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Catchment Name grassroots clinics


Catchment Name grassroots clinics

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                                                Report for

The Ontario
45 Charles Street East, Fifth Floor
            Toronto ON M4Y 1S2

        Telephone: 416.963.4927
        Toll-free: 1.800.263.2887
                Fax: 416.963.8781
               TTY: 416.963.7905

      The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of
      the Government of Ontario.
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          Welcome. This Community Report contains valuable information about our
          granting activities in your community and our local Grant Review Team
          members, led by Chair Alexander Waugh.

Toronto   There is a Community Report for each of the Foundation’s geographic
          catchment areas. All are companion documents to the 2006-2007 Annual
          Report, which contains information about the Foundation’s activities, priorities
          and financial statements.
          The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of Government of Ontario. We
          fulfill our mission to build healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario
          by strengthening the capacity of the volunteer sector through investments in
          community-based initiatives.
          This year, we are proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary of grantmaking. Our
          history of strengthening communities is a testament to the vision and vitality of
          our grantee organizations fuelled by volunteers all across Ontario. We are
          also celebrating a funding increase from the Ontario government. In 2007 we
          received a funding boost from $100 million to $105 million annually. This is the
          first phase of a 20 per cent increase, which will see the Foundation's annual
          funding grow to $120 million in 2009-2010. The increase will be used to
          continue our work to strengthen communities, support government priorities
          and increase the capacity of the voluntary sector.
          Our Foundation’s staff and volunteers are well known as conveners and
          supporters of people and ideas and are an integral part of why OTF is one of
          Canada’s leading grantmakers. Our more than 300 unpaid volunteers bring
          their experiences and invaluable knowledge about Ontario’s communities to
          review applications and make recommendations for funding. Our capable,
          talented and professional staff provides the essential support for our work.
          From April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007, the Foundation invested $95,762,400 in
          1,430 grants to charitable and not-for-profit organizations across the province.
          Our granting demonstrates our commitment to the people of Ontario and our
          response to their diverse interests and needs.
          In the fall of 2006, our Focused Conversations project took staff and volunteers
          out to a sampling of Ontario’s neighbourhoods to talk with local leaders and
          learn from them first-hand about their communities. What we learned prompted
          us to re-examine our policies and revisit our practices in the interest of being
          more accessible, responsive and effective in serving grant applicants.
          We streamlined the application procedure for applicants seeking a maximum
          of $15,000 by making it easier to apply for small capital grants. The process
          uses a shorter application, with fewer required attachments and was
          introduced as a result of feedback from Ontarians.
          We are proud to see practical evidence of the tremendous impact our grants
          are having in communities across Ontario. For 25 years, the Foundation has
          been a key player in building healthy and vibrant communities in every corner
          of the province and we look forward to the next 25 years!

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                   Strengthening Ontario Communities for 25 Years
Twenty-five years ago, the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) received its first $15 million in funding
from the Ontario Government to support its Provincial Grants Program. Now, thousands of grants and
almost $1 billion in funding later, we are proud to reflect on our history as we celebrate our Silver

Established in August 1982 by the Provincial Government, OTF initially provided grants to support
social services in Ontario. Eligible organizations and their branches or chapters supplying services
across the province were eligible for OTF funding in order to build and strengthen their communities.
Our aim was to provide a granting program that was helpful, informed about the field and considerate of
grantees. We also wanted to foster grantee organizations’ independence in a tangible way, where the
impact of grants would strengthen them long after grant dollars were spent.

By 1987, OTF’s funding was increased to $17 million and the Regional Grants Program was
introduced. This new program provided smaller grants of up to two years for local social service
organizations that were not affiliated with province-wide organizations. Starting in Northern Ontario, it
rolled out across the province over the next six years.

The introduction of OTF’s website, in 1995 provided an effective opportunity
for OTF to liaise and interact with the community. This proved to be a valuable tool. Our award winning
website has made it possible for grantees and potential grantees to obtain information about our
organization, grantees and OTF’s special projects and programs.

In 1999, the Foundation’s budget received a ten-fold increase to $100 million resulting in a very
dramatic change in the organization. The extended funding enabled OTF to expand its funding activities
to three new sectors, adding arts and culture, sports and recreation and the environment to the existing
human and social services sector. The Foundation also underwent a strategic change in operations,
shifting from a largely centralized operation in Toronto to a broad community-based organization with
16 offices across the province. Staff and volunteer numbers grew in order to accommodate the
expansion. Volunteers were appointed by the Ontario Government to serve on 16 Grant Review Teams
to review grant applications and make recommendations for funding in the 16 geographic catchment

OTF grants have been making a remarkable impact in communities all across the province, enabling
Ontarians to work together to enhance the quality of life in their communities. Over the years we have
built an organization of committed staff, experts in their field who complement more than 300
volunteers. We are grateful for the expertise, experiences and valuable knowledge both volunteer and
staff bring to the grant review process, and appreciate their efforts which have helped make us one of
Canada’s leading grantmaking Foundations today.

For 25 years, we have been committed to strengthening communities in Ontario and with a funding
boost from the Ontario Government in 2007 we’re looking forward to making an even greater impact in
the coming years.

The future of OTF and Ontario communities is bright.

Helen Burstyn                           L. Robin Cardozo
Chair of the Board                      Chief Executive Officer

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Our grants in Toronto                                Toronto
                                                     Grant Review Team members
It is our pleasure to report to you on the results   as of March 31, 2007
of the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s (OTF)
grants to communities in Toronto. The area that         Alexander Waugh, Chair, Toronto
comprises the Toronto region includes the City
of Toronto.                                             Yvette Ali, Toronto
                                                        Shehnaz Alidina, Toronto
OTF grants support the remarkable work of not-
for-profit and charitable organizations in              Jonathan Chan-Combrink, Toronto
communities across Ontario. Rich in talent,             Jean Crawford, Toronto
creativity and drive, these communities are able
to build on these assets through the help of our        Cynthia Dann-Beardsley, Toronto
grants.                                                 Raymond Fredette, Toronto

Over 300 local volunteers from across Ontario           Hugh Furneaux, Toronto
serve on the Foundation’s Grant Review                  Charles Hain, Toronto
Teams. These unpaid volunteers are appointed
by the Government of Ontario to review grant            Cynthia Head, Toronto
applications and make recommendations for               Selwyn Henry, Toronto
funding. They have a keen and practical
                                                        Mehboob Hirani, Toronto
understanding of the diverse needs of Ontario’s
communities and they bring that knowledge and           Hawaa Kabbashy, Toronto
experience to the grant review process. Their
                                                        Olga Madeira, Scarborough
involvement in the decision-making process
helps ensure that the grants that the                   Edith Montgomery, Scarborough
Foundation supports reflect local needs and
                                                        Kevin Moore, Toronto
have the greatest impact possible.
                                                        Mario Nigro, Toronto
In 2006-2007, we were delighted to review and           Sahar Rizvi, Toronto
support the applications of 147 local
organizations and provide $14,797,400 in                Carol Roberts, Toronto
Foundation grants. We invite you to read the            Julia Anne Shea, Toronto
results of our work and the ongoing efforts of the
Foundation to build healthy and vibrant                 Heather Simpson, Toronto
communities in Toronto.                                 Paul-François Sylvestre, Toronto
                                                        Brenda Wong, Toronto
                                                        Saira Zuberi, Toronto
                                                     A list of current Grant Review Team members
                                                     with biographical information is available at

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Program staff for Toronto           416.963.7941
                                    Fax: 416.963.8781
Pamela Campbell
Program Manager
Fax: 416.963.8781

Maja Saletto Jankovic
Program Manager
Fax: 416.963.8781

Carrie Butcher
Program Manager
Fax: 416.963.8781

Brian Conway
Program Manager
Fax: 416.963.8781

Arti Freeman
Program Manager
Fax: 905.704.0183

Anne-Marie Bénéteau
Program Manager

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                                                        Eligible organizations
    Who we are                                             A charitable organization or foundation
                                                            registered as a charity with the Canada
The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of             Revenue Agency
the Government of Ontario. We are one of                   An organization incorporated as a not-for-profit
Canada's leading grantmaking foundations.                   corporation without share capital in a Canadian
Our time-limited grants to charitable and not-for-         An unincorporated branch or chapter of a
profit organizations fund capital, operating and            charitable organization or incorporated not-for-
specific project costs. They provide critical support       profit organization. The incorporated or
for organizations to build on their strengths,              registered organization must authorize the
improve their capacity, develop new ideas and               application and accept responsibility for the
move forward.                                               grant
                                                           A First Nation
Our granting priorities
                                                           A Métis or other Aboriginal community
The Foundation supports the building of healthy            A collaborative of two or more organizations
and vibrant communities through community-                  that contains at least one eligible member
based initiatives that strengthen the capacity of          Local Services Boards, rural and small
organizations in the arts and culture, environment,         communities incorporated as municipalities
human and social services and sports and                    with populations of 20,000 or less and their
recreation sectors.                                         agencies in either the arts and culture or sports
                                                            and recreation sectors
In particular, the Foundation places priority on
supporting organizations that work in the following
                                                        Eligible organizations applying for either the
areas to help Ontarians achieve their potential:
                                                        Community Program or the Province-Wide
    Enhanced success for students and learners         Program must be in compliance with the Ontario
    Healthier and more physically active Ontarians     Human Rights Code.
    Enhanced employment and economic potential
     for workers and their families
                                                        Our grant programs
    More effective volunteers and more people          The Ontario Trillium Foundation has two grant
     engaged in their communities                       programs:

Eligible sectors                                        Community Program
We welcome applications in four sectors--arts and       The Community Program funds initiatives that take
culture, environment, human and social services         place in one catchment area and have a local
and sports and recreation.                              impact on one or more communities within it. More
                                                        than 300 unpaid local volunteers work together in
                                                        16 regional Grant Review Teams to review grant
                                                        applications and recommend projects for funding
                                                        within a specific catchment area.

                                                        Province-Wide Program
                                                        This program funds initiatives that have a province-
                                                        wide impact. At a minimum, the work must take
                                                        place in three catchment areas or two in the North.
                                                        A committee of our Board of Directors reviews and
                                                        recommends projects for funding in the Province-
                                                        Wide Program.

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The Foundation’s Board of Directors reviews and
ratifies grants in both programs.

Simplified Application Process
For applicants seeking capital grants up to a
maximum of $15,000 the process uses a shorter
application that requires fewer attachments.

Types of grants available
In the Community and Province-Wide programs,
the Ontario Trillium Foundation provides three
types of funding in each of our four sectors. These
are available individually or in combination:
 Operating Grants for ongoing program and
    administration costs over a limited period of
    time up to five years
 Project Grants for an initiative that has a
    definite beginning and end and that may be in
    addition to a group’s regular work
 Capital Grants for making repairs, renovations
    or improvements to lands and buildings or for
    buying equipment that will have a direct effect
    on a group’s program or activities

Achieving great results
The Foundation’s funding has made hundreds of
community facilities accessible and restored heritage
buildings across the province. Grants have
supported community sports groups, programs for
seniors and youth and environmental initiatives that
have helped rehabilitate rivers, replant forests and
promote conservation.

Grants have also invigorated the arts and culture
sector in Ontario. In addition, the Foundation’s
grants have helped hundreds of organizations build
their capacity and enhance their programs.

In all sectors, from arts and culture to sports and
recreation, Ontario Trillium Foundation grants have
improved the quality of life in Ontario, provided
economic opportunities and enhanced tourism.

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                          Our vision, mission and values

Our vision
The Ontario Trillium Foundation is a catalyst that enables Ontarians to work together to enhance the
quality of life in their communities. We believe that communities across Ontario are rich in talent,
creativity and drive, and our grants stimulate communities to build on these assets.

Our mission
Building healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario by strengthening the capacity of the
voluntary sector, through investments in community-based initiatives.

Our core values and operating principles
The following core values and operating principles guide the Ontario Trillium Foundation and shape its
organizational culture. Our volunteers and staff are dedicated to reflecting these values in their actions
and relationships.

Accountability and transparency                         Volunteer and staff leadership
We appreciate the trust placed in us by the             Our leadership depends on skilled staff working
Government of Ontario, and safeguard the                in productive partnership with knowledgeable
public funds we receive through rigorous                volunteers who understand the needs of local
accountability controls. Our communications             communities in their region. Our staff and
programs and operational processes ensure               volunteer human resources practices foster this
that our guidelines and grant decisions are             creative synergy.
accessible and transparent to the public.
                                                        Inclusiveness and innovation
Excellence                                              Our policies and programs acknowledge that the
Because we believe passionately that our work           people of Ontario are diverse and dynamic and
enhances the quality of life for people across          that community needs differ across the province.
Ontario, we aim to achieve the highest                  We support creative initiatives that respond to
professional standards of excellence.                   the real needs of Ontario's varied and evolving

                                                        Integrity and respect
                                                        Our grant decision-making processes, business
                                                        practices and communications strategies are
                                                        governed by the principles of honesty, integrity
                                                        and fairness. We treat all stakeholders
                                                        respectfully, including volunteers, staff, grant
                                                        applicants, and members of the public.

                                                        Efficiency and impact
                                                        We are determined to ensure that public funds
                                                        are well invested and that our grantmaking and
                                                        grant-monitoring processes are cost efficient.
                                                        We consistently measure and evaluate results
                                                        based on grant outcomes.

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                                   Our granting priorities

The Foundation will support the building of healthy and vibrant communities through community-
based initiatives that strengthen the capacity of organizations in the arts and culture, environment,
human and social services and sports and recreation sectors.

In particular, the Foundation will place priority on supporting organizations that work in the
following areas to help Ontarians achieve their potential.

Enhanced success for students and learners
A healthy and vibrant community depends on the skills and knowledge of its members. Whether
knowledge and skills are developed in the early years when children start school or much later in
life, it is key that people of all ages and abilities are ready to learn. This is why the Ontario Trillium
Foundation will place priority on initiatives that:
   Provide community-based learning opportunities and create conditions for achievement for
    people of all ages and abilities
   Help prepare children and youth for success
This includes, but is not limited to, broadening learning experiences for children and youth; helping
children and youth remain and achieve in school; preparing young children to learn; providing
opportunities for children and youth to experience positive personal growth; and improving adult
literacy through resources and activities.

Healthier and more physically active Ontarians
Encouraging Ontarians to lead healthier lifestyles, as well as improving other determinants of
health, such as air and water quality, and providing opportunities for people to enhance their health
and well-being will lead to healthier and more physically active Ontarians. To this end, the Ontario
Trillium Foundation will place priority on initiatives that:
   Promote physical activity for people of all ages and abilities
   Promote recreational activities for people of all ages and abilities
   Enhance and help protect human and ecosystem health
   Create conditions for people to reach their full health and well-being potential
   Promote cultural and artistic activities for people of all ages and abilities
This includes, but is not limited to, promoting and increasing physical activity; increasing or
sustaining recreational and leisure opportunities; helping communities take responsibility to protect
the natural environment; supporting systems that sustain health and well-being; sustaining a
healthy arts community; and celebrating and preserving heritage.

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Our granting priorities (Continued)

Enhanced employment and economic potential for workers and their families
The Ontario Trillium Foundation supports initiatives that are innovative and that stimulate economic
growth. To this end, OTF will place priority on proposals that support organizations to build skills,
create jobs and enhance economic potential for individuals and communities through initiatives that:
   Provide skill development or employment opportunities
   Sustain and promote a greener economy and community
   Strengthen the economic health of a community
   Help further a community’s long-term vision and growth
This includes, but is not limited to, increasing opportunities for employment for those experiencing
barriers including Aboriginal people, newcomers, people with disabilities and at-risk youth;
strengthening organizations and supporting initiatives that promote a sustainable environment;
sustaining the economic viability of the community; and encouraging community-planning

More effective volunteers and more people engaged in their communities
Volunteers are the foundation of healthy and caring communities that are safe, clean, secure and
vibrant. Providing people with opportunities to actively participate in activities or programs offered
within their community also contributes to this. We support initiatives that:
   Create conditions to increase community engagement of people of all ages, abilities and
   Strengthen volunteerism among people of all ages, abilities and cultures
   Strengthen the voluntary sector

This includes, but is not limited to, building community connections and awareness; promoting and
increasing volunteerism, particularly among young people; enhancing the capacity of the volunteer
sector and fostering strategic thinking and innovation; and building the capacity of charitable and
not-for-profit organizations.

