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  Please read: The publisher has taken care in the preparation of this newsletter, but the information it contains is not intended as a substitute for the expertise and judgment of qualified health care
                                                    professionals. You should consult with your health care provider about all health-care issues.

Geauga County Regional Youth Survey Completed

                                               During February and March of 2008, a total of 6,936 Geauga County Students in grades
                                                 6 -12 took part in completing the Communities that Care Youth Survey (CTC). All
                                                  Geauga County schools along with Chagrin Falls High School took part in
                                                    completing the comprehensive survey. The Geauga County Board of Mental Health
                                                     and Recovery Services wishes to thank all school superintendents, principals,
                                                     and guidance counselors who gave their time and energy to making the
                                                   administration of the CTC survey possible.
                                          The Communities that Care Youth Survey is designed to identify the levels of risk and
                                           protective factors that predict problem behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco and other
                                            drug use, poor school achievement, and delinquency. The Survey also measures the
                                            actual prevalence of drug use, violence and other antisocial behaviors among surveyed
                                        The data collected and the findings from the CTC survey will be summarized and
                                       presented in three separate sections:
                                     • Risk and protective factors
                                     • Drug use
                                     • Other antisocial behaviors
                                         A comparison and trend analysis will be completed from data and findings of the 2005
                                         and 2008 Geauga County Regional Communities That Care Survey reports. A presentation
                                         of the data results and findings is being planned for this fall.

                                                                           Results Available Soon!
                                                                                             Summer 2008

                       Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services
                                       As the Board of Mental Health and has been active in mental health
                                       Recovery Services concluded their   and recovery services for a long
        Board Members
                                       40th anniversary this year, they    time in Geauga County. He is
                                       also celebrated the work of one of known for strong advocacy on
     Tom Gazley, Ph.D.
                                       our community leaders, one with     behalf of children and adults
   Robert Goldberg, Ph.D.
                                       over 20 years of helping residents  needing behavioral health services,
         Vice Chair                    with mental health problems. This   as well as his sensitivity and
      Victor Matthews                  year the Board presented their      compassion in working with
          Treasurer                    19th Annual Behavioral Health       individuals who may come with
      Alberta Chokshi                  Care Advocacy Award to Jeff         little hope, and often little ability
          Secretary                    Orndorff, a Chardon attorney, for   to speak for themselves.
       Chris Adelman                   his lifelong
       Susan Fogarty
   Margaret Lahner, Psy. D.
                                       commitment and
                                                                  Advocacy Award Mr. Adams Jeff in 1987,
                                                                                         first met
                                                                                                     said, “I
     Carolee Lesyk, Ph.D.              advocacy on behalf of Winner Announced but he had already
    Georgeanne Mitchell
                                       individuals needing                               been an influential
        Roger Morris
        Mariel Rouru
                                       behavioral health services. The     personality in the mental health
     Joe Schellentrager                award is presented annually by the field in Geauga County long before
     Louise Stienbarger                Board as a symbol of appreciation   then. His zealous and sensitive
                                       and recognition to groups or        advocacy on behalf of individuals
Mission Statement                      individuals who have distinguished  with disabilities was evident then
It shall be the mission of the
Geauga County Board of Mental          themselves by their unwavering      and continues to this day.”
Health and Recovery Services to        dedication to the field of mental   For many years, Jeff served as a
provide     leadership     in   the    health and recovery services on     Board member on the Geauga
development, implementation,
and evaluation of mental health        behalf of Geauga County.            County Board of Mental Health &
and substance abuse programs.                                              Recovery Services, including being
As an agent for change in Geauga       According to Jim Adams, the         elected to three terms as
County this Board is dedicated to
optimizing human and financial         Board Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Chairman of the Board. He retired
resources and enhancing and            was chosen this year because he     from serving on the Board in June
stabilizing the mental health of
citizens of Northeast Ohio.
Through comprehensive needs
assessment the Board shall                         19th Annual Behavioral Health Care Advocacy Award Winner
effectively plan and coordinate a
full range of community-based
services that provide for quality
client care in the least restrictive
environment possible.

