Welcome to the Worship of God by Levone


									              Welcome to the Worship of God
                          Sunday, May 10, 2009 Mother’s Day
We extend a special welcome to guests who join us today. Pastor Gary Bomhof will bring the message this morning.

Children ages 3 to grade 5 will be dismissed today for Sunday school. There is supervised nursery care for infants to
age 3 today. Parents should accompany children who leave the worship service for any reason.

Guests at First Church are cordially invited to a time of fellowship and friendship in the Fellowship Hall following the
worship service.

        We Worship Our Great and Mighty God                        Serving Today…
            *indicates to stand if able
                                                                   Greeter: James Arends
                                                                   Helping Hands: Dan Wind
Gathering Songs                                                    Nursery: Louise Rautenbach, Barb Thompson
Welcome/Announcements                                              Foundations: Sarah S.; Justin W.; Jeanette N.;
*Call to Worship/God’s Greeting                                                  Anna L.
*Hymn of Praise – PsH 249
          “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty”
*A Time of Friendship
Service of Reconciliation
          Call to Confession –                                               FIRST CHURCH FAMILY NEWS
           “How Deep the Father’s Love” vs.1&2
        Prayer                                                     …Art Van Zanten’s father passed away this past
        Assurance of Pardon – How Deep – verse 3                   week. Pray for Art and his family during this time of
        We Walk With God in Life                                   loss.
        Song – PsH 544 “Lead Me, Guide Me”                         …in hospital: Winnie Tensen, Sharon Dickau
                                                                   …Fenny Mlynarksi is now at home.
Prayer for Illumination                                            …with sincere appreciation for the cards, flowers,
Scripture Reading – Book of Esther – various passages              prayers we shared with the congregation and all of
Message – The Purpose Driven Life                                  our friends.     Gerty, Pam, Heather, Sara, John,
*Hymn of Response – PsH 542                                        Annamarie, and Henry Teuling
         “The Ends of All the Earth Shall Hear”                    …thank you to everyone for the support, acts of
                                                                   kindness, visits, cards, flowers, and prayers.
Pastoral/Offertory Prayer                                             Jake & Antonia Teuling
Out Tithes & Offerings                                             …continue to pray for Amanda Lindhout.
 First Church Ministry Budget                                      …Remember the many people who are unable to
 CRWRC – Embracing Aids                                            worship with us regularly due to illness or age
                                                                   including Tanny de Koning, Lies Visser, Nell Drost,
*Blessing                                                          Mrs. Spyksma, Manna Altena, Winnie Tensen,
*Doxology – PsH 634                                                Audrey Vermeer, Pearl de Jonge, John Lindhout,
         “Father, We Love You”                                     Henk Krikke, and Winnie Krikke.