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                         From April 1 2006 to March 31 2007

                     Toronto                                           Toronto
              Grants by budget fund                                Grants by priority
                                                      Economic                          Engagement
                                                      Potential                            33%
  Project                               Capital                                              Other
   57%                                   14%                                               Community

                                                                                          Success for
                                                      Healthier                            Learners
                                      Operating       Ontarians                              15%
                                        29%             44%

                      Toronto                                Community and Province-Wide
                  Grants by sector                                Grants by sector

 Human &                                                                                   Arts &
                                         Sports &
  Social                                              Sports &                             Culture
 Services                                            Recreation                             23%
   39%                                                  24%

                                        Arts &          Human &
                                        Culture          Social
                                         37%            Services

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                 Ontario Trillium Foundation
                     Community grants
                    Making a difference in
                         Toronto for

In 2006-2007 the Ontario Trillium Foundation awarded 147 grants in
Toronto valued at $14,797,400. The following is a list of the
organizations that were awarded grants and descriptions of their

A Commitment to Training and        Agincourt Community Services            Argonaut Rowing Club
Employment for Women                Association                             $150,000 over three years to
$48,100 over one year to            $150,400 over three years to            co-ordinate this Toronto club's
develop a three-year business       engage the citizens of the Bay          volunteer coaching team to
and strategic plan. It will         Mills community in addressing the       enhance program effectiveness.
increase the organizational         issues of youth violence and            Membership will also be
capacity and long-term              racism by implementing a                expanded to increase
sustainability of this Toronto      parenting program and a                 participation in rowing, with an
network of women's employment       community action plan.                  emphasis on youth and people
and training services.                                                      with disabilities.
                                    ALDER (Adult Learning
Abilities Arts Festival : A         Disabilities Employment                 Arraymusic
Celebration of Disability Arts      Resource Centre)                        $60,400 over three years to
and Culture                         $6,500 to develop, record and           organize, digitize, archive,
$100,300 over two years to          upload 20 spoken word-audio clips       protect, market and share the
develop this Toronto festival.      to the ALDER website. These will        organization's music collection
The event celebrates and            help provide youth and adults with      by Canadian and international
showcases artists with              learning disabilities in Toronto with   composers that has spanned 35
disabilities and increases          access to resource materials on         years.
community participation in the      finding employment.
arts.                                                                       Art City in St. James Town
                                    Among Friends: The LGBT                 $50,000 over two years for
ACTION: Active Communities          Immigrant and Refugee                   services to support children's
in Toronto Increasing               Initiative c/o Access Alliance          after-school programming in
Opportunities for Newcomers         Multicultural Community Health          Toronto's St. James Town
c/o Working Women                   Centre                                  neighbourhood. This will allow
Community Centre                    $224,400 over three years to            new activities to be added to the
$150,000 over three years to        support a volunteer development         existing opportunities for
provide portable physical and       and training initiative for lesbian,    children and youth to receive art
wellness activities to newcomer     gay, bisexual and transsexual           instruction.
and low-income populations          (LGBT) newcomers and increase
living in high needs communities    the capacity of community
in Toronto.                         agencies to provide effective
                                    programming for LGBT

