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					                                               “Doing Church As A Team”

1513 Rorer Ave., SW., Roanoke, Virginia 24016 ■ 540-342-6131 (c) 540-342-7383 (f) ■ ■

                                                Rev. L. A. Lewis, Lit D, Pastor
   Dennis Galloway, Chairman, Deacon Ministry     - Marion Smith, Church Clerk        -   Shelia Hairston, Church Secretary

             ANNUAL REPORT

                   Where there is no vision, the people perish.
                                  Prov. 29:18a

                              Morning Star Baptist Church
                                        Walks in our Vision
                            to become a transformational community
                          living out the gospel of Jesus Christ together,
                      changing lives, changing families, changing our world!
With a continuous eye on our vision, MSBC strives daily to share the good news of Jesus Christ through praise,
prayer, love, and discipleship, transforming our world one person at a time.

On November 11, 2007 Morning Star celebrated 77 years of upward movement through worship, fellowship
and praise. During its 77 year history, MSBC progressed from a Mission of a small number of parishioners to a
church of over 300 worshipers.

                                      Chronicle of a Mighty Move of God
1930 – Moved by the Spirit of God, Rev. E. Blake of Salem, Va. began MSBC as a Mission in an upstairs
       storefront in Northeast Roanoke. MSBC then did the following:
1952 – Moved from a storefront in Northeast to a basement in Southwest.
1963 – Moved to an upstairs sanctuary with a balcony in the same Southwest location.
2000 – Moved to a modernized beautifully decorated sanctuary that comfortably seats over 250 people. The
       new sanctuary is equipped with a vestibule that could hold as many as 75 people at one time and an
       elevator access to the upstairs administrative facility with a secretarial office, financial office,
       conference room and pastor’s study.
2007 – Moved the old sanctuary’s furnishing and infrastructure to accommodate the remodeling of the old
       sanctuary into a state-of-the-art kitchen and Thomas E. Crews Fellowship Hall.

Morning Star has had seven pastors to lead the congregation, Rev. W. A. Webb, Rev. I. A. Law, Rev. J. E.
Stevens, Rev. E. D. Matthews, Rev. William Moore, Rev. Thomas E. Crews and our current pastor, Rev. Dr. L.
A. Lewis, who in October 2007 was blessed by the church’s celebration of his 27th anniversary.

MSBC has stayed on the move, staying together, praying together and marching as a mighty army. Pastor
Lewis has taught that once we were saved, we were given spiritual gifts. We are to use our gifts to glorify God
and serve one another. Each member is encouraged to become involved in one or more of the 40+ ministries at
MSBC. For this reason we strive for Total Involvement Ministry (T.I.M.). God uses Morning Star’s
ministries in His vision for us to change lives, families, and our world.

                                           Major Activities in 2007

On January 27, 2007, the church gathered together for its general body church fellowship, an annual meeting to
receive the direction for the year and discuss other church objectives. This year, Pastor Lewis gave the State of
the Church Address. Using the Canoe Principle, the pivotal question presented to each of us was, “What
Paddle are You Using”? The options were no paddles, slow paddles, wrong flow paddles, hole causing
paddles, or goal paddles. The object of the charge was that we cannot reach our fullest potential to have
Compassion for the Saints, Concern for the Sinner, Conviction in the Sanctuary, Confession of Sin and
Commitment to Service unless we individually accept the paddle we’ve been given by Christ and row together
to the glory of God.

Following the charge, Sunday after Sunday for the entire year, Pastor Lewis used Navigational Moments to
teach MSBC how to row together. Sermon series titles included Navigating Your New Year by navigating your
thinking, time, tongue and talents; Let’s Love One Another; Back to the Basics; What a Mighty God We Serve;
and Finding Answers to Hard Questions.

The 44 Ministry Action Teams (MAT) took their paddles and rowed throughout the year in one accord. They
welcomed Trustee Thomas Lewis home from Iraq and began sending care packages to Marcus Ollie, a young
man who grew up at MSBC and began his military service stationed in Afghanistan and relocated to Iraq.

Additionally, one of the major activities of the year included the pastor and church fasting and praying together
during a 40-Day Fast. During this period, members denied themselves of special kinds of food, drinks and
other types of activities to dedicate themselves to reading specific scriptures and praying for the pastor, leaders
and entire church.

