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									Taller de cuentos – workshop with short stories
                   Project Overview

Learning Areas    Spanish
       Levels     after 1.5 – 2 years of Spanish
   Objectives     •Text comprehension, text reproduction, text analysis and illustration
                  •Individual (virtual) work with unknown partner in a foreign language

    Description    Spanish students of two Swiss colleges form tandems and learn from each
                   other on the virtual platform Educanet2. Each tandem gets two short stories
                   (for example from the book from Jorge Bucay: Déjame que te cuente). They
                   have to resume these two short stories, analyze and illustrate one of them and
                   publish them on the Educanet2 Webpage. The Highlight is a real meeting of
                   the two colleges where they will get the golden pen (El bolígrafo de oro) for the
                   best results.

                   This project can be used with other foreign languages and/or other stories.

      Software     Educanet2 (or any other student collaboration platform with document
                   repository, web publishing tool, chat, messenger etc.), Hot Potatoes
     Keywords      short stories, teamwork, Spanish, foreign language, Educanet2
        Author     Wildisen Nicole, KMS Seetal, Baldegg, Luzern, Seetal

Taller de cuentos – workshop with short stories
              Teacher Planning and Management
              Click the documents below to help you understand the context of
              this exemplary learning project:
              Background & Planning: A picture of the origin and objectives of
              the learning project, including the manner in which the project was
              planned and managed.
              Classroom Images: Images of the classroom to give you a better
              feeling for how the project was implemented.

Taller de cuentos – workshop with short stories
              Teaching Resources
              Click the documents below to view the teaching resources used in the
                     teaching of this learning project:
              Student Project Overview: under the following link all the
                   information the students need to start this project is available:

              1.      A list of the short stories
              2.      Las ranitas en la nata: grammar exercise with Hotpotatoes needed
                      to repeat the important structures for writing summaries:
                      Hotpotatoes 1-3
              3.      Las Galletitas: short story we told the students at the physical
                      meeting of the classes, with questions and template for the
              4.      Juan Sinpiernas: short story with questions for the exam at the end
                      of the project.
              5.      List of useful vocabulary and grammar overview.

                   List of          short story        vocabulary          short story      grammar overview
               short stories          exam            for interpretation   las galletitas   imperfecto/indefinido
                   Hot Potatoes 1                 Hot Potatoes 2                    Hot Potatoes 3
Taller de cuentos – workshop with short stories
              Assessment and Standards
              Click the document below to see the assessment rubrics and standards
              covered in this learning project:
              Assessment Rubrics: in this project the motivation for computer work gets
              netted with the motivation for Spanish. The students are interested in creating
              WebPages, and by doing that they work with the objective: they made creative
              activities in Spanish language. The result is a workshop with relish and
              furthermore with the special challenge because they also have to work in a
              team with an unknown partner.
              Evaluation: At the end of the of the project the students have to write an exam.
              They get another short story of Bucay where they have to write a summary and
              an analysis.
              National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS):
              •Spanish curriculum context: this project includes all the four facilities which
              are important in the language acquisition. These are reading and
              comprehension of Spanish texts, writing summaries, commenting texts,
              exchange of opinion (written and oral), listening practice and further grammar
              repetition (past forms) and vocabulary exercise.
              •ICT curriculum context: creating and publishing of own texts, application of
              the virtual platform Educanet2 with its advantages and disadvantages, creating
              own WebPages, handling with photos and pictures, application of online


Taller de cuentos – workshop with short stories
          Background Information
          KMS Seetal is an innovative High School in Baldegg, a village close to

          The KMS wants to be a human school characterized by
                    expectations of effort, concentration and staying power.
                    learning with relish and pleasure.
                    contact to the nature.
                    finding the sense.
          The students shall get the personal maturity they need for their studies at
          the university or another academy. They are prepared to meet the high
          expectation of our society. More information under the following homepage:

          This project is supported by:

           Microsoft Switzerland GmbH:

           good pr@ctice:

           Schule im Netz:

          ibercultura Luzern:

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