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					                             Good Shepherd Lutheran School
                                               Weekly Newsletter
                                                 May 3, 2010

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Wed.           May 5th        Bridal Shower for Miss Pappathopoulos
Thurs.         May 6th        Special Voters’ (Call) Meeting – 7:30 p.m.
Fri.           May 7th        Band Practice @ St. Croix
                              St. Croix Track Meet

                    (Check the Athletic News for information regarding sports practice, etc.)

Principal’s Message
Dear Treasured Parents,
       You, your children, and your teachers are special! Meditate upon that. Celebrate it! Your prayers,
service, and offerings contribute so much for the students here. Another way to serve and celebrate come to
you from God in Psalm 47: 6, “Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises.” This
is such a pleasurable imperative. Whether praising in church, in the car, in the yard, or in school, be positive
and natural about this activity.
       Thanks for your special reservation for the K-8 students on Thursday, Ascension Day, May 13,
punctually by 6:30 in church. Students will sit together in the third section to sing.

School Cleaning
        Parents are asked to clean desk tops, whiteboards and the classroom sink and cupboards. Louvers on
closet doors should be dusted as needed. We are asking that cleaning be done on Thursday or Friday after
school or anytime on Saturday. This week the CHARLTON family is scheduled to clean. Thanks so much for
helping to keep our facility clean!!!

Hot Lunch Schedule
      Tues., May 4th – Servers: J. Koenig
              Cheeseburger Pasta, Soft Breadstick, Salad & Dressing, Diced Pears
      Wed., May 5th – Servers: J. Garrett
              Chicken Tender Pizza Wrap, Mixed Salad, Fresh Fruit
      Thurs., May 6th – Servers: J. Buller & L. Carmichael
              Swedish Meatball Sub, Green Beans, Pretzels, Diced Peaches
      Fri., May 7th - Servers: M. Ibeling, R. Hernlem
              Pizza, Mixed Salad, Fresh Fruit, Chocolate Grahams
      Mon., May 10th – Servers: K. Boehlke, K. Avery
              Honey BBQ Rib Sandwich, Corn, Cheddar Cheese Chips, Applesuce

Pre-Registration for 2010-2011
       We ask that you do us the favor of completing and returning your Interest From for the 2010/2011 school
year.    Deadline to register with the $100 per child non-refundable registration fee is May 14th. If you have any
questions feel free to contact Arnie Bousley, Chairman of the Board of Child Discipleship (ph. 651-686-7446).
God-willing, we look forward to serving you in the coming year.
Call Returned
        The Lord has lead Mr. Jonathan Woldt to return the call extended to him by Good Shepherd to serve as
principal and upper grade teacher. In light of that, we will reconvene our Special Voters Meeting on Thursday,
May 6th at 7:30 p.m. (following the Thursday evening church service) for the purpose of issuing another call.
You are encouraged to be a part of that process.

Spring Pictures/Payment Deadline TOMORROW!!!!!!!
      We have not heard back from some of you regarding your Spring picture decision. Spring Pictures that
you DO NOT wish to keep MUST be returned to school TOMORROW!!!! If you are keeping any or all of them,

Bridal Shower –
        Attention: All Moms, and especially girls in Miss Pappathopoulos’ classes!!!!! You are invited to attend a
bridal shower for Susan on Wednesday, May 5th at 7:00 p.m. in the Fireside Room. Games & food provided …
we just need YOU to add the fun!!!

Provide A Meal
        As most of you know, Elliott Bosak, one of our 6th graders, is undergoing chemotherapy. We continue
to keep Elliott and the entire Doherty family in our prayers. The Good Shepherd Care Committee is
spearheading an effort to help out by providing meals. If you are interested in making a meal, please contact
Julie Antony by phone at 952-432-5041 or e-mail her at to select a date that works for
you. Another option is to donate cash by placing it in an envelope marked “MEALS” and dropping it in the white
wooden church in the office. The money will be used to prepare meals at “Let’s Dish” or to purchase other
“ready to go” meals.

Anniversary/Farewell –
        Please join us on May 23rd to celebrate George Traucht’s 40th anniversary in the teaching ministry and to
say farewell to George & Nan as they make plans to relocate to the Milwaukee area. A special service will be
held at 10:45 with lunch and a short program to follow. Hot sandwiches, chips, beverages and dessert will be
provided. School families are asked to bring a LARGE salad. See the attached invitation.

Follow-Up to Listening Session
       Parents of students entering grades 5-8 next year … please reserve May 12th at 7:00 p.m. for the
Follow-Up meeting to our Listening/Brainstorming sessions. Plan to join the Board of Child Discipleship and the
LES Committee to discuss plans for next year.

Come to Celebrate Jesus’ Ascension
      Easter was Jesus’ promise that we also will rise from the dead. Ascension is His guarantee that we will
ascend to heaven also. Bring your children to worship such a great Savior on Thursday, May 13, 6:30 pm. Our
LES children in grades K-8 will sing.

Entertainment Night
        Excitement is in a gradual crescendo. Students are learning parts; rehearsals have begun.
Entertainment Night is scheduled for Friday evening, May 21. Since this is the first year that we will be holding it
here at Good Shepherd, times and arrangements are still being discussed. Plans include renting a portable
stage to be used in our gymnasium. With the available seating expected, we may need to consider shifts for
the shows. Please be alert to additional information coming in future newsletters.

Timberwolves Jerseys
        Mrs. Britton is looking for MN Timberwolves jerseys for the second graders to wear for entertainment
night. If you have one or more that could be used, I promise to get them back to you!!!!! Please let me know!

Note from Kids Club
       Kids Club will be CLOSED on the last day of school (June 4th). Thank You. Mrs. Parcher
Box Tops for Education
       The attached sheet can be filled and turned in to Mrs. Britton for a end of the year contest. Please have
sheets in by May 21st. You may fill out as many sheets as possible. Thanks.

Summer Vacation Bible School
        Join us at Good Shepherd (the Circle J Ranch) for our Summer Vacation Bible School scheduled for
Monday, June 21 – Thursday, June 24th from 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. Use the attached form to register your children
as well as friends and neighbors who would like to join them. There will be Bible Stories, Cowhand Crafts,
Chuck Wagon Grub, Galloping Good Games & Foot Stompin’ Music. See ya’ll there!!!

Athletic News – Mr. Arndt
           Attention basketball parents: MLC has informed us that we will remain in Division 3 for the next 2 years for the
MLC basketball tournament. That means we will be playing the weekend of Feb. 18-20, 2011. Hotel information for reserving
a room is as follows:
                       Best Western Hotel
                       1111 Range St.
                       North Mankato, MN 56003
                       (507)625-9333                               OR:
                                    Days Inn Mankato
                                    1285 RANGE STREET
                                    MANKATO, MN 56001
                                  (507) 387-3332
           Softball tournament: Please look for a sign up sheet outside the office. This sheet is for volunteering to work the
concession stand, buy supplies, and other areas where we need help. Please check it out and sign up.
           Softball practice this week will be held after school on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45pm until 4:00pm. Please
bring your glove if you have one. We will meet in Mr. Arndt’s room before going outside. If the weather is bad will cancel
practice and have the children call home regarding rides.
           The 5th – 8th grade school track meet will be on May 7th. It will be held at St. Croix Lutheran High School. The
meet starts at 4:00pm, and all athletes need to be at St. Croix by 3:30pm for warm-ups. I will be busy with my job for the
night so a few parent helpers would be great. If interested please let me know. Ribbons will be handed out at school the next
           Check out the new Athletic News blog at At the blog site are links to
Basketball scores, league website, and the Panther Wear website. Updates about schedules will be posted hear as well as
maps and other announcements. Soon you will be able to subscribe for e-mail alerts for new posts to the blog. If you have
any questions about the blog site, please call.
           For more information on Good Shepherd athletics please contact me at 651-675-6631 or

News Notes from Pre-K – Mrs. Streckert
Can you believe it’s May already – where has the year gone? The last tuition is now due!
Our Bible lesson is “Timothy”. We will learn how God puts important people in our lives to help grow our faith
through using His Word regularly. Praise God we have our fine Christian school where the children have the
opportunity to be nurtured in their faith every day! What a blessing! But you parents have the great
responsibility to do everything you can to feed that growing faith at home too. If you’re struggling with ways to
do that, please talk with me for some ideas.
Letter of the week: X           Numbers: 4 and 5
2 days/week class       Josephine’s 4th birthday is Wednesday!
3 days/week class
    • Thanks to those of you who drove for our field trip last week– it was fun at the fire station and a blessing
        to the nursing home residents to hear the children sing!
    • I think everyone knows their birth date pretty well, so now we’ll be working on learning their phone
        number. (I’ll be using the one you supplied to the school directory. If you want your child to learn a
        different one, please tell me.)
    • Look for a special extra note just for you regarding important end-of-year events!
News Notes from Kindergarten – Mrs. Wehrenberg
We need to once again thank last Friday’s drivers. We really appreciate you. Here are this week’s highlights:
  • We’ll see how Elijah is taken to heaven, and begin to learn how God uses Elisha for his helper. We’ll
      see how God is the Lord of life and death. Our lessons will be on page 15 of both books. Make sure to
      return them!
  • We’ll finish Letterbook W and begin K/Q. Both letters will be in one Letterbook. Keep up the good
      reading at home. I’m hoping everyone will earn a prize this week. Our “passwords” will be play and
  • The children are doing well writing their numbers to 30. They still get a little confused between nickels
      and dimes fairly often. Maybe a little money counting at home would be fun.
  • We’ll be working on our Entertainment Night songs and routines. We are going to be skunks that
      evening. It should be fun. We’ll also be learning songs for Ascension and Mr.Traucht’s retirement. God
      bless your week!

News Notes from Grade 1 – Mrs. Britton
         It’s May already!!!! I can hardly believe how quickly time flies when we are having fun!!!! The spelling
unit this week is 29. Words should be in folders today. We started working on one of the songs for
entertainment night last week. The first graders are going to be owls(if you haven’t heard that from your child
yet). If you have any simple and easy costuming ideas, let me know. This week in math we will be counting
dimes, pennies, and nickels together; tasting fractional parts of vegetables and graphing them; measuring and
drawing lines to the nearest centimeter, and working with geometric solids. We are in dire need of tissues in
the classroom. The allergy season has literally ‘drained’ the classroom supply. God bless your week!!!

News Notes from Grades 1 & 2 – Mrs. Britton
There is a new memory treasure sheet in folders today also. We will be singing with the whole school at the
Ascension service on May 13, May16, and May 24(Mr. Traucht’s anniversary and farewell). Some of the
memory treasures this month will be the verses to some of the music we are working on at school. Thank you,
ahead of time, for your extra help with the learning of these songs. These songs, along with the entertainment
night music, makes a lot to cover. I hope you all enjoyed seeing your child’s constellation from Friday’s science
activity. They really had a fun time with it. This week, we will be working with the planets. Thanks to all the
drivers who helped get us to last Friday’s program.

News Notes from Grade 2 – Mrs. Birr
        First of all, a very special thank you to the parents that helped drive to St. Croix last week for our field
trip. Your willingness to help is always much appreciated.
        As we look ahead to this week there are just a few things that I would like to highlight. We have finished
our spring physical fitness tests and will hopefully be able to enjoy some outdoor gym classes during the next
several weeks. In Math, we will have concepts only this week so there will not be any new facts introduced.
This will provide extra time for the students to truly master all the facts we have introduced so far this year. In
Spelling we will cover a new vowel variant with a test on Friday. And finally, in Reading this week we will be
reading all about rocks. The students will be doing some rock collecting, just for fun, to share with their
classmates. Also remember the monthly reading log is due from April. Please watch for the new May one to
be sent home with your child this week.
        Have a great week as we start the month of May!
News Notes from Grades 3 & 4 – Mrs. Pufahl
Memory Work:
     Tuesday: John 14:19b
     Wednesday: Shepherd of my Heart v. 2
     Thursday: Job 19:25-26
     Friday: 2nd Article of the Apostles’ Creed - finish 2nd paragraph of WDTM

Welcome to the fun and busy month of May! Some of the highlights this month include:
   • Ascension service May 13 - children sing
   • Croixalier service May 16 – children sing along with the choir
   • May 18 – field trip
   • May 21 – Entertainment Night
   • May 23 – Mr. Traucht’s farewell – children sing at 10:45 service, meal and program following
   • June 1 – Panther Olympics
   • June 3 – Graduation - children sing
   • June 4 – Last day of school!

We’re starting our last Social Studies unit on the West region. This state report will be making a model of a
natural wonder of that region, and then writing a paragraph description of it. The students will be choosing their
projects this week – I will have a list of suggestions for them to help brainstorming if they’re stuck! J As usual,
it is mandatory for 4th graders, and optional for 3rd graders. We’ll be working more on our play this week. The
girls in our class are fish, and the boys are country bears. Costume suggestions and requests will be coming
home this week. Book orders will also come home today. This is the last book order of the year. If you’d like to
order, either send the form back, or order online by Friday. Congratulations to the 3rd graders who started long
multiplication last week! Have a blessed week! J

News Notes from Grades 3 & 4 – Mrs. Anderson
        Wow! We are already into our last full month of school! Time flies when we are having fun! In reading
this week, both classes will be reading nonfiction narratives. The 3rd grade will be reading about spiders while
the 4th grade will be reading about the Grand Canyon. In grammar, the 3rd grade will study adverbs and the 4th
grade will study contractions vs possessives. In phonics and spelling, the 3rd grade will have vowel/vowel
syllable pattern words and the 4th grade will have words with Greek and Latin word parts (not as difficult as it
sounds). We also plan to play a puzzle game and a memory game with our spelling words! God bless your

News Notes from Grades 4 - 8 – Mr. Traucht
        May the coming “May flowers” bloom in your lives under the showers of the Lord’s blessings!
        Student suggestions for Let George Do It! are being accumulated. Scenery, props, costumes will be
ready soon. All students are asked to bring in what they can for themselves and for each other. They may
begin bringing them Monday, May 10. Deadline will be Friday, May 14 so the students may practice with them
the final week. Please tape name tags on props, costumes, and hangars. That will help immensely for
organizing and returning after the show. Thanks go to all the parents for their excellent contributions toward
making this a great production!
        May you and your children enjoy the closing wonderful weeks of this school year.
    § Students should have their parts memorized by next week.
    § Literature 7-8 continues to read the novel Treasure Island.
    § Writers Workshop 7-8 will begin writing their long narratives this week.
    § Friday schedule has tests for Math 54 and Math 65.
Forensics presentations continue with the following schedule:
        May 14 Serious Interpretation        Josh and Rachel
                      Storytelling                   Alex and Paul
        May 28 Persuasive Speech             Jimmy
                       Informative Speaking           Isaac
                       Duo Interpretation             Sara and Ashley

News Notes from Grades 5 - 8 – Mr. Arndt
       Parents who signed up for helping prepare for the 5-8 musical will be receiving a phone call from me
about what still needs to be done. Please be on the look out for information coming home with your child after
that phone call.
       Report card envelopes still not returned: Thomas P., Tate R.

Grades 5-6: Memory Work for this week:
               5/3 Monday – 1 John 1:7
               5/5 Wednesday – Hymn 506 gr. 5 (1 & 5) gr. 6 (1, 2, & 5)
               5/7 Friday – 4th Confession (see hand out)
               5/10 Monday – Luke 24:47
               5/11 Tuesday – Holy Communion 1st Paragraph 1 (see handout)
               5/12 Wednesday – Shepherd of My Heart
               5/14 Friday – Holy Communion 1st Where is this written? (see handout)
Tests this week:
               Math 76 Wednesday 5/5
               History 5-6 Friday 5/7 or Monday 5/10
       History 7-8 Friday 5/7 or Monday 5/10

      To check out the grades 5-8 blog go to or go to and look for the GS classroom news link on the side bar. If you would like to receive
an e-mail alerting you to new posts, you can subscribe at the middle school page.
      If you would like to contact me please feel free to e-mail me at: or call 651-675-
      Have a great week!

News Notes from Grades 3-8 - Miss Pappathopoulos
        The 3rd and 4th grade class will have a normal quiet couple of weeks. Next week we will start the spring
fitness testing so please make sure your students are dress for running and sit-ups.
        The 5th and 6th grade class will be finishing up juggling this week in P.E. The following week we will start
working on the spring fitness testing. Please makes sure proper shoes are at school on these days. On
Friday, May 7th Travis and Emily will have their turn to present their demonstration speeches.
        The 7th and 8th grade students will start chapter 18 in science this week and can expect a test next
Wednesday. Math 87 will have a test tomorrow, and Algebra ½ will have their weekly test on Friday. Also, Math
87 can expect their next math test to be next Wednesday. Finally, we will start our spring fitness testing next
week so please make sure the students have proper fitting running shoes ready to go.

Mission Offering – Offering Received -(LES) $102.36 +(SS) $39.16 = $141.52.

Christ-Light for the Week
       The Bible stories will be “Elijah Goes to Heaven”, and “A Boy Comes Back to Life”.