What do you remember most         about Christmas when I was         your house by buying your
                            about Christmas when you          little actually took place on      Christmas tree at our church.
October 4                   were a child? Maybe it was        the night of Thanksgiving.         Our Baptist Men are opening
8:30am and 10:55am
Rev. Leon Rowland           entering the church, hearing      After my family ate all the        a Christmas Tree Farm
                            the church bells, taking in the   turkey and dressing we could       beginning the Saturday after
October 11                  poinsettias and the Advent        eat, we would go to the local      Thanksgiving. The First
8:30am and 10:55am          Wreath, and seeing the            Christmas tree farm to pick        Baptist Church Christmas
Dr. Robert Canoy
                            manger scene, complete with       out that one special tree. I       Tree Farm will stay open for
October 18                  the star, the camels and the      remember walking down              two weeks (excluding
Combined Worship            shepherds. Instead, maybe         those long rows of tall trees,     Sundays). All proceeds will
Deacon Ordination Service
                            you remember taking that          smelling the pine in the air,      go toward our Benevolence
                            special trip to your              seeing Christmas lights            Fund to assist those in our
October 25                  grandparents’ house, keeping      hanging everywhere, and            community who may need
8:30am and 10:55am          an eye out for Santa’s            listening to my parents talking    some help this Christmas.
Dr. Robert Canoy
                            reindeer and Christmas            about which tree we would          So, let your friends and your
                            lights, avoiding any mistletoe,   get. We would pick out that        family know about our new
                            or tearing into presents and      one special tree, take it          Christmas Tree Farm.
                            emptying out overstuffed          home, somehow wedge it
                            stockings. Perhaps you            through a small doorway, and
                            remember singing the              then put it in its stand. I love
                            Christmas carols, sending         Christmas trees, and my
                            and receiving Christmas           family can’t wait to pick ours
                            cards, or even eating all         out this year.
Wednesdays ~ 6pm            those Christmas cookies.
                                                              Maybe this Christmas you           Chris Gillespie
Faith, Flesh, Freedom,      What I remember the most          can start a new tradition at       Minister to Students
  and Fruit: Life-
  lessons from
  - Rendell Hipps                                                                                   CHRISTMAS
NEW Adult Study
Beginning Mid October                                                                                FOR SALE
Discipleship: A Study                                                                                        When:
from the Gos pel of                                                                                     Nov. 28 - Dec. 12
Mark                                                                                                  (Excluding Sundays)
- Dr. Robert Canoy
                                                                                                           9am – 9pm
                                                                                                          grass lot at
                                                                                                         Gray Activities
From the Chair of                                                               SCHEDULE CHANGE
Deacons...                                                                      Please mark your calendar. On Sunday,
                                                                                October 18, we will have a combined
                                                                                worship at 10:30am. Bible Study will take
Dear First Baptist Family,
                                                                                place at 9:15am. During the morning
                                                                                worship service we will have our deacon
 At our church conference on Sunday, September
13, your Committee of Deacons recommended Dr.
Robert W. Canoy, Dean of the Divinity School at
Gardner-Webb University, to serve as our interim
pastor. The recommendation was approved
unanimously by church members present and
                                                        Adult Discipleship
voting. Dr. Canoy’s first Sunday with First Baptist
will be October 11.

