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2010 Living at UB Brochure _Word_


									University Residence Halls Check-in Guide 2010



Living at UB Fall 2010

Day One…Checking in to your Residence Hall

Page 1

What else is going on during Opening Weekend?
A lot! Soon you’ll receive our Opening Weekend/September Welcome mailing that outline all the events that kick off the
semester at UB. This mailing will tell you about the New Student Picnic (family invited) and other fun events. To sign up
for events or for more information go to

For directions to UB’s North and South Campuses, visit
Get the latest info about check-in visit

Opening Weekend Events
See all the event details at

Thursday, August 26
Residence Hall Ice Cream Social
8 pm – 10 pm: Governors, Ellicott, and Goodyear

Parent Ice Cream Social
8 pm – 10 pm: Student Union Lobby

Friday, August 27
Transfer Meet Up: Meet other transfer students
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm: 210 Student Union

Campus Fairs: University Resources, On-Campus, and Banks
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm: Student Union Lobby, Room 145, Social Hal on 2 nd floor

Open Houses: Come check out what these centers have to offer.
Intercultural and Diversity Center
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm: 240 Student Union

Center for Student Leadership and Community Service
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm: 235 Student Union

Annual Interlocking UB Photo: Be part of the tradition and photo
3:30 pm: Common/Clemens Field (near bookstore)
University Welcome Ceremony
4:30 pm: Alumni Arena
President John B. Simpson welcomes students and families to a new year of academic excellence. Meet other UB
students, faculty and staff and hear President Simpson share the vision for UB’s bright future.
     Attendees of the University Welcome enter the New Student Picnic first.
     Students can pick up their BLUE tickets to win great prizes like a laptop computer, $500 in Campus Cash, and
        $500 towards books. Winners will be announced at the Concert at the Point. You must be present to win.
     Student attendees receive a free flash drive

New Student Picnic
5:30 pm: Baird Point

Concert at the Point
7 pm: Baird Point

Saturday, August 28
UB in the Community : Meet new people and volunteer in your new community
9 am – 12:30 pm: Meet outside the Student Union Lobby

North Campus Bike Tours
10 am: Meet outside Student Union main entrance

North Campus Walking Tours
1:00 pm: Student Union Lobby

South Campus Walking Tours
1:00 pm: Meet at the Main bus loop info tent

Bus Tours: Niagara Falls, Niagara Outlet Mall, or City of Buffalo
3 pm – 8 pm: Meet in Student Union lobby

Welcome Back Bash
9:30 pm – 12:30 am: Student Union

Sunday, August 29
Hear the Thunder! UB Marching Band
6 pm: Kunz Field, North Campus

Movie Night
9:30 pm: Special Events Field (near Clemens) and Student Union Theater

Late Night Pancake Breakfast
10:30 pm: Student Union Lobby

Get the latest info about check-in on the web at
Page 2

Getting Ready for Check-in
This move in brochure is intended to get you ready for move-in. We recommend that you read the entire document to
make your move-in experience a smooth one.

Before Move-in
    Make your travel plans and hotel reservations for move-in (August 26-29, 2010). Some pre-semester programs
       may require you to arrive early.
    Retrieve your room assignment and roommate information by visiting the Room Reservation website
    Contact your roommates and decide on what each of you is bringing to the room. You will probably only need
       one carpet, television, fridge, etc. Refer to the What to Bring List is located on page 6.
    Verify that your personal belongings are insured either through your parents’ renter/homeowners’ insurance
       policy or purchase additional coverage for belongings that will be kept in your room.
    Make provisions to ship belongings to campus after August 18, 2010.
    When packing, remember that common items are conveniently available at shops and store nearby.
    There are items that are prohibited in the halls. These items will be confiscated if found during health and safety
       inspections. Examples include candles, pets, halogen lamps, and non-surge protected extension cords. Review
       this list before you pack! List on page 6

Date and Times for Checking In
Check your assignment letter then look below to find the date and time you should check-in (or visit

New International Students:
       Sat, August 21, 2010     2 pm – 8 pm
         Sun, August 22, 2010   2 pm – 8 pm
*New international Students checking in on these dates will be billed a $35.00 a day early arrival charge through Aug.
New Transfer Students:
         Wed, August 25, 2010 9 am – 5 pm (for those attending August 26 Orientation)
*New Transfer Students checking in on these dates will be billed a $35.00 per day early arrival charge through Aug. 26.
New Freshman & New Transfer Students:
         Thurs, August 26, 2010 9 am – 8 pm
         Fri, August 27, 2010   9 am – 3 pm
         Odd-numbered Floors Start time 9 am
         Even-numbered Floors Start time 11 am
Check-in stations will be open until 8 pm. Dining Halls will have free refreshments on Thursday and Friday. Please stop in
from 9 am - 4 pm.
Returning Students:
         Sat, August 28, 2010       9 am – 8 pm
         Sun, August 29, 2010       12 pm – 5 pm
Classes begin     Mon, August 30, 2010
Deadline to check into your Residence Hall room is 5pm on the first day of classes.

