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					Promo Monitor
PROMO MONITOR is a tool to measure the In-Clinic
Effectiveness of a Medical Representative of a Company
Promotion Monitor

• Helps one to understand the impact of promotional activities in
  doctors chamber
     • You can see how Doctors are impacted by your calls
     • You can see how they are impacted by your competitors
     • You can identify opportunities to improve your impact and competitive
• Data is raw data and not extrapolated data
• Currently available at
   Speciality                         Number of Doctors on Panel
     • GPs                                           950
     • Consulting Physicians                         250
     • Cardiologist                                  250
     • Diabetologist                                   50
                               16 Metros - 4 Zones

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   This feedback assists companies in achieving Best
   Practice thereby influencing prescribing behaviour

                                     Patient          All products
                                     orientation                      Detailing order
              CLOSING skills
                                             Competitor                Messages
   Communication skills
                                                                       Frequency of visits

  Probing skills
                                                                      Promotional material /
                                                                      incentives / gifts
Product                                        Targeting                      Segmentation /
knowledge                                                                     profiling
                                           Increased intent     Value-addition
Customer focus              Benefit sell

 <Source – Promo Monitor>
Evidence-based Best Practices: Impact
Improved Rep-Physician Relationship & Productivity

                                           Effective    Selection of
            More            Improved
                                          matching      appropriate
          targeted           message
                                         of message     promotional
          promotion        development
                                         to physician       mix

                                       Improved call quality
                                     More productive S&M team
                                     Increased rep motivation
                                           Improved ROI

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Methodology and Sample
The Promotion Monitor insights are received from a
sample that is spread across 16 Metros through a diary
I) Overview: The Promotion Monitor® involve a sample of doctors
  in practice in India. It is a key International pharmaceutical business

II) Sample Distribution: The doctor sample is selected from the
  target lists provided. It is stratified across Metros & is routinely
  refreshed by rotating Doctors in or out as required.

III) Data Collection: The sample utilises a diary system which
  records Representative interaction & is returned monthly. The
  feedback is noted by drs in the diary medium immediately after (or
  as soon as practicable) the rep leaves the dr’s clinic.

IV) Reports: Reports are provided in HTML & PDF delivered on a CD
  every month on all company products and competitor brands.
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Our Coverage

 •          North:
        •       Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur

 •          West:
        •       Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Pune, Indore

 •          East:
        •       Kolkata, Patna

 •          South:
        •       Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vizag, Kochi

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To allow for robust and accurate commercial decisions to
be based on the insights, the sample is statistically
significant and comprehensive
• GP Promotion Monitor™: The Commercial tool

     • Around 950 GPs reported every month on a rolling sample
        • Incl. GP MBBS and GP Non-MBBS

     • Over 750,000-900,000 GP-rep discussions a year

• CV Promotion Monitor™: The Commercial tool

     • 550 doctors inclusive of CPs, Cardiologists and Diabetologists

<Source – Promo Monitor>
Companies receive monthly reports, on-going training
and consulting workshops to help drive Best Practice

• Reports available on a monthly basis on both quantity & quality of
  representative interactions across India

• Information provided in graphs & tables on a rolling qtr, MTH, QTR, MAT &
  YTD basis

• Own company & competitor performance across all major markets in a
  specialty area both at company & brand level

• Customisation, ad-hoc value-addition, flat files to help in better utilisation of
  information internally

• Insights & consulting into application, implementation & delivery of better
  performance at customer

• Training of sales, marketing, training/HR & market research departments to
  assist in driving commercial performance

• Workshops to facilitate “Best Practice” & review performance improvement

<Source – Promo Monitor>
Helps Marketing decide--

• How are the noise levels of my brand vs Competition in the
  doctors chambers ?
• Do doctors feel like increasing support for my brand as a
  result of the discussions ?
• From where does the major support come ?
• What is the usefulness of Literature/Samples ?
• Is the communication in the right direction ?

<Source – Promo Monitor>
• Take a case study of one of the leading brands of the
  Company & prove the usefulness of the Promo Monitor
• The next slides to be used as guide to effectively deliver the
  impact of promo monitor in making marketing/promotional
  investments’ decisions.

