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                                               Criminal prosecutions, 2901.13                          Registration of land title, relative to, 5310.12
                                               Dalkon shield claims, 2305.10.1                         Relief, for other, 2305.14
                                               Dental claims, 2305.11.3                                Revivor of action, of judgment, 2325.18
                                               Diethylstilbestrol, exposure, 2305.10                   Revivor of action, when parties die, 2311.33,
                                               Diversion of line, damages for, railroads, 4961.08      2311.34
                                               Engineers, 2305.13.1                                    Sales, 1302.98
                                               Environmental law violations, civil or administra-      Sales tax, four-year limitation for assessments,
                                               tive penalties, 3745.31                                 5739.16
  Statute Of Limitations                       False imprisonment, 2305.11
                                               Fraud, 2305.09
                                                                                                       Sales tax refund, 5739.07
                                                                                                       Slander, 2305.11
                                               Illegal taxes, recovery of, 2723.01                     Statutory lien, enforcement of, 2305.26
                                               Imprisonment, effect, 2305.15                           Torts, certain, 2305.09
                                               Infant, limitation of right of, to show cause against   Trust, continuing and subsisting, 2305.22
The following statute of limitations           judgment, 2323.21                                       Trusts, certain revocable, 2305.12.1
are located in the Ohio Revised Code:          Intentional tort by employer, 2305.11.2                 Unsound mind, tolling of action due to,
                                               Investment or deposit of unclaimed funds, by ex-        2305.16
Abortion, 2305.11                              ecutor or administrator, not a defense re, 2113.66      Use tax assessment, 5741.16
Absence from state, effect of, on, 2305.11     Lapse of time as bar, 2305.03                           Validity of title, action of, forfeited lands,
Accrual of cause of action generally,          Libel, 2305.11                                          5723.13
2305.01.2                                      Malicious Prosecution, 2305.11                          Waiver of, relative to deficiency judgments,
Affirmative defense, CivR 8 (C )               Malpractice, 2305.11                                    2329.08
Agent orange exposure, 2305.10                    Psychologist, social worker or clinical coun-        Waste, 2305.09
Antenuptial or separation agreement with       selor, 2305.11.3                                        Workers’ compensation, 4123.84, 4123.85
decedent, re, 2106.22                          Medical Malpractice, 2305.11.3                          Wrongful death, 2125.02
Appeals, AppR 4, 2505.07                       Mines, injury to, 2305.09
Architects, 2305.13.1                          Minimum wage and hour law, actions under,
Asbestos exposure, 2305.10                     2305.11
Asbestos related claims by school districts,   Minors, tolling of action, 2305.16
2305.09.1                                      Monopoly, 1331.12
Assault or battery, 2305.11.1                  Municipal income tax, 718.06
Bodily injury, 2305.10                         Natural resources severance tax, 5749.08
Bonds, official, 2305.12                       New trial, on, application for, after term, by peti-                   The Dayton Law
Bonds, payment of, suits to enjoin, 733.60     tion, 2321.21, 2321.22                                                Library Association
Breach of contract, 1302.98                    Part payment, effect of, 2305.08
Business opportunity sale, 1334.10             Penalty or forfeiture, 2305.11
Claims against estates, 2117.06, 2117.07,      Personal income tax, 5747.13
2117.12                                        Personal property –
  Not revived re new administrator, 2117.33       Injury to, 2305.10
Commercial paper, 1303.16                         Recovery of, 2305.09
Concealment, effect of defendant’s, 2305.15    Products liability, 2305.10
Contingent claim, on, 2117.37 et seq           Real property for –
Contracts –                                       Dedicated to public uses, 2305.05
  In writing, 2305.06                             Improvements to, 2305.13.1
  Municipal, enjoining, 733.60                    Recovery of, title of, 2305.04, 2305.05, 2305.22
  Not in writing, 2305.07                         Trespass upon, 2305.09
  Sale, for, breach of, 1302.98                   Underground, and injury to mines, 2305.09

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