 He will be responsible for preaching both services     “The Journey” is our way of meeting you
on Sunday and teaching the Wednesday night Bible        where you are in your faith journey. This
study. Dr. Canoy will be available to provide           series of four classes is open to anyone.
guidance at our staff meetings and to provide           The entire series takes just under six
limited pastoral care as needed.                        months and is packed with meaningful
                                                        opportunities for Bible study, personal
 During this period of transition, God has blessed us   growth, deepening your faith, and
with a most capable group of ministers and church       connecting with others.
staff to assist us as we move forward doing the
work God has called us to do at First Baptist            Upcoming Offerings: “The Journey 101: Christian Foundations”
Church. Our ministers know Dr. Canoy and are            – Led by Rendell Hipps. Sunday mornings, 9:45. starting
excited about the opportunity to work with him.         October 11. Register by calling the church office by October
                                                        1. Perfect for new believers, seekers, new members of FBC, or
 Be encouraged by what our Lord tells us in             anyone wanting a “refresher.” Cost: none. Duration: eight
Jeremiah 29:11… “For I know the plans I have            weeks. Room 201.
for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper
you and not to harm you, plans to give you
hope and a future.”                                                                              “Your God is Too Small”
                                                                                                – Led by Gary
Blessings,                                                                                      Woods. Begins Sunday,
                                                                                                October 11, 3:30 –
                                                                                                5:00pm in the Media
                   Woody Tucker                         Center (2nd Floor). Based on the classic book by J.B. Phillips this
                                                        small-group discussion will help participants understand that the
                                                        portraits of God we often paint leave us with a God that is much
                                                        “too small.” Cost: $8. Duration: 6-8 weeks Category: Theology/
Hickory Oktoberfest                                     Philosophy
Outreach Event                                          “Crown Financial”– This class will help you learn the basics of
Friday, Oct. 9 – Saturday, Oct. 10                      financial success and freedom using the Bible. This two-hour
As a great way of connecting with our community,        course will be led by Doug and Libby Frei. Cost: $25 per
we will be offering creative activities for             individual, $35 per couple. Duration: 12 weeks. Category: Life
preschoolers and young children at Hickory’s            Application. If interested talk to Jim Meade.
annual Oktoberfest. Our space will be located in
front of “Larry’s Music Store.” We will need folks to
help us “staff” the activities and to be available to   NEW Adult Wednesday Night Study
“connect” with those who drop by. Would you be          Beginning Wednesdays in mid-October, Dr. Robert Canoy will
willing to help with activities for children or         teach a study entitled “Discipleship: A Study from the Gospel of
conversations with parents for a couple hours on        Mark.” With our ongoing emphasis on what it means to be a
either Friday from 3:00pm – 9:00pm or Saturday          disciple (a follower) of Jesus Christ, you will not want to miss this!
from 10:00am – 9:00pm? If so, see Michelle              Dr. Canoy is a gifted teacher, and will bring the book of Mark to
Morgan or Rendell Hipps, or call Heather in the         light in new and challenging ways! Come for supper, meet Dr.
church office to sign-up to help.                       Canoy, and stay for Bible Study!
 It all starts with you. Every box represents
 a precious girl or boy in need of a Savior.
 Would you like to make an eternal
 difference in a
 child’s life?
 The power of
 a simple gift
 begins with
 you. October                                       WEDNESDAYS THIS FALL
 is a good time                                                 ON THE YOUTH HALL
 to look for toys
 to go in the                                                    6:30PM - 7:30PM
 shoe boxes.                                                 MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL
 Small cars,
 balls, dolls, stuffed animals, kazoos,             FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!
 harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, toys that
                                                 On Wednesday nights this school year our youth ministry will focus our
 light up or make noise, slinky, etc.
                                                 students on knowing what they believe, owning what they believe, and
 This year we will have shoe boxes
                                                 being known by what they believe. This creative Bible Study is known
 available for you to pick-up and use.
                                                 as: Know, Own, and Known. We are extremely excited to see the
 Watch for our table. Our church goal is
                                                 direction God is going to not only our students, but our leaders as well.
 250 boxes. Please have them in the
                                                 Teenagers from the 7th-12th grade are invited to join us Wednesday
 church office by November 15. For more
                                                 nights from 6:30-7:30pm. Bring as many friends as you can!
 information contact Sandra Moody.

                                                                                   BRIDAL SHOWER
                                                                                       All ladies are asked to join us
                                                                                      as we celebrate the upcoming
                                                                                          wedding of Amy Brock and
Children’s Mission Day Camp                                                                          Ben Jones with a
                                                                                                    floating shower in
Saturday, Nov. 7, 9:30am – 3:00pm
                                                                                                         Amy’s honor.
Registration deadline: Wednesday, October 7
"Neighbors... Across the Street and Around the World" is the                                    Sunday, October 11,
theme for this year's Children's Missions Day Camp. Come                                             3:00–5:00 pm.
learn how CBF field personnel (missionaries) are sharing                                                     in the
Christ not only around the world, but also right here in our                                                 Bridal
back yards, and how YOU can be a part, too! Games, Drama,                                                    Parlor
Cooking, Art, Mission Projects, Worship, and stories from CBF
Field Personnel are all included! Lunch from Chic-fil-a! All for                                       Amy and Ben
$15 per person (child or adult). Please have your payment to                                           are registered
the church office to confirm your registration by October 7!                                               at Target.
Mission Project Assignment: the Stories, our guest field                                              Any questions
personnel, work in one of the poorest counties in the US, so                                              Please call
school supplies are always needed. Please bring paper,                                             Ruth Ann Carreira
pencils, notebooks, etc, to be given to the children by our                                             at 256-5616.

