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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY grassroots clinics


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY grassroots clinics

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									Light Upon Light Productions
     Initial Business Plan
     Mobile Outreach Unit
  Prepared by Jesse Morton (CEO)
              521 Drew St.
           Brooklyn, NY 11208
           Tel. (917) 645-6292
            Fax (718) 230-5425
                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
       Executive Summary………………………………………………….p.3

I.     Organizational Summary……………………………………………p.4

II.    Needs Assessment…………………………………………………….p.5

III.   Strategy and Implementation Summary……………………………p.6

IV.    Proposed Budget……………………………………………………...p.8

V.     Future Plan……………………………………………………………p.10

                       EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

 For a recently recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization existing as such
   with no immediate major funding sources or assets and only a desire to
   help aid the poor and underprivileged peoples of New York City in the
    best way possible, it becomes necessary to devise short and long-term
 goals and to attach to them a plan of action. Any fledgling and grassroots
  charitable nonprofit must have a unique and innovative approach toward
  developing itself in a way that may someday fulfill its overall vision and
  goals. The following business plan addresses the strategies and need for
   securing private funding sources and initiating activities that fulfill the
 purposes for which Light Upon Light Productions was formed. Our goal
   is to make this specific program totally reliant on private contributions
    from individuals and businesses in New York, while at the same time
   attempting to secure grants and other funding for other, more advanced
      and expensive projects. The Mobile Outreach Unit will serve the
   homeless in a way which will be incomparable to any other grassroots
    organization presently operating in the city and will allow us to get to
    know the overall system and lifestyles of those who sleep and live in
 shelters, drop-in centers, abandoned buildings, subway tunnels and trains,
    and etcetera. Many assume that the typical homeless person is male,
  mentally ill and addicted to drugs or alcohol. This is absolutely not true.
   Over the past seven years, the number of homeless families sleeping in
   New York City shelters and welfare hotels has increased by 97%, from
  4,429 families at the end of January 1998 to 8,772 families at the end of
  January 2005. The homeless population is a very heterogeneous group.
    There are individual truths and each case represents a unique tale. By
 providing physical aid to the homeless while documenting the complexity
 of their lives through producing a humanitarian video documentary, Light
 Upon Light Productions feels that it may assist the lives of those it comes
into contact with, may help to raise awareness for the growing populace of
   New York City residents who do not have a bed to call there own, and
 may also raise recognition of the organization’s ability to service the poor
 and underprivileged people’s of New York City in a way that maximizes
                           success and productivity.
                            Light Upon Light Productions, Inc.

                         I. ORGANIZATIONAL SUMMARY

Light Upon Light Productions provides physical, mental and spiritual services to low-
income individuals and communities in the New York City metropolitan area.

We envision a city where poor and underprivileged peoples may receive social services
that promote their general physical welfare by increasing quality of life conditions but
where they are also affronted programs that address the mental and spiritual needs of the
people so that they may engage in their natural right to pursue happiness and obtain inner

Light Upon Light Productions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, incorporated in the
state of New York and eligible for tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts
under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code

A “triangulation” of personality factors, traits, or states can be tracked from ancient to
modern times. The sung sages of ancient China factored in three facets to eternal truth:
Heaven (perfection), Virtue (highest human attainment) and Earth or Nature (basic
natures of everyone and everything). Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts reveal that the
Egyptians believed in Chu (a Godlike spirit), Cheyli (vital knowing force) and Chat
(elemental or primitive body-spirit). Ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers, uses
the “triad of ten” and emphasizes Height (highest heavenly aspirations), Chi (breadth or
expanding the horizons of earthly reality) and Jin (humanness). Islam addresses three
segments of self: Nafs-ammara (the lowest animalistic realm), Nafs-lawwama (the
middle stage of intellectual struggle) and Nafs-mutmaina (the highest state of purity) The
ancient Hindus understood Atma (supreme God/Spirit), Krishna (intermediary half-
God/half-human) and Vishnu (earthly spirit-God). Likewise the Christian trinity
expresses Father (God), Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Ghost (spirit). Psychoanalysis is
also grounded in a triangulation method. Freud’s psychoanalysis incorporates Id, Ego
and Superego and replaces “soul” with “self”. Modern trends in psychotherapy are
reverting the practice back into spiritual or holistic methods. Light Upon Light
Productions “model of enlightenment” addresses all three aspects of holistic
psychotherapeutic concentration: body, mind and soul or physical, mental and spiritual.
We concentrate on each specific matter yet incorporate them all at the same time in
providing those we serve with a complete, individual, comprehensive, treatment-plan
driven and eclectic approach to human service that concentrates on multiple needs of the
client. We incorporate education, abstract thought development, a concentration on the
arts and the humanities, and a spiritual, mutual-effect paradigm in order to promote
empowerment inside NYC’s low-income sectors.

                            Light Upon Light Productions, Inc.

