 Water is Paid                          14’ 11”                                                                      Water
                                                              Living Room                     Washer
 Activated Telephone                                                                          Hook Up

 Outlet                                                                                                             Sink
 Cable TV Service                                                                         Dining &
                                                                                          Kitchen                   Stove
 Broadband Internet
 Curtain Rods                                             16’ 9”                                 11’ 8 1/2”         Refrig

 Vinyl Tile Floor
 Laundry Room (on site)
                                                   Academic Year 2009-2010 Rate
                                     1 bedroom: $435 ($485 for faculty/staff) plus gas and electricity
                                                 521 square feet - maximum 5 people
                                                                                                 Bedroom             7’ 11 1/2”

What You’ll Need                                      11’ 4”
                                                                                                       10’ 5 1/2”
 Furniture                                                Closet
 Cooking Utensils                           Furnace                     Closet
 Window Coverings
 Personal Decorations
 Window Air Conditioning                       Living Room
                                                                           13’ 2”
                                                                                               Hook Up
 Unit (outlet provided)
 Automatic Washer &                                                                          Dining &
 Electric Dryer (if desired)                                                                 Kitchen                   Stove

 Area Rugs                                           20’ 9”                                          11’ 8 1/2”
 All Other Personal Items                                                                                              Refrig

                                                   Academic Year 2009-2010 Rate
                                     2 bedroom: $480 ($530 for faculty/staff) plus gas and electricity
                                                 630 square feet - maximum 6 people
                    HAWKEYE DRIVE APARTMENTS

                                            Comfort and Convenience

Also comfortably separated from campus, Hawkeye Drive Apartments provide the same relaxed
atmosphere for families and single students with a few amenities not available at Hawkeye Court.
Hawkeye Drive offers two bedroom unfurnished apartments equipped with essential appliances
and extras such as a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink and storage locker. Heat is also included
in the rent.

                                                                                             What’s Provided
                                        3’ 5 1/4”                                               Electric Stove
                                                                                  12’           Refrigerator
                                                                  Bedroom                       Double Sink with gar-
                                        3’ 2”
                                                                                                bage disposal
        Space for
                    16’ 9”
        and dryer
                                                                                                Hot and Cold Water
                                                                                                Activated Telephone
        Stove                  Closet                                         Closet
                                                                   Bedroom                      Cable TV Service
                                                                                                Broadband Internet
                                                                                                Mini Blinds on windows
                                                9’ 8”                                           Vinyl Tile Floor
                                                                                                Laundry Room (on site)
                                                    Living Room
            Dining Area                                                        12’ 3”

                                                                                            What You’ll Need
                                                         16’ 9”                                 Cooking Utensils
                                                                                                Personal Decorations
                                                                                                Window Air Condition-
                                                                                                ing Unit (outlet provided)
                                                                                                Automatic Washer &
                 Academic Year 2009-2010 Rate                                                   Electric Dryer (if desired)
       2 bedroom: $600 ($650 for faculty/staff) plus electricity                                Area Rugs
               586 square feet - maximum 5 people
                                                                                                All Other Personal Items

                    Hawkeye Court and Hawkeye Drive feature:
                             Off-Street Parking                                         Play Areas for Children
                             Bus Service to Campus via Cambus                           Picnic Tables
                             School Bus Transportation for children                     Clothes Lines
                      PARKLAWN APARTMENTS

                        More Options for Carefree Living
 Parklawn Apartments are a bit closer to campus, but still offer the more relaxed atmosphere of a
 small apartment community. Located adjacent to City Park and Swimming Pool, the complex fea-
 tures an adults-only lifestyle for students on the go.
 Parklawn offers studio and one bedroom apartments available unfurnished or partially furnished
 with single bed (extra long mattress), three drawer chest, desk chair and desk. Partially furnished
 apartments are located on the third and fourth floors. All utilities are included in the monthly rent.