Early and Late Arrival
In order to have adequate time to prepare our buildings, early arrivals will not be permitted. However, if you have an
academic commitment that requires you to be on campus before your assigned check-in day, you must contact UB’s
Residential Operations Office at (716) 645-2171 to obtain permission. These requests must be received by Monday,
August 2, 2010 for consideration and there will be an additional room charge of $50 per day. There are limited services
available prior to August 26th including dining and transportation services.

Late Arrival – Assigned rooms will be held until 5 pm, Monday, August 30, 2010. If you are checking in after this date,
please notify UB’s Residential Operations Office so we may hold your room. Students who do not check in by this time
and fail to notify us forfeit their space in the residence halls and their $200 deposit.

SIDE BAR Did you know? Students who live on campus for their first year have higher grades and acclimate better to
college life. Nearly 80% of UB students surveyed said living on campus helped them make friends.

Page 3

Move-In Day

     Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Plan for the weather.
     Know where you’re going including which campus you are going to (North or South) and print your campus map
        before arrival. Campus maps are available at
     Once you arrive at UB, have your UB ID card in hand-you’ll need the card to check-in and enter the halls.
     Arrive at your hall at the assigned move in date and time. Students should then proceed to their check-in
        location to get the room key and important materials.
     Park in a temporary space as dictated by University Police and begin unloading belongings to curb side. You will
        have about 10-15 minutes in the unloading zone. Remember not to leave your belongings unattended.
     Please note that Spaulding, Wilkeson, and Goodyear will be very busy on Thursday, August 26, 2010, until early
     Unload car and designate roles for your family’s “move-in team” :
             o Student Visit the assigned check-in site (by hall) to pick up your room key and important paperwork.
             o Driver Move the car from temporary parking/unloading area to a parking space in a main lot of overflow
                parking as designated.
             o Helper Stay with belongings until driver and student return.
                If you need a third team member, please ask on-site move-in volunteer for assistance.
     After getting your key and check-in materials plan the best route to your room based on traffic. Some buildings
        will have over 500 students checking in on one day.
     Begin moving belongings from the curb to the room.
        Carts are available nearby all check-in stations. They are free to use. Take note: carts may be helpful in bringing
         items to the buildings, but some buildings lend themselves to some stair climbing.

Getting settled
    Discuss with your roommate(s) the room set up.
    Start unpacking.
    Review the Room Condition Report (RCR) from your RA. This is a form used to notes the state of your room at
        move-in. It will be used at the end of the year to designate damage charges. It is important to inspect your room
        and note its condition.
    Break down your moving boxes and place them next to trash can areas in the hallway for recycling. There are
        also recycling bins located throughout the halls.
    Never leave your belongings unattended and lock your room door when you leave.

Specific information and tips by area
Checking in prior to Thursday, August 26, 2010 or after Sunday, August 29, 2010: Go to your specified area office listed
for your hall (noted on next page).

Page 4

Ellicott Complex, North Campus

Fargo, Porter, Red Jacket, Richmond, Spaulding, and Wilkeson Quads
Ellicott Area Office, 123 Richmond Quad, Building 2, (716) 645-6304

Check in locations
Fargo, Porter, and Red Jacket Quads – Main lounge in each quad located on the 2nd floor of building 5.
Richmond, Spaulding, and Wilkeson Quad—Outside at tents located near each quad