                             ANNUAL CHURCH CONFERENCE
 The annual church conference will be on Wednesday, October 28 at 6:00pm.
H1N1 Virus Sanitation and                                                Children’s News
                                                                          Let’s Celebrate!
Sickness Policy                                                          We’ve gotten off to a great start to the new
In light of the recent pandemic of the H1N1 virus, the preschool         year in our children’s Sunday morning Bible
and children’s ministry has adopted the following policy. This           study thanks to so many of you! Thanks to
policy is to protect all of our children.                                the seven new teachers in our children’s
                                                                         ministry, we are staffed with two teachers
H1N1 PREVENTION: The best prevention is hand washing with                dedicated to each of our four age-graded
warm soap and water. Nursery volunteers are required to wash             elementary-aged classes! Our preschool
before and between handling children or diapering changing.              area is staffed with lots of returning faces
                                                                         who remain dedicated year after year! The
SICKNESS POLICY: To ensure the safety and health of other                new literature we are using in our
children, if your child has had any of the following symptoms within     elementary-aged classes is strong
the past 24 hours, he/she will not be allowed to stay in our nursery:    Biblically, is applicable to the lives of our
fever, vomiting, sore throat, diarrhea, common cold, nasal drainage      children, and includes lots of activities that
(green or yellow), pink eye, skin infection, unexplained rash.           involve children of all types of learning
                                                                         styles. Also, children receive a “take-home”
                                                                         sheet each week that provides a way for
Upcoming Children’s Events                                               parents to stay connected with what their
                                                                         children are learning. Thanks to each of
Kid’s Christmas Camp – Saturday, Dec. 7, 9:00am - noon                   you who have been a part of this transition,
Family Night at Christmas – Wednesday, Dec. 9, 6:00pm                    have supported the work, and have been
Children’s Christmas Caroling – Wednesday, Dec. 16, 6:00 – 7:30pm        willing to make such a huge impact in the
                                                                         lives of these children! There’s still work to
                                                                         be done, but we are well on our way!
                                                                                                    -Blessings, Rendell
Sunday, Oct. 25, 5:00 – 7:30pm
Our goal this year is 40 trunks!!! Decorate your trunks, your kids,      FBC & American Red
and yourselves (no scary or evil themes, please). Event includes
inflatables, hot dog supper, photography booth, treat walk, and the      Cross Blood Drive
pumpkin story! Open to the whole community free of charge! The           Sunday, October 18, 1:00 -
success of this outreach to our community depends on you! Please         5:30pm
volunteer to help, and please reserve a spot for your trunk by calling   Fellowship Hall
Heather in the church office or by talking to Michelle Morgan or
Rendell Hipps, or by looking for sign-up sheets during October.          Give the gift of life. All
                                                                         types are needed and ap-
                                                                         preciated. Sign up opportu-
                                                                         nities coming soon.

           Sunday, October 25
              5:00 - 7:30pm

 Candy, Prizes, Photos,                                                   2010 Mission Trip
  Hot Dot Café, and                                                       Announcement …
      Inflatables                                                          COMING SOON!
Habitat House                                                      October is CCM Food
First Baptist will be working in conjunction with other churches
in the area to build a Habitat House. Here is a copy of the
                                                                   Pantry Month
schedule. If you would like to help in any way, please contact     October is our month to help stock the CCM Food
Chris at 328-2031 or                              Pantry. The following are their most urgent needs:
                                                                   beef stew and canned soups; canned pasta dinners;
Subcontractors-                                                    spaghetti noodles, macaroni and lasagna noodles
September 22 - October 9                                           pasta sauces; bread and cake mixes, oatmeal,
                                                                   cereal, grits, Pop Tarts, granola bars and other
                                                                   instant breakfast foods; canned tuna, chicken, Treet
                                       Saturday, October 10        and Spam; canned green beans, peas and corn; pork
                               10 people 8am-noon- painting        and beans; baked beans; canned pinto and kidney
                                       Saturday, October 17        beans; black eye peas; dry beans or peas; dry soup
                                   8 people 8am-noon- pergo        mixes; applesauce; canned fruit; macaroni and
                                       Saturday, October 24        cheese; rice; peanut butter, canned sweet potatoes;
                                8 people 8am-noon- trimwork        saltine crackers and powdered milk.
                                       Saturday, October 31
           8 people 8am-noon- touch-up painting and cleaning       Please bring your non-perishable food donations to
                                                                   the collection boxes in the lobbies next to the church
                                                                   office and fellowship hall, or take them directly to
                                                                   CCM. Thank you for your compassion and
Christmas Is Coming                                                generosity.

