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					                                      inforMED                                   Robert R. Rich, M.D.
                                                                                Senior Vice President &
                                 Schooll of Mediiciine
                                 Schoo of Med c ne                             Dean, School of Medicine
                                      at UAB
                                      at UAB
                                  June 15, 2005, Vo u me 1, Is sue 2
                                  June 15,, 2005,,Volllume 1,, IIssue 2
                                  June 15 2005 Vo ume 1 ssue 2

“Center” Proposals Due
                                               Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)
The University is now accepting
University Wide Interdisciplinary                                                                               During the week of
Research Center (UWIRC) applications.                                                                        May 22 – 27, 2005 I
This competitive process occurs once                                                                         was privileged to
every three years. Proposal instructions                                                                     participate in a visit
are available at:                                                                                            to the Centre for Applications                                                                        Infectious Disease
are due by June 30, 2005.
                                                                                                             Research in Zambia
                                                                                                             (CIDRZ) as part of
                                                                                                             an administrative site
                                                                                                             visit team from UAB.
                                                                                                             Accompanying me
                                                                                                             on that visit were Dr.
                                                                                                             Eli Capilouto,
                                                                                                             Provost; Dr. Max
                                                                                                             Michael, Dean,
                                               School of Public Health; Mr. Allen Bolton, Sr. Associate Dean for Administration
                                               and Finance; and Mr. John Daniel, UAB Counsel. The purpose of our trip was to
                                               understand more clearly the special partnership that has existed between UAB
Zambian health care workers preparing
                                               and CIDRZ since the program was founded five years ago in order to confront
treatments                                     the enormous challenges of HIV/AIDS in that country. So many individuals in
                                               Zambia and in Birmingham have contributed to the successful launch of this
                                               important initiative. UAB faculty members Drs. Robert Goldenberg and Sten
                                               Vermund along with UAB School of Public Health graduates in Zambia, Drs.
                                               Kasonde Mwinga, Moses Sinkala, and Issac Zulu were instrumental in the birth
                                               and growth of the program and remain involved. Drs. Jeff and Elizabeth
                                               Stringer, School of Medicine faculty members in the department of Obstetrics
                                               and Gynecology, have been based in the Zambian capital Lusaka from the
                                               beginning and their continuing presence and personal commitment to treatment
                                               and prevention of HIV/AIDS in Zambia has been a key to the successes
                                                  Beginning with NIH research grants of approximately $200,000 per year in
Locals promoting HIV prevention
                                               2000, by 2005 CIDRZ has grown at an astonishing rate to an annual budget in
                                               excess of $16 million annually, led by support from the President‟s Emergency
                                               Program for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Although as a dean I thought it appropriate
                                               that I should become personally acquainted with a program of this magnitude, it
                                               was the mission rather than the size of the budget that was the real impetus for
                                               my visit. When our delegation departed Lusaka at the end of the week it was
                                               with profound appreciation for accomplishments of extraordinary magnitude.
                                               With approximately 400 employees, CIDRZ programs are now distributed to
                                               clinical sites across the city and into the surrounding countryside, having
                                               enrolled more than 20,000 patients in anti-retroviral treatment programs for
                                               AIDS treatment or the prevention of HIV maternal-child transmission. Although
                                               U.S. PEPFAR funds are distributed to 15 countries around the globe, I believe
Public health service campaign
                                               that the success of the UAB-CIDRZ partnership is unsurpassed anywhere. All
                                               the members of our delegation were deeply moved by visits to some of the
                                               clinics where CIDRZ programs are based. We saw not only by the enormity of
                                               the burdens of disease and the logistic challenges that are being faced every
                                               day, but also the joy on the faces of individuals who had been previously
                                               seriously ill with AIDS and now, thanks to the anti-retroviral drug treatment
     Welcome New Faculty               appear to be healthy and leading productive lives filled with renewed hope.
                                          I left Lusaka with enormous pride in what SOM faculty members have
March                                  accomplished along with their committed partnership with Zambian leaders,
Huntsville: James Chandler;            CIDRZ employees and thousands of patients and volunteers. I see it as a
Medicine: Linda Schultz;               relationship intended to last until the battle against HIV/AIDS has been won.
Pathology: Aimee Landar;               Additionally I view the UAB-CIDRZ relationship as a possible template for
Pediatrics: Michelle Marron            development of future UAB programs in global health. I‟m so grateful for the
                                       opportunity to work with all the SOM faculty in support of programs of genuine
April                                  “world-class” stature, such as I saw last month in Zambia.