        Look for colored flags identifying your quad. Wilkeson – Blue, Spaulding-Yellow, Richmond – Orange, Red Jacket
         – Red, Porter – Pink, and Fargo – Green.
        Ellicott Halls (known as quadrangles or quads) have several buildings that make up a quad. These buildings (1-8)
         do not connect on all levels.
         There are many routes possible to get to your room. Look for signs and staff for directions. The 2nd floor is
         known as the terrace or plaza level. This level provides an excellent view of the entire complex (if you get lost,
         head to level 2).
        Each quad has at least 3 elevators.
Frontier Road loops around this complex on the Northwest side and ends at Hamilton Road on the South side and
Audubon Parkway East side. Using Google Maps: Enter Ellicott Complex, Buffalo, NY 14228. Using GPS: Enter the
intersection Hamilton Rd. and Frontier Rd., Buffalo, NY 14260. This is not the address of the complex but will get you to
the entrance of the large light brown brick series of buildings.
Governors Complex, North Campus

Clinton, Dewey, Lehman, and Roosevelt Halls
Governors Area Office, 108 Lehman Hall, (716) 645-2135

Check in location
Governors Area Office will serve the entire complex for check in.

       Dewey and Roosevelt students should get their key before unloading as the check-in location is on the south
        side of the complex.
       These three-story buildings only have 2 small service elevators (located in Roosevelt and Clinton) that will be in
        operation during Opening weekend. The Clinton Elevator is available all year long.
       Governors Halls connect on the second and third floors through a series of corridors.
Governors is located on Hadley Road between Rensch and White Roads. Using Google Maps: enter Lehman Hall, Buffalo,
NY 14228. Using GPS: enter the intersection Hadley Rd. and White Rd., Buffalo, NY 14260. This is not the address of the
complex but will lead you to the 3-story brown brick building.

Main Street or South Campus Halls

Clement, Goodyear, Macdonald, Pritchard, and Schoellkopf Halls
Main Street Area Office, 119 Goodyear, (716) 829-3144

Check in locations
Clement Hall – Main desk in the lobby (inside)
Goodyear Hall – tent in front of Goodyear on Goodyear Road
Macdonald, Pritchard, Schoellkopf Halls – One tent for all 3 halls often referred to as “The Quad” located near Tower Lot
off of Hayes Road.

       Clement and Goodyear halls and 2-3 elevators. Goodyear elevators will be very busy on Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010.
        We encourage those on levels 1-4 to use the stairs for smaller items. Macdonald, Pritchard, and Schoellkopf
        Halls do not have elevators.
Clement and Goodyear Halls are located on Goodyear Road. This road is closed for through traffic on Aug. 26 but open
for unloading -- enter at Clement Rd. Using Google Maps: Enter your Hall Name, Buffalo, NY and zip (14214 for
Goodyear/Clement or 14215 for all others). Using GPS: for Goodyear and Clement -- enter intersection Clement Rd. and
Goodyear Rd., Buffalo, NY 14214; for other south campus halls enter Goodyear and Hayes Rd., Buffalo, NY 14214.

Important Dates

Late July 2010          Room/Roommate Assignments mailed

August 24, 2010         Tuition Payment Due – first fall bill

August 26-29, 2010      Opening Weekend and Residence Hall Check-In

August 28, 2010         Contract meal plans begin at brunch
August 30, 2010          First day of Fall Classes

September 3, 2010        Last Day to Change Meal Plan (for fall semester)

October 8-10, 2010       Family weekend (

November 24, 2010        Fall Recess Begins (Halls Close at 9 am)

November 28, 2010        Halls Re-Open at 12 pm

Late Fall                Greiner Hall Material sent to eligible students (New Residence Hall Opening in Fall 2011 for

December 20, 2010        Final Exams End

December 21, 2010        Winter Recess Begins (Halls close at 9 am)

January 16, 2011         Halls Re-Open at 12 pm

January 2011             Apartment Applications Accepted (upperclass undergraduates and above are eligible)

February 2011            Returning Student Residence Hall Agreement/Deposit Collection (

March 12, 2011           Spring Recess Beings (Halls Close at 9 am)

March 20, 2011           Halls Re-Open at 12 pm

May 13, 2011             Residence Halls Close at 5 pm

May 16, 2011             Senior Check-out in Residence Halls, 9 am deadline

May 16, 2011             Summer School Housing in Residence Halls begins

Page 5

General Information

Your Room
    Storage is limited. Two things to remember are: 1) you won’t be living alone, and 2) storage is nonexistent. In
       other words, don’t bring too much. Talk to your roommate about what they are bringing.

        Residence Hall beds can be requested to put in a “raised” position (not to exceed 34" from the floor) but are not
         allowed to be bunked, lofted, or raised in any other manner higher than 34" from the floor. For safety reasons,
         only our staff may raise or lower beds. Requests for bed height changes can be made once you arrive through
         the work order system.