Do you enjoy music of the Christmas season? There is an
opportunity you will not want to let pass you by. Saturday,
October 10 is the date set aside for the Sanctuary Choir re-       InAsMuch Workdays
treat. At this retreat we will begin work on the music for our     Saturday, Oct 17 & Nov 7
Advent/Christmas celebration this December. We will have           8:00am – 12:00noon
two guests directors with us to help make this day a produc-
tive time as we work to learn our Christmas music. Plan now        "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you
to join us. Call the church office so we can plan for you to be    did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you
a part of this special day.                                        did for me.” - Matthew 25:40

Here are the important facts:                                      As part of our ministry emphasis, the MISSIONS
                                                                   COUNCIL is sponsoring an “Inasmuch” ministry
When: October 10, 2009                                             project to assist our members and neighbors with
Meeting time: between 8:30am and 9:00am                            minor repairs, maintenance, and clean-up chores
Retreat time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (snacks & lunch provided)            around their homes, apartments, and yards. The
Where: First Baptist Church Choir Room and Children’s              intent is to help with those needs that they cannot do
Lobby area (Second Floor)                                          themselves and that they cannot hire someone else
Purpose: Work on music for the Christmas Season, increase          to do for them. We will try to prioritize additional
in our musical knowledge, grow together, and include all in-       projects based on urgency of need and do as many
terested in working with the Sanctuary Choir.                      as we can from 8:00am until 12:00noon. If you have
                                                                   chores or projects with which you need the help of
Plan to be a part of this special day. Reserve your spot by        fellow church members, or if you know of a need that
Wednesday, October 7. Call the church office to let us know        another person has which they may be reluctant to
you are coming.                                                    identify, please sign up in Bible Study or contact the
                                                                   office. If you
                                                                   will be able
                                                                   to help
                                                                   others in our
                                                                   family with
                                                                   one of these
                                                                   projects, please sign up in Bible Study or call the
                                                                   church office, 328-2031.
2009 Deacon Nominees - First Baptist Church
Below are the church members who have been nominated for the office of deacon. Each of these
has agreed to serve if elected. The information about each nominee has been compiled by the
church office along with information provided by the nominees. Absentee ballots are available in the
church office. On Sunday, October 11 in both services of worship, the church will elect 8 of
these nominees to serve three-year terms beginning in January 2010. The following Sunday,
October 18 we will have the ordination service for the newly elected deacons.

               Alan Bennett has been a                            John Huss and his wife, Penny,
               member of FBC for 16 years. He                     have been members of FBC for
               and his wife, Dana, are the                        15 years. They have two children.
               parents of Daniel and Jonathan.                    John has served as church clerk
               Alan has served on the                             for two years.
               Committee of Deacons, as a Bible
Study teacher, and on various committees. He
currently sings in the sanctuary choir.
                                                                 Eddie Icard and his wife, Becky,
                                                                 have been members of FBC for
                                                                 28 years. They are the parents of
           David Bondi and his wife, Rose,                       Jordan. Eddie has served as a
           have been members of FBC for                          youth worker, on the Finance,
           almost 1-1/2 years. They are the                      Transportation, Nominating,
           parents of Stephanie. David is a         Properties and Committee of Deacons.
           Bible Study teacher, Crown
           Financial leader and serves on the
                                                                Terry Johnson and his wife,
Welcoming Committee.
                                                                Diane, have been members of
                                                                FBC for 18 years. They are the
              Ruth Ann Carreira has been a                      parents of three children. Terry is
              member of FBC for 16 years.                       a Bible Study teacher, RA
              She and husband John are the                      director, has served on the
              parents of Tina, Jessica, and         Committee of Deacons and on various
              Christopher. Ruth Ann has             committees.
              served on the Committee of
Deacons, in Music & Missions, VBS, and as a
youth teacher. She is involved in CARE, serves                  Lisa Kakassy has been a member
on the Personnel and Welcoming Committees.                      of FBC for 16 years. She and her
                                                                husband, Tony, are the parents of
                                                                Adison. Lisa is a former praise and
               Dwight Hastings and his wife,                    worship team leader. She is the
               Ruth, have been members of                       pianist for the youth choir and has
               FBC for 12 years. They are the       served on the Personnel Committee, Mission
               parents of two sons. Dwight has      Team and is a CARE participant.
               served on the Committee of
               Deacons, chair of the Nominating
Committee, involved in CARE and the singles
ministry, has been a Bible Study teacher, and a
Missions Council member. He is currently
director of Baptist Men.
                                                     MEDIA CENTER NEWS
                                                     Swing by for a visit to the updated Media Center!
             Austin Moody and his wife,              Grab a book and relax for a moment and enjoy
             Sandra, have been members of            our new furnishings. Bring your laptop and
             FBC for 13 years. Austin has            connect to our Wi-Fi network. Utilize one of our
             served on the Missions, Finance         seven computers that provide internet access.
             Committees. He is actively              Pick from a selection of recently released
             involved in Baptist Men and             Christian fiction as well as high-quality, spiritually
                                                     nourishing “featured” resources and family
Disaster Relief. He has been a Bible Study           friendly DVDS.
teacher at FBC and served as chair of deacons
in another church.                                   Check-out these books and resources located on
                                                     the easy-to-find “Features” resource shelf in the
                                                     media center:
             Ken Parish and his wife, Robin,          Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala
             have been members of FBC for             The Baptist Identity: Four Fragile Freedoms
             eight months. They are the                  by Walter B. Shurden
             parents of Zak and Hannah. Ken           Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster
             is currently teaching the sixth
             grade children’s Bible Study class.