<Source – Promo Monitor>
In the doctors chamber Diamicron is the brand that is
talked about the most

Share of Voice: Key QUANTITY parameter highlighting which brand(s)
are being recalled most by doctors

<Source – Promo Monitor>
Most of the times that Diamicron gets discussed in the
doctor’s chamber, his prescribing intention increases

          Quarter (Jul - Sep) 2006            Specialists' Prescribing Intention
                                        Increase     No change        Decrease     Count
          Product                    Count Row % Count Row % Count Row %
          Diamicron                   106 55%        84      43%      4      2%    194
          Amaryl                       76    48%     83      52%                   159
          Glyciphage                  82     54%     69      46%                   151
          Glimaday                    63     49%     61      48%      4      3%    128
          Huminsulin                  70     56%     56      44%                   126
          Gemer                       70     60%     46      39%      1      1%    117
          Wosulin                     51     44%     62      54%      2      2%    115
          Mopaday                     57     50%     54      47%      3      3%    114
          Glycomet-GP                 66     60%     44      40%                   110

<Source – Promo Monitor>
It is the Loyalists and the Users who are supporting

<Source – Promo Monitor>
Literature usage is the highest with Diamicron

<Source – Promo Monitor>
Sample usage is the least by Diamicron

<Source – Promo Monitor>
In the Anti-diabetic Market Dosage, Administration,
General promotion & Indications are the top
communication messages

<Source – Promo Monitor>
Diamicron also focuses on Dosage/Admin, Indications,
disease for communication

   Key Areas of Communication by Product
   Anti-diabetics Market (A10)
   Quarter (Jul - Sep) 2006
                                                     % of Discussion by Selected Products *
   Key Areas of Communication Overall Market     Amaryl     Diamicron Diapride         Gemer           Glimaday
   Availability                                2%        1%           2%           2%               3%         4%
   Comparison to Others                        5%        4%           8%           3%               3%         3%
   Cost/Price                                  6%        2%           1%           6%               4%         4%
   Dose/Administration                        36%       26%         45%           24%              41%        31%
   Efficacy                                    6%        9%         10%            6%               2%         6%
   Specialist/Patient/Disease                 17%       15%         25%           11%              13%        18%
   Indications                                21%       22%         27%           14%              13%        23%
   New                                         1%                     1%                                       1%
   Pharmacology                               15%        9%         15%            5%              19%        22%
   Promotion - General                        26%       26%         20%           26%              35%        28%
   Promotion - Materials                      12%       16%         10%           15%              10%        15%
   Promotion - Studies                         0%        1%           1%
   Side Effects                                3%        8%           8%                            2%
   Hospital                                    0%
   * Column percentages total > 100% because there are multiple messages communicated per discussion.

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This can be also seen as against the actual responses
recorded from the doctors chamber
                  Message                                   Intention to Rx Prior use Useful    Speciality
                  30mg, 60mg                                Increase        Loyalist  Not.      GenPh
                  30mg, once daily SR,                      Increase        Loyalist  Very.     Diabet
                  60mg                                      Increase       Loyalist   Very.     GenPh
                  60mg                                      Increase       Loyalist   Mod.      GenPh
                  60mg                                      Increase       Loyalist   Mod.      GenPh
                  60mg                                      Increase       Loyalist   Mod.      GenPh
                  60mg, 30mg                                Increase       Loyalist   Mod.      GenPh

                  60mg, seven more years free of insulin,
                  independent action of oxidative stress    Increase       Loyalist   Mod.      GenPh
                  Increase use in NIDDM                     Increase       Loyalist   Except.   Card
                  Nil                                       Increase       Loyalist   Not.      Diabet
                  No entry                                  Increase       Loyalist   Very.     Card/Diab
                  Safest among sulfonylureas                Increase       Loyalist   Very.     Diabet
                  30mg, 60mg, 120mg, for effective
                  round-the-clock control of blood sugar    Increase       User       Very.     Diabet
                  30mg, 60mg, 120mg, for effective
                  round-the-clock control of
                  hyperglcaemia                             Increase       User       Very.     Diabet
                  60mg                                      Increase       User       Very.     Card
                  60mg, action discussed                    Increase       User       Mod.      Card
                  60mg, powerful long term                  Increase       User       Mod.      GenPh
                  80mg, delays insulin initiation           Increase       User       No        Card

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To Summarise

• Diamicron is the brand which gets extensively discussed in
  the doctors chamber and each discussion results in increased
  intention to prescribe
• Loyalists and Users give the maximum support
• Literature and not samples would be the adequate medium of
• Dosage, indications and pharmacology are the top
  communication messages for an OAD and Diamicron is in the
  right direction.

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