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					Create Your Resume
              Career Center
        2nd Floor, Rogalski Center
         St. Ambrose University

   After completing this tutorial, have your
           resume draft reviewed
       by contacting the Career Center
             for an appointment
    Think of your resume as a…

   Targeted summary of skills, qualifications,
    experiences, and achievements

   Document used to track your
    accomplishments, network with others and
    obtain job interviews

   Method for communicating your professional
    value to future employers

     Bust these resume myths before you start…

   Myth: Resumes should never exceed one page
       If you have a lot of relevant experience and it takes more than
        one page to describe it, that‟s ok. Most undergrads with a couple
        key professional experiences can do it in 1 solid page.

   Myth: Unusual resumes attract attention
       Resumes are formal documents. Use your creativity but
        remember that you want to stand out because of the content!

   Myth: Exaggerate accomplishments--nobody checks
       This isn‟t the time to be humble, but never lie on your resume.
        It‟s the surest way NOT to get hired.

   Myth: Resume Templates are easy and best; you can use the
    same resume for each job
       It‟s much better to change your resume as relevant to the
        particular position for which you‟re applying. Read the job
        description and then make sure you incorporate all the skills
        they‟re looking for. Using an MS WORD DOCUMENT is the best
        way to be able to update your resume regularly; templates are
        not nearly as user friendly and/or easy to change.
Where can you begin?
Reflect on your skills, knowledge, and experience. Take
     out a piece of paper and jot down answers to the
     following 3 questions:

   1.   What makes you uniquely qualified for this position and
        for work in this industry? (even if you‟re not currently
        applying you should find an interesting job description
        and practice tailoring your resume to it)

   2.   What skills do you have that would be useful to this

   3.   What have you accomplished in school, internships,
        student orgs, or as a volunteer, etc. that you want to

        In a moment, we will look at how to incorporate these
                      elements into your resume.

What makes you unique?
   It‟s easy to overlook individual strengths, skills,
    accomplishments and knowledge utilized but now is
    not the time to be humble!

   Ask yourself these questions:
      What could you uniquely contribute to any
       organization or project?
      If your supervisor were to write a letter of
       recommendation, what would he/she say?
      Did you initiate, develop, create something
       new? What were the results?

Consider highlighting these skills…
   Organizational & Planning Skills
   Teamwork Skills
   Interpersonal & Communication Skills
   Leadership
   Impact & Initiative
   Attention to Detail
   Adaptability

What do resumes
   look like?
Resumes generally have this
 appearance and contain 3
    broad categories of

      1. Name & contact

   2. Education information

    3. Descriptions of your
      experience, skills &

A few technical logistics…
   Use a Microsoft/Mac Word Doc to create your
    Resume, as templates are very difficult to change
   Should use a 12 point font throughout EXCEPT for
    your header section (14 point or smaller); use no
    smaller size than 11 point font
   Use a professional font such as Times New Roman or
   Top Margin: 0.8” or above
   Bottom Margin: 0.6” or above
   Left and Right Margins: 0.8” or above
   DO NOT USE acronyms
   Try to limit to one page if possible (see slide 3)

Let’s Get Started…
   If you have the Resume Packet from the
    Career Center, begin by completing the
   Can also print resume guidelines from our
   Start with the top section ,“Your Name”.
   If you do not have the packet or the
    guideline sheet, the tutorial will instruct
    you what to complete as we go along.

       Include a personal heading
                                            John Doe

         Present Address: 123 Ambrose Street #411, Davenport, IA 52803 (563) 333-0101
          Permanent Address: 2008 Graduate Lane, Des Moines, IA 50301 (515) 555-5050

Include permanent
address if you‟ll be                     Michael Smith
moving or home for                    1010 North Rogalski Road
                                                                       Make your name stand out
      break                             Bettendorf, IA 52722
                                                                        With a 14 point font or
                                          (563) 333-2222

                                          ANDREA JONES

       Present                                                      Permanent
       518 W. Locust Street                                         815 E. Ambrose Road
       Davenport, IA 52804                                          Rock Island, IL 61201
       (563) 333-3030         Use professional-                     (309) 738-0000
                                looking email
      State your career objective or profile
      statement (optional)
         If you want to include an objective, be concise (1-2
          lines), clear and targeted to the specific position

         Consider including:
               The industry or position of interest
               What skills you have to offer (how you can benefit the
               Type of agency/organization you want to work for

         Remember: A well written objective shows the employer you
          have purpose & direction; a poorly written one just wastes space!

