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Principals Newsletter April_ 2008 by Levone

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                           Newsletter                                                                   April, 2008
                                                                                                    Jesuit High School

                                  FINDING A BALANCE
           One of my favorite memories of my children is                   It seems that many of our lives are out of balance.
  from the time they were learning to walk. I will always        As you know, we have been doing the Examen prayer
  remember my son pulling himself up to the coffee table,        during Lent. The Examen is a five-minute prayer in which
  looking back at me and smiling so proudly before letting       we pause to recognize the presence of God in our lives,
  go, promptly falling on his well-padded bottom. Big tears      reflect on our day and look forward to the future. To do
  rolled down his cheeks. He soon became braver, more            this, we added five minutes to the daily schedule. I was
  daring, and would try to walk across the room to me. Over      amazed to learn that some students had their lives so
  and over again, those fat little feet tripped and the tears    tightly scheduled they did not believe they could lose five
  rolled. Finally, he found his balance and made it to my        more minutes at school each day. If we schedule our lives
  arms. I will never forget the joy on his face and his happy    so tightly, we do not have five minutes to spare; our lives,
  giggles (mine too).                                            or at least our priorities, are out of balance.
           As I look at our students today, I wonder if we                 I am at least as guilty as our students. Each day
  need to help them find their balance again; not their          is filled with things to do—events to plan and attend,
  physical balance—balance in their lives. Most are              newsletters to compose, a class to teach and a myriad
  involved in many activities and they often seem very tired.    of meetings to attend. Where is the quiet time, the time
  I wonder if they have any free time to just sit, time to       to simply think and reflect? Our teachers often express
  read something not assigned, time to be quiet and let their    concerns about losing five minutes of their class time for
  mind rest. We keep our students reasonably busy here at        assemblies. Once again, where is the balance? We all need
  Jesuit and many of them seem to continually go from one        to look at our lives and strive to achieve balance—time for
  activity to another—whether it is music or dance lessons,      classes and time for community, time for work and time
  club soccer or volleyball, SAT prep, lacrosse or whatever.     for fun, time for others and time for ourselves.
  Add to that, they are always in contact with one another,                What is our role as adults? As principal (and
  either by the Internet or through text-messaging. At the       teacher), I need to reflect on how much we ask our
  end of the school day or on a weekend, when was the            students to do at Jesuit. As a parent of three boys, I know
  last time you saw a teenager without cell phone in hand?       that parents also need to look at how much they encourage
  When do they have quiet time just for themselves?              or ask their students to do. Together we need to help these
           When thinking of the schedules students keep,
  I am reminded of a senior girl from a few years ago.
                                                                 highly-motivated, talented young people find a balance. In
                                                                 many ways teenagers are like that baby learning to walk.
  She was a bright young woman and a star on our soccer          They stand up, let go, and fall down. But then they try
  team. One day she was sent to my office for an integrity       again and again; fortunately we are usually there to catch
  violation. As we talked, she started to cry. She had been      them. Perhaps it is time to once again catch them and help
  playing soccer since she was four and had loved the game.      them find a balance in their lives.
  After she made varsity, her parents told her soccer would                Thank you for entrusting your children to our care
  be her ticket to college. Soccer became a job to her, a        for much of the day and may God bless you all.
  way to earn a college scholarship. She practiced hard and
  worked out continually, but it was no longer fun. She
  really needed that scholarship, but life became so full that
  she could not do everything. One day she took a shortcut
  and copied another student’s work. Her life was out of                 Sandy Satterberg
  balance.                                                               Principal

Educating Men & Women for Others in the Catholic, Jesuit Tradition Since 1956
Counseling Office Update
By Peter Johnson, Director

Senior Year: A Time of Nostalgia, Excitement,                  provocative topics. Though loathe to admit it, students
Possibility and Temptation. . .                                do care about what their parents think, and often these
                                                               discussions at home can serve as grounding to refer back
          Each year as we talk with parents of juniors and     to when the students are faced with difficult choices at
seniors, counselors encourage parents to read Karen            [college].”
Coburn and Lawrence Treeger’s book, “Letting Go.” This
useful volume helps parents learn how to let go and how        College Notes
to encourage their children’s independence. It also helps
parents recognize when to intervene.                           Seniors: Parents and students, please keep college
          Though your teen may be graduating in June, it       admission decisions in perspective! While it may be
may be too soon to let go of one thing: your vigilance and     all right for a shoe manufacturer to tie its products to the
support in helping him or her make good decisions about        Olympics with the slogan: “You didn’t win the silver,
acceptable ways to celebrate this important occasion.          you lost the gold,” it would be a poor way to view a
          From spring break to prom, from senior trips to      disappointing college admission decision. Let’s not let
graduation day, there are plenty of opportunities for teens    our “winners,” our students, feel as if they’ve lost if they
to consider taking risks, especially in regard to using        experience a rejection by a college. After all, greatness
alcohol or drugs. Although drug use has declined over the      comes from within and grows directly out of self-
past four years, according to the Office of National Drug       confidence. All of our graduates are prepared to do well in
Control Policy, nearly one in three high school seniors        college. All of our graduates are winners.
were drunk in the last month, and more than one in five                   Seniors are encouraged to discuss admission
used an illicit drug.                                          decisions and their final college selection decision with
          Your teen needs you now as much as ever. There       their counselor. Please remember that you should notify
are many ways to help keep your teen safe and healthy,         all of the colleges to which you’ve been admitted about
including these important tips:                                your final decision by May 1, 2008. It is very important
• Reinforce your expectations. Throughout their                to notify the colleges that you do not plan to attend, so that
  high school years, you’ve set rules and established          they can offer a spot to another applicant.
  the consequences for breaking them. Perhaps you’ve
  loosened up on a few rules, such as curfew. Be clear         Juniors: You and your parents should be completing the
  that drinking or drug use remains unacceptable. Being        junior questionnaires online on the Family Connection
  an upperclassman has privileges, but it also means           website. (Students also complete online the “Do What
   responsibility.                                             You Are” personality inventory.) Once you and your
• Encourage your teens to make each moment count.              parents have submitted these three items, come and notify
  Your teens only get one senior year. Let them know           the counseling center receptionist. A counselor will then
  you don’t want them to miss out on things because            schedule your first college meeting. If you are having any
  of bad choices, like drinking or drug use. One bad           difficulty accessing Family Connection, please let your
  choice could change their lives forever.                     counselor know.
• Provide safe alternatives. Parties abound during senior               All juniors should take the SAT Reasoning or ACT
  year. Plan chaperoned, alcohol-free parties around prom      before summer vacation. (Next SAT registration deadline
  and graduation.                                              is May 6 for the June 7 test; next ACT registration
• Set a good example. Don’t let anyone convince you            deadline is May 9 for the June 14 test.) Register by mail or
  that it’s a good idea for teens to drink or use marijuana    at (SAT) or at
  under your supervision. It sends the wrong message and       (ACT). Registration/review materials are available online
  may lead your teen to make other bad choices. Do not         and in the counseling center.
  overlook your legal liability if teens other than your own            A complete practice test for the new SAT is
  are involved in alcohol or drug use while in your home       available at the following website: www.collegeboard.
  or under your supervision.                                   com/student/testing/sat/prep_one/test.html .
          As Coburn and Treeger advise, “Parents may think              SAT prep/review classes will be available this
that being honest and direct about their own values and        summer through Jesuit summer school. A second good
concerns seems fruitless and redundant at times, when          low-cost option for SAT preparation is Saturday Academy
confronted with ‘Yeah, yeah, Dad,’ or eyes that roll back      at Portland State University: or
in disgust, or tolerant amusement when talking about such      call (503) 725-2344.
  Campus Ministry Update
  By Don Clarke, Director


  If you want to take the ACT next year, please realize that
  the Senior Pilgrimage is on the same date as the September
  13 ACT date. You won’t be able to do both unless you
  can bilocate or have mastered the time/space dimension
  problem. Please plan accordingly.

 Second Annual Parent Retreat
                                                                            Katie Bednark ’08 addresses her class at last
 By popular demand of parents who attended last year, we                    year’s Senior Pilgrimage.
 are holding another Jesuit Parent Retreat at St. Benedict
 Lodge on the McKenzie River in McKenzie Bridge,
 Oregon. We begin on Sunday, June 8, at 5 p.m. and end at
 noon on Tuesday, June 10. This year’s reflection will be on
 Ignatian Discernment with an emphasis on a contemplative
 in action’s desires. The food is good, the spot beautiful
 (just ask the majority of juniors or seniors), and the
 reflection is out of this world. Parents of recent graduates
 are welcome. Give yourself the gift of going on the Second
 Annual Parent Retreat, June 8-10. Email Don Clarke at for a registration form.
                                                                            Parents attending last year’s Parent Retreat.

                                           Quote from Pope Benedict XVI
                                           From Pope Benedict’s address to the community of Catholic education, Catholic University of
                                           America, April 17, 2008.
                                           Clearly, then, Catholic identity is not dependent upon statistics. Neither can it be equated
                                           simply with orthodoxy of course content. It demands and inspires much more: namely that
                                           each and every aspect of your learning communities reverberates within the ecclesial life of
                                           faith. Only in faith can truth become incarnate and reason truly human, capable of directing
                                           the will along the path of freedom (cf. Spe Salvi, 23). In this way our institutions make a
                                           vital contribution to the mission of the Church and truly serve society. They become places
                                           in which God’s active presence in human affairs is recognized and in which every young
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Arrigotti ’04   person discovers the joy of entering into Christ’s “being for others” (cf. ibid., 28).

  Counseling Department Notes
  I am sorry to share that Marci Cammann will be leaving the counseling department
  at the end of the academic year to pursue professional opportunities with the Oregon
  Connections Academy. Marci is a friend and advocate for many Jesuit students and she
  will be missed. The counseling department and high school administration are proceeding
  with an orderly hiring process to find a qualified and appropriate replacement. Thanks
  Marci for your many years of generous service to Jesuit students and families.

  Peter D. Johnson
  Chair, Counseling Department
Academic News
By Paul Hogan, Academic Vice Principal

Academic Stars Shine in Spring Competitions
         The spring months have found a large number of Jesuit students shining in competitive academic co-curriculars
around the region. The mock trial and robotics teams represented Jesuit High superbly in their respective competitions.
Jesuit students involved in the NWSE Science Expo and American Math Competition also received superior marks.
Meanwhile, the Jesuit Model United Nations’ team was busily preparing for the statewide MUN convention in April.

Mock Trial
         This school year marks the mock trial team’s second year of competition, after a long period of dormancy. In
2006-07, a small group of students took seventh at the Washington County Regional Competition. This year’s team had
the advantage of using the speech/debate class as a workshop to prepare for trial competition. The speech/debate class is
team-taught by Christian Service Director Scott Powers and vice principals Chris Smart and Paul Hogan.
         The Jesuit mock trial team also benefited from the expertise of three dedicated parents who served as attorney-
coaches: Kevin Luby, Susan Ford and Len Stevens. The students spent many Tuesday mornings and Saturdays preparing
for this year’s regional competition, which took place at the Washington County Courthouse in Hillsboro, on March 1,
         Jesuit’s young mock trial team performed remarkably well at regionals and was selected (along with Catlin
Gabel’s blue team) to proceed to the state finals, which were held at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse on March 14-15.
Jesuit’s new junior litigators gained invaluable experience at the state competition, where they competed with eventual
state champion West Salem in the first round.

          On February 29 and March 1, Jesuit’s robotics team was one of 55 teams in the FIRST Robotics Competition. In
its first year of existence, under the able direction of physics teacher Dr. Catherine Molloseau, Jesuit’s team went all the
way to the finals, where it finished second to an alliance that included Jesuit’s mentor team, Catlin Gabel.
          Jesuit robotics won the Delphi Driving Technology Award as part of the first day of awards, a prestigious honor
for a rookie team. The DDT award is given to a team that has not only designed and implemented a well-engineered
part of the robot, but can also explain to the judges how the part works and the rationale for the chosen design. Team
members believe Jesuit received the award due to the robot’s extremely robust chassis design. Jesuit students also fielded
the judges’ questions very well, with no help from their coaches. There were only seven awards given out in a field of 55
          The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams of young people and their mentors to solve a common
problem in a six-week timeframe using a standard “kit of parts” and a common set of rules. Jesuit had at least 14 adults
(mostly parents) helping as mentors, but the students designed, built and managed the robot throughout the process of
development and competition.

Science Expo Research Projects
       The PCC Science Expo is the regional, at-large science fair hosted by Portland Community College Sylvania
Campus and ISEF-affiliated (Intel International Science and Engineering). For the six Jesuit students involved, the PCC
Expo on March 1 went very well. All six students won awards given by a variety of institutions; five of them won first or
second place in their individual categories of research. Those students then moved on to the NWSE state competition on
March 14.
       The Jesuit students who participated were: Jamie Canepa ’10; Brinda Gokul ’11; Arushi Raghuvanshi ’11;
Roshen Warrier ’09; Jennifer Xiong ’10, and Manali Yavatkar ’11. They achieved the following results:
                • Jamie Canepa: First in Environmental Science at regionals; Third at state.
                • Manali Yavatkar: First in Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering; Honorable Mention at state.
                • Jennifer Xiong: Outstanding Use of the International System of Units US Metric Society Award.
                • Arushi Raghuvanshi: Second in Computer Science Category at regionals; IEEE (Institute of Electrical
                  and Electronics Engineers) Special Award at state.
                • Roshen Warrier: First in Mathematics Category at regionals; Mu Alpha Theta Award at State; U.S. Air
                  Force Outstanding Project.
                • Brinda Gokul: First in Medicine and Health at regionals.
American Math Competition
        In another first this year, Jesuit math teacher Teri Stroschein led a vigorous group of mathletes into competition
in the American Math Competition 10 and 12 exams on February 27, 2008. The AMC’s 25-question, 75-minute, multiple
choice exams in high school mathematics, contain problems which can be understood and solved with precalculus
        The main purpose of the AMC 10 and 12 is to spur interest in mathematics and to develop talent through the
excitement of solving challenging problems in a timed, multiple-choice format.
        A number of Jesuit High School students competed in the math competition. The top scorers were Tulsee Doshi
’11 and Spencer Larson ’09.

Math League
         The Math League is dedicated to bringing challenging mathematics to students with the intention of stimulating
students’ interest and confidence. Over one million students participate in Math League contests each year. Contest
problems are designed to cover a range of mathematical knowledge through precalculus, and consist of six exams that
take place October through March.
         At Jesuit High School, 34 students have shown up early on Tuesday morning to take at least one of these exams.
At this point, Matt Vandehey has the highest cumulative score. A special note of congratulations goes out to Dustin
Rodrigues and Peter Maag, who each earned a perfect score on one of these exams.

Model United Nations
         Jesuit’s Model United Nations team, under the tutelage of Mr. Mark Flamoe, spent the winter and early spring
researching international relationships and preparing resolutions in anticipation of the State MUN Conference in Eugene
on April 10-12. In an age of increasing international tension, and a concomitant need for cooperation and recognition of
shared interests, Jesuit MUNsters learned the arts of diplomacy and negotiation.
         This year, Jesuit sent 69 credentialed members to Eugene—twice the number as in 2007. This is the fourth year
of the reincarnated club at Jesuit, and membership has grown every year.
         In Eugene, the Jesuit diplomats represented eight countries: Tunisia, Albania, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia-
Herzegovina, Ecuador, Namibia and Mongolia. A school can represent one of the “big five” countries (those with a
permanent seat on the UN Security Council) only every other year. Mr. Flamoe is cautiously optimistic that Jesuit
will be awarded one of the big five next year; the assignment of countries is determined by the quality of the school’s
performance at the conference. Regardless of the team’s outcome at the spring MUN conference, we can safely say that
Jesuit’s academic stars have succeeded in important categories: intellectual competence and openness to growth!

              Congratulations Winter Sports!
     Varsity Men’s Basketball         16-10 (Second in League)                Women’s Swimming 5-2
     JV Men’s Basketball              22-2                                    (Third in State; League Champs)
     JV2 Men’s Basketball             19-2
     Freshman “A” Basketball          23-0                                    Men’s Swimming        5-2
     Freshman “B” Basketball          20-2                                    (Third in State; League Champs)

     Varsity Women’s Basketball       15-12 (Second in League)                Women’s Ski Racing
     JV Women’s Basketball            19-5                                    (Third in State; League Champs)
     JV2 Gold Basketball              18-5
     JV2 Green Basketball             14-4                                    Men’s Ski Racing
                                                                              (Second in State; League Champs)
Development Update
By Diane Salzman, Development Director

         “Thank you” is a small phrase that can           2008 President’s Appreciation Dinner. IP, Loyola
convey a huge meaning. There is no place other            Commitment and Legacy Club participants are invited
than the Jesuit Development Office where those two         to attend this fun-filled evening, featuring special
words are more meaningful. We wish to express             guests, entertainment and a scrumptious variety of
our gratitude for many blessings which include our        cuisine and drinks. This is one small way we can
talented students, our caring parents, our dedicated      show our gratitude for all that you do for Jesuit.
faculty and staff and, of course, our generous donors:            Thank you for being a part of a rich tradition
alumni, parents and friends who help keep our school      and ensuring the future of our students who are
financially stable.                                        learning that it is not enough to know all the facts.
         In March we conducted our annual Student         Service matters. Values matter. Faith matters. We are
Fundraiser to help cover many school expenses, from       blessed by your support and generosity.
financial aid to classroom maps to the resurfacing
of Cronin Field. Each student was asked to write
10 letters to family and friends, or to raise the                        Give online today!
$100 individually. A dedicated group of volunteers              Visit and click
screened, edited, printed and mailed the letters.                  “Giving” to make your donation
We wish to thank Sabrina Blue, our Development
Associate, who directed the fundraiser along with
our superb volunteers, Giuseppa Heineck, Titay
Schommer, Andrea Dripps, Amie Crisp, Ella Bland,
Michele Ducharme, Cathy Raimondi and Sharon
Sebastian for making this fundraiser possible. Our
goal is to raise $100,000 and to date we have reached
over $60,000. If you received a letter, please support
the student who wrote to you. If you responded to the
request, we thank you!
         The Student Fundraiser is a way for our
students to show gratitude for the blessings they
enjoy at Jesuit. By raising money to fulfill a need,
the students learn about philanthropy and model the
actions of St. Ignatius of Loyola who asked others
to support his efforts. Jesuit is a unique place and it
takes everyone to help keep it accessible.
         We would also like to thank everyone who
contributes to our Ignatian Partnership (IP) program.
An IP donation is the difference between the tuition
charged and the true cost of educating a student, about
$2,350 for the 2008-2009 school year. Some families
participate in our Loyola Commitment program,
which covers the true cost of tuition for their student
and for a student receiving financial assistance. This
is a tax-deductible donation of $4,700. The IP and
Loyola Commitment honor and exemplify the vision
of St. Ignatius of providing a Jesuit education to
qualified students, regardless of their ability to pay.
To our supporters we say “thank you” once again. We
cannot do what we do without you!
         Thursday, June 5, marks the date of the
     Auction Update
     By Kathleen Cerri, Auction Director
                                                                                  RESERVATIONS BEING TAKEN NOW!
                                                                          Have you made your reservation for the Live Gala on
             Marrakesh by Moonlight,                                      May 3? Simply go to and click on
                                                                          “events,” then select “auction” to make your reservation
              Night of 1,000 Dreams                                       online. Call the Auction Office to reserve your seats with a
                                                                          credit card. Don’t miss out on an evening of entertainment
             Celebrating Jesuit High School’s                             and excitement as we auction unique trips, world class
                                                                          wines, and extravagant evenings! Below is just a glimpse
                 Fortieth Annual Auction                                  of some spectacular packages that will be featured:

                Live Auction Gala: May 3, 2008                            • Winged Foot and Bethpage golf trip to New York
                                                                          • Winemaker’s dinner at El Gaucho for six couples
         “The future belongs to those who believe in the                  • NASCAR race camp
          beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt                    • Shasta houseboat that sleeps 16
                                                                          • Ladies luxury beach weekend for six
          Announcing the 2008 Auction Fund-An-Item:                       • Two tickets to the U.S. Open for tennis
        PADDLE RAISE FOR THE FATHER WILLIAM                               • Cigars, poker and conversation at the University
           HAYES, S.J. FUND FOR FINANCIAL AID                               Club with Maurice Lucas
                                                                          • Gourmet dinner and private tour at Alloro Vineyard
              The night of May 3, our community will have a                 & Winery for 12
     very special opportunity to raise funds for students who
     otherwise would not be able to attend Jesuit High School,            Plan your bidding strategies now – you won’t want to miss
     and in so doing, honor the dream that Father William                 out! You can view the complete auction catalog online by
     Hayes, S.J., has worked so hard to accomplish in his 26              visiting the auction homepage at
     years of faithful dedication to Jesuit High School. Please
     join us in honoring Father Hayes by contributing to the                            AUCTION RAFFLE TICKETS
     Reverend William Hayes, S.J. Fund for Financial Aid. The             Auction raffle tickets are selling fast. Purchase online or
     monies raised will ensure the mission of St. Ignatius and            contact the Auction Office. One hundred dollars will buy
     the lifelong dream of Father Hayes for “a Jesuit education           you a chance to win one of three great raffle prizes:
     of all deserving students who seek it.” In recognition of            First prize: 2007 Jeep Patriot Sport 4x2, donated by Bob
     his 26 years of faithful dedication to Jesuit High School,           and Miki McGrain of Northwest Jeep in Beaverton.
     together we seek to keep his dream alive. Thank you,                 Second prize: Broadway New York theater trip for two,
     Father, for all the lives you have touched and the dreams            underwritten by Greg and Linda Heinrichs with Remax
     you have made possible through your work here at Jesuit              Equity Group, Inc.
     High School.                                                         Third prize: A 13-inch MacBook, underwritten by Sean
                                                                          and Sheri Dooney and Leonard Adams Insurance Co.

Adorable Morkie! This miniature puppy         Rome – the trip of a lifetime! Two people will   Six people will enjoy a six-hour, day sail on
will fill your heart and your home with        enjoy roundtrip airfare from Portland to Rome,   this 53-foot sailboat on the waters of Seattle or
love. The bidding will be frantic!            seven nights stay in a four-star hotel and       Victoria BC. Round trip airfare provided from
Generously underwritten by friends from the   two tours during the week. Thank you to our      Portland on a private jet to your destination
Valley Catholic community.                    underwriters from the St. Pius community.        city. Generously donated by Debra and Jay Platt.
     Jesuit’s Booster Club
     By Mike Hughes, Athletic Director

      “Congratulations, You Are A Member!”                       events. They serve as “captains” in the concession
                                                                 booths and run the various fundraisers throughout
              Recently, a parent asked me at an athletic         the year. Longtime members of this hardworking
     event how he could become a member of Jesuit’s              group include: Frank Bernards, Karen Chalmers, Tim
     Athletic Booster Club. I immediately shook his hand         Coleman, Ann Davis-Bell, Glenn Feest, Alex Grauert,
     and said, “Congratulations, you are a member.” In           Pat Heffernan, Steve Mueller, Paul Northrup, Joe
     fact, all Jesuit parents are members of the Jesuit          Opsahl, Frank Raimondi, Tom Sidley, Janet Strader,
     Booster Club by virtue of being a Jesuit parent. There      Bob Towne, John Turina and Jim Wilcox.
     are no dues, no meetings, and no secret handshakes.                 Guided by the Steering Committee, the
     At Jesuit, the Booster Club is run differently than         Booster Club has purchased many important items
     most high schools. We invite all parents to support the     for Jesuit athletics over the years. A partial list of
     Booster Club by volunteering to run athletic events.        items funded include the new cross country trail, a
     With over 780 Jesuit students who compete in one            tennis shed and locker room, an AED defibrilator and
     or more sports each school year, we hope to have            exercise equipment for the training room, a washer
     roughly 780 sets of parents in our Club.                    and dryer, partial funding of the baseball batting cage,
              The Booster Club supports Jesuit athletics by      weight equipment for the weight room, an outfield
     running several fundraisers throughout the year. The        fence for the softball stadium, basketball team chairs
     primary source of income is concessions which are           and scorers’ table, a football blocking sled, electronic
     open at football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball,   finish line system for track and field, digital video
     lacrosse, and track and field events. That box of junior     editing software and computer for the football team,
     mints or slice of pizza you buy adds up to a lot of         trophy cases and much more.
     money for athletics over the year. The Booster Club                 Since you are already a member, if you would
     also raises funds through an annual Christmas Tree          like to volunteer in concessions, please contact
     Sale and a Junior High Basketball Tournament. Your          Martha Cope in athletics at (503) 291-5486 or sign
     generous work as volunteers at these athletic events        up on the parent volunteer letter you receive each
     raises over $40,000 each year for Jesuit athletics.         summer. If you would like to be a member of the
              The Booster Club is guided by a diligent           Steering Committee, please contact Mike Hughes
     group of 18 parents called the Booster Club Steering        in Jesuit athletics. If you didn’t already know it,
     Committee. These dedicated parents meet four times          welcome to the club!
     a year to plan the Booster Club events and set priority
     for the spending of the funds raised. The Steering
     Committee also rolls up their sleeves and runs these

Winter Sports Shots

Photos courtesy of Jesuit’s photogaphy class.
Save the Date: Financial Aid Luncheon
October 8, 2008 - Multnomah Athletic Club


    • One in five of our students would not be here without financial aid.
    • Jesuit’s financial aid program is not a talent or merit-based scholarship program. It is based solely upon
        one criterion and one criterion only: family need.
    •   Twenty percent or 231 students will receive financial aid for the 2008-2009 academic year.
    •   Almost every one of these Jesuit families was awarded less financial assistance than recommended by an
        independent financial review service, because the financial needs exceed the monies available.
    •   Need-based aid in the amount of $1,280,000 will be awarded with an average grant of $5,350 for the
        2008-2009 academic year.
    •   Over the past five years the need for financial aid has increased by 75 percent.

        As you can see, the need is increasing.                         Financial Aid Luncheon
        Our luncheon goal is to raise $250,000                          Wednesday, October 8th
         in support of financial aid this year.                        Multnomah Athletic Club
        We are asking you to support us in our                             Noon – 1:00 p.m.
              endeavors. Please join us.                             (Check-in begins at 11:15 a.m.)

Jesuit’s Spirit Store
Located in Smith Gym’s Lobby next to Cronin Field

Visit the Jesuit Spirit Store for apparel, gifts and other official Jesuit High School products. There are also textbooks and
school supplies for sale. In addition, the store sells Jesuit High School letterman jackets. Proceeds from the sale of spirit
items go to the Arrupe Fund which helps qualified families with the cost of a Jesuit High School education.

Order spirit items ONLINE! We’ll ship your purchase direct to your door. Access the Jesuit High School website at: Then go to the “Spirit Store” link under “Student Life” and double click.

The store is open on school days: 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 2:00-3:30 p.m. You’ll also find the Spirit Store open during
many after-school events and activities.

Operated by parent volunteers, the Spirit Store is located in the former lobby of the Smith Gym, next to the Cronin Field
parking lot.

You can volunteer for one shift per week, every other week, by emailing Mary Glass at or Molly
Adams at Volunteer to help at athletic contests and other after-school events by contacting Mila
Glinsky at Full training is provided.

Christian Service Office Update
By Scott Powers, Director, & Kim Keefe, Associate Director

        The springtime is a great time for students to     available in the Christian Service Office and must be
plan their summer service projects. Many agencies are      returned there once completed.
looking for volunteers right now, and most “summer
only” placements are taking applications. If students      Rising Sophomores Only.
are looking for a service placement, please visit                  As part of the sophomore theology curriculum,
the service opportunities list found online at www.        students are asked to make connections between under the “academics” section.          scripture and their daily lives through participation
Students should follow the links to their appropriate      in an eight-hour service project with other members
grade level. All the approved agencies are listed there,   of the sophomore class. Like the freshman service
as well as reminders of what students need to do to        project, this is a separate project from the 65-hour
sign up. For parents, there is also a helpful review       junior/senior project completed after their sophomore
of the school’s requirements for Christian Service in      year.
case you are unsure of our expectations. If you can’t              The theme of the sophomore service project
find what you are looking for there, call Scott Powers      is “service with friends,” which builds on students’
at (503) 291-5463 or e-mail: spowers@jesuitportland.       freshman year service project by broadening who
org.                                                       they work with to include their friends at Jesuit High
                                                           School. Sophomore students will be asked to do the
Rising Juniors and Seniors, Need Some                      following:
Suggestions?                                               1. Choose a placement from the approved list on the
       Here are five great placements that could use        Christian Service webpage at
help during the summer.                                    2. Students have the option of completing their
• Working with homeless people: call Outreach              sophomore service hours over the summer. If they
Ministry at (503) 225-0590 or Downtown Chapel at           choose to work in the summer they must submit their
(503) 228-0746.                                            “action plan” form (available at www.jesuitportland.
• Working with elderly folks: call Cedar Sinai Park at     org) to the Christian Service office prior to starting
(503) 535-4395.                                            work.
• Working with youth: NYSP (National Youth Sports          3. Students who begin their service in the fall will
Program) at PSU, (503) 823-0250.                           fill out the “action plan” form and turn it into their
• Working with people with disabilities: call ARC of       theology teacher.
Washington County, at (503) 649-6110.                      4. Students will complete eight hours of service
• Tutoring with Spanish-speaking people: call Centro       before December 6, 2008, with at least one other
Cultural at (503) 359-0446.                                member of the sophomore class.
       These are all placements where Jesuit               5. Students will document service hours with the
students have worked in the past. Find all the contact     “confirmation of service” form (available at the www.
information online at     or from their theology teacher) and
       Juniors and seniors please remember that            complete the reflection assignment. The confirmation
students must pickup and fill out a Christian Service       of service form and reflection assignment are turned
Contract before they start any work. Contracts are         into their theology teachers.
                                          SERVICE: STUDENT SPOTLIGHT
                                          Gulf Coast 2008

       This spring break 14 Jesuit students and four faculty
members traveled to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana
to be with the people of the Gulf Coast in their on-going
struggle to recover from Hurricane Katrina. This is the
fourth such trip from Jesuit High School that has happened
since the hurricane hit in 2005. New Orleans has continued
to struggle to re-build, particularly in more impoverished
       The students spent a majority of their time
painting two houses for two families who are part of the
Annunciation Mission Church in New Orleans. The church
also served as the students’ host. The Jesuit group worked
with other Jesuit high schools from across the United States.
Throughout the trip students were drawn into relationships
with the people of the Gulf Coast, learned about their lives,
and witnessed how our society has and has not cared for
people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
       Immersion trips like this one are some of the most
transformative service opportunities at Jesuit High School.
In our work with students we call these trips “gateway
experiences,” as they often open a door for students to
deepen their understanding of themselves, the world and
their faith. The trips focus on spirituality, simple lifestyle,
community, and social justice, as well as the service
       The Christian Service Department is sponsoring two
more trips this year: one to Tijuana, Mexico (June 21- July
2); and one to Duran, Ecuador (June 21-July 2). For more
information on our immersion program visit the Christian
Service website at under the
“academics” section.
End of the Year Dates to Remember
May 2       PIP Parents’ Luncheon
May 3       Jesuit High School Auction – 5:00 p.m.
May 5-16    AP Exams
May 7       Class Elections
May 9       Liturgy and Crowning of Mary – 8:35a.m.
May 12      PIP Brown Bag Luncheon – 11:00 a.m.
May 14      Band Concert – 7:30 p.m.
May 21      Choir Concert – 7:30 p.m
May 22      Senior Awards Assembly – 8:45 a.m.
            (Dress-up Day)
May 22-24   Playwriting Festival
May 23      Dismissal for Fr/Soph/Jr – 11:00 a.m.
            Senior Liturgy & Luncheon for Seniors,
            Faculty & Staff – 11:00 a.m.
May 26      Memorial Day Holiday
May 27-29   Senior Semester Two Exams
May 30      Graduation Practice (Required) – 10:00 a.m.
May 31      Baccalaureate Mass – 5:30 p.m.
June 1      Commencement – 11:00am
June 2      Fr/Soph/Jr Awards Assembly – 9:30 a.m.
            (Dress-up Day)
June 3-5    Fr/Soph/Jr Semester Two Exams
June 5      Last Day of School
June 13     Semester Two Grades Mailed
June 16     Summer School Begins                          Matt Krieger ’09, member of Jesuit’s first men’s lacrosse team.
July 18     Summer School Ends                            Photo courtesy of Alex McDougall ’10.

                               Celebrating Jesuit High School’s
                                  Fortieth Annual Auction
                                         May 3, 2008
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