        Landline phone service will no longer be automatically in student rooms. Students can sign up for phone service
         for an additional charge. There will be more information at check-in.
    •   Approximate Room Sizes
        Single: 130 square feet         Double: 210 square feet
        Triple: 300 square feet         Quad: 320 square feet

       Review our picture gallery including 3D images at

    •   Approximate Closet Sizes (sizes are the “bar length ” for holding clothes)
           o Wardrobe Closet 32 inches wide (available in split rooms in Ellicott, Singles in Clement and Goodyear,
               MacDonald, Pritchard, and Schoellkopf)
           o Ellicott Complex Closet 35-45 inches wide
           o Governors Closet 34-43 inches wide
           o Goodyear and Clement Walk-In Closet 40-50 inches wide

Prepare your computer
You must maintain the operating systems of your devices by installing and regularly updating antivirus software. We
encourage you to install and run AntiVirus software, available at, at your very first
opportunity. Be sure your computer is updated with all operating system patches as well.

Mail and Packages
If you wish to ship your belongings before you arrive on campus, we will begin to accept packages Wed. August 18,
2010. Your packages will be available for pick-up beginning Thurs. August 26, 2010.
Package pickup hours and locations available at each check-in site. International Students arriving early can make
arrangements with their area office to begin picking up packages on August 21. Please
address your packages as follows:
   Your Name
   University at Buffalo
   Your Room Address (included in Room Assignment Letter)
   Buffalo, NY Zip Code (14261 - North Campus, 14214 - South Campus)
Advice for Parents and Guardians
    •   Resist the urge to panic. It will be all right. You’ve raised them this far and they’ll be fine.
    •   Think about doing something special together after the big drop-off. Regardless of what you’re feeling right
        now, it is an emotional day for most.
    •   Resist the urge to “drop in” for a visit. Give your student time to adjust before you make plans for a visit.
    •   Be patient, flexible and go with the flow.

Property Protection
We strongly recommend that every student obtain a renter insurance policy or confirm they are covered under their
guardian’s homeowners policy. The university is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.

Suggestions for Students
   • Think about doing something special for your parents. Leave a nice note that they will find when they get home.
   • Don’t invite your parents to spend the night.
   • If you’re a returning student, you know how the new students are feeling. Lend a hand and welcome them to
       the UB family.
Connect your computer
Your computer must be registered before you are granted access to UB’s network and the Internet. You will see the UB
NetPass website when you first connect your computer to the wired connection in your room. This process takes only a
few minutes and once you pass, you will have Internet access for the entire semester or longer.

UB provides wireless access in some residence halls. If a UB wireless network is within range, UBSecure will be displayed
on the network list on your computer. UB NetPass registration is not required for connection to the UBSecure network.
For setup instructions, go to

For help about UB NetPass, UBSecure, or any other computing problem you may be experiencing, please contact the
UBIT Help Desk (214 Lockwood, Lockwood 2nd Floor Cybrary,, 716-645-3542,

Page 6
What to bring list (listed on last page of this document or list appears as separate document on website:

Page 7

Don’t forget…
    Relax. It’s easy and we’ll have lots of people there to help.
        Pack reasonably. First-year students almost always send things home. It’s probably best not to buy things in
         volume. There just isn’t enough room to store it.
        Check with your insurance carrier to make sure your belongings are covered under your parent’s insurance. If
         not, renters insurance is relatively inexpensive and strongly encouraged.
        Don’t forget your UB card or another form of picture ID. You need it to check-in to your residence hall room.
        Meet your floor mates & Resident Advisor. Your roommate and your floormates are a great resource. Your RA’s
         job is to help you. Ask for help when you need it. Attend your first floor meeting the week of August 29.
        Interested in getting involved. Attend your Hall Council Interest Session on Tues. Aug. 31 at 8 pm. Look for signs
         or ask your RA for details.
        Get Excited! Living at UB will be one of the best things you’ve ever done. Get excited! We are!!

                              University Residence Halls & Apartments, University at Buffalo
                                       106 Spaulding Quad, Buffalo, NY 14261-0054
                                         716-645-2171 • 866-285-8806 (toll-free)
                                                    Fax: 716-645-3968

UB Living on Campus “What to Bring” List for Residence Halls 2010

What’s included in your residence hall room: XL Twin Bed and Mattress, Desk and chair, Dresser, Closet or Wardrobe,
Nightstand, and floor lamp. Rooms have tile floors and window blinds. Nearby you’ll find a lounge with a stove,
microwave, and sink. In the building there will be a laundry room with washers and dryers. Most halls (except Goodyear
and Clement on south campus) have community style bathrooms so plan for a trip down the hall carrying the
necessities. Community bathrooms have paper towels and hand soap.