* Advocacy Award WINNER
* Dr. Goldberg Speaks Out
* CIT and NAMI Winners
* Kidsfest                                                      Jeffrey Orndorff accepts the 19th Annual Behavioral
* Youth Survey                                                  Health Care Advocacy Award from Geauga County
                                                                Board of Mental Health & Recovery Services
                                                                President, Dr. Thomas Gazley
The Geauga County Board of Mental Health & Recove

                                                                   Ravenwood Mental Health Center held their
                                                                   10th annual art show on May 14, 2008. The
                                                                   show displayed a vast array of artistic
                                                                   creations including paintings, sculptures,
                                                                   and handmade jewelry. All of the artwork
                                                                   was made by clients of the Center’s
                                                                   partial hospitalization program. Work
                                                                   is still on display at the South Street
                                                                   office and is available for purchase.
                                                                   For more information contact Heather
                                                                   Denning at 286-1631.

           Bridges Out of Poverty
                                                                                    Law Enforcement Making a Difference
  Strategies for Professionals and Communities
The Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery                    As part of the Geauga County Behavioral Health Care Recognition Dinner held on May 22,
                       Services was pleased to provide                   2008, Deanna Brant, Emergency Services Director for Ravenwood Mental Health Center and
                       scholarships for Geauga County                    the Mental Health Liaison to Geauga County’s Community Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
                       human service professionals to                    Advisory Committee spoke about the Geauga County CIT program. CIT is a program
                       attend an educational workshop,                   established and funded by the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services
                       "Bridges Out of Poverty:                          and it is designed to accomplish four primary goals –
                       Strategies for Professionals and
                       Communities" on April 30, 2008.
                                                                         • Provide training for law enforcement to work with those in crisis in the community
                           The Mental Health Association in              • Improve communication between law enforcement and mental health providers
Geauga County, CASA for Kids and Ravenwood Mental                        • Track outcomes for those calls to law enforcement that involve mental health emergencies,
Health Center presented the workshop at St. Mary’s in                      to monitor dispositions and improve both the law enforcement’s and mental health
Chardon, Ohio. Philip DeVol,                                               provider’s response.
who co-authored the book                                                 • Promote diversion of persons with mental illness from the criminal justice system when
“Bridges Out of Poverty:                                                   treatment is appropriate.
Strategies for Professionals and
Communities” with Ruby Payne,                                            Deanna said that the Geauga County CIT Advisory Committee has been in existence since 2005
Ph.D.and Terie Dreussi Smith,                                            and has always held to the motto that “We are all in this together.” Founding members Lt.
presented a model of the                                                 Scott Niehus, Geauga County Sheriff’s Department, Lt. Kathy Rose, Jail Administrator with the
“cultures” of poverty, the middle                                        Geauga County Sheriff’s Department, Joseph Stehlik, Middlefield Police Chief; and Corporal
class, and the upper class. Mr.
                                                                         Ed Samec with the Middlefield Police Department were each recognized and awarded for their
DeVol focused on increasing         Beth Matthews, Phillip DeVol
participants’ awareness of the         and Michelle Doehring             commitment, dedication and leadership with the Geauga County Crisis Intervention Team.
differences in economic cultures
and showed how these differences affect opportunities for
success. Participants developed an action plan to
improve services to clients and improve retention rates for
new hires from poverty and how to motivate individuals
from poverty.