The ministries at MSBC accomplished much in 2007. Listed are some of the accomplishments. Note that
many of the accomplishments were done as a TEAM!

Benevolent Fund: Through contributions from members of the church and friends, helped members of the
church and community in emergency situations by assisting with rent, utilities, groceries, medications, etc.

      Helped a church in West Virginia to travel to Mississippi to assist Hurricane Katrina victims;
      Assisted victims of the Maple Shade Apartment Complex when it was destroyed by fire;
      Sponsored 2 children with Angel Tree gifts;
      Sponsored tickets for children to attend the YMCA Family Life Center Father & Son Banquet;
      Sponsored children that desired to attend the TAP Western Virginia Education Classic football game in
       support of retrieving high school dropouts; and
      Assisted bereaved members to meet financial needs after the loss of a loved one.

Bereavement Ministry: Comforted members of the church and community when the tragedy of death was

      Sent 27 letters to families in the loss of loved ones;
      Ministered to several families through cards or books of comfort;
      Made home visits and attended funerals; and
      Assisted families, as needed, in preparing for funeral arrangements which included helping with the
       program and identifying program participants, flower bearers and pall bearers.

Building MAT: Worked together to lead the church in its remodeling plans and building fund efforts.

      Selected lighting, ceiling fans, sound and video systems, counter tops, floor tiles, paint, and appliances
       for the new fellowship hall and kitchen;
      Purchased two stainless steel serving carts for the Kitchen Ministry from the Wish List compiled by the
       Kitchen Ministry;
      Did a “walk through” of the new fellowship hall Feb. 12th to make sure renovations were acceptable;
      Refurbished and reframed the portrait of former pastor, Rev. Thomas E. Crews, for hanging in the new
       fellowship hall;
      Made final payment for construction of the new fellowship hall to contractor, Howard Childress, on
       March 9;
      Reenergized the Building Fund effort to cover the cost of the new construction;
      Planned the dedication service for the new fellowship hall on March 25th;
      Recommended the approved name of the “The Rev. Thomas E. Crews Fellowship Hall;”
      Had railings and handrails installed in the pulpit area of the sanctuary; and
      Organized a sub-committee to spearhead a Pew/Window project to generate funds for the church project
       to be implemented in January 2008.

Coordinators MAT: Ministry leaders came together monthly to discuss and plan the implementation of
various church wide objectives and activities.

      Worked closely with the Health Coordinator and Health Fair Committee to plan a successful community
       wide Health Fair;
      Served as a consistent venue for communications between the ministries to promote “Doing Church as a
      Encouraged ministries to review their ministry plans and strive to do better than the year before;
      Coordinated the efforts of ministries to monthly distribute Care Packages to Marcus Ollie while in
       Afghanistan and Iraq;
      Facilitated the WTOY “It’s All About Morning Star” radio broadcast aired the first Saturday of each
       month, 8:15-8:30 a.m.; and
      Sponsored a child for the Outreach MAT’s Angel Tree.

Deacon Ministry: Worked with the pastor to serve the needs of the membership and organization of the

      Supported the pastor and church ministries in “Doing Church as a Team;”
      Served communion each 1st Sunday to sick and shut in members;
      Supported the Baptist Children’s Home with a quarterly contribution;
      Supported Acts 2 Ministry at a fund raising banquet;
      Supported Maple Shade Apartment fire victims;
      Supported a local church with the donation of 9 pews left from the old sanctuary; and
      Supported the Deacon’s Conference every 5th Sunday.

Deaconess Ministry: Faithfully served the communion table and ministered to women in the church.

      Prepared the communion trays and tables each first Sunday of the month and Good Friday;
      Made sure linen was cleaned properly for communion and purchased all communion supplies;
      Prepared baptism candidates for baptism;
      Ministered to sick and shut in members;
      Held its annual Fashion Show Mother’s Day Banquet;
      Celebrated its 28th Anniversary with Rev. Dr. E. T. Burton and Sweet Union Baptist Church as its
       special guest;
      Sponsored a Workshop under the leadership of Deaconess Sherri Ambrose which was well attended by
       deaconesses from across the Roanoke Valley;
      Supported all annual days and pastor’s anniversary;
      Participated in the Valley Baptist Deaconess Hour in July and supported it financially;
      Attended and received a certificate from the Virginia State Deaconess Convention; and
      Supported Sister Churches’ anniversary services through finances and attendance.