              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                “The prayers of the righteous are powerful and
                                                                   effective”. James 5:16
        FIRST CHURCH NEW S AND EVENTS                        7 and higher please consider this) What else?
                                                             Someone to organize 2 crafts for students in Grades 3-
YOU ARE INVITED to a time of fellowship in the               6 as well as 1 more person to do sound. We also need
Fellowship Hall after the morning worship service.           1 person to help another volunteer in the nursery on M,
Today we celebrate the 90 birthday of Jannie de              W, and Friday. Please prayerfully consider how you
Boon! Congratulations!                                       can help. To volunteer, please call Michelle Driedger
                                                             (403.309.8855) or Connie Sypkes. (403.340.8373)
FOUNDATIONS II (grades 6-12) will meet tonight               Looking forward to hearing from you!
6.00p. Next meeting is May 31.
Grades 6-8: As well as our lesson we will make               MEN’S LIFE is cancelled this Saturday.
sundaes! Ice cream will be provided and everyone is
asked to bring a topping along to share. No nuts             WORSHIP SURVEY is in your mail slot today. The
please! (The kind you eat!) The lesson will start a 6p       Worship and Arts Team thanks you for your
and sundaes at 7p.                                           participation in this survey. If you did not receive a
                                                             copy, surveys will be available at the Welcome Centre.
PLEASE BE REMINDED that there will be a second
service today to be held at the Michener Recreation          OFFICE BEARERS Council has begun the process of
Centre beginning at 3.00 p.m. in recognition of              nominating individuals to serve as deacons or elders.
Friendship Sunday. If you need directions, there are         Needed to be elected are 5 deacons and 4 elders.
maps available at the Welcome Centre. There is plenty        Prayerfully consider whether you might be lead to
of parking immediately east of the building so let’s         serve our church in one of these positions. If you feel
show our support for this program and all those who          called, if you wish to nominate (with their permission)
selflessly give of their time and talents by setting aside   someone else that you believe suitable for one of
an hour to fellowship with the folks at Michener. GJB        these positions, or if you require more information
                                                             regarding the office of deacon or elder, please contact
AM COFFEE BREAK Please join us for our final                 Allan Andersen or Tony Lindhout.
morning this Tuesday at 9.15a. All those who have
joined us this year are very welcome! There will be a        INVITING ALL LADIES to a bridal shower for Yvonne
pot luck lunch, so bring one of your favorite dishes.        VanderVeen, fiancée of Anthony Prins, on Friday, May
“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as      22 – 7.00p here at the church. A group gift has been
you trust in Him.” Romans 15: 13                             purchased. If you wish to contribute you may do so at
                                                             the shower. We would also like give Yvonne an
ACTS OF LIGHT is inviting you to attend their play           arsenal of excellent recipes. Write your fav on a 3X5
“Village of Idiots” on June 5 & 6. Tickets are $5.00 and     card and bring to the shower! For more info contact
are available at the Welcome Centre. The play is a           Erin Visser of Karen Werkema.
dramatic retelling of Jewish stories set in the folkloric
town of Chelm and centres around the people of this          Youth & Young Adults….
village, the Chelmniks. We encourage you to invite
neighbours and friends to this evening of excellent          …Drama Team meets Tuesday at 6:30 – 8:30pm. We
drama/comedy.                                                are rehearsing Act One, Scenes 2 & 4-7. Everyone in
                                                             those scenes is asked to attend with lines memorized.
WANT A M0UNTAINTOP EXPERIENCE? If you are                    …Young Adults tonight we continue our study of Max
interested in a breath taking view and are wiling to give    Lucado’s Come Thirsty. We begin at 7:30pm in the
up a little sweat to get there, then join us for our First   Council Room. Please have part three read for
Church Annual Hiking Trip! We will leave Saturday            discussion.
morning August 8 for Canmore and return that                 …YC Update Please note that YC balances are past
evening. For more info contact Cory Fosty @                  due and so are consent forms!
403.885.2578.                                                …Survivor Think you can survive a weekend away
                                                             from home, confronting your fears, surviving
VBS UPDATE JULY 6-10 9:30 –11:30 Wow! We are                 challenges and just having fun? Then sign up for a
thrilled with all the volunteers that have come forward      fantastic survivor weekend on the youth bulletin board.
to help put on this year’s VBS! We still have several        This weekend is happening from June 12-14 north of
ways YOU could help: We still need 1 4/5 year old            Lacombe. So if you are in grade 9 or older, and fear
teacher and 1 Grade ¾ teacher. We also need at least         isn't a factor for you, sign up on the youth bulletin
5 classroom helpers as well as 1 more person to help         board. To make this weekend happen we need no less
with the drama presentation. (Students entering Grade        than 16 people signed up by May 24th. Think you can
dance under the stars? Help your tribe win reward          awaits you in the fall. Please RSVP by May 8th to
challenges and gain immunity from work detail?             Ron deVries at either phone 780-987-0415, email
Questions? Call Sharon at 342-2172.                        mdevron@telus.net or the Facebook event page
                                                           “Stepping Out Retreat””
                                                           THIS SPRING marks a new direction for The King’s
RED DEER MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION has made                  University College Spring Campaign. Rather than
a commitment to be in prayer weekly for a Christian        having local volunteers contact members of church
organization in the City of Red Deer. In this way we       congregations directly, a Spring Campaign letter will
are showing our unity and support for each other. This     be mailed to King’s supporters in the next two weeks.
week our prayer is for US!                                 We ask that you consider the mission of King’s as a
                                                           cause you choose to support. Annual spring
BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN Today the Deacon’s will               donations are important. If you do not receive Spring
hand out baby bottles for the Pregnancy Care Centre.       Campaign information in the mail, additional copies
Take one or two and fill with spare loonies, toonies,      will be available at the back of the church next week.
quarters, and dimes. Talk with your family about the       Contact       Shannon      at      780-465-8314     or
sanctity of life and how to help the less fortunate        development@kingsu.ca with comments or questions.
amoung us. Pray for the many women and children            Thank you for supporting Christian education at
struggling through crisis. Bring the bottles back on       King’s!
Father’s Day.
                                                           FROM THE CUBA CONNECTION COMMITTEE OF
SONRISE CAMP Are you looking for a great place to          CLASSIS ALBERTA NORTH. The committee is
send your teens for a week this summer? Then look          sending a container to Cuba again this summer. We
no further. Sonrise Camp is a rustic camp that is          will be seeking many types of consumer items
located just minutes outside of Rocky Mountain             including the following: Bicycles, bicycle tires; Medical
House that is run by First Christian Reformed Church       Supplies including adult diapers, and living aids;
of Rocky. We provide a week of Bible lessons, WIDE         Stationary, and School Supplies and sports
games, trips to a local lake, exciting out trips, and      equipment; personal products like feminine products,
much, much more! We offer two camps; one for ages          toothpaste, razors and soap; men’s women’s and
10 – 12 from July 5 – 10, 2009 and one for ages 13 –       children’s clothing; sewing machines and supplies,
15 from July 19 – 24, 2009. If you would like more         and non-perishable foods . All materials must be new
information or registrations forms, please contact         or as good as new, and because of issues of dating
Marie Aasman @ rockycrc@telus.net or 403-845-              we will not be accepting pharmaceuticals this year.
4438.                                                      Please keep an eye out for a Poster in your church,
                                                           and further information as the container project
CAMP COUNSELLORS Are you looking for a great               proceeds.
learning experience that will enrich your life? Why not
try being a camp counselor at Sonrise Camp run by          THE REHOBOTH CAMP COMMITTEE is looking for
First Christian Reformed Church and located just           volunteers to serve as counselors for this year’s
outside of Rocky Mountain House. You will spend a          summer camp program. Volunteer spots are
week helping campers (either 10 – 12 year olds or 13       disappearing fast…if you want to join our volunteer
– 15 year olds) develop a deeper relationship with         team this summer, you may wish to call or register on-
God through fun games, Bible lessons, awesome out          line soon! The dates for camp are: Week 1 – July 4-
trips and by just being a friend. If you would like more   10, Week 2 – July 111-17, Independent Week – July
information or a volunteer application form, please        18-24, Youth Week – July 25-31. For more information
contact Marie Aasman @ rockycrc@telus.net or 403-          contact: Linda Rosendal – 968-8483. Register on-line
845-4438.                                                  @ www.rehoboth.ab.ca