    Objective Statement vs. Profile
 An objective statement tells the employer what you are
  looking for
 A profile statement tells the employer what you have

  to offer them
 Profile statement should detail three to five key strengths,
  experiences and interests that one has to offer the employer
 A comparison:

Objective: Desire technical editing position with supervisory
  responsibilities in an engineering firm.

Profile: Highly skilled technical writer with three years
  publishing experience. Knowledgeable in current web design
  technology. Experienced communicator and team player.

  Create the education section

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor in Biology
St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa
Graduation:       May 2010      GPA: 3.65/4.0
Honors:           Dean‟s List, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society
Languages:        Spanish, two years – college

Sydney University, Sydney, Australia, Summer 2008
Coursework included Australia art, Australian politics and economics

                                           If your GPA is over 3.0
                                             it’s generally a good
                                                idea to include it.
                                             Consider calculating
                                            your major GPA if it’s

Tips on Education Section

   When including your GPA, but sure to put the number out
    of 4.0 (example: 3.6/4.0) because some schools in
    Illinois are on a 5 point system

   Do not have to include the name of a college you
    transferred from UNLESS you received a degree (A.A.,
    A.S) or if it was a college with name recognition (see
    example next page)

   Colleges should be listed in reverse chronological order
    (list the most recent college first)

Examples of including Transfer
College Information in Education
   Bachelor of Arts in English
    St. Ambrose University, Davenport, IA
    Graduation Date: May 2009      GPA: 3.6/4.0
    Associate of Arts Degree, BlackHawk College,
    Moline, Illinois, May 2007

   Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
    St. Ambrose University, Davenport, IA
    Graduation Date: May 2009        GPA: 4.0/4.0
    Transfer College: University of Notre Dame,
    33 credits

    You may add these sections before
    Work Experience:
   Special Projects
    -first line should include name of project, class title, and
    the date you took the class

    -can use paragraph or bulleted form to explain your duties
    & responsibilities

    -if you have already done an internship or have lots of
    related experience, you can leave off special projects

    -use ACTION VERBS to explain what you have done
    (see list of action verbs in the packet)

You may add these sections before
Work Experience:
   Internships or Practicum
    -first line should include name of company, location, and
    date of internship/practicum

    -can use paragraph or bulleted form to explain your
    duties, responsibilities, etc.

    -use ACTION VERBS to explain what you did
    (see list of action verbs in the packet)

    -list Internship(s) before Work Experience UNLESS you
    have a lot of extensive experience, then put it afterwards
    OR include both in a section called “Professional

You may add these sections before
Work Experience:

 Related Coursework

 -this looks nice in columns but you can also list by using a
 comma to separate the experience

 -do not use class numbers, use the actual TITLE
 of the class

 -you do not need to add related coursework if you are
 getting ready to graduate and have a lot of related
 experience – once you have a BA the employer knows
 that you have taken lots of related coursework

You may add these sections
before Work Experience:
   Job Shadows

    -start by including the name of the company, the location,
    date, and hours completed

    -include a brief description about what you observed using
    ACTION VERBS (see list of action verbs in the packet)

    -you can use either paragraph or bulleted form to explain
    what you observed

Tell them about your experience

   This is the most important part of your resume
   Start by making a list of:
      Employers and organizations where you‟ve
       worked, volunteered, participated
      Location of employer/org (City, State)

      Your job/position title

      Dates worked
                                            If you
      Duties &                     only have 20 minutes
                                  to work on your resume,
        responsibilities              spend 15 of them
                                       working on the
      Accomplishments                   experience
      Skills you gained                   sections

      Projects you worked on
Use bullet points,
 3-5 is a general                        Play with fonts, italics, and bolding
recommendation                               to make your title and the
                                            organization name stand out

    Start each
 statement with a
strong action verb

                                                                 Be sure to write
                       Highlight your                           out abbreviations
                     accomplishments!!                           that others may
                                                                  not recognize

        Action Verb Ideas

You can find lists of action
 verbs online. Try doing
   a Google search using
  „resume action verbs‟.

