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					Spring 2010
HR: Academic Personnel
Processing Workshop

               Thursday, January 7, 2010
                     10:00 am – 11:00 am
        Oviatt Library Presentation Room
             Today’s Topics
The Spring 2010 GUIDE
Default Dates, Processing Calendar & The Sign-In Process
Appointment Letters
The Modules: PTF vs. Student
Salary Ranges & PTF Payroll and Module Processing Dates
Lack of Available Units & Conditions of Appointment &
     Cancellation of Classes
Additional Work & Special Pays
Academic Student Employees
Fall 2009 & Spring 2010 PARS
    Spring 2010 Appointment Dates
Part – Time Lecturers (2358)
  Spring Only – S1:      01/19/2010 – 05/24/2010
Teaching Associates (2354)
  Spring Only – S1:     01/19/2010 – 05/24/2010

Graduate Assistant AY (2355 – Standard)
  Spring – 5 Month:     02/01/2010 – 06/30/2010

Graduate Assistant Monthly (2325 - Exception)
  Can begin and end any date; Max appt = 6 mos.
Instructional Student Assistants (1150, 1151)
  Include First Day of Employment and Known Last Day of
  Employment or End of Semester/Year. Must be
  Terminated at end of appointment, based on End Date.
                                                                                                                                                                 Spring 2010
                                                                                                                            Part-Time Academic Personnel Appointmen
                                                                                                                                                    (Lecturers, Teaching Associates, Graduate Assista

                EMPLOYEE SIGN-IN                                                DEPARTMENT/COLLEGE                                            HRIS/Payroll/Benefits
     1/12 - 1/22       Spring Semester Employee Sign-In Hours:     30 days      Submit PA Rs to Human Resources for:                 1/5/10    Make SolarHR Module
                                Monday through Friday              prior t o    - All Full-Time Lecturer Appts (14.9 - 15.0 units)             available to departments for
                          1/12 - 1/22; 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.     effective     - Changes in PTF Base Salary or Rank/Grade                     data entry and changes
                              University Hall, Rm 165               date        - Correction to PTF Appointment Duration
                                                                                - Retroactive PTF Changes                            Begin     Complete PS data input for new PTF
                                                                                - PTF Resignations                                    1/5      and make Payroll Ready; Review data
                              Regular Sign-In Hours:                            - PTF Retirements                                              changes for accuracy and completeness
      after 1/22                Monday through Friday                           - FERP Completions and Spring Appointments
                                9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.                          - Rehired Annuitant Appointments                     Begin     HR sends email notification to departments
                                University Hall, Rm 165                                                                              1/5/10    to pick up Validation Stickers
                                                                   14 days      Generate & send out TA, GA & ISA Spring offer/
 Sign-In               1. New Employee; or                         prior to     appointment letters. (Provide 14 days notice of
 Required if:          2. Has not been employed at CSUN for      effect. date   appointment to accept).
                          3 semesters (18 months) or longer
                                                                  01/05/10      Begin input of Part-Time Lecturer, TA , & GA
                              Please direct questions                           data into SolarHR PTF Module
                                regarding Sign-In to              01/05/10      College MA Rs A pprove PTF Data input by
                              Selena Sweeney in HR*              to 5/21/10     departments.

 SC-1                  1. New Lecturer or TA; or                    Begin       Submit PTF and TA validation stickers list
 Required if:          2. Has not been employed at                   1/5        to Selena Garcia in HR* (Please submit lists as
                         CSUN for 3 semesters                                   soon as possible to ensure timely processing.)
                         (18 months) or longer
                                                                    1/19        Send Total Employment Disclosure Forms                            For Benefits questions, contact:
 Total Instructional   Every semester for A LL Tenured,                         to Faculty Affairs
 Employment            Probationary, and Part-Time Faculty;                                                                                    Monica Escontrias - Ext. 3810
 Disclosure Form       TA's; GA's: and ISA's.                        2/3                             G
                                                                                PS/PA YROLL PROCESSIN DEA DLINE:                               (Last Name begins with letter A through K)
 Required:                                                                      Last day to input data into SolarHR for guaranteed
                                                                                processing by Payroll for the Feb. pay warrant                 Cathy Salazar - Ext. 2119
                       NOTE: In order to be paid, purchase           2/4        A PPROVA L DEA DLIN   E:                                       (Last Name begins with letter L through Z)
                       parking or establish a WEB Portal                        Last day for MARs to approve PTF data for
                       and e-mail account, new faculty                          guaranteed processing for the Feb. pay warrant.                Mary Snipes - Ext. 2728
                       must have:                                    2/4        Continue to input and approve PTF                              (Leaves & Retirement Information)
                                                                      to        appointment/change data into SolarHR.
                       1. Had their appointment input and         5/21/10       Every effort should be made to input PTF             2/18      Payroll Cutoff. All Appointments &
                       approved in PeopleSoft                                   data BY 2/3/10 (COB) or the appropriate                        changes must be keyed in at Payroll
                                         and                                    Keying Deadline.                                               for February pay warrant
                       2. Completed the Sign-In process
                                                                    Begin        Generate Part-Time Faculty A ppointment             03/01     Pay Day for February pay warrant
                                                                   01/19         Letters

