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					                Food Donation Guidelines
How to store foods
      Tins of prepared foods should be 75 to 100 percent full.
      All pans must have lids that are secured firmly to prevent spillage.
      Only put ONE type of food in each pan. (I.e. do not put two types of food, such as
       potatoes and rice, in the same pan.)

GOOD: This pan contains just one type of        BAD: Two types of food are put in the
food and is filled to the brim. We can send      same pan. We cannot serve cross-
             this to our clients.                 contaminated food to our clients.

Foods we do accept                            Foods we do not accept
      Leftover prepared food – such as             Tins that contain multiple types of
       pasta, meat, vegetables or                    food mixed together
       casseroles – that meets the above            Cooked fish, other than shrimp
       storage guidelines and is not more           Food that contains alcohol
       than three days old                          Milk, mayonnaise or egg-based
      Fresh, uncooked foods in good                 desserts or salad dressings
       condition, such as meat, poultry,            Meat processed at a non-USDA
       vegetables and fruit                          facility
      Frozen foods                                 Food stored at incorrect
      Bread products                                temperatures according to HACCP
      Desserts                                      laws
      Unopened canned and bottled foods            Dairy products past their stamped
      Non-alcoholic beverages                       expiration and sell-by date

Donation quantities
DC Central Kitchen appreciates donations of any size. As we cook and distribute food in bulk
and also must be mindful of gas prices and of our drivers’ time, we sometimes cannot pick up
prepared food that cannot feed at least 25 people.

If you have questions about acceptable foods, HACCP temperature regulations or scheduling a
donation, please contact DC Central Kitchen food donations coordinator Jamie Schuman, at 202-
234-0707, Ext. 145 or jschuman@dccentralkitchen.org.

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