We recommend that you talk to your roommate when you are planning what to bring. Keep in mind that lofts are not
allowed and college-owned furniture may not be removed from your room.

    Student ID (needed to check in)
    Driver’s license or passport
    Health insurance card/info
    ATM Card/credit cards/checkbook

   Anything you take regularly and special instructions for things like allergy shots
   Spare eyeglasses, contact lenses, supplies
   Current written prescriptions
   Headache / cold medicine
   First aid supplies

     Pillow (1-2)
     Blanket for Twin or XL Twin
     Comforter for Twin or XL Twin
     Sheets for XL Twin Bed (36” x 80”)
     Mattress Pad for XL Twin
     Towels—probably at least 2 bath, 2 hand, 2 face depending on how often you do laundry and want clean towels
     Your warm weather to fall clothes (but not all)
     Rain gear like a jacket and or umbrella
     Swim suit, workout gear (optional)
     Toiletries for cleaning yourself up
     Brush and comb
     Shaving items, tweezers
     Hair dryer, curling / straightening iron
     Shower shoes (recommended)
     Robe
     Shower tote to carry to the bathroom if you’re in a community bath hall

LAUNDRY / CLOTHING CARE (don’t forget clothes)
    HE (high efficiency) Detergent, fabric softener, stain remover (do not use Purex 3-in-1 sheets or similar products,
        our machines don't like them and they leave stains)
       Laundry basket, hamper or bag
       Hangers
       Iron and mini-ironing board if you like crisp clothes
       Lingerie bag for protecting unmentionables
School Stuff
    Book bag/messenger bag
    Computer/laptop or jump drive for the computer labs
    Ethernet Cord for internet access
    Computer supplies, printer, ink, etc.
    Binders, folders, paper
    Writing utensils
    Dictionary
    Calculator
    Day-planner

Check to see if you are covered on your parent’s homeowners or renter’s insurance—if not, get renters insurance!
HOUSEHOLD ITEMS (must haves)
    Surge protector / power strip (NYS regulation does not allow use of electrical cords or 3 prong extension cords
       ONLY surge protected strips)
    Sewing kit (if you know how to use it)/safety pins
    Alarm clock
    Box of tissues
    Plastic stacking cubes or plastic totes to stash stuff under the bed
    Cleaning supplies like cleaning wipes or all purpose spray cleaner and paper towels (if you live in Clement or
       Goodyear—bathroom cleaning supplies)
    Wastebasket

Snacking Stuff
    Mug, cup, plate, silverware (1-2 of each would suffice)
    Non-perishable snack foods
    Microwaveable dish or pan for light cooking (if you do heavy cooking then you’ll need more)
    Can-opener
    Small bottle of dishwashing detergent, cleaning sponge or scrubbie, dishtowel

STUFF TO LEAVE (Prohibited)
    Halogen, upward facing bowl and multi-arm lamp
    Microwaves or toaster ovens
    Lofts or air conditioners
    Electrical cords (only surge protectors please)
    Open coil appliances i.e. space heaters or hot plates
    Pets other than fish (10 gallon tanks or less)
    Candles, incense, and plug-in type air fresheners
    Permanent adhesives and nails
      All weapons including firearms and non-kitchen knives
    Fireworks, propane, or explosives
    Alcohol (prohibited in first-year areas and if under 21)
    Flashlight and batteries
    Digital camera
    Bike with strong U-lock, inline skates,
    or comfy shoes for outdoor recreation
    Board games/cards, Frisbee, basketball, etc.
    TV with coaxial cable/DVD Player
    Small stereo/headphones/ MP3 Player/IPOD/CDs
      Mini refrigerator (2 per quad or triple, 1 per double) no larger than 4.2 cubic feet and 3 amps
      Fan (no AC in the Residence Halls)
      Cell phone/charger or calling cards for use at public phones (landline service can be ordered for an additional
       charge as of Fall 2010)

OPTIONAL DECORATION (Makes a room like home)
    Posters, photos, artwork, calendar, picture of the family
    Removable mounting tapes (3M kind) or poster putty
    Plants
    Small area rug (6’ x 8’ will work in all rooms)
    Desk lamp or additional floor lamp

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