* Selena Sweeney in HR (Validation Stickers & Employee Sign-In) -                                           Mail Drop: 8229, E-mail: Selena.Sweeney@csun.edu, Ext
                 Sign-In Process
 New Faculty, TAs, GAs, and ISAs
 Returning Instructional Personnel that have not
  taught/worked in the past 18 months

Spring Semester Sign-In Hours
 Tuesday, January 12, through Friday, January 22, 2010
 University Hall, Room 165
 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Validation Sticker Request and Pick-Up Process
ID Cards*
Total Employment Disclosure Form
         Benefits Administration
Benefit Eligibility flyer
  No Changes in Eligibility Requirements

Deadline to enroll in benefits:   Friday, February 12, 2010

 If Eligible:                                    Effective:
 Medical, Dental & Vision Coverage               March 1, 2010
 Flex Cash                                       April 1, 2010

Benefits Summary Information on-line:

       Monica Escontrias x3810 (Last Name A - K)
       Cathy Salazar     x2119 (Last Name L - Z)
       Mary Snipes       x2728 (Leaves & Retirements)
Appointment Letters & Part-Time Audit
  Appointment Letter Templates
        Posted on the HR Academic Personnel website

  Unit 11 Appointment Letters:
         14 Days to Accept

  Unit 3 Appointment Letters:
         February 10th is the target date for PTF Audit
         download. Spreadsheets will be sent out to
         Colleges and Departments after the Audit to
         begin sending out Appointment letters.
              Part Time Faculty Module
PTF (2358), TAs (2354) & GAs (2355, 2325)

  Opened for hiring Friday, January 5, 2010

  February Keying Deadline:   Wednesday, February 3rd
  February Approval Deadline: Thursday, February 4th

                 The Student Module
Instructional Student Assistants (ISAs) (1150, 1151)
   Hire directly in the Student Module
        (Don’t forget the end date)

   Must be Terminated at end of appointment
       Payroll & PTF Module Processing Dates
                    Spring, 2010
Pay Period              Payroll Date                     Deadlines
                                                  Keying        Approval
01/19 – 03/01/2010 March 1, 2010                  Wed, Feb 3          Thurs, Feb 4

03/02– 03/31/2010     March 30, 2010              Wed, Mar 3          Thurs, Mar 4

04/01 – 04/30/2010 April 30, 2010                 Fri, Apr 2          Mon, Apr 5

05/01 – 05/31/2010 May 28, 2009                   Wed, May 5          Thurs, May 6

06/01 – 06/30/2010 June 30, 2010                  Wed, Jun 9          Thurs, Jun 10

07/01 – 07/30/2010 July 30, 2010

     Refer to the AY Faculty Paycheck Distribution Chart for additional information.
                                                                                ENTITLEMENTS             Spring 2010 Hiring Workshop 01/07/2010

Academic Year #1 Work
                                                Academic Year #2                      Academic Year #2

                                                                                           If reappointed for
                                  S             S    Does Work in Year                S    the following year          S     Does AY Service
                                  U             c    #1 earn a One-Year               c     beginning in the           c    Count toward 6 yrs
                                  M             e                                     e                                e    required to earn a
            Fall      Spring      M
                                                        entitlement if                      Fall, what is the
                                                n    Reappointed in Fall              n         amount of              n       Three-Year
                                  E             a                                     a                                a    Entitlement Under
                                  R                      of Year #2?                       entitlement for the
                                                r                                     r           year?                r           12.12?
                                                i                                     i                                i
Scenario                                        o                                     o                                o

   1         9           6                      1            Yes                      1         15 WTU                 1            Yes

   2         9           6        3             2            Yes                      2         15 WTU                 2            Yes

   3                     6        3             3            Yes                      3          9 WTU                 3            Yes

   4         9                                  4             No                      4          0 WTU                 4            Yes

   5                     6                      5             No                      5          0 WTU                 5            Yes

   6                              3             6             No                      6          0 WTU                 6            No

   7             9                3             7             No                      7          0 WTU                 7            Yes

           Must work 2 consecutive terms in prior academic year and only first 2 consecutive terms count in establishing entitlement. Fall is
 Note:     first term of the year. The Summer terms may be used to make-up entitlements not met during the prior academic year.
3 Year Appointments:
 Lecturers with 3 year appointments should have their unit
      entitlements met before lecturers with one-year or lesser
   The same number of units (or more) that they taught in the
      their sixth year, or in the last year of their previous 3-Yr
   3-year appointments are automatically renewed unless the
      department has documented unsatisfactory
      performance or serious conduct problems.
1 Year Appointments:
  If a lecturer taught both semesters last year or only this past
        Spring and Summer, and was hired for Fall 09, unless
        they had their unit entitlement met in Fall 09, they should
        have an appointment for this Spring.
    Cancellation of Classes/Assignments
Unit 3
   Appointments for FT Lecturers are not conditional on budget or enrollment.
   For all other lecturers:
       Classes may be cancelled any time prior to the third class meeting.
       The Instructor is paid from the beginning of the semester through the last day
          worked (day of first or second class meeting).
       If a class is cancelled after the third class meeting, you are obligated to pay the
          instructor for the entire semester or provide an alternate work assignment.