                                Use creative headings to
                                group your experiences

                           This student could integrate more about the transferable
                            skills she gained during these experiences. Remember
                            not to be too focused on your duties; incorporate skills
Quantify your experience
                                           and accomplishments too.
     when you can
                            Example: “Honed decision-making skills and ability to
                            multi-task while being responsible for 75+ children at
                                                  bus stop”

Ideas for experience headings
   Laboratory                  Certifications, licensure
   Military                    Leadership experience
   Publications                Public/Community
   Writing & editing            Service
   Research                    Professional
   Teaching                     associations, student
   Language
                                Fundraising
   International, cross-
    cultural, study abroad      Campus involvement
   Patient care                Technical skills
   Animal care                 Computer skills

Having trouble defining your
achievements (in a job, volunteer or
leadership position)?
   Use the E A S Y Method:
    E – Experiences (what experiences have I had in
    this role?)

    A – Achievements (what achievements have I had
    in this role?

    S – Skills (what skills have I learned in this role?)

    Y – Your link to the relevant aspects of the job you
    are applying for!

       (Source: “What Color is Your Parachute?” 2008)
How do I describe my Experience?
      Example 1:      Taught children

      Example 2:      Prepared Payroll

      Example 3:       Designed and implemented a
      new incentive program compensation program

      Example 4:      Provided care to patients

How do I describe my Experience?
    Example 1: Taught 25 children ages 5-7

    Example 2: Prepared payroll for 150 employees

    Example 3: Designed and implemented a new incentive
    compensation program that contributed to a volume
    increase of 7.7%

    Example 4: Provided care to 8 patients
    per day

How do I describe my Experience?
    Resources come in:
       specific number who were impacted,
       involved, led, or supported
       dates – to & from
       # of years, months, weeks, hours
       # of times
       % of times

How do I describe my Experience?
      Total dollars $
      Net worth amounts
      Dollar amounts per hour, day, week, annual,
      bi-annually, etc.
      Scope of duties by # of offices
      Size of territory
      # of things

How do I describe my Experience?
    Example 1: Taught 25 children ages 5-7 communication
    & fine motor skills through the facilitation of social &
    recreational activities

    Example 2: Prepared computerized payroll for 150
    employees; assisted in preparing divisional salary/bonus
    reports; analyzed and reconciled monthly payroll reports

How do I describe my Experience?
   STEP 3, continued:

    Example 3: Designed and implemented a new incentive
    compensation program that contributed to a volume
    increase of 7.7 percent

    Example 4: Provided post-operative nursing care to up to
    8 patients per day on the orthopedic floor

How do I describe my experience?
Words and phrases to consider:

   Successfully        Which resulted in
   Correctly            _____
   On time             Saved money by
   Properly             _______
   To standards        Which increased
   Professionally
                        Which improved

Now you can add these sections:

   Volunteer Experience
   Campus Activities & Organizations
   Community Involvement
   Professional Organizations
   Computer and Technical Skills
   Professional Licensures & Certificates
    Be sure to include the activity, city/state, and date of each

    Narrow down these sections so only the most relevant
    activities are included

Should I include high school
information on my resume?
   First year students and sophomores may include
    High school information, but ONLY if you plan to list
    relevant & recent activities elsewhere or if you need
    help filling the page.

   Juniors and Seniors should generally remove all
    high school information unless it would specifically
    help you get a job or an internship, for example:

       You attended a private high school known for it‟s dance
        instruction and you want to be employed at a dance

“References Available Upon Request”
   Always, ALWAYS ASK someone to be a reference for
    you BEFORE you put their name down as a reference

   Create an additional page, separate from your resume,
    which lists your references and their contact
       Put your personal header at the top of that page in case it
        gets separated from the others

   You can send this list along with applications or wait
    until you‟re asked for it.

   Ask only those with whom you have a professional
    relationship (supervisors, advisors, professors, etc) to
    serve as your reference.

Example format for your references

Dr. John Deere, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
St. Ambrose University
Department of Psychology
1234 McMullen Hall
518 West Locust
Davenport, Iowa 52803
(563) 555-5555

     Check, check, check your resume!

   Scan it! What jumps out at you? Is that the first thing
    you want employers to notice?

   Read it! And have others proofread for errors,
    especially spelling.

   Print it! Check margins, print type, font size, never
    email before printing it yourself. Use high quality white

   Email it! Send it to yourself and friends, make sure it
    looks the way you want.

   Revise it! Target your resume for every opportunity,
    generic resumes are less successful.
Where can I find more help?
   There are many great websites which can give you more
    ideas for formatting and structuring content
      Check out The Riley Guide

   Ask your student organization to host a resume,
    interview, or cover letter workshop. Contact SAU Career
    Services for more information.

   Additional resources, links, and sample resumes can be
    found here.

   SAU Career Services
      After creating your draft resume, visit the SAU Career
       Center to schedule an appointment for an individual


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