What’s Provided
 Electric Stove                                                C
 Refrigerator                                                  s        Dressing
 Natural Gas Furnace                                           t        Room

 Activated Telephone
 Cable TV Service                              20’
                                                                                            Stove          Sink    Refrig

 Broadband Internet
 Window Air Conditioner                                                       Living Room/Bedroom
 Traverse Rods with
 Drapes                                                                        17’
 Partial Carpet Cover
 with Vinyl Tile Areas
 Laundry Room (on site)
 All Utilities
                                                   Academic Year 2009-2010 Rate
                                     Unfurnished Studio: $500 per month ($550 for faculty/staff)
                                  Partially Furnished Studio: $530 per month ($580 for faculty/staff)
                                                  311 square feet - maximum 2 people
What You’ll Need
 Furniture (as needed)
 Cooking Utensils                                    10’                                      12’
 Personal Decorations
 All Other Personal Items                                  Bedroom                           Living Room

                                                                                        Drop Table
Parklawn Amenities                              Closet                                                            20’

  Study Lounge
  Cambus Service                                                     Refrig
  Outdoor Basketball
  Limited Parking
  Available for a Fee                                Academic Year 2009-2010 Rate
                                    Unfurnished One Bedroom: $575 per month ($625 for faculty/staff)
                                 Partially Furnished One Bedroom: $605 per month ($655 for faculty/staff)
                                                    443 square feet—maximum 2 people
                       COME HOME TO CONVENIENCE

   There’s just something about living on campus - the school camaraderie...the
   excitement of game day...the variety of entertainment offerings... the ease of life in University
   managed housing.

   University Housing at UI provides comfortable and convenient options for student families and
   more independent students who still want the experience of on-campus living. Hawkeye Court,
   Hawkeye Drive and Parklawn Apartments combine the relaxed atmosphere of apartment living
   with the perks of living on-campus.

                   Eligibility                                           Application Procedure
To be eligible to live at University Apartments, at least      Application for University Apartments must be made for a
one member of the household must be a registered               specific semester/session. Only one application per family
student in good standing or a faculty/staff member with        unit per session is permitted. All subsequent applications will
The University of Iowa.                                        be disregarded. All changes of address and apartment prefer-
                                                               ence must be submitted in writing to the University Apart-
Student Application                                            ments Office. All changes of sessions or a decline of an offer
To apply for University Apartments, application for ad-        would require that you submit a new application.
mission to The University of Iowa is required. However,
acceptance to the University need not be complete at the       Students with dependent children will be given priority for
time an application for an apartment is submitted. Posses-     Hawkeye Court and Hawkeye Drive apartments if the applica-
sion of an apartment will not be granted unless all of the     tion is received by May 15 for the academic year, October 15
requirements for eligibility and admission have been           for spring semester and March 15 for summer session. All
met. Any termination of student status at The University       applications are assigned on the basis of date of receipt of
of Iowa will cancel the lease.                                 application. Children under the age of 18 that are non-
                                                               University of Iowa students are not allowed to live or stay
Medical/Dental Residents                                       overnight in Parklawn.
To apply for University Apartments, a copy of your Gradu-
ate Medical and Dental Education Appointment Contract is       Deposit and Application Fee
required. Medical/Dental residents who have completed all      A $20.00 non-refundable application processing fee and a
course work are eligible for University Apartments.            $100.00 deposit is required for each University Apartments
                                                               application. An application may be canceled by writing to the
Faculty/Staff Application                                      University Apartments Office any time prior to an apartment
To apply for University Apartments, employment has to          being offered. Offers for an apartment are sent by e-mail.
have been offered and accepted. Faculty/Staff members          When an apartment is offered, the applicant is given a dead-
need to submit a letter from their department stating when     line to respond to the offer. If the applicant cancels the appli-
their employment begins and when it ends, if applicable.       cation or declines the offer by the deadline, the $100.00 de-
Faculty/staff are assessed an additional charge of $50 per     posit will be returned to them. If the applicant fails to respond
month for rent.                                                to the offer, the applicant forfeits the $100 deposit. If the ap-
                                                               plicant accepts the offer and cancels the application prior to
If a tenant’s eligibility status changes prior to the          signing the lease, the applicant will be released from the com-
expiration of the lease, it is the tenant’s responsibility     mitment with the loss of the deposit.
to notify the University Apartments Office in writing
at least 45 days in advance if that eligibility requires
the tenant to vacate their apartment.