To help the poor and underprivileged in the areas of homelessness, substance abuse,
mental illness, domestic violence, childcare services, and etcetera and to utilize a unique
and constantly evolving methodology in restoring community conditions, culture, values
and quality of life in maximizing effectiveness and efficiency and serving as a model
organization in the service sector.

The immediate concerns of any recently formed business are to:

1) Get the company’s name out into the targeted community
2) Provide services or products in a unique and efficient way
3) Stay afloat financially while the company grows.

In order for any nonprofit to stay afloat in the very competitive nonprofit sector, they
have to offer services to a targeted population in an valuable way. To start a nonprofit
with only the sincere desire to help others in any way possible, strategic planning and
innovative methods of marketing, production, and services offered become imperative.
The question then becomes, how can a nonprofit in search of its first major funding
opportunity help people, get known in the field, and do something productive and
enjoyable? With the creative team that comprises the Board of Directors, Light Upon
Light Productions has many answers to this question. However, all good things come in
good time and the subsequent proposal will become the immediate strategy for raising
ourselves into the realm of physical production, acquiring a private-donor-base and
growing into a well-known nonprofit in the great city of New York.

                               II. NEEDS ASSESSMENT


       During the past year the number of homeless New Yorkers residing in shelters
each night has reached the highest point in New York’s history. Since 1998 the New York
City homeless shelter population has increased 73%. Over the past seven years, the
number of homeless families sleeping in the New York City shelters and welfare hotels
has increased by 97% (Coalition for the Homeless, 2005)

        One may say that the worst state of living is to be without a home and the simple
fact is that in a city where there are no longer any more vacant lots, where rent is

                             Light Upon Light Productions, Inc.

skyrocketing and where jobs for the lower-classed working and non-working poor are
becoming more skill-oriented and scarce, that the rise in homelessness amongst New
Yorkers will almost certainly continue. The very first production of Light upon Light
will be to develop a Mobile Outreach Unit to: 1) help feed and clothe the homeless with
nutritional meals and comfortable clothing, 2) help make on the spot referrals to all sorts
of social service providers thus 3) making sure those in need are aware that there is help
out there and helping them find the help they are entitled to, 4) educate the poor on
multiple ways to improve their present condition and 5) shoot a humanitarian
documentary video on “the changing face of homelessness”.
        Of course, it will take time to develop this venture but we are confident that it will
be. We envision driving a van with our company logo on the side in between shelters,
drop in centers and other places frequented by the homeless. We can see ourselves
setting out a table full of healthy and nutritious food donated from local New York City
markets and clothing donated from stores and individuals. We can see ourselves logging
on to a laptop database and finding an immediate bed in a detox for a heroin addict, or
referring someone to an in-patient mental health clinic, a day-program for alcoholics, job-
training whatever. We see ourselves working hands-on with those that most people have
counted out and then we see ourselves making a very objective documentary video about
homelessness and sitting down to watch it someday on a pavilion in Bryant Park, at a
film festival, or perhaps simply at home on DVD before we go out and do it all over
again in a different way. The cathartic experience of helping another when he or she is
down is comparable only to the emotion that defines the human being’s true function:


The ever-expanding Board of Directors will be split into two separate subcommittees that
will concentrate on two separate goals. The first committee will be dedicated to seeking
and obtaining grants that will help Light Upon Light Productions obtain property,
resources, build capacity, and found more advanced programs. The other will focus on
completing the objectives of this business plan. Of course the two committees will
constantly interact and overlap but the structure will serve the purpose of developing the
funding base of individual and company donors and also private foundational,
governmental and/or community grants.

                            Light Upon Light Productions, Inc.

                                                 GRANT SEEKING
                          PRIVATE FUNDING BASE     COMMITEE

Light Upon Light Productions believes in the philanthropic power of individuals.
Individual contributors give billions of dollars each and every year in America in private,
tax-deductible contributions and if we can physically aid the poor with programs like the
mobile outreach initiative, then we can at the same time develop our private funding base
and continue to work with the poor physically through charitable grassroots programs
that will allow us to better assess the needs of the rapidly changing faces of the poor in
New York City. For that very reason, Light Upon Light Productions will always count
on contributions from the private sector to fund programs that may be considered
grassroots. We believe in creativity as a major tool of change and we believe that the
most successful companies are always changing creatively. The following plan of action
is a format to succeed in completing the initial goal of the organization’s grassroots
committee. We will secure a website and central computer system. We will then secure
a van and supplies that will enable us to go out and serve the homeless, poor and
underprivileged with nutritious meals, decent clothing, education and referral guidance to
other avenues of social assistance that they may be entitled to. We will develop a
database for on the spot referrals and build many partnerships in the field, but then we
dream of making a video: a video about the changing face of homelessness in the city. A
humanitarian production that makes an objective statement about what “homelessness”
entails, a work of art that documents and reveals just what this “changing face” looks like
now and may look like in times to come.

                             Light Upon Light Productions, Inc.

                             IV. PROPOSED BUDGET 2006

OBJECTIVE: To develop a mobile outreach program that affronts the homeless
poor and underprivileged with assistance in food and clothing, referral service and
on the spot case management and then to produce a video production about the
changing face of homelessness in the great city of New York.

STRATEGY: gradually develop the Mobile Outreach Program through the
utilization of donations from the private sector. The plan to develop the mobile
outreach program will consist of 5 separate fundraising strategies.

The first stage will begin immediately. This stage develops the technology necessary for
us to have some type of home base. It consists of obtaining a computer and operating a
website. It is anticipated that monetary and physical donations may be obtained through
individual and business contacts.

    INITIAL PHASE                              ITEM                             COST
                                Computer                                     $700
TARGETED DATE OF                Server                                       $500
COMPLETION:                     Printer                                      $100
1/06                            MISC: phone line, connection, web-site       $500
                                maintenance, administrative
TOTAL                                                                        $1800

In the second phase will obtain and secure the use of the van, thus making us mobile.

   SECOND PHASE                                   ITEM                           COST
                             Van                                            $5,000
TARGETED DATE             OF Insurance                                      $2,000/yr.
3/06                            Food and Clothing                     DONATIONAL
                                MISC: registration, maintenance, gas, $1,000/yr.

After the ability to feed and clothe the poor on a mobile basis is established, we will
advance our capabilities by developing a referral database in Microsoft Excel format that
enables us to pull up services (i.e. detoxification, job training, etc.) on the spot; services
that these peoples may not have known about or may not have been able to access on
their own.

                                   Light Upon Light Productions, Inc.

  THIRD PHASE                                              ITEM                                COST
TARGETED DATE                  OF Laptop Computer                                            $1,600
6/06                                  Software                                               $300
                                      Mobile Internet Connection                             $1,000/ yr.
                                      Company Cell phone                                     $600
                                      MISC: accessories, paperwork                           $500
TOTAL                                                                                        $4,000

Being that physical donations will, more than likely, begin to add up, we will have to
secure storage space for the clothing and storable food items.

   FOURTH PHASE                                          ITEM                                    COST
TARGETED DATE                  OF Storage space rental                                       $3,000
TOTAL                                                                                        $3,000

Shooting and editing a documentary video is a fairly expensive venture. However, we
feel that engagement in this project will affront us with an opportunity to draw attention
toward our organization, express ourselves in a very unique way, and actively engage
with the populations we serve on planning as we evolve. It is a project very much
consistent with our philosophy that incorporates the importance of intellectual creativity
in promoting empowerment. All artists have a passion that drives their projects and there
is oftentimes a motivating factor behind that passion. Our passion to express is motivated
by our passion: our passion to make a difference in the lives of the poor.

   FIFTH PHASE                                         ITEM                                       COST
  TARGETED DATE OF                        Canon XL-1 3CCD Digital Video                           $4,000
    COMPLETION                                         Camera
        1/07                                    Mobile Lighting Kit                                 $350
                                                    Sound Mixer                                     $250
                                                    Microphones                                     $125
                                          MISC: connectors, extension cords,                        $500
                                           tripod, audio/video cables, etc.
            TOTAL                                                                                  $5225

TOTAL                                                                                            $22,025
***The cost of all items is approximate and based on average market value. Of course, items that are donated by
individuals or businesses are also tax-deductible at their market value. Monetary and physical donations will be
sought. Services (i.e. video production company) may also be provided by the public and are tax-deductible at the
average hourly rate.

                            Light Upon Light Productions, Inc.

                                    FUTURE PLAN

It is anticipated that grants will be secured while the organization is completing the
objectives set forth in this plan. The next order of business, and the targeted date of
completion for the project will be for 1/2008, is to develop a community-based center for
community counseling in mental health, substance abuse, and family relations. It is then
that the philosophies and methodologies of the organization can be put to use. This
center will serve as a backbone of East New York, one of the major centers of poverty in
New York City. Other programs will be developed and other populations will be
explored. We have many dreams. Long-term aspirations include programs for ex-
offenders, abusive and abused parents and children, HIV/ mentally ill housing,
community volunteer efforts, the list goes on. And we include our holistic methodology
in all we do. We dream of someday buying land in upstate New York a couple of hours
from the city and developing an arts and music festival for inner city peoples to attend
over a weekend. We would include poetry, dance, music, film, video and etcetera for it is
very rare that inner city peoples get the opportunity to enjoy life outside of an urban
environment. The land could double as a summer program for children or a place for
juvenile offenders, whatever. The plan is constantly evolving.
Of course no plan is ever set in stone, especially when the only true goal is to help
people, something that anyone can do everyday. If one wakes up and pays attention to
the world around them and tries to make the world a better place, they in turn separate
themselves from darkness and become a light in the world.

We thank you, whoever you may be, for taking the time to read this business plan and we
are confident that the private sector will support our cause. If you should be interested in
 making either a monetary, physical, or service donation please feel free to contact Jesse
Morton (CEO) @ (917) 645-6292 or e-mail And
                                   once again THANKS.


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