Pathology: Amy Adams;
Radiology: Ian Malcolm, Desiree        The SiteMinder Initiative
                                          On January 25, 2005, the UAB Clinical Trials Policy and Oversight Committee
                                       (POC) recommended a UAB system-wide implementation of Oracle‟s
                                       SiteMinder software program. This web-based program is intended to provide
Pediatrics: Kristin Avis;
                                       for 1) standardization of patient-related costs in clinical trials; 2) patient
Radiology: Yung So Kim
                                       registration, scheduling and tracking; 3) “real-time” assessment of billings and
                                       collections; and 4) generation of reports. (In this context, a clinical trial is an
   Best Wishes and Farewell
                                       intervention study in human subjects (healthy volunteers or patients) from which
                                       outcomes are observed and recorded. It employs one or more physical
                                       intervention technique(s) including prophylactic, diagnostic or therapeutic
Emergency Medicine: Craig
                                       agents, devices or procedures.) The SiteMinder program is to be seamlessly
Rubenstein; Medicine: Varghese
                                       integrated with Cerner, IDX and HealthQuest. The UAB Comprehensive Cancer
George, Dorcas Mansell, JoAna
                                       Center will be the pilot site for implementation of the SiteMinder program.
Stallworth; Neurology: Steven
                                          On February 9, 2005, President Carol Garrison accepted the
Rosenfeld; Surgery: Andrew
                                       recommendations of the POC. A Project Steering Team (PST) for the
                                       “SiteMinder Initiative” was established and Dr. Samuel Beenken, Associate
                                       Director for Clinical Trials at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, was
                                       appointed by the POC as Physician Director. The PST has gathered
Genetics: Ken-ichiro Fukuchi;
                                       comprehensive data on the clinical trials processes currently in place at UAB,
Medicine: Matthias Kraus, Naomi
                                       has purchased the necessary computer hardware and software, is configuring
Lang-Unnasch, Chiara Liguori;
                                       the computer hardware and is pursuing an implementation agreement with
Surgery: Charles S. Cobbs,
                                       Oracle. Significant progress has been made in developing uniform fee
George Zorn; Pathology: Sarki
                                       schedules for research costs at the Kirklin Clinic and the University Hospital.
                                       After “beta-testing” at the Cancer Center, the configuration of SiteMinder
                                       proposed for system-wide implementation, will be reviewed and revised by
                                       system-wide investigators. Once finalized and implemented, SiteMinder
Anesthesiology: William Ware,
                                       promises to alleviate current difficulties in determining patient-related costs and
III; Cell Biology: James Sheetz;
                                       in billings and collections, while assuring compliance with federal regulations.
Medicine: Pierre Triozzi;
                                          An Executive Steering Team (EST) has recently been established, which is
Neurology: Rodney Soto;
                                       chaired by Dr. David Warnock, Director of the UAB Office of Human Research.
Radiology: Kay Hamrick
                                       The EST provides for both oversight of the PST and for system-wide
                                       participation in key SiteMinder implementation decisions. The EST is composed
                                       of personnel from the UAHSF, UABHS, UASOM, and UAB Central
   Dean Rich on the 2004 NIH           Administration. Three clinicians (Drs. Sam Beenken, Larry Moreland, and David
           Rankings                    Warnock) are among those representing the UASOM. These clinicians will host
                                       an “Information Sharing Session for All Clinical Research Teams” on June
“Everybody who’s in the top 20         21 at 5:15 pm in Spain Auditorium. The agenda will include an “Introduction
wants to be in the top 10,” he said.   to the Office of Human Research” by Dr. Warnock (15 min.), an “Introduction to
“I think we can make it. I just        the SiteMinder Initiative” by Dr. Beenken (15 min.) and an “Open Forum” (30
don’t know when.”                      min.) for questions from the floor and discussion.
         From The Birmingham News         The personnel involved in the SiteMinder Initiative are committed to making
                      June 10, 2005    this new process for initiating and conducting clinical research at UAB a “user
                                       friendly” process. In this regard, they desire to understand the perspective of all
 Current SOM rank – 18
                                       investigators from the start. Feedback from investigators both during and after
 Total awards amount -- $207M         the Information Sharing Session is essential to successful completion of the
                                       SiteMinder Initiative. Dr. Richard Marchase and I urge you to take full
 Distance between SOM and             advantage of this opportunity.
  the 10 ranked school – $58M
 Increase in research grants          Next Month’s inforMED – Strategic Planning Update
  and contracts from „03 - $13M

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