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									                                  Parish Notes
                  New Jerusalem Lutheran Church
                          2120 Startown Road
                          Hickory, NC 28602
                            (828) 324-7272

                                          May, 2005

TELLERS FOR MAY                                  9 Wesley Cline
Donald & Martha George, Garret Turbyfill, Ken   10 Connie Bumgarner
Temple, Dennis Bollinger                        12 George Whitener, Jeff Seitz, Alan Bolch,
                                                Quinton Mitchell
MAY PASTOR’S ASSISTANT                          13 John Goshorn
Garret Turbyfill                                14 Alice Martin
                                                15 Lee Bumgarner
ALTAR COMMITTEE FOR MAY                         16 Michael Seitz
Helen Huffman, Chm., Rita Bumgarner,            17 Pat Bolch
Virginia Hughes, Connie Lutz                    18 Camellia Barger, Justin Aiken
                                                19 Katie Smith
MAY COUNCIL DESIGNATE                           20 Patty Shuford, Violet Hollar
Garret Turbyfill                                22 Ted Yoder, Madison Lail
                                                23 Jamie Wright
MAY ALTAR FLOWERS                               25 Donna Griffin
 1 Marie Mitchell                               26 Diana Bumgarner
 8 Don & Camellia Barger                        27 Derron Bumgarner, Elizabeth Smith, Corbyn
15 Dot Abernethy                                Spurrier
22 Libby & Rodney Throckmorton                  28 Ralph Kanupp
29 Mike & Betty Scipione                        30 Abbey Lutz, Doris Zube
                                                31 Thad Scronce
Jackie Bell, Chm., Rusty Huffman, W. R.         CHURCH COUNCIL NOTES – FEBRUARY
Bumgarner, Robert Hoyle, Anna Spinks            February Church Council met on February 13.
                                                Absent from the meeting was Garret Turbyfill.
YARD MAINTENANCE & MOWING FOR                   Minutes from January meeting were approved
MAY                                             as presented and treasurer’s reports were given
 1 Larry, David & Ronald Hefner                 as information as follows: Current, $1,389.38
 8 Andy Martin, Dale & Justin Hefner            (outstanding bills due from Jan $1,818.70);
15 Max Boliek, John Goshorn, Alan Cook          Benevolence $4,544.71 (YTD -$639.85); Building
22 Elmer Lutz, Ken Temple, Rodney               $1,000.45 (owe $18,663.81); Cemetery – not
Throckmorton                                    available; Phillips $33,872.56; Mauser
29 Charles Barkley, Johnny Brittain             $51,180.82.
                                                The Pastor’s report was received as information.
MAY NURSERY LEAGUE                              Reported on LIGHTS (Lutherans In Greater
 1 Rita Bumgarner, Lori Goins, Julie Temple     Hickory Together Serving). Our new conference
 8 Pat Bell, Glenda Shook                       (LIGHTS) is more the western district and they
15 Lauren Lambeth, Cathy Sigmon, Lindsay        meet on the second Thursday of each month.
Klinck                                          PETITIONS & COMMUNICATIONS
21 Beth C. Turbyfill, Kirsten Johnson           1- If interested in serving on any of the synod
29 Caren Howard, LuEllen Spurrier                   boards, nomination forms are available. 2 –
                                                    February is Lutheridge/Lutherock focus. Will
TAPE MINISTRY FOR MAY                               emphasize their ministry through bulletin
1 & 8 Charles Kanipe                                inserts and special offering. 3 – Thank you
15 & 22 Donald Barger, Sr.                          received from Habitat for Humanity for
29 Jackie Bell                                      $612.75 in 2004. Also shared building
                                                    plans/accomplishments in 2004 and future
MAY BIRTHDAYS                                       plans. 4 – Shared information regarding a 5K
1 Andrea Hollar                                     walk on Saturday, April 30 to raise money
2 Libby Hall, Ray Teague                            for Lutheran Counseling Service. 5 – March
3 Kara Lutz, David Rhodes                           is Lutheran Family Services Month, Rusty to
6 Alvin Cline                                       speak. 6 – Motion made and carried for
7 Jimmy Presslar, Nancy Martin                      Gideon speaker on May 1. 7 – Distributed
    copies of 2004-2005 Ministries of Synod        SEXUAL MISCONDUCT – almost finished.
    which included their web sight addresses and   Have one more meeting planned.
    summary of their mission/vision. 8 – Chm.      CONSTITUTION REVIEW – Have met once
    Lutz made additional comments on the           and future meetings planned.