            Jack Pressly has been a member
            of FBC for 35 years. He is married
            to Nancy and they are the parents
            of grown children. Jack is a Bible
            Study teacher and RA leader. He
            has served on the Committee of           All Saints’ Sunday
Deacons and on the Nominating and Finance            On Sunday, November 1, we will give thankful
Committees.                                          remembrance to those saints whose homegoing
                                                     in Christ has occurred since October 31, 2008.
             Sheree Watson and her husband           All members of First Baptist who have died
             Mike, have been members of FBC          during this time will be included in our worship
             for 24 years. They are the parents      bulletin. If you have lost a loved one who was
             of Michael and Lyndsay. Sheree          not a member and would like to have their name
                                                     included in the bulletin, please call the church
             sings in the sanctuary choir and is a   office (328-2031) with the information. When
             Bible Study leader. She has served      you call, please give us the names and
as chair of the Personnel Committee and chair        addresses of any of the family members of the
of the Committee of Deacons.                         deceased so that we can invite them to this
                                                     special service.

                                                     After the service, there will be a luncheon in the
                                                     fellowship hall for any family members of the
   He has showed you, O man, what                    deceased. If you can attend, call the church
      is good. And what does the                     office (328-2031) to make a reservation.
  LORD require of you? To act justly                 Reservation deadline for the luncheon is
                                                     Thursday, October 22, 5:00pm. Please give
    and to love mercy and to walk                    the names of those attending the luncheon.
        humbly with your God.
              - Micah 6:8
EAT FOR LIFE                           First Baptist Church                                     Non-Profit
                                                                                               U.S. Postage
                                       339 Second Avenue, Northwest
The speaker for                        Hickory, North Carolina 28601                              PAID
the October 12                                                                                 Permit # 85
meeting will be                        Volume 9, Issue 19                                      Hickory, NC
The Rev. Dr.                                                                                      28601
                                       Published Monthly by
George Malkmus                         First Baptist Church, Hickory, NC
of Hallelujah
Acres in Shelby,                       Return Service Requested
NC. His
presentation will be entitled "Life,   Phone: (828) 328-2031
                                       Fax: (828) 328-4789
You Can't Live Without It!"            Email:
Eat For Life meets the second
Monday of each month at 6:30pm         Robert Canoy, Interim Pastor
                                       Chris Gillespie , Minister to Students
in the fellowship hall. Each           Andre w Le wis, Minister of Music
meeting begins with a vegetarian       Rendell Hipps, Minister of Education and Discipleship
covered-dish fellowship dinner. A      Je rry Rodgers, Church Administrator
                                       Florence Jowers, Organist
program follows at 7:15pm.             Staff email: (last name)
             Numbers To Know                                 Handle With Care
MINISTER ON CALL                                Extended Session and Children’s Church
October 2 - 4                                   October 3, 2009
Rendell Hipps on call (228-8639)                8:20: Babies & Ones—Susan Eggers
                                                Twos thru Fours—David Eggers & Susan Tallent
October 9 - 11                                  10:40: Babies & Ones—Jill Pernell & Carla Burns
Andrew Lewis on call (638-8103)                 Toddlers thru Twos—Lisa Co x
                                                Three’s and Fours—Ruth Hastings & Tony Co x
October 16 - 18                                 Coordinator: Esther Weathers
Chris Gillespie on call (320-2741)              8:30 Shepherd: Emily Co x
                                                10:55am Shepherds: Barbara Eckard & Gina Elliott
October 23 - 25
Jerry Rodgers on call (217-2597)                October 11, 2009