Decorating MAT: Made sure that the church looked its best especially on special occasions.

      Decorated the church during the following special occasions:
          - Church Anniversary
          - Pastor’s Anniversary

          - Women’s Day
          - Single’s Ministry Prom
          - Usher Board Anniversary
      Decorated the fellowship hall for birthday parties;
      Made over 100 corsages; and
      Made over 150 ribbons and bows for church.

Dorcas Missionary Circle: Ministered through visitation, encouragement and support.

      Visited and ministered to 8 members on the sick and shut-in list;
      Gave gifts to the sick and shut-in members visited;
      Rendered Easter and Thanksgiving services to the residents of the Valley Home where about 20
       residents attended the services;
      Affiliated with the Women’s Auxiliary of the Valley Baptist Association and supported their outreach
      Affiliated with the Missionary Council of the Roanoke Valley and supported their outreach programs;
      Sponsored a queen for the Missionary Council of the Valley Baptist Association who came in 3rd place;
      Ministered to the sick and shut-in by giving greeting cards or gifts at Christmas.

Employment Skills: Assisted members in preparing for and finding employment.

      Provided “job readiness” support to persons seeking employment and career changes;
      Distributed handouts monthly in the vestibule with employment opportunities;
      Distributed “leadership wired” articles in the vestibule on a monthly basis;
      Updated information about open positions from the “Career Café Log” that was obtained via monthly
       email updates;
      11 resumes were prepared;
      3 persons were assisted with employment; and
      Has a goal to host a 2008 Employment Fair.

Flower Club Ministry: Beautified the church with floral arrangements.

      Featured Elder Gloria Burge of Columbus, Ohio and Deaconess Jean Galloway, known throughout the
       state, in concert at its anniversary program in April;
      Contributed $300 to building fund;
      Purchased palms and pinned them on all church members for Palm Sunday;
      Placed Easter lilies in the church for Easter;
      Provided the flowers for the Pastor’s Anniversary;
      Sponsored a bus trip to New York for shopping;
      Sponsored two angels for the Outreach Ministry Angel Tree;
      Contributed to the Pre-Thanksgiving Day Dinner for the homeless; and
      Placed poinsettias in the sanctuary during the month of December.

Greeters MAT: Met and greeted members and visitors as they entered the church.

      Greeted everyone entering Sunday School, morning worship and afternoon services each Sunday;
      Recorded and maintained information cards on all visitors which were used to recognize visitors during
       service and to do a follow-up letter;

      Implemented the PLUS ministry (Parking Lot Ushering Service) utilizing male greeters for this phase of
       the ministry;
      Increased in membership; and
      Held a Greeters Workshop Christmas Fellowship.

Health MAT: Helped members stay informed of health issues.

      Coordinated the 2007 Health Fair on March 31attended by hundreds of youth and adults;
      Developed a survey to determine health informational needs of members; and
      Ensured that the following was included in the health fair:
          - Cholesterol Screening
          - Blood Sugar Screening
          - Blood Pressure Screening
          - Body Mass Index
          - Blood Typing
          - Presentations on Diabetes Management, Heart Disease and Blood Pressure.

Homebound MAT: Ministered to the needs of those who suffer with long periods of illness.

      Contacted sick members through visitation, mail and telephone calls.

Kitchen Ministry: Cooked, arranged and served meals to meet church needs.

      Assisted Young Men & Women of Integrity Ministry with the February Soul Food Dinner;
      Coordinated church’s annual Free Flea Market which provided clothing, shoes and household items for
       needy families across the Roanoke Valley;
      Coordinated a Kitchen Shower for the new kitchen and served refreshments;
      Prepared and Served refreshments for the dedication of the Thomas E. Crews Fellowship Hall;
      Prepared and Served food during the Health Fair;
      Cleaned up the old kitchen and transferred the needed items into the new kitchen;
      Assisted ministries such as the Coordinator’s MAT and SSS Ministry in preparing food for special
      Assisted the Singles MAT in setting up food for the Singles MAT Yester-Year Prom;
      Served breakfast for the Women’s Fellowship Workshop;
      Partnered with the Sunday School and Outreach MAT to feed the hungry at its Pre-Thanksgiving Day
      Prepared and Served dinner for the church homecoming, pastor’s anniversary and church anniversary;
      Prepared and Served dinner for the Women’s MAT Christmas Fellowship Dinner;
      Ministered to the bereaved families through coordination and preparation of meals following funerals;
      Served dinner to Pastor Lewis’s special guests from Houston, the Endurance Gospel Singers, after
       church service December 16.

L. A. Lewis Singers: Sang to the glory of God and edification of the church body.

      Praised the Lord through song each month;
      Assembled a Care Package for Marcus Ollie in February;
      Purchased a calendar of annual events from the Marketing MAT;
      Participated in the first Black History Month Play sponsored by the Marketing MAT;
      Participated in the devotions at the Health Fair in March;

      Participated in the Food Lion Food Share Program which generated funds for the choir;
      Sold Home Interior Candles which generated over $900 for the choir;
      Donated $50 to the Kitchen MAT for its Wish List to help purchase needed items for the new kitchen
       and new fellowship hall;
      Participated in the Pastor’s Aide Anniversary in June;
      Celebrated its 21st Anniversary with the play, “The Old Ship of Zion;”
      Donated $75 toward the purchase of food for feeding the homeless at the Pre-Thanksgiving Day dinner;
      Purchased clothing and toys for children from the Hurt Park Day Care Center for the Angel Tree; and
      Welcomed new members to its ministry.

Leadership MAT: Assisted in leadership development of its members.

      The entire church prayed for the health of the Leadership MAT’s coordinator, Deaconess Shirley
       Whorley during the year. Praise God for answered prayer!
      Plans for 2007 include seminars and workshops for ministry leaders.

Male Chorus: Sang praises to the glory of God and edification of the church body.

      Provided the music for morning worship every 3rd Sunday;
      Increased its membership;
      Celebrated its 27th Anniversary with Rev. Dr. Tommy London and Cloverdale Baptist Church;
      Purchased new ties and shirts for chorus members; and
      Remembered chorus sick and shut-in members with card and monetary gifts.

Marketing MAT: Promoted the objectives of the church through various marketing methods.

      Sponsored the first Black History Play held at the church in the presence of an overflow crowd from
       across the Roanoke Valley;
      Produced the first church directory with photographs;
      Designed the new church letterhead;
      Maintained the MSBC Web site;
      Submitted announcements to newspapers, radio stations and television stations promoting church
       activities; and
      Made tracks for various program activities.

Marriage MAT: Engaged married couples and couples planning to marry in spiritual activities to assist in
their growth in wholesome long lasting relationships.

      Through workshops, conferences, leadership training and fellowship, provided a vehicle to learn, share
       and experience marriage by God’s design;
      Participated in the local Family Life Team for “Weekend To Remember” marriage conference located in
       Roanoke at Hotel Roanoke;
      Facilitated a communication series – “Building Intimacy Through Communication;”
      Held its Annual Valentine Fellowship; and
      Coordinators attended a Joel Osteen conference in Baltimore, MD in October.

Men’s Fellowship: Organized activities to involve men in fellowship.

      United with the Saturated with Specific Prayer Service (SSS) Ministry to host a prayer institute for Men
       entitled “Men Endeavoring to Keep the Commandments to Pray.”

Morning Star Messenger Newsletter: Communicated the good news of Christ and church activities through a
monthly publication.

      Published a newsletter each month (12);
      Celebrated its 20th Anniversary in October having never missed a month in 20 years of publishing a
      Recognized a faithful member, Susan Coles, with a plaque for serving 20 years on the newsletter staff
       and not missing a month of writing and/or submitting an article;
      Showed appreciation to the members of MSBC for its support by serving cake and punch after service
       on October 7;
      Changed the format of the newsletter from 8 ½ x 14 inches to 8 ½ x 11 inches;
      Continued to highlight MSBC members – three individuals and two couples – and continued adding
       color to the pictures;
      Highlighted selected ministries with a one-page spread;
      Continued the annual Sundae Sunday event for MSBC on Sunday, July 29; and
      Had more participation with articles from the members on the newsletter staff.

Nursery: Cared for children while parents were in worship service.

      Opened each Sunday of the year;
      Prayed for children and caregivers;
      Related songs, games and other activities to lessons in themes and words that the children could
      Read to children;
      Directed the play of children to ensure safe play; and
      Nurtured children in a safe, clean, secure efficient environment while parents engaged in worship.