“HEADING OUT TO COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY IN                   CACHS DRAMA 20/30 Presents The Boardinghouse
THE FALL? Step out in confidence. Classis Campus           Welcome to the Home Sweet Home Boardinghouse,
Ministry, Classis Youth Ministry along with West End       where life is anything but normal! Miss Harriet runs a
CRC is once again hosting the “Stepping Out Retreat”       clean, cozy home with the help of the none-too-bright
on May 30th. Whether you are heading off to U of A,        and perpetually terrified Tweenie, and accompanied
Kings, staying in Alberta or moving to Texas, this will    by as zany a cast of boarders as you are likely to
be a chance to connect with other CRC students,            meet.
meet campus ministers, and find out more about what        Where: Central Alberta Christian High School
Dates - June 3, 4, & 5
Times: 7:00 p.m.
Cost: $6.00/ticket                                         This week at First Church...
Tickets and seating are available through the CACHS
office (403)782-4535.                                      Today    3.00p    Friendship Service at Michener
                                                                    6.00p    Foundations II & YA
PLEASE PRAY for people like Dave, who says that            Mon      7.00p    Friendship
losing his job made him realize how unconnected he         Tues     9.30a    Coffee Break
was to God. Using some his new "free" time, and                     6.30p    Drama rehearsal
using the daily devotional planner he got from his                  6.30p    Slo-pitch – Montfort East
                                                                    7.30p    Evening Coffee Break
church to guide him through his Bible, gave Dave the       Wed      12.00p KEYS
peace and perspective he needed to face the                         6.30p    Valley Park Sing
changes in his life. "It was getting into the Word,                 7.30p    Education Team meeting
getting into the Lord, on a daily basis that helped me."            7.30p    Administration Team meeting
To help provide discipleship resources like the daily      Thur     6.30p    Slo-pitch – Montfort East
devotional planners, please call The Bible League of                7.30p    Chancel Choir Rehearsal
Canada        at    1-800-363-9673        or    go    to            8.00p    Slo-Pitch – Montfort East
www.bibleleague.ca.                                        Fri      3:30p    Hymn Sing-Red Deer Nursing Home
                                                           Sunday 10.00a Morning Worship
                                                                    1.00p    Chamber Concert
                                                           Library Hours: Tuesday: 9.30a – 11.30a
                                                                          Sunday’s – after am worship services
 Birthday Greetings.....
                                                           Check the church web site: www.firstcrcreddeer.org for
           May       11          Garth Stange              current information.
                     12          Alice Prins
                     13          Anna Lodewyk
                                 Jodi Sanguin
                                 Marian Scholten
                                 Margaretha Erasmus
                     14          Idonna Christensen
                     15          Jannie de Boon
                     16          Daxon Bylsma
                                 Shane Dubois
                                 Alexis Duduman
                                 Cor Pikkert
                                 Jordyn Pikkert
                                 Kathy McLean

                                                           Serving next week….

                                                           Greeter: Pat Brouwer
                                                           Helping Hands: Jim Seinen
                                                           Nursery: Barb Thompson, Erin Visser, Brandi Kranenborg
  Stewardship notes....                                    Foundations: Sarah S., Justin W., Jeanette N., Anna L.
  Today’s Tithes and Offerings

  1. First Church Ministry Budget
  2. CRWRC Embracing Aids

  Future Offerings:
  May 17 – Red Deer Hospital Chaplaincy
  May 24 – Katch 22 Red Deer

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