                                                8:20: Babies & Ones—Virg inia Travis & Jolene Hudson
October 30 - November 1                         Twos thru Fours—Lisa Meade
Rendell Hipps on call (228-8639)                10:40: Babies & Ones—Fran Ballengee & Elizabeth Sledge
                                                Toddlers thru Twos—Aaron Ballengee & Beverly Crosby
                                                Three’s and Fours—Scott Crosby & Noelle Wachter
INTERCESSORY PRAYER MINISTRY                    Coordinator: Angela Hughes
Mrs. Lee Benson    322-5086                     8:30 Shepherd: Virg inia Travis
                                                10:55am Shepherds: Clay & Kim Buchanan
DEACONS FOR THE W EEK OF                        October 18, 2009
OCOTBER 3-9                                     10:40: Babies & Ones—Mechele McCormack, Renea
Dennis Gaines, Coordinator           874-0158     Featherstone and Debbie Cook
                                                Toddlers thru Twos—Tiffany Hightower, Debra Johnson and
Gary Harding                         256-6848     Clay Buchanan
Bob McCormack                        294-9628   Three’s and Fours—Ch risti Tay lor, Jim Johnson and Bob
Cliff Moore                          322-4552     McCormack
DEACONS FOR THE W EEK OF                        10:55am Shepherds: David Eggers & Alan Bennett
Van Pernell, Coordi nator            322-5908   October 25, 2009
Ginger Smith                         322-6618   8:20: Babies & Ones—David Moore
Marvin Smith                         322-6618   Twos thru Fours—Sara Moore
                                                10:40: Babies & Ones—Pam McCall & Ph illip Bu mgarner
Allen Tallent                        256-7226   Toddlers thru Twos—Michael Brown & Dacia Jones
                                                Three’s and Fours—Steve Jones & Sonja Bro wn
DEACONS FOR THE W EEK OF                        Coordinator: Shellie Bu mgarner
OCTOBER 17-23                                   8:30 Shepherd: Katie Jones
Jim Woolf, Coordi nator              294-0506   10:55am Shepherds: John & Johnnie Melton
Lloyd Bost, Jr.                      294-0585
Tony Co x                            294-2330
Doug Frei                            294-1428
DEACONS FOR THE W EEK OF                        October   4-     Hinson, Epperson & Melton/Bost Classes
OCTOBER 24-30                                   October   11 -   Allen & Foster Classes
Wink Gaines, Coordi nator            874-0158   October   18 -   Wachter Class
Tom Guthrie                          256-8266   October   25 -   Blackwell/Woolf & Powers Classes
Steve Palmer                         304-0358
Bill Johnson                         328-1508
           Wednesday Night Meal                                Take Note . . .

                                               Mrs. Pat B arlow: Pinecrest #301, 915 29th Avenue NE,
$5.50 - Adults                                  Hickory, NC 28601
(Kids 10 & under eat free with paying adult)
Reservation Deadline: Mondays at 5pm           Mr. Alfred Bowman: 4047 5th Street, NW, Hicko ry,
                                                NC 28601
October 7
                                               Please keep these special members in your prayers. Send a card
Southern Delight                                 or visit them this week.
Roast Turkey w/ Stuffing and Gravy
Southern Style Green Beans
Seasoned Corn                                  OUR CHRISTIAN LOVE AND S YMPATHY TO..
Sweet Potato Casserole                         Susan Eggers upon the death of her grandmother, Ruth Beam,
Coleslaw                                         on 8-22-09.
Fresh Baked Yeast Rolls
Apple Pie a la mode                            Frances Wilfong upon the death of her sister, Ruby Gower,
                                                 on 8-28-09.

October 14
Cozy Cuisine
Baked Potato Bar                                            Adding It Up ...
Assorted Homemade Soups
Fresh Salad Bar
Hot Fudge Brownies                              As of the time of printing….
                                                                         Weekly Budget Needs         $34,467.62
                                                                         YT D Budget Receipts     $1,630,540.01
October 21                                                                  YT D Budget Needs     $1,723,381.00
Italian Night
                                                                          Over/(Under) Budget      ($92,840.99)
Baked Ziti
Fresh Salad Bar
Parmesan Bread Sticks                                 Average Bible Study attendance last month             350

Fresh Mixed Fruit                                        Average worship attendance last month              351

October 28
Mama’s Kitchen
Chicken Pie
Garden Peas
Glazed Carrots
Ice Cream Sundae Bar
 Weekly calendar updates will be located in the 4th Street Welcome Center on Sunday Mornings.

Thursday, October 1, 2009                                 (Rm 265)                        Wednesday, October 14, 2009
  10:00am   M elodears (M usic Suite)         6:50pm      Girls in Action (GAs)            3:30pm    Clergy Staff (CR-179)
 6:00pm     Visioning Team (CR-105)                       (Rm 163 and 233)                4:45pm     Family Supper (FH)
                                                          Royal Ambassadors (RAs)          4:45pm    Youth Handbells (Rm301)
Friday, October 2, 2009                                   (Rm 158, and 259/261)
                                                                                          5:00pm     M edia Center Open
                                              7:00pm      Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
                                                                                          5:20pm     Beginning Handbells (Rm 302)
S aturday, October 3, 2009                                (Choir Rm)
                                                                                          5:30pm     Youth Drama Team (Rm 258)
Rendell Hipps on call (228-8639)
                                                                                           5:30pm    Youth M issions Council (265)
                                            Thursday, October 8, 2009
                                                                                          6:00pm     M idweek Prayer and
Sunday, October 4, 2009                       10:00am   M elodears (M usic Suite)                    2009/2010 Budget Mtg (FH)
  8:30am    Worship S ervice (FH)              6:30pm Poe Group (CR-179)                             Young M usicians (Rm 229)
  9:30am    First Sunday Fellowship                                                                  M usic M akers (Rm 232)
  9:45am    Bible Study                     Friday, October 9, 2009                                  M usic Friends I & II
 10:55am    Worship S ervice (S anctuary)      Oktoberfest                                6:30pm     M ission Friends I & II
  4:00pm    Refuge on M ission              S aturday, October 10, 2009                              High School Bible Study
  4:30pm    Adult Handbells (Rm 301)        Andrew Lewis on call (638-8103)                          (Rm 263)
  5:00pm    CARE (East Foyer)                   Oktoberfest                                          M iddle School Bible Study
  5:00pm    Discipleship M inistry Team     8:30am        Adult Choir Retreat                        (Rm 265)
            (CR-105)                                                                      6:50pm     Girls in Action (GAs)
  5:00pm    Youth Choir                     Sunday, October 11, 2009                                 (Rm 163 and 233)
  6:15pm    8:30 Worship Team Rehearsal         Oktoberfest                                          Royal Ambassadors (RAs)
            (FH)                                                                                     (Rm 158, and 259/261)
                                              8:30am     Worship S ervice (FH)
                                                                                          7:00pm     Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
                                              9:25am     Church Conference
Monday, October 5, 2009                                                                              (Choir Rm)
                                                         Deacon Election
 10:30am    Pearce Group (CH-189)
                                              9:45am     Bible Study
  1:00pm Clergy Staff Mtg (CR-179)                                                       Thursday, October 15, 2009
                                             10:50am     Church Conference
                                                                                           10:00am   M elodears (M usic Suite)
                                                         Deacon Election
Tuesday, October 6, 2009                                                                    5:30pm Finance Committee (CR-179)
                                             10:55am     Worship S ervice (S anctuary)
  9:30am     Staff Mtg (CR-105)                                                             6:00pm Visioning Team (CR-105)
                                             3:30pm      “Your God is Too Small”
 12:30pm     M aintenance, Kitchen, & CDC
                                                         (M edia Center)
             Staff (CR-105)                                                              Friday, October 16, 2009
                                              4:30pm     Adult Handbells (Rm 301)
  2:00pm     AARP (FH)                                                                      RA Boone Campout
                                              5:00pm     CARE (East Foyer)
  6:45pm     Boy Scouts (Scout Hut)
                                              5:00pm     Youth Choir                     S aturday, October 17, 2009
                                              6:15pm     8:30 Worship Team Rehearsal     Chris Gillespie on call (320-2741)
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
                                                         (FH)                                RA Boone Campout
 4:45pm     Family Supper (FH)
                                                                                         8:30am         Inasmuch Workday
 4:45pm     Preschool/Children’s & CDC
                                            Monday, October 12, 2009