Office MAT: Assisted ministries with administration duties.

      Created the Annual Church Calendar;
      Investigated purchase of new laser color printer for office;
      Obtained bids for new church letterhead; and
      Helped ministries with bulletins for their programs throughout the year.

Outreach MAT: Provided opportunities for church members to minister to the needs of individuals in the

      Coordinated the Angel Tree for 28 Hurt Park Head Start children. Ministries and church members
       supported this effort by giving each child an outfit, pair of shoes and toy;
      Distributed inspirational tracks to the Head Start children and invited their families to MSBC;
      Assisted the Kitchen Ministry in the Free Flea Market by giving 100+ Back to School packages to
       school aged children through donations made from and to the Outreach MAT;
      Continued to partner with Williams Memorial Baptist Church in the Food Share Program involving
       Youth Ministry members in the distribution of the food;
      Partnered with the Sunday School and Kitchen Ministry to sponsor a Thanksgiving Day feast for the
       homeless providing an opportunity for 35 volunteers from inside and outside of the church and
       ministries across the church to participate;
      Partnered with the Sunday School to sponsor families for Thanksgiving by donating two Food Share
       packages which included turkeys;
      Donated nearly $300 worth of items to the TAP Transitional Living Center;

      Organized the Blessing Box food donation each quarter. Church members filled 3 to 4 boxes each
      Organized and distributed 35 resource manuals to ministries and placed one in the vestibule for church
      Gave 35 Bibles and a monetary donation to Coyner Springs at Christmas;
      Purchased Bibles and baskets to have on hand for Rapid Response Kits to minister when tragedies
       occur; and
      Added to its name, “Reaching Out 2 Make A Difference.”

Pastor’s Aide: Supported and assisted the pastor and his family.

      Supported pastor and his family with gifts on birthdays and Christmas;
      Attended and participated in the Health Fair;
      Prepared and sold its annual dinner in June to raise funds;
      Sponsored a musical program;
      Recognized the pastor with a monetary gift during his 27th Anniversary; and
      Prayed daily for our pastor and his family.

Praise Dance Team: Danced to the glory of God.

      Created 3 new praise dances; and
      Ministered with dance at:
          - Pastor’s Aide Anniversary
          - Youth for Christ Week
          - Sweet Union Baptist Church
          - Women’s Fellowship Program.

Senior Choir: Sang to the glory and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

      Faithfully song selections each 1st and 5th Sunday, and as needed on other Sundays during the year;
      Participated in the shower for the Thomas E. Crews Fellowship Hall;
      Honored the First Lady, Sis. Annette Lewis, as Mother of the Year and the memory of Sis. Betty
       Warren, a deceased member who dearly loved MSBC;
      Celebrated its 74th Anniversary with Rev. Adrian Dowell and Shiloh Baptist Church, Salem as its guest,
       using the theme “God has Brought Us from a Mighty Long Way;”
      Represented MSBC during musical programs at other services;
      Supported all annual days; and
      Sponsored two children on the Angel Tree.

Senior’s Ministry: Provided an opportunity for seniors to be involved in various activities.

      For the second year, attended the dramatic Easter production of the Passion Play at Shenandoah Baptist
      Recognized grandparents on Grandparent’s Day;
      Recognized three seniors on Senior Appreciation Day, one of the members was homebound;
      Held its first Christmas Fellowship Dinner in December;
      Visited and sent cards to sick and shut-in members; and
      Attended the Annual Health Fair.

Senior Usher Ministry: Provided direction and assistance to members and visitors during worship services.

      Served every Sunday (except 2nd and 5th Sunday when Youth Ushers serve) and during afternoon
       services and outside engagements when Pastor Lewis was the guest minister;
      Financed all the new kitchen appliances in the kitchen of the Thomas E. Crews Fellowship Hall;
      Contributed $500 to the building fund;
      Held a workshop and luncheon for ushers;
      Honored annual day pledges and Pastor’s Anniversary;
      Represented at all Coordinators MAT meetings;
      Sent cards to sick and shut-in members;
      Remembered ushers when sick or death in family with flowers, a monetary gift or a card;
      Donated $25 to the Bethlehem Bible College;
      Served at the Valley Baptist Association;
      Celebrated its anniversary in October with Rev. Dr. Johnny R. Stone and Hill St. Baptist Church as its
       special guest; and
      Sponsored children and a family during Christmas.