    Sexuality Report, including committee wasn’t   100TH ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE – Those
    generally from the southern region, yet 64%    signing up on Commitment sheet included
    against roistering of homosexuals. 9 – Attn:   Sandra Bollinger, Kay Weaver, Abbey Lutz,
    Worship – April 17 & Sept. 18 Christ           Pastor Cauble, Jan Duckworth, J. D. Punch,
    Lutheran Church in Charlotte providing an      Rusty Lutz, Connie Bumgarner and Mary
    opportunity to observe for transition in       Millholen. Motion made and carried to appoint
    worship. 10 – Attn. Learning – Study dealing   these people to the committee.
    with education in church “Our Calling in       VAN – Rodney Throckmorton is chairman. Two
    Education”. 11 – Lutheran World Relief         meetings held. By consensus the questionnaire
    receives A+ rating for tsunami efforts – one   forms were accepted as presented. All surveys
    of top 4. 12 – Copy available for 2004         due by April 1. To investigate placing $18,000 in
    Congregation Mission Support Summary. 12       a six-month plan.
    – Devotional guide made available to           Noted any tabled items will be kept on the
    Council.                                       agenda and brought forward as desired – such as
MINISTRY REPORTS                                   playground equipment and church library. Will
CEMETERY – Marked off headstone for                need to define functions (brief description of
Kathleen Dellinger. Determined 30 – 60 plots       what each ministry does) for Youth and Family
available for future use.                          Ministry, Communications, Cemetery, Long
FELLOWSHIP – Kept goals about same as 2004         Range Planning and Fellowship.
accomplishments, but will add Father/Child         NEW BUSINESS
Activity during June, Senior Citizen Meal,         1 -Renting parsonage – after reviewing C 5.03 in
Possible Music Fest and/or Birthday Bash,          our current constitution, the group agreed
possible evening worship at Pavilion with light    authority to rent isn’t in hands of council.
meal. Chairman Sandra Bollinger                    Motion made and carried to go to congregation
FINANCE – changing auditing date to Feb. 21, 6     with recommendation from council to rent
PM. Insurance quote to be ready by next            parsonage and give council permission to rent.
meeting.                                           2 – C1.11 - ….shall be incorporated. Stated in
LEARNING – Reviewed 2005 goals, looked at          our constitution, but we weren’t located on the
VBS materials and discussed coordinating VBS       register for North Carolina. Motion made and
with other churches so won’t have overlapping      carried to take proper steps to become
materials and being held same week. Possibly       incorporated.
looking at July for VBS because of early           3 – Request received from Catawba County
campfirmation and conflicts with vacations. Jan    Democratic Precinct Chairman to hold their
Duckworth will coordinate VBS.                     meeting at NJ. Motion made and carried to
SERVICE – successful blood drive on Jan. 31, 12    allow them to use Fellowship Hall.
members of congregation presented, total of 58     COUNCIL DESIGNATE’S REPORT – Ken
people presented and 54 units collected. Shared    Temple stated he enjoyed being designate, but
request from Commitment Sheet (Rusty & Cindy       always hopes to do better next year. Enjoyed
Lutz) to do a community Thanksgiving meal.         meeting everybody.
Service ministry and Lutz’ will pursue it after    Next Council meeting on March 13 at 4:00 p.m.
Easter. Considerations are for a free meal and     CONGREGATIONAL MEETING ON FEB. 13
possibly tying into providing gently used coats.   The purpose of this meeting to receive the
STEWARDSHIP – need new representative for          yearbook and annual report. Motion made and
Congregational Coordinator for Thrivent.           carried to receive yearbook as presented. No
Training meeting on Feb. 26.                       other official business could take place, but did
COMMUNICATION – Salisbury workshop was             ask for any concerns. None shared. Did
cancelled. Only two people were in attendance.     recognize youth group and their leaders for all
PROPERTY – burst pipe in new area, not a lot       their support and involvement. Thanked
of damage, repaired. Considering a peephole        congregation for financial support. Had met our
from Gathering Area to worship area.               benevolence apportionment. Thanks and
Directional sign missing. Motion made and          commendation given on focus on Building Fund.
carried to replace with two reflective signs and   Acknowledged new hand chimes in memory of
one post, approximate cost $70 per sign plus the   Frances Bollinger. Shared that $18,000 had been
cost of one post. Have received notice that some   donated for the purchase of a new church
lights need to be replaced.                        vehicle.
YOUTH & FAMILY – Kay Weaver has been               CALLED COUNCIL MEETING, FEB. 20
elected chairperson. Shared goals and plans to     Purpose to consider changing called
meet on 4th Sunday night each month.               congregational meeting with regard to renting
parsonage from March 6 to April 3. Motion            review quotes in November 2005 for next
made and carried to change meeting time.             renewal date; Noted there are 12 checking
                                                     accounts and for next year there will be an
CHURCH COUNCIL NOTES – MARCH                         additional two – Hand Chimes and Girl Scouts.
MEETING                                              LEARNING – VBS is July 24-29, looking at
The March meeting of Church Council met on           materials; May 15 Cremation workshop;
March 13. All members were present for the           continue to work on Sunday School attendance.
meeting. The minutes from Feb. council               LONG RANGE – met 3/5/05 discussed at length
meeting, congregational meeting and called           how to proceed with survey, decided to publish
council meeting were approved with one               results and ask for additional comments and
correction to council meeting: Starred items on      begin working on ideas that can be attained in a
constitution are required by ELCA (rather than       shorter time frame and with less financial
Synod – as stated in minutes). Treasurer’s           commitment. Consider using income from
reports were received is information and showed      parsonage rental (if approved) for part-time
the following balances: Current - $3,463.68          youth worker or for some type youth work.
(includes $126.76 Good Samaritan Fund and            Sending out additional surveys.
$109.00 LLMI) (YTD -$3,497.00); Benevolence          SERVICE – Next blood drive on April 11.
$3,500.27 (Mo. +$380.61, YTD -$259.04);              STEWARDSHIP – reported on Thrivent
Building $897.53 (Owe $16,378.81); Cemetery          congregational coordinator training on Feb.
not available; Phillips $33,898.54; Mauser           26.Matching Funds from Thrivent equals $1600
$51,241.68; Tsunami Gifts $1,183.60,                 – for every $3 raised make $1 to total up to
Benevolence $1,000.00 Total for Tsunami              $1600. Motion made and carried to approve
$2,183.60. Also holding $18,000 for mini-bus.        BBQ for youth on April 16 to be matched by
Motion made and carried to place $18,000 in a 9      Thrivent.
month CD at People’s Bank.                           WITNESS – intentional ministry to visitors;
Motion made and carried to accept statement          mailer for Holy Week/Easter; visitor parking
from council regarding derogatory, anonymous         signs – consider; greeters list – put back in.
letters and to have it mailed as a letter to every   WORSHIP – shorter sermon/service, trying to
family in the congregation. (Final draft with        get calendar to spread out special music; visitor
council signatures to be distributed when            friendly worship – priority on Long Range
available.)                                          survey; Alternative Worship Service – another
The Pastor’s report was received as information.     priority on Long Range survey; music week;
LIGHTS REPORT – Meeting held on March 10.            consider Lenten Services for 2006; considering
Anyone interested in going on a building mission     having our own Good Friday Service.
trip let Pastor Cauble know. 1 – food for the        COMMUNICATION – met, came up with some
poor – would do a service. 2 – Country of Maioui     ministry descriptions for constitution.
in Africa, possible report on work there. 3 –        PROPERTY – expressed thanks for all who
Palestinian/Israel issue. 4- Blessing of those in    participated on clean up day; directional sign up.
medical profession. 5 – Blessing of Teachers.        YOUTH & FAMILY – Youth attended Ed
PETITIONS & COMMUNICATIONS                           Kilbourne service; discussed Web sites,
1. Thank you from ELCA World Hunger and              upcoming events, National Youth Rally and
    Disaster Appeal for $1,700 we sent. (Our         Aaron Weaver's consideration of becoming a
    grand total was $2,183.60).                      YARP (a YARP {Young Adult Resource Person}
2. Synod Servant publication – Chm. Lutz             is a young adult, usually in college or graduate
    distributed relative notes to specific           school, that volunteers their time to the synod to
    ministries.                                      help out in congregations, youth events, regional
MINISTRY REPORTS                                     events – wherever they are needed).
CEMETERY – Working on setting                        SEXUAL MISCONDUCT – have prepared a
days/guidelines to clear out seasonal flowers.       limited number of copies of rough draft. To
Noted cemetery expansion was a priority on the       have it reviewed by a lawyer.
Long Range Survey.                                   CONSTITUTION REVIEW – have met 3 times,
FELLOWSHIP – Senior Citizen Sunday on May            have concluded the constitution and are working
22. Tentatively scheduled serving a meal that        on by-laws. Once completed by committee
day. Request from ministry to take a freewill        requested to have joint meeting with council to
offering and any additional costs be paid by         review.
current treasury. Motion made and carried.           100TH ANNIVERSARY – no meeting yet.
FINANCE – Audited all books except Youth;            VAN – only 20 surveys collected thus far. Plan
Met on the 28th with Guide One Insurance Rep.        to meet April 5 to review surveys.
Chuck Asp. March 7 held meeting with Farm            OLD BUSINESS
Bureau. Insurance payment due March 17.              1. Homecoming 2006, Bishop Leonard Bolick
Motion made and carried to accept proposal               not contacted yet.
from Guide One at a cost of $6,906. Want to
2. Playground equipment (consider for                 enough. They concluded the survey had too
   matching funds.)                                   much detail and proposed to do a simpler survey
3. Church library – tabled.                           and do it during church service announcements.
4. Define functions of Youth & Family                 Motion made and carried to allow Rodney and
   Ministry, Communications, Cemetery, Long           his committee to bring this to the congregation
   Range Planning, and Fellowship.                    on May 1. The congregational vote is just a
5. Sexuality Statement.                               representational vote to help the committee to
6. Dennis & Sandra Bollinger have agreed to           know what their next action should be.
   serve as Synod Delegates.                          PASTOR’S REPORT was received as
NEW BUSINESS                                          information.
1. Designating loose offering: May 22 & 29 –          LIGHTS meeting to be held on Thursday, April
   World Hunger; April 3 for Current; April 10        14.
   for LFS; April 17 for Youth and a special          CONGREGATIONAL CONCERNS – Shared
   offering; April 24 for Benevolence.                response to recent Council Statement. (Council
2. Motion made & carried to accept Dennis &           signed letter is placed in March council notes).
   Sandra as synod delegates.                         Motion made and carried to place letter from
3. By consensus, council agreed to allow Ken          Fire Marshall into the official records.
   Temple to chair council several times              PETITIONS & COMMUNICATIONS
   throughout the year including April council        1. Request for Property to look upstairs at
   meeting.                                               classrooms (in the church) for refurbishing in
4. Motion made and carried to move                        some say.
   Congregational meeting to April 3.                 2. Synod Servant – distributed information to
Next Council meeting will be April 10 at 6:00             various ministries.
p.m.                                                  3. Thank you note received from Synod
                                                          concerning our Benevolence giving. Received
CHURCH COUNCIL NOTES – APRIL                              $34,914 in 2004. Certificate to be placed in
MEETING                                                   frame and displayed in Gathering Area.
The Church Council met on April 10 at 5:00 in             Based on our request, Synod is investigating
the Fellowship Hall. Members absent at the                how long we’ve met our apportionment.
meeting were Gary Bumgarner, Robert Hoyle,            4. Disaster Relief noted receipt of $438.60 for
and Etta Mae Bollinger. The minutes of the                Tsunami Relief.
March meeting were approved with one                  5. Lutheran Men in Mission Endowment
correction: Mini-bus ($18,000) money was                  Challenge – every man in congregation
placed in a 5 month CD rather than a 9 month              challenged to give $1 for every inch in their
CD. The treasurer’s reports were received as              belt.
information as follows:                               MINISTRY REPORTS
Current - $320.14 (Total available is $84.38)         FELLOWSHIP – Meeting to be held on April 17.
[Month -$335.10, YTD -$3,832.10]                      Senior Citizen Meal Date had to be changed due
Benevolence - $3,267.77 (Mo. -$365.50, YTD -          to conflict in Fellowship Hall.
$624.54)                                              FINANCE – Will report financial status to
Building - $1,000.42 (Balance due $12,698.81)         congregation as decided earlier in council.
Cemetery – unavailable                                LEARNING – Finalized VBS. Theme – Safari
Phillips - $33,926.40                                 Adventure on July 24-29. Will do rotation class
Mauser - $51,306.40                                   again and have pew envelopes for financial
Concern expressed regarding our deficit on the        support. Will send invitations to New Star
budget year-to-date. Motion made and carried          Congregation to join us. Teacher pre-training to
that on the Sunday after Council meeting, a           be held at NJ (one in May and two in June).
report containing year to date contributions          Teacher appreciation cookout to be held on Sept.
compared to year to date budget for current and       10 at 5PM at the St. Paul’s Pavilion. Cremation
benevolence be printed in the bulletin and the        workshop on May 15 at 4PM. Want someone to
next newsletter. Each quarter Finance                 speak on Living Wills. May 15 Pentecost
Chairman agreed to bring balances to                  Sunday, recognize graduates and confirmation
congregation for the Current, Benevolence and         class with reception to follow.
Building.                                             SERVICE – Blood drive on Monday and asked
Rodney Throckmorton, Chairman of the Van              council to take down chairs and tables in
Committee spoke to the Council regarding the          preparation.
recent van survey. Two items were the basis for       STEWARDSHIP – Shared upcoming Thrivent
the committee – the $18,000 anonymous donation        Meeting on May 3. Noted membership list will
and the safety advisory on 15 passenger vans.         have to be reviewed closely to get members from
Only 26 surveys were returned (which included         NJ. Dennis Weaver & Garret Turbyfill to
some group surveys) Even though 80% said yes,         finalize required forms for Matching Funds for
they felt that the results weren’t representational   BBQ and Car Wash.
WITNESS – scheduled to meet April 17.                 Hmong Mission (Dr. Moua from St. Paul,
WORSHIP – scheduled to meet April 24.                 Minnesota) – to investigate further.
COMMUNICATIONS – Received job                         Next Council meeting Tuesday, May 10 at
description for Constitution Review Committee.        6:00p.m.
Concern rose about web site not being kept            CALLED CONGREGATIONAL MEETING
current.                                              APRIL 3, 2005
PROPERTY – worked around church, changed              A called congregational meeting was held on
some lights. Looked at casing the galvanized          April 3 for the purpose of receiving permission
area with aluminum (Fellowship Hall) won’t            from the congregation to rent the parsonage. A
have to keep painting. Parsonage, painting            motion was made and carried to allow the
$2900 versus vinyl siding (boxing, porches,           council to rent the parsonage and funds from
guttering and vents $3800 and doors & windows         rental to go to a line item to be determined by
$1200 … Total $5000. Estimate for future plans        council.
for vinyl siding for garage $2400. Motion made        As a matter of information, Chairman Lutz read
and carried to accept this bid of $5000, subject to   a letter dated March 23, 2005 from the
funding availability, for vinyl siding on             Department of Emergency Services (Catawba
parsonage. Two suggestions (not critical but          County Fire Marshall, David Pruitt), regarding a
might assist) given by Fire Marshall regarding        call from a concerned person from the
usher’s chairs in back corner of sanctuary and        congregation about the way the handbell tables
arrangements of tables for hand bells.                are set up during services and safety. “He did
Suggestions will be shared with appropriate           not see a problem with these tables in the
people/committees.                                    locations as shown on the video” and also
YOUTH & FAMILY – SLYC car wash and                    pointed out the numerous ways to exit the
BBQ is to be April 16. Motion made and carried        sanctuary. There was a question to the chair
to have the car wash. Discussed a uniform             about the legality of reading the letter without
permission slip for insurance coverage and to         proper notification to the congregation from the
keep on file. Recommended two copies be               council. Chair responded, he may stand to be
available – one for youth leaders on the trip and     corrected, however, he believed the letter was
second copy be kept in the church office.             read as a matter of information just as any
SEXUAL MISCONDUCT – Will investigate                  announcement. This matter did not require a
possibility of a synod attorney to review the plan,   motion or second and therefore was not
may be a cost attached.                               considered business and did not require
CONSTITUTION – Distributed copies of                  notification. Chair asked for comments,
proposed revisions of constitution, also attached     questions, etc. regarding anonymous letters and
memo for consideration for absentee voting.           Fire Marshall’s letter. No actions were taken on
Time frame was shared, mailing out to                 either, shared as information. Motion made and
congregation on May 10 and Called                     carried to adjourn.
Congregational Meeting on June 12. Council
and committee to meet on April 21 to discuss                        EARLY SERVICES
changes and to receive input. Committee was           May 8, 8:30 a.m. Service of Holy Communion at
thanked for all their work.                           Outdoor Chapel – (Mother’s Day)
100TH ANNIVERSARY – workshop in June at               May 15, 8:30 a.m. Service of Holy Communion at
Seminary (Crumley).                                   Outdoor Chapel (Pentecost Sunday)
OLD BUSINESS – Bishop Bolick 2006                     WE WILL NOT HAVE AN EARLY SRVICE
Homecoming, still to be contacted. Defining           ON THE 4TH SUNDAY, SINCE THAT IS
functions of Youth & Family, Communications,          SENIOR SUNDAY.
Cemetery, Long Range Planning, Fellowship was
done by the Constitution Review Committee but           PENTECOST SUNDAY – CONFIRMATION
recommended each ministry still review closely                           May 15, 2005
for possible changes.                                      10:30 a.m. Service of Holy Communion
NEW BUSINESS – Parsonage rental, property             Seven of our young people will receive the Rite of
requested to look at all aspects of renting, such     Confirmation on Pentecost Sunday, May 15,
as other repairs, what it could be rented for, who    during the 10:30 a.m. Service of Holy
to rent to (church member or non church               Communion. We extend our congratulations to
member), professional agent be in charge of           the following young people who are completing
rental, and any other aspects of the rental. Kay      their two years of instruction in the Bible and
Weaver requested permission to hold 12 weekly         Small Catechism; Leann Barger, Kelsey Hefner,
meetings at NJ for “First Place” – a weight           Chris Holland, Brian Huffman, Emma Lail,
loss/Bible study program. Motion made and             Meredith Lutz and Syeth Spurrier. Practice for
carried to grant this request as long as meetings     the service will take place on Saturday morning,
could be scheduled around church activities.          May 14 at 11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary of the
                                                      church. A reception for these young people will
be held in the Gathering Room, following the        MINISTRY MEETINGS IN MAY
service.                                            Service Ministry – May 1, 3:30 p.m.
                                                    Learning Ministry – May 1, 4:30 p.m.
              FIRST COMMUNION                       Church Council – May 10, 6:00 p.m. (The
                   May 1, 2005                      meeting is postponed from May 8 because of
May 1, 2005 will be the date that three of our      Mother’s Day)
young people – Emily Howard, Elizabeth Owens        Fellowship Ministry – May 15, 6:00 p.m.
and Rebecca Riggs, will receive their First         Youth and Family Ministry – May 22, 5:00 p.m.
Communion. They have been instructed by             Worship – May 22, 6:00 p.m.
Pastor Cauble during three 90 minute sessions       If there are other meetings, please let us know as
during April. We extend our congratulations to      soon as possible.
these young ladies as they continue their growth
in the Christian Faith.                             WORKSHOPS ON CREMATION AND
                                                    LIVING WILLS
       RECOGNITION OF GRADUATES                                    May 15 at 4:00 p.m.
                   May 15, 2005                     Workshops on cremation and living wills will be
All people graduating from any institution will     held on Sunday afternoon, May 15 beginning at
be recognized on May 15 during the 10:30            4:00 p.m. Greg Terry from Drums Funeral
Service of Holy Communion. Our High School          Home in Conover will be here to lead the
graduates -–Brandon Lewis, Robert S[pinks and       workshop on cremation. The Rev. Cindy
Trent Yoder, are asked to wear their caps and       Jordan, Chaplain at Catawba Valley Medical
gowns (if available) and sit together as a group    Center will be present to lead the workshop on
on the front row, left side, not in front of the    living wills. These workshops will be held in the
pulpit. At the beginning of the service they will   Fellowship Hall and are open to everyone in the
be given a gift and asked to state their future     congregation and community. Refreshments will
plans. They will also be honored at a reception     be served following the workshops. The
in the Gathering Room, following the service.       Learning Ministry is sponsoring this event.
We would also like to honor all who are
graduating from other institutions of higher              SUMMER DATES TO REMEMBER
learning. Chelene Elliott will graduate from        Confirmation Camp, Lutheridge – June 12-18
UNC Greensboro on May 13 with a Bachelor of         Day Camp, Bethlehem Lutheran – July 11-15
Arts Degree in Political Science. Our former        (for those who have finished kindergarten – 5th
seminarian, Mary Louise Sitton will graduate        grade, cost $50.00 per camper. Pastor Cauble
from The Lutheran Theological Southern              has registration materials.)
Seminary in Columbia, S.C. on May 13 with a         Music Week, Lutheridge – July 17-23
Masters of Divinity Degree. Please pray for         Vacation Bible School – July 24-29, Theme
Mary Louise as she is currently in the call         Safari Adventure. Classes for all ages, including
process. Are you a graduate this year, or now of    teens and adults. TEACHERS AND HELPERS
someone in the congregation who is? If so,          ARE NEEDED. PLEASE SEE JAN
please let Pastor Cauble know. We would like to     DUCKWORTH OR DONNA BARGER IF YOU
recognize them. CONGRATULTIONS TO ALL               CAN HELP.
OR OUR GRADUATES!                                   Lutheridge Sunday – July 31. Service at
                                                    Whisnant Chapel, 11:00 a.m. Covered Dish
       PASTOR CAUBLE ON VACATION                    Lunch at Lakeside Lodge after the Service of
Pastor Cauble will be on vacation, May 23-29.       Holy Communion.
Our supply, guest preacher for Sunday, May 29th     Youth Mission Trip – July 31 – August 6 (More
will be our former seminarian Mary Louise           details later).
Sitton. Hopefully Mary Louise will have a call to
a congregation by this date, and New Jerusalem              LOOSE OFFERINGS IN MAY
can celebrate with her. Helping with the Service    May 1, World Hunger and pass the plates for
of Worship on the 29th will be the Senior Youth,    Gideons
since it is a Fifth Sunday.                         May 8, Lutheran Services for the Aging
                                                    May 15, Habitat for Humanity
EVENING BIBLE STUDY                                 May 22 & 29, World Hunger
The monthly evening Bible Study will be held on
Tuesday, May 17 at 7:00 p.m. We will meet in
the Gathering Room and continue our study in
Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life”       CONGRATULATIONS!
(Purpose #3). Everyone is welcome to attend!        The Catawba Valley Storm 14-and-under
We had a great study on April 19 and encourage      AAU/USSSA baseball team won the Carolina
others to join us on May 17th.                      Hardball Classic held in Gastonia recently. The
                                                    Storm went 4 – 0 to become champions allowing
only six runs in four games. Team members
include our own Brian Huffman, son of Rusty
and Susan Huffman

“To New Jerusalem Lutheran Church, Words
can not Thank You enough for your
thoughtfulness. Senior Lutheran Youth in
Christ (SLYC) Signed Callie Kanupp, Kay
Weaver, Nicole Black, Daniel White, Emma Lail,
Jan Duckworth, Leann Barger, Emma Temple,
Aaron Weaver, Pastor Cauble, Adam Lamberth,
Dennis Weaver, Paula White. (Thank you for
your support of Mission Benefit car wash and

“Thank you for your cards, calls, prayers and
other acts of kindness shown to Rodney Punch
during his recent surgery and recovery. Thank
you for friends who care! The Punch Family,
Rodney, Linda, Make & Evelyn.”

Open House celebration at Agape May 1, 1:00 –
4:30 p.m. Fun for all ages! Remember to bring
your summer camp registration, this is the last
day to receive the reduced rate on all
registrations paid in full. For more information
call 919-552-9421.

The congregation is invited to a reception for
Ethel and Buddy Sutton on Sunday, June 5, 2005
from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. in the church Fellowship

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