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June 26, 2010

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In This Issue
       Maddy Events
       Political Briefs
       News Briefs
       Editorial Roundup
       Upcoming Events

Maddy Events
Maddy Forum: “Preparing for California’s Next Natural Disaster: Is Our Water Supply At Risk?’ -- Host
Elliott Balch talks with Jay Alan, communications director for the California Emergency Management
Agency, and Dr. Jeffrey Mount, professor of geology at UC Davis, about whether California and levees that
we rely on so heavily will survive our next big natural disaster. The show airs on 90.7 KFSR Saturday at 1
p.m. and Sunday at 11 a.m. and also is available on the 90.7 KFSR website and on iTunes. 
Maddy Political Insider – Sal Russo, member of the Maddy Institute Board of Directors, will be the
guest on the next edition of The Maddy Political Insider. The Maddy Political Insider can be heard on the
Alan Autry Show on KYNO Radio 940 Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. If you missed the program, you can hear it
again by logging on to the "Audio" link for the Alan Autry Show at:

2010 Maddy Tribune -- The 2010 Maddy Tribute to honor three distinguished Maddy Institute
board members as they leave the state Legislature – Sen. Dave Cogdill and Assemblymembers
Juan Arambula and Mike Villines – will be held at the Fresno Convention Center on Thursday,
Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. Early birds save money -- purchase tickets by August 1 for a discount.  More
information: or call (559) 278-1133.

Maddy Institute on Facebook and Twitter – To learn about Maddy Institute activities (e.g. The Maddy
Report tv show, The Maddy Forum FM radio/podcast, The Maddy Political Insider AM radio show, The
Maddy Associates’ Luncheons, the Maddy Legislative Intern Program), become a fan of the Maddy
Institute on Facebook or log on to And if you have a Facebook or
Twitter account, please add us and follow us! 

Political Briefs
Palin protestors, Tea Party activists clash at CSU Stanislaus – The crowd of Palin protesters clashed
with tea party activists at the university's entrance on Monte Vista Avenue, prompting heated arguments
in the crosswalk as police tried to push people back using barricades. Drivers carrying patrons in tuxedos
and evening gowns struggled to squeeze through the throng. Modesto Bee article; Raw video from
Modesto Bee; Menu for Palin visit in Modesto Bee;
Palin discusses education, freedom at speech – Sarah Palin discussed civic education, freedom of
speech and the infamous "bendable straws" demand at California State University, Stanislaus Friday
night. Palin raised $200,000 for the university. Modesto Bee article; Stockton Record article; LA
Times article; AP article

SD 16: No one’s challenging Rubio … yet – Nobody is willing to admit, just quite yet, he or she will be
the one to legally challenge Democrat Michael Rubio's right to run for the state's 16th Senate District seat.
But everyone agrees someone will sue the out-of-district candidate. Bakersfield Californian article

Jim Boren: Assembly Democrats refuse to negotiate with Schwarzenegger – The Assembly's
immaturity gives us another reason to go to a one-house Legislature. Let's just get rid of the Assembly
and its game-playing members, and have a unicameral legislature. The few adults in the Assembly can
join those who are committed to solving the state's problems. Boren in Fresno Bee Opinion Talk

California Legislature’s at odds over budget – The willingness of Darrell Steinberg, the liberal
California state Senate leader, to collaborate across party lines won him a lofty Profile in Courage Award
from the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston earlier this year. But back in Sacramento, some of the power
brokers who once nurtured Steinberg's career are less enthralled. LA Times article

Governor discusses budget, importance of private sector job creation in weekly radio address –
Businesses create the 16 million private-sector jobs that pay for our healthcare programs, our public
safety, our parks, our schools and the list goes on. Our economy will not come back, and state revenues
will not come back, until private-sector jobs come back. Now, higher taxes mean fewer jobs. It’s very
simple. Governor’s radio address

Seismic shift in state Senate? – Recent events in the 40th State Senate District suggest that the
Legislature’s upper house could be in for some major changes – changes that could give Republicans more
leverage in Sacramento. Orange County Register article

Whitman tries to move to the center – It took Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman less
than two weeks to hang up her hard line on immigration and to go on Spanish-language TV catering to the
Latino vote. It was but one step toward middle ground for a candidate pulled right in the primary.
Sacramento Bee article

Whitman, nurses trade latest volley in war of words – As GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman
mails fliers to nurses criticizing the California Nurses Association, the union held a rally Friday in
Oakland hitting back at Whitman and inviting her to a July 15 forum with nurses to be held in her
hometown of Atherton. Sacramento Bee article; San Francisco Chronicle article

Ad Watch: Whitman attack on Brown plays loose with facts – Republican gubernatorial candidate
Meg Whitman is running a TV ad attacking Democratic nominee Jerry Brown's political career. Following is
text of the ad and analysis by David Siders of The Bee Capitol Bureau. Sacramento Bee article

Boxer slams Fiorina’s record at Hewlett Packard – During a visit to a family-owned bakery in Lincoln
Heights on Friday, California Sen. Barbara Boxer said it was “bizarre” that her opponent, former Hewlett
Packard Co. Chief Executive Carly Fiorina, has argued that her experience dealing with job cuts and
outsourcing has prepared her to tackle those issues in Washington. LA Times article

Larson slips, Davoli gains as election tally nears completion – For Fresno County Supervisor Phil
Larson, it must feel like an E ticket ride at Disneyland. The incumbent, who is seeking another term on the
board, needs to earn 50% of the vote, plus one, to avoid a November runoff with second-place finisher
Cynthia Sterling. Right now, things aren't looking good. Fresno Bee political notebook

Governor’s Fresno meeting invitation-only -- Organizers of a town hall meeting next week featuring
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger now say the event is not open to the public. Fresno Bee article

November ballot initiatives shaping up as battle for California’s future – California's congested
November election came into focus Thursday after a last-minute flurry of measures qualified for the ballot,
setting the stage for a pitched — and pricey — battle for the future of the state. Contra Costa Times

Sacramento Bee: Is this how Kamala Harris hopes to win? – The California attorney general's
campaign has gotten off to a truly disappointing start. Sacramento Bee editorial

Michael Der Manouel Sr.: Deal with the facts of illegal immigration – The longtime Fresno
insurance broker writes that while there is no question that illegal immigration is one of the biggest issues
facing us in California and in other states, it is simply ludicrous for us to think that we are going to deport
3 to 4 million illegals who have children legally born in this country and that are citizens. Der Manouel
Sr. op-ed in Fresno Bee

Latest legislative target? Loud TV commercials -- Assembly Republican leader Martin Garrick railed
against Democrats on Friday for getting distracted by minor issues unrelated to the state's massive
budget deficit, but he failed to mention lawmakers' latest target: loud TV commercials. Capitol Alert

News Briefs
Top Stories

Defeat of jobs bill in Senate costly to California -- The demise of a sweeping jobs and tax bill in the
U.S. Senate this week dealt a stiff blow to California as it struggles to recover from the recession.
Hundreds of thousands of jobless residents will see their unemployment checks cut off. The deficit-plagued
state budget stands to lose billions of desperately needed dollars. And a tax credit for research and
development, long prized by the tech industry, appears to be on life support. Contra Costa Times

California’s first-time homebuyer tax credits: going, going … -- It's going fast. California's
Franchise Tax Board reports that it's received nearly 18,000 applications requesting $91 million of an
available $100 million set aside for first-time home buyer tax credits up to $10,000. Sacramento Bee


Lawmakers join forces for honeybees -- Lawmakers are rallying behind the beleaguered honeybee by
creating a congressional caucus to promote research and focus attention on the troubling collapse of bee
colonies. Fresno Bee article

Tulare growers: A good year shaping up for oranges -- After weather caused a decline in orange
production in Tulare County and the economy weakened demand for the fruit, growers say 2010 is
shaping up to be a much better year for oranges — particularly navels. Visalia Times-Delta article


Fresno council OKs cut-filled budget -- The Fresno City Council today approved Mayor Ashley
Swearengin's $953 million fiscal year 2011 budget, which calls for substantial layoffs and service
reductions to meet a financial crisis. Fresno Bee article

‘Off the 99’ podcast: Merced city budget explained – To translate what the dollars and cents in the
city budget mean for Mercedians, Off the 99 brought Mayor Bill Spriggs and council members Mary-Michal
Rawling and Bill Blake into the studio. “Off the 99” podcast in Merced Sun-Star

High price of welfare cuts in Kings – In Kings County, there are 3,140 active cases, or 7,114 working
parents, and every case has an average of three children. Eliminating CalWORKS would cause chaos, said
Peggy Montgomery, Kings County's human services director. Hanford Sentinel article
Stockton looking to trade IMG for SMG – City leaders are poised to strike a deal with an international
management company with a high-profile portfolio to operate Stockton's struggling entertainment venues.
To do that, officials are working simultaneously to buy out their much-criticized contract with the current
manager. Stockton Record article

Fresno Bee: Council was wise to approve downtown improvement PBID – A crucial tool to help
transform downtown Fresno has been passed by the Fresno City Council. The Property and Business
Improvement District has the potential to revitalize downtown in a way that the community hasn't seen in
decades. Fresno Bee editorial

Wal-Mart wants time to determine if competitors might be supporting lawsuits – A new wrinkle
has been added to a lawsuit filed by a local activists group against a proposed Wal-Mart distribution center
in the city of Merced. What until now was a straightforward case about whether the environmental review
process on the project was adequate and open, may now involve corporate espionage. Merced Sun-Star

Visalia CSET to get $100,000 grant from foundation -- Visalia's nonprofit Community Services
Employment Training, or CSET, announced it is receiving a $100,000 grant from the Wells Fargo
Foundation that it will use to expand and improve its entrepreneurship training in Tulare County. Fresno
Bee article


Under tight budget, Fresno State marks 100th anniversary -- Think of Tom Gaffery as a gatekeeper
of Fresno State's centennial look. The administrative project coordinator is helping spread the signature
100-year logo and brand throughout the nearly 400-acre main campus. Fresno Bee article

Modesto City Schools counselors argue for jobs -- For 22 years, Modesto City Schools has outsourced
some of its student counseling services. That didn't used to concern the union that represents the district's
counselors. But now that counselors and teachers are losing their jobs to budget cuts, questions are being
raised about why the district is paying another agency to counsel students. Modesto Bee article

Can Toliver make an impact at Stockton Unified? – At 7:58 Friday morning, Carl Toliver entered
Stockton Unified's headquarters and headed to the superintendent's office, the same office he last
occupied on an interim basis in 2005-06. He was back on the job. Stockton Record article

Kern district cuts the hours of aides, clerks -- Panama-Buena Vista Union School District Thursday
reduced the hours of 76 clerks and yard aides, eliminated 15 other positions and raised the prices of
school meals -- all to help close a $5 million budget gap. Bakersfield Californian article


Bill would ban free bags at California grocery stores – California would become the first state to ban
grocery, liquor and drug stores from providing free paper or plastic bags under legislation pushed by
Democrats and supported by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sacramento Bee article

Officials hope dialogue outlasts forums – The conversation isn't over. Not according to the
environmentalists, developers and government officials who put on a series of public forums over the past
six months about sustainable living. Stockton Record article

Lakeview Gusher bigger in volume, but Gulf spill far more damaging -- The Lakeview Gusher and
the ongoing BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico both spewed millions of gallons of oil, but that's about
where the similarity ends. Bakersfield Californian article

Other Areas
Top Madera County government official resigns – Madera County's top administrative official has
abruptly resigned after less than 10 months on the job, leaving the county without a key leader as it tries
to navigate through a budget crisis. Fresno Bee article

Switch to police for county islands, report suggests -- Fresno County and Fresno city leaders should
consider having the city, not the sheriff, patrol county islands, the county grand jury said in a report
released Friday. Fresno Bee article

Violent crime rate fell in state in 2009 – The state's violent crime rate fell 6.6 percent in 2009, the
third year in a row it has declined. According to a press release issued Friday by the California Department
of Justice, every category of crime declined: homicides fell 8.9 percent and robberies 8.6 percent and
automobile thefts fell 15.8 percent. Overall, property crime fell 10.1 percent. Stockton Record article

Clovis to up Wi-Fi access -- Clovis is expanding its free downtown Wi-Fi program. The system will
extend to Clovis Avenue between Fourth and Fifth streets, and its bandwidth will grow to allow four times
more users, city officials said. Fresno Bee article

Breathalyzer program that applies to all Tulare County DUI offenders begins July 1 -- The pilot
program focuses on counties with high numbers of drinking problems. Tulare County was most likely
chosen because it adds a rural setting with high DUI conviction rates, Department of Motor Vehicles
officials say. Visalia Times-Delta article

Governor forms volunteer disaster-response corps -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday
launched Disaster Corps, what he called a first-in-the-nation program to coordinate volunteer response to
disasters. Sacramento Bee article

Editorial Roundup
Bakersfield Californian – Phony soccer injuries are a flop in U.S. eyes.

Fresno Bee – A crucial tool to help transform downtown Fresno has been passed by the Fresno City
Council. The Property and Business Improvement District has the potential to revitalize downtown in
a way that the community hasn't seen in decades.

Merced Sun-Star – McChrystal’s departure may be an opportune time for U.S. to rethink its
Afghanistan policy.

Modesto Bee – On this first Saturday of summer and last Saturday of June, we offer up a sampling of
numbers — some minuscule, some mind-boggling — that found their way into the week's news.

Sacramento Bee – Streetcars stage a Sac comeback; Kamala Harris’ attorney general's campaign has
gotten off to a truly disappointing start.

Upcoming Events

                 AmericaSpeaks: Our Budget, Our Economy National Town Hall will be held at a variety of
                  locations on Saturday, June 26. The Town Hall also will be available online. More

                 The California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley’s Board of Directors will hold its
                  quarterly meeting at the International Agri-Center in Tulare on Friday, Aug. 20, from 10
                  a.m. to 3 p.m. More information: Jen Paul at

                 The 2010 Maddy Tribute to honor three distinguished Maddy Institute board members as
                  they leave the state Legislature – Sen. Dave Cogdill and Assemblymembers Juan
                  Arambula and Mike Villines – will be held at the Fresno Convention Center on Thursday,
                  Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. Early birds save money -- purchase tickets by August 1 for a
                  discount.  More information: or call (559) 278-1133.

The Kenneth L. Maddy Institute at California State University, Fresno was established to honor
the legacy of one of California’s most principled and effective legislative leaders of the last half
  of the 20th Century by engaging, preparing and inspiring a new generation of governmental
leaders for the 21st Century. Its mission is to inspire citizen participation, elevate government
 performance, provide non-partisan analysis and assist in providing solutions for public policy
                        issues important to the region, state and nation.

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