Singles Ministry: Provided an opportunity for single members of the church to be involved in various

      Sponsored three children on the Angel Tree;
      Financially supported the building fund, homecoming, Outreach Ministry for school supplies, Pre-
       Thanksgiving Day Dinner, Pastor’s Anniversary and Church Anniversary;
      Prepared two care packages for fellow soldiers;
      Held Fellowship and Dinner Meetings;
      Sponsored a Yard Sale for all ministries to participate in;
      Held a Prom of Yester Year in July; and
      Celebrated its 3rd Anniversary in December with spiritual poetry, skits, praise dances and testimonies
       with the intention of recruiting other single saints of all ages.

Sound System MAT: Ensured that mikes and musical supports were set up and operating properly.

      Served on the Building MAT providing information on the purchase and installation of new equipment
       such as power point projector and video recorder for the sanctuary and Thomas E. Crews Fellowship
      Setup microphones and supporting sound equipment for church services held at the church each Sunday,
       Wednesday night, and on special occasions; and
      Provided training to Tape Ministry members in operating sound equipment.

SSS (Saturated with Specific Prayer Service) Ministry: Ministered and encouraged membership and
community through prayer.

      Held its 6th Annual Prayer Journey;
      Organized the 2nd National Day of Prayer Celebration;
      Partnered with the Men’s Fellowship in a Prayer Institute for men;
      Sponsored the Prayer Vigil during the 2nd Annual Youth for Christ Week;
      Prayed for 97 requests;
      Prayed with 28 people in the prayer room;
      Received 53 praise reports; and
      Celebrated its 7th anniversary with a prayer banquet to celebrate God’s answered prayers.

Sunday School: Taught fundamental principles to help individuals grow in their Christian walk.
      Provided instruction to all ages each Sunday of the year (52 weeks);
      Contributed to annual days and the building fund;
      Sponsored an Easter Fun Day;
      Held a Sunday School Car Wash;
      Sponsored a Sunday School outing to Busch Gardens;
      Participated in the Singles MAT Yard Sale;
      Participated in the Free Flea Market;
      Hosted a Hallelujah Night to replace Halloween;
      Partnered with the Kitchen Ministry and Outreach Ministry to sponsor the first Pre-Thanksgiving Day
       Dinner for the homeless;
      Sponsored Thanksgiving baskets for needy families;
      Sponsored children on the Angel Tree; and
      Conducted the annual Christmas Play.

Support MAT: Supported one another in becoming and staying overcomers.

      Membership grew;
      Members learned to grow in their relationship with God;
      Started a study on Seeking God; and
      Covered study topics such as “Seeking God, Sought by God” and “God Seeks Us for Relationships.”

Tape Ministry: Recorded worship services, Bible Study, afternoon services and special events held at the

      Added to its membership;
      Increased options for recording to include tape, CD and DVD;
      Added Power Point and Video Tape to its ministry;
      Recorded every morning and afternoon service held at the church (52 weeks);
      Recorded every Wednesday night Bible Study;
      Provided tapes, CDs and DVDs for sick and shut-in members of all church services;
      Purchased all supplies and equipment for recording purposes; and
      Held training sessions for members to learn how to operate recording equipment.

Trustee Ministry: Ensured the upkeep and maintenance of the church building and grounds.

      Weekly secured the building and counted tithes and offerings;
      Assisted in setting up tables for the Health Fair;
      Male trustees participated in the preparation of the Men’s Fellowship Breakfast;
      Ensured appropriate church lighting;
      Provided landscape for the church grounds;
      Installed the hot water heater in the old fellowship hall basement;
      Hung the flowers and the pictures in the Thomas E. Crews Fellowship Hall;
      Framed pictures, hung plaques and arranged the ground breaking history display in the hallway leading
       into the Thomas E. Crews Fellowship Hall;
      Responsible for the baptism pool and preparing it for baptism;
      Painted the outside walls and foundation;
      Cleaned carpet and roped off area for Nursery MAT; and
      Protected the grass with “No Parking Signs.”

Van Ministry: Transported members and visitors to church services.
       Six drivers rotated to transport members and non-members to 11 a.m. worship services every Sunday of
        the year; and
       Praise God for traveling mercy!

Wedding MAT: Assisted couples in planning for their weddings.

       Attended annual bridal show at the Salem Civic Center;
       Sponsored the annual Easter Sunrise Service breakfast;
       Assisted with one wedding at MSBC;
       Directed and Coordinated one wedding outside of MSBC;
       Hosted and assisted with planning the wedding reception for Mr. & Mrs. Gilmore Perry, Sr. at Holiday
        Inn Tanglewood where over 200 guests were in attendance;
       Donated to the Angel Tree for the Head Start Hurt Park children; and
       Served as hostesses at the 1st Christmas Fellowship Dinner for the Senior’s MAT.

Welcome MAT New Members Class: Taught about what it means to be a member of MSBC and grow in

       Guided new members by helping them to connect with others and build relationships that encourage
        them to grow;
       Focused instruction on church mission, vision, focus, core beliefs, core values, church history, 2007
        charge and Navigational Moments, church policies, and ministries; and
       Taught new members class for 26 new members; 17 completed class and were presented with
        certificates of completion.

Women’s Fellowship: Organized activities to involve women in fellowship.

       Held 3rd Women’s Workshop in September with First Lady Nina Stone of Hill Street Baptist Church and
        Sis. Blair Barnes, Women’s Fellowship Coordinator, as the featured presenters using the theme “Just a
        Sister Away”; and
       Sponsored its second “A Christmas to Remember” affair which was well attended and featured praise
        teams and a skit performed by the women of MSBC.

Young Men & Women of Integrity: Held leadership activities for young men and women of the church.

       Partnered with the Marketing MAT in a Black History event by sponsoring a Soul Food Dinner;
       Participated in the Leadership Day celebration that honored local community leaders;
       Toured the Virginia Tech campus, ate lunch in the dining hall and attended a step show to motivate and
        encourage youth to continue their education after high school and do what was needed to get to college;
       Monitored the fire truck activities at the Health Fair and sponsored youth activities at the event;
       Participated in Community Service projects such as washing vehicles at the Sunday School Car Wash
        and serving dinner at the Salvation Army;
       Assisted in the supervision of children during the annual Vacation Bible School;
       Participated in the Yard Sale held by the Singles MAT and set up the tables for the event;
       Organized and held the 2nd Annual Youth for Christ Week; and
       Presented 3 skits at other churches.

Youth Choir: Sang to the glory of God and edification of the church body.

       Faithfully song the 2nd Sunday of each month and as needed during morning worship at MSBC; and
      Occasionally sang melodiously during morning service to taped music in the absence of their musician.

Youth Ministry: Organized activities to assist youth in growing in Christ.

      Led the morning worship the 2nd Sunday of each month (including presiding, offertory prayer, welcome,
       announcements and closing prayer);
      Organized National Youth Day celebration which included:
           - Recognizing the youth of the church,
           - Recognizing the 2007 High School and College graduates, and
           - Recognizing the Youth of the Year for 2007;
      Partnered with the SSS Ministry in its annual Prayer Journey;
      Visited the Transportation Museum;
      Heard motivational presentations from:
           - Derrick Rashawn Simmons,
           - Attorney Darren Haley (Youth Day 2007), and
           - Officer Rice of the Roanoke Police Department; and
      Taught specific stories found in the Bible as youth sponsors, in costume, presented the biblical
           - Mary (Mother of Jesus),
           - Hannah, and
           - Ruth.

Youth Ushers: Provided direction and assistance to members and visitors during worship services.

      Served on God’s wall at MSBC each 2nd and 5th Sunday;
      Participated in the Youth Revival at Jerusalem Baptist Church;
      Attended the Health Fair;
      Participated in the Prayer Journey;
      Participated in Youth Day Service and on program on second Sunday’s of the month when youth are in
       charge of the service;
      Participated in the Annual Youth for Christ Week;
      Attended Vacation Bible School;
      Ushered at the Senior Usher Ministry Anniversary Service; and
      Participated in the Annual Sunday School Christmas Program.


Morning Star members realize we have been called to serve. It is important that we use our gifts and talents to
serve God, our church members and our fellowman. We realize God has a vision for our church. MSBC will
not perish, it will flourish because we will continue to walk according to the vision God has for our lives. Pray
for and with us as we strive to do much more in 2008.