 * The University reserves the right, at its discretion, to determine that a student’s / staff member’s medical condition, past
 behavior, and/or criminal activity is such that the best interests of the University, the student/staff and/or other tenants
 would be best served by alteration or cancellation of the apartment lease. If the University becomes aware that a student/
 staff has a record of criminal conviction(s) or other actions indicating behavior that could pose a risk to person or property
 and/or could be injurious or disruptive to the University Apartments community, the University may not accept or may im-
 mediately terminate the lease. Individuals who pose a clear and present danger to other residents are not eligible to live in
 University housing. Registered Sex Offenders are not eligible for University housing, either as a tenant or at the invitation
 of a lease holder.
                                 IMPORTANT INFORMATION

             Assignment Procedure                                                         Additional Information
Housing of new residents takes place primarily during the
months indicated below:                                                    Apartment rental rates are based on current operational costs.
        Fall Semester       July-September                             Therefore, rental rates increase as costs of operation increase. The apart-
                                                                       ment rental rates are reviewed and will change if recommended and ap-
        Spring Semester December-January
                                                                       proved by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.
        Summer Session May-June
                                                                            A limited number of University Apartments have been modified
If you prefer a month not listed, please indicate that month/          and are available for applicants or family members with disabilities.
                                                                       Additional information is available upon request. Accessible facilities
date on the line on the application marked “other.” Your ap-
                                                                       are not available at Parklawn.
plication will remain active for the entire semester/session
for which you applied unless you cancel that application. If                Hawkeye Court and Hawkeye Drive are located on the west side of
we are unable to accommodate you for the semester you                  Iowa City. Parklawn is located on the corner of Riverside Drive and
have applied, you must submit a new application for any                Park Road. Each complex is unique.
subsequent semester.                                                        If a University Apartments resident is enrolled for both spring se-
It is extremely important that you keep the University Apart- mester and the following fall semester, registration is not required for the
ments Office notified of your current e-mail, mailing address summer session to keep the apartment.
and phone number. We will not be responsible for commu-            All leases specify that pets or livestock of any kind cannot be kept
nications not received because of an improper address or      on or visit University Apartments property.
delayed mail delivery. If a deadline for response passes,
your application will be canceled and the application fee and
deposit will not be refunded.
                                                                                                 Smoking Policy
The tenant has a binding agreement from the beginning date
                                                                 Pursuant to the Iowa Smoke-free Air Act and University of Iowa policy,
printed on the lease agreement to the end of the lease year
                                                                 all University Apartments and apartment grounds are smoke free. Ten-
(June1), unless the tenant’s affiliation with the University is  ants and their guests are not allowed to smoke inside or outside of the
terminated.                                                      apartments, in the apartment public areas (hallways, laundry rooms,
Leases are not cancelable during the eight-week summer           etc.), parking lots or bus stops. The University Smoking policy can be
session since registration for this session only is not required found at :
for continued occupancy. Leases may be canceled at the end
of the summer session only if the student does not register
                                                                       The University of Iowa prohibits discrimination in employment, educational
for the fall semester. Any cancellation of a lease before the          programs and activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion,
end of the contract period will result in forfeiture of the            sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or associated
deposit.                                                               preference. The University also affirms its commitment to providing equal oppor-
                                                                       tunities and equal access to University facilities. For additional information,
Should an applicant fail to comply with the above conditions,          contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity at (319) 335-0705.
fail to respond within the specified time after notification or
                                                                Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa-
if the apartment offered is refused, the application will be    sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires an accom-
considered inactive.                                            modation in order to participate in this program, please contact the University
                                                                Apartments in advance at (319) 335-9199.
The University Apartments Office attempts to make most
apartment assignment notifications at least thirty (30) days in
advance of the requested move-in date. Because it is often
necessary to make last minute changes in the availability of a           University Apartments Office
specific unit, we are unable to furnish you with an address                                1100 Hawkeye Drive
prior to your moving in. We are unable to guarantee housing
                                                                                           Iowa City, IA 52242
to anyone. Do not make plans to move to University Apart-
ments unless we have notified you that an apartment is avail-                             Phone: 319-335-9199
able.                                                                                       Fax: 319-335-9126
University Apartments attempts to assign apartments closest                      Toll Free: 800-553-4692 ext. 9199
to the specified move-in date and honor requests for specific
apartment types and buildings within the facilities available.                      Email:
Preferences, however, cannot be guaranteed.                           Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm