Head-over-heels-for-great-outdoors by shrakdoc


									S14 Wednesday 4 November 2009   ●
                                    THE NEW PAPER

                                      He ad over heels
   I have
                                      for great outdoors                                             But right now, Mr Ch
                                                                                                                              oe is enjoying
                                                                                                                            an instructor.
                                                              in applied                                                ing
                                                                                                 every minute of be perienced this
                                       HE has a degree
   this saying,                                               nology, but the                        He said: “I have ex
                                       information tech                                                                 n a job he loves an
                                                              him better.                        saying, ‘Give a ma
   ‘Give a man                         outdoors suited                                                                                   rest of
                                                                   26, became an                                   ve to work for the
                                            So Mr Evan Choe,                       )             he doesn’t ha
   a job he                             Outward Boun      d Singapore (OBS                        his life.’                    e push me to
                                        instructor.                                                   “The challenges I fac ove myself
   loves and he                              He said: “I have alw
                                                                      ays enjoyed the                                      n impr
                                                                                                  think about how I ca that I conduct.”
   doesn’t have                                                condary school. I                  and the programm
                                         outdoors since se                                r                                    communicate
                                                                  and loved to go fo                   One challenge is to
                                         enjoyed swimming                                                           participants.
   to work for                           adventure camps
                                                                especially wh      en              with unwilling              y are not
                                                     re high rope eleme
                                                                               nts.”                    Mr Choe said: “The
   the rest of his                       there we
                                                              S in July 2008 and
                                                                                         has       receptive to     me in the beginnin
                                               He joined OB                                                                   patience is the
   life.’                                                         second      ary school                 “I have learnt that
                                          been working with                                                                  s.”
                                                                       outdoor                      key to overcome thi off when
   – Outward Bound                        stu  dents, conducting                      ver                   s hard work pays
   instructor Evan                        programmes        to help them disco                           Hi
                                                                   othe   r life skills.            participants find his
   Choe                                   their potential and                                                 rable and impactful
                                                                         ges them in                 memo                                     from a
                                                Mr Choe also enga                                         He said: “I  received an e-mail
                                                                     ilitates group                                              that her group
                                           discussions and fac                                       participant telling
                                           interaction.                                                                       nefited from the
                                                                          with the                   had enjoyed and be keep me going.”
                                                These skills, along                                                            s
                                                                                                      course. These thing work has won
                                                                                ed for his
                                            technic   al knowledge need                     ’s              His pass ion for his
                                            job,were taught      in a basic instructor                                       o initially felt he
                                                                    t laste    d about six            over his family, wh
                                             training course tha                                       should pursue     a career in IT.
                                                                                                                                   y are now happy
                                             mo  nths.                                                      Mr Choe said: “The                     an
                                                 As Mr Choe progre
                                                                           sses in                                            e my dream to be
                                                                                                       that I am able to liv
                                                                        will handle                                           wi th the premium
                                              facilitation skills, he                                   outdoor educator
                                                                           es and design                                       learning centre.”
                                              corporate programm                                        outdoor adventure
                                                                         in the future.
                                               activities for clients

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