            Committee Mtg (CR 179)
                                             10:45am    Puckett Group (CR-179)           Sunday, October 18, 2009
 4:45pm     Youth Handbells (Rm301)
                                              1:00pm    Clergy Staff Mtg (CR-105)           9:15am   Bible Study
 5:00pm     M edia Center Open
                                              6:30pm    “Eat for Life” (FH)               10:30am    Combined Worship Service
 5:20pm     Beginning Handbells (Rm 302)                                                             (S anctuary)
 5:30pm     CDC Committee (CR-105)
                                            Tuesday, October 13, 2009                      1:00pm    Blood M obile (FH)
 5:30pm     Youth Drama Team (Rm 258)
                                              9:30am     Staff Mtg (CR-105)                3:30pm    “Your God is Too Small”
 6:00pm     M idweek Prayer and Bible
                                             12:30pm     M aintenance, Kitchen, & CDC                (M edia Center)
            Study (FH)
                                                         Staff (CR-105)                    4:30pm    Adult Handbells (Rm 301)
            Young M usicians (Rm 229)
                                              5:30pm     M issions Council (CR-179)        5:00pm    CARE (East Foyer)
            M usic M akers (Rm 232)
            M usic Friends I & II             6:45pm     Boy Scouts (Scout Hut)            5:00pm    Youth Choir
 6:30pm     M ission Friends I & II                                                        6:15pm    8:30 Worship Team Rehearsal
            High School Bible Study                                                                  (FH)
            (Rm 263)
            M iddle School Bible Study
Monday, October 19, 2009                     3:30pm      “Your God is Too Small”
  1:00pm    Clergy Staff Mtg (CR-105)                    (M edia Center)
  5:30pm    Personnel Committee               4:30pm     Adult Handbells (Rm 301)
            (CR-179)                          4:30pm     Youth Choir
                                              5:00pm     Trunk or Treat
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
  9:30am    Staff Mtg (CR-105)              Monday, October 26, 2009
  9:30am    Samantha Dolls (Rm 158)           1:00pm    Clergy Staff Mtg (CR-105)
 12:30pm    M aintenance, Kitchen, & CDC      5:45pm    Baptist M en’s Supper & Mtg
            Staff (CR-105)                              (FH)
  6:45pm    Boy Scouts (Scout Hut)            7:30pm    Deacon’s M eeting (FH)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009                 Tuesday, October 27, 2009
 9:00am     T. Thomas Group                   9:30am    Staff Mtg (CR-105)
            (Jessie’s Diner)                 12:30pm    M aintenance, Kitchen, & CDC
 4:45pm     Family Supper (FH)                          Staff (CR-105)
 4:45pm     Youth Handbells (Rm301)           6:45pm    Boy Scouts (Scout Hut)
 5:00pm     M edia Center Open
 5:20pm     Beginning Handbells (Rm 302)    Wednesday, October 28, 2009
 5:30pm     Youth Drama Team (Rm 258)        4:45pm     Family Supper (FH)
 6:00pm     Properties Committee Mtg         4:45pm     Youth Handbells (Rm301)
             (CR-105)                        5:00pm     M edia Center Open
 6:00pm     M idweek Prayer and Bible        5:20pm     Beginning Handbells (Rm 302)
            Study (FH)                       5:30pm     Youth Drama Team (Rm 258)
            Properties Committee Mtg                    Youth Handbells (Rm 301)
            (CR-105)                         6:00pm     M idweek Prayer and Bible
            Young M usicians (Rm 229)                   Study (FH)
            M usic M akers (Rm 232)          6:00pm     Young M usicians (Rm 229)
            M usic Friends I & II                       M usic M akers (Rm 232)
 6:30pm     M ission Friends I & II                     M usic Friends I & II
            High School Bible Study          6:30pm     M ission Friends I & II
            (Rm 263)                                    High School Bible Study
            M iddle School Bible Study                  (Rm 263)
            (Rm 265)                                    M iddle School Bible Study
 6:50pm     Girls in Action (GAs)                       (Rm 265)
            (Rm 163 and 233)                 6:50pm     Girls in Action (GAs)
            Royal Ambassadors (RAs)                     (Rm 163 and 233)
            (Rm 158, and 259/261)                       Royal Ambassadors (RAs)
 7:00pm     Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal                   (Rm 158, 259, and 261)
            (Choir Rm)                       7:00pm     Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
                                                        (Choir Rm)
Thursday, October 22, 2009
  10:00am   M elodears (M usic Suite)       Thursday, October 29, 2009
                                              10:00am   M elodears (M usic Suite)
Friday, October 23, 2009                       6:00pm Visioning Team (CR-105)
                                               6:30pm Gospel Choir Rehearsal (M usic)
S aturday, October 24, 2009
Jerry Rodgers on call (217-2597)            Friday, October 30, 2009

6:30pm        Single Adult Event            S aturday, October 31, 2009
                                            Rendell Hipps on call (228-8639)
Sunday, October 25, 2009
 8:30am     Worship S ervice (FH)           RA’s Splitting Wood
  9:45am    Bible Study
 10:55am    Worship S ervice (S anctuary)

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