Unit 11
   Single Term Appointments or the First term in a multiple term appointment are not
      conditional on budget or enrollment.
   If Conditional:
       Teaching Associate Appointments may be rescinded any time prior to the third
         class meeting. Pay TA for class hours taught.
       Graduate Assistant Appointments may be rescinded any time prior to the second
         full week of the academic term. Pay GA for actual hours worked.
       Instructional Student Assistants
           All Appointments are conditional and may be rescinded based on budget
             and/or enrollment.
      Additional Work & Special Pays
Total Instructional Employment Disclosure Form
   The Department provides each Faculty member (FT, PT, ASE) with a
    Disclosure Form; the Faculty member completes the form and returns
    it to the Department Chair for review and signature
      Be aware of potential workload conflicts
   Return authorized forms to Faculty Affairs by 1st Day of Instruction.

125% Rule
   An employee is allowed 125% ONLY IF certain conditions are met
       Consists of employment of a substantially different nature, or
       Funded from non-general fund sources, or
       Accrual of part-time employment from more than one CSU Campus
   Full Time = 40 Hours = 100%
             25% = roughly 10 hours/week
   Part Time Faculty Up to 40 Hours = 100%
             25% = roughly 10 hours / week or 3 Units per week

There are three distinct periods:
    AY (Fall and Spring)        Winter/Intersession              Summer
    Nuts and Bolts of Special Pay Work
Pre-Authorizations are Required for All Additional Work

Pre-Authorizations are not Required for Substitute Work

Departments are restricted to 4660 & 2356 Job Codes (2322, 2323, 2363 –
 Extended Learning Only)

4660 Special Consultant – Pays by daily rate only. Current range is $91 -
  $1214 per day.
    All Special Consultant (4660) work requires a Pre-Authorization.
    An Authorization for Special Pay (ASP) cannot overlap/cross pay

New employees (or break in service of 18 months or more) must complete
    sign-in process in HR.
ASE Hiring, Separations & Terminations
  Open Hire Positions must be posted via ASE-1 Form

End of Appointment / Separations:
  Prior to the end of an appointment, the hiring department should submit a
    PAR to Faculty Affairs to separate a monthly employee on the last day of
    the appointment period. Otherwise . . .

Resignation or Declining an Appointment:
  If an Academic Student Employee declines or resigns from an appointment,
     the employee should submit a written letter stating that they decline the
     appointment or resign from the position (an effective date must be
     included). If the employee does not submit written documentation, the
     hiring department should send or email a confirmation of the discussion
     and details surrounding the withdrawal.

Failure to Perform Duties:
  If an Academic Student Employee fails to perform his or her duties in
     fulfillment of the appointment, the hiring department or supervisor should
     consult with Faculty Affairs.
     Remember, If the ASE is going to be evaluated, they are contractually entitled to know the
      evaluation criteria within 14 days of the appointment.
       Wrapping Up Fall 2009
Getting Ready for Spring 2010
PARS Needed to Wrap up Fall 2009
                    Action                 Full-Time     Part-Time
                                          Spring 2010   Spring 2010
                                           Sample #      Sample #

PARS Needed for Unit 3
  Retirement (attach copy of letter)         #7            #2
  Resignation (attach copy of letter)        #9            #2
  Separating PTF outside AY or 12 Month       -            #3
  default dates
  Completing 5 Years of FERP                   -           N/A
PARS Needed for Unit 11
  Separating Monthly TAs (2353) or             -             -
  Monthly GAs (2325) not rehired for
         PARS Needed for Spring 2010
                         Action                      Full-Time     Part-Time
                                                    Spring 2010   Spring 2010
                                                     Sample #      Sample #
PARS Needed
  Full Time Faculty: New or Temporary Appointment     #1, #2           -
  Return Faculty from a Difference in Pay (DIP)        #4            #6
  Leave or a Leave Without Pay (LWOP)
   No PAR needed for Return from Fall Full Pay
   Begin a Sabbatical or DIP Leave                   # 5, # 6        N/A
   Begin a Leave Without Pay                           #3             -
   Begin FERP Participation Teaching Spring 100%       #8            N/A
   Emergency Hires outside Pool or Search               -             -
   Rehire with Base Salary Adjustment                  N/A           #1
   Rehired Annuitant Appointment                        -            #4
   Temp Faculty with an Article-12 Three-Year          N/A           #5
   Appointment that did not work in Fall 2009
Thank You

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