                             The workshop series is part
                             of the continuing mission of
                             the Mental Health Association
                             in Geauga County to provide                            Deanna Brant offers local officers CIT awards.
                             quality mental health
                             education at an affordable                  Scott Neihus and Ed Samec were also recognized by NAMI Ohio and NAMI Geauga County. Ed
                             cost to Geauga County mental                and Scott were runners up for the Ohio CIT Officer of the Year Award. NAMI Geauga
                             health professionals. The 107               President Jack Sherman presented the awards and plaques in recognition of their outstanding
                             participants earned                         commitment to improving the lives of those with mental illness and helping them to seek
Continuing Education Units for attending the 6 hour                      treatment in times of crisis.
ery Services Celebrates Mental Health Month
       4th Annual
   Approximately 550 people attended the 4th annual Geauga County
   Kidsfest on April 26, 2008. The event was held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00
   p.m. at Berkshire High School. Over thirty non-profit organizations
   provided the opportunity for kids to take part in various activities that
   included everything from frog jumping to making mother's day corsages.
   Clifford the Big Red Dog was a welcome sight for many kids in attendance.
   The entertainment program for the day included Banjo the Clown who
   made balloons of all shapes and sizes for the kids and Captain Willie who
   did a bang up Pirate Show followed by a Magical Entertainer, whose wit
   and magic delighted all ages.
   This annual event was started through a collaborative effort of Geauga
   County agencies whose interest lies solely with promoting healthy and
   happy families. The Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery
   Services is the sponsor of the event with financial contributions also made
   by the Tri County Association for the Education of Young Children and the
   Geauga Family First Council. Special thanks to Capps Pizza, Joel's Italian
   American Grille, Giant Eagle of Middlefield, Kinetico, Sages Apples,
   Mangia! Mangia!, Dunkin Donuts of Middlefield, Zeppe's of Chardon, and
   Maggie's Donuts for donating refreshments.
   The planning for the 5th annual Kidsfest is already underway.
                                                                                            The goal of “Think Outside the Stigma” is to
                                                                                            correct commonly-held addiction and mental
                                                                                            illness misconceptions, thereby increasing
   NAMI Speakers Meetings                                                                   the likelihood that those affected will seek
                                                                                            treatment and recover. Ohio’s Think Outside
                           NAMI Geauga County's Speaker/Education program                   the Stigma campaign focuses on four key
                           has been bringing dynamic personalities to Geauga                message points:
                           County with unique perspectives on mental illness.
                                                                                            * Alcohol and other drug addictions and mental illnesses
                                                                                              are brain diseases.
                           On April 17, 2008, Jeannette Halton-Tiggs spoke on               * Alcohol and other drug addictions and mental illnesses
                           “Untreated Mental Illness: A Mother’s Tragedy.” Her                can affect anyone.
                           story is one of loss and failure in the criminal justice         * Alcohol and other drug addictions and mental illnesses
                           system, and her experience was ultimately tragic for               are treatable.
   many. Jeannette’s mission is to ensure that those released from the criminal             * Individuals with brain diseases should not be
   justice system continue to have access to medications and treatment for                    discriminated against.
   severe mental illness. She described her attempts to help her son when he                The Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery
   became violently ill with schizophrenia. Jeannette detailed her son’s journey            Services offers treatment and recovery through its many
   with a mental disorder, his successful treatment in prison, and the lack of              agencies. Contact the Board for more information at
   insurance coverage after probation ended. Her experience with the system                 440-285-2282.
   shows how lack of medical insurance can have tragic consequences.

   Go to for a list of upcoming speakers meetings.                                   SFY08 Geauga County Board of Mental Health
                                                                                                      and Recovery Services Contract Agencies

                                                                                              Big Brothers/Big Sisters - (440)352-2526
                                                                                              Toll-free or TDD: 1-800-222-2440
              Do You Want To Make a Difference?                                               Catholic Charities Community Services Corporation
                                                                                              (440)285-3537 Voice or TTY 1-800-242-9755
                                                                                              Teen Institute - (440)279-1706
               The Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services has             Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, Inc. - (440)285-9119
             openings for new Board members. Members are volunteers appointed by the          Mental Health Association in Geauga County - (440)285-3945
     Geauga County Commissioners, the Ohio Department of Mental Health, or the Ohio           Neighboring Mental Health Services - (440)286-7448
     Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services and serve for terms of four years.     Ravenwood Mental Health Center - (440)285-3568
     Meetings are typically scheduled for the second and third Wednesdays of the month.       Middlefield Office (440)632-5355
                                                                                              WomenSafe, Inc. - (440)286-7154
     This is a great way to serve your county while learning about mental health and
     chemical abuse treatment and prevention. Go to for an application or                  COPELINE - 24 Hr Mental Health and/or
     call 440-285-2282.                                                                                       Substance Abuse Emergency
                                                                                                            (440)285-5665 * 1-888-285-5665
                                                During my tenure on the Geauga County Board of Mental
Returning Veterans                              Health and Recovery Services, I have been somewhat
Mental Health Issues                            surprised at the lack of grassroots awareness of
                                                information about the mental health services that are
   and Services                                 available to veterans. Perhaps the national publicity
                                                about the delays in newly discharged veterans receiving
                                                disability compensation money has obscured the fact
                                                that clinical mental health and substance abuse services
are available to veterans on a walk-in basis in 28 VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) and
on an emergent basis at four hospitals with an inpatient care component (Cleveland, Chillicothe,                Robert W. Goldberg,
Cincinnati, and Dayton).                                                                                           Ph.D, ABPP
                                                                                                                 Vice Chair - Geauga County
There are a myriad of mental health problems with which this generation of veterans who have served               Board of Mental Health &
                                                                                                                      Recovery Services
in the Middle East (Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan) is presenting. Many of these veterans are a bit older (late
twenties, thirties), are in the Reserves, and have had their family and work lives disrupted by the call to active duty. Exposed to high risk and
direct combat situations, 30% of soldiers screen positively for mental health problems. The disorders they are beginning to manifest are
regrettably predictable.

The most frequent is, of course, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which is manifested in combat related nightmares and flashbacks,
suspiciousness, high anxiety and startle reactions, panic symptoms, outbursts of anger, and survivor guilt/self-blame in those veterans whose
friends have been killed. A depressive disorder is a frequent concomitant or result of these symptoms. Some veterans turn to substance abuse
in a desperate but misguided attempt to regulate their mood, numb their anxiety, or induce sleep. With more women than ever serving, some
have been victims of sexual assault, with a resultant ‘military sexual trauma’ variant of PTSD. When these veterans return to their families, their
symptoms affect their readjustment and family system as a whole. Anger, emotional distance, and withdrawal predominate. Family members
say they have changed. The fact that redeployment is quite likely adds to the difficulty in resolving symptoms and re-integrating into family and
community. The possibility of re-exposure and re-traumatization looms. While 13% of returnees report severe problems, only 42% have
sought help, due to social stigma.

Another frequently manifested disorder is traumatic brain injury (TBI), either from direct wounds or concussive explosions. Initially, it was
thought that neurological/neuropsychological intervention through cognitive rehabilitation would be the major treatment thrust. The VA does
provide a continuum of care on a regional and local basis depending on recency and severity of the TBI sustained. But it has emerged that
treatment of PTSD symptoms associated with these TBI’s are the greater therapeutic challenge, particularly in a view of the cognitive
impairments in attention and memory.

Due to better protective equipment, many veterans who would have been killed in combat conditions are
surviving with lost limbs and facial disfigurements, even if they have not sustained a TBI. Thus                I urge you to access the VISN
emotionally working through the loss of body parts and functions and adjusting to ‘disability’ is another       10 internet website at
treatment need in itself, apart from whatever PTSD symptoms may be present.                            for much
                                                                                                                more specific and detailed
In order to deal with the problems of soldiers and veterans, the VA region which comprises most of OHIO         information, including portal-
(VISN - Vertically Integrated Service Network 10) has collaborated in a group called OHIOCARES. This            of-contact phone numbers for
is a community response network created to coordinate health care for returning service members. It             all VA facilities. The burdens
consists of the Ohio DVA Medical Centers and their CBOCs, outpatient Vet Centers, Ohio National Guard           of providing mental health
and Reserve Units, the Ohio Governor’s Office, and our community mental health and substance abuse              care thus can be more
boards which send a representative to OHIOCARES meetings. Its goals include increasing public and               effectively distributed based
administrative awareness of issues, targeting concrete outreach and educational efforts to Reserve Corps        on the type, extent,
units, and establishing linkages with non-VA community mental health resources. Two training                    complexity, and specialization
conferences for community mental health providers have been accomplished and                                    of services required. In this
informational/continuing education talks have been presented in 7 counties, with 4 more scheduled.              way, our reservists and
Although the VA can provide the full continuum of mental health and substance abuse care to reservists          veterans can get the care they
and veterans, some remain resentful and seek treatment elsewhere. Thus, while providing some                    need to heal their mental and
measure of care, grassroots clinics and contractors under our Boards’ aegis need more effectively to be         emotional wounds and
informed of VA services. This will enable timely referrals to the VA for more specialized care which, in        resume their lives. They
most instances, is free of charge. In an article of this length, it is impossible to catalog the entire range   deserve nothing less!
of sites and array of services provided by the VA.
  Wally Waldbauer and Lynn Kempf, long time
  leaders for Geauga County youth recently                                          Teen Institute - H.A.N.D.S.
  celebrated their upcoming retirements with
  family and friends. Both Wally and Lynn have
  worked tirelessly in the field of prevention for
  many years. Wally is retiring as the Geauga
  County Teen Institute Coordinator and Lynn is
  retiring as the Chardon Community Action
  Team Prevention Consultant. We will see both
  Lynn and Wally around Geauga County as
  Wally continues work as the Attendance/Truant
  Officer for the Geauga County Educational        Wally Waldbauer and Lynn Kempf
  Service Center and Lynn as she picks up the
  reins as the new Teen Institute Coordinator for the upcoming school year.
  A special thanks goes out to Lynn and Wally for all of their passion and
  hard work on behalf of the youth and families of Geauga County. Their
  efforts are greatly appreciated as they have truly made a difference in our
                      MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN A TEENS LIFE.
  ◆ It is illegal to host or allow teen drinking parties in your home.
  ◆ It is unhealthy and unacceptable for anyone under age 21 to drink.
  ◆ It is unsafe and illegal for teens to drink and drive.
  ◆ Parents can be criminally prosecuted under the law.
  ◆ Parents can be sued civilly for any damages caused by hosting or allowing teens to
    drink alcohol in your home.

Board Member Spotlight - Joseph Schellentrager has been a Board member since May of 2003. He is a
school psychologist with Lake County Educational Service Center. He coordinates assessments and provides
School-based Mental Health Services.
What do you think is Geauga County’s greatest concern regarding mental health?
The residents of our county have a rich tradition that values personal freedom and quality of
life. The Board supports that tradition. Residents want mental health services that are
responsive to the needs of the individual. The consumer is the focus and we strive to provide
supports that are consumer-centered. We are fortunate to have service providers who bring
a history of commitment to our county and have skills that match their commitment. Voters
recognize the quality of these services and have been generous in their support.

You obviously spend a lot of time volunteering as a board member, why is this a priority for you?
The Board’s leadership is experienced and capable. Dr. Tom Gazley, Dr. Robert Goldberg, Alberta Chokshi and
Victor Matthews give us the direction and focus to work as a team.

As to my commitment, I’ve been fortunate to have a loving and supportive family, loyal friends, and the
opportunity for a rewarding career. I provide regional school-based services for diverse learners, many with
mental health challenges. I also facilitate school-wide positive behavior support. Being a member of the
Board allows me to share my good fortune to help all citizens of Geauga County. I know our work improves
outcomes for residents of the county. The sense of generosity I experience is very satisfying. All of us need to
know that our world is better because we are a part of that world.

What do you think is the most important thing the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery
Services does?
The most important thing we do is listen to the needs of our consumers and our mental health service
providers. The Board membership acts on their core values to respond to our community’s needs.
Our mental health staff, led by our director Jim Adams, shares our commitment and has extraordinary
skills to help our values become services for consumers. I am proud to work with others who share a
passion for providing quality services to promote mental health. Our county residents expect and
support the highest standard of care.

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