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Art Starts Neighbourhood          AWIC Community and Social             Boys and Girls Club of East
Storefront Cultural Centre        Services                              Scarborough
$201,400 over four years to       $50,000 over one year for a           $88,900 to purchase a 24-seat
establish community-driven        series of programs to generate        bus that will increase the club's
creative programs in              awareness regarding diabetes          ability to provide recreation
Scarborough, develop a            prevention and management in          programs to youth living in
corporate fundraising base and    the Toronto South Asian               Scarborough.
solidify communication and        community. Culturally and
administration systems.           linguistically sensitive strategies   Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
                                  will be used.                         $140,000 over three years to
ArtReach: Youth Engagement                                              support community engagement
through Arts Funders              B.A.A.N.N. Theatre Centre             in order to better meet the needs
Collaborative Project c/o The     $18,000 over six months to            of volunteers, theatre audiences
Laidlaw Foundation                conduct a feasibility study that      and culturally diverse groups in
$225,000 over three years for a   will determine the viability of the   Toronto by providing more
collaborative granting program    historic Carnegie Library in west     meaningful opportunities for
to increase engagement and        Toronto as a performance venue        participation in the organization.
participation in quality arts     for small independent
opportunities by Toronto youth    performing arts presentations.        Cabbagetown Youth Centre
aged 12 to 25 years who have                                            $164,900 over three years to
experienced exclusion.            Ballet Jorgen Canada                  provide accessible performing
                                  $200,000 over three years to          arts programming for children
Arts and Learning in              present free full-scale               and youth in the St. James
Toronto's Priority                professional ballet in Toronto        Town, Cabbagetown and
Neighbourhood Schools c/o         parks outside the downtown            Regent Park communities.
Inner City Angels                 core. Performances will help
$160,500 over three years to      connect people by reducing            Canadian Electric Wheelchair
provide arts-based learning       socio-economic, demographic           Hockey Association, Toronto
opportunities in 20 elementary    and geographic barriers.              Division c/o Canadian Electric
school classrooms in under-                                             Wheelchair Association
served neighbourhoods. This       Bereaved Families of Ontario -        $115,000 over three years to
will increase the exposure of     Toronto                               stabilize the organization's
teachers, students and their      $200,500 over three years to          operations and expand its
parents to professional visual    expand bereavement-support            volunteer and fundraising
artists.                          programs for grieving children        capacity in order to expand the
                                  and youth, with a focus on those      wheelchair-hockey league and
Association of Spanish            from under-served, ethnic             increase the number of
Speaking Seniors of the           minority communities.                 participants.
$26,600 over one year to carry    Big Brothers and Big Sisters of       Canadian Psychiatric
out a needs assessment study      Toronto                               Research Foundation
identifying key issues related    $129,500 over two years to carry      $75,000 over three years to
to the well-being of Hispanic     out a new community outreach          promote greater awareness of
seniors in Toronto. An action     strategy to attract male              mental health issues affecting
plan concerning social            volunteers. This will increase the    youth in the Greater Toronto
services, cultural programs       number of boys in Scarborough         Area through a program of
and recreation solutions will     and Rexdale served through the        workshops for caregivers,
be developed.                     organization's in-school and one-     educators, youth, social workers,
                                  to-one mentoring programs.            health professionals and family

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The Canadian Stage Company           Centre for Local Research Into         CJRT - Jazz.FM91
$225,000 over three years for        Public Space                           $116,500 over two years to
program costs, materials and         $50,000 over one year to develop       increase community involvement
staff to make the company more       and share a program tool kit with      with jazz music by making
accessible to many audiences.        community groups across                JAZZ.FM91's new location
New and underserved                  Toronto. The information will          accessible and developing
communities will increase their      encourage new recreational,            educational programming for
participation in the group’s         cultural and environmental             children, students and seniors.
programs and activities in           activities with the objective of
Toronto.                             enlivening neighbourhood parks.        Company YOU c/o National
                                                                            Ballet of Canada
CANORAA Inc.                         Children's Own Museum                  $75,000 over six months for a
$60,000 over three years for a       $21,600 over six months to hire        new dance outreach program by
yearly soccer and basketball         contract staff to assist the board     the National Ballet of Canada and
tournament in Toronto French         of directors with fundraising,         Canada's National Ballet School.
high schools. Organizational         marketing and outreach initiatives.    The program will provide
capacity will also be built and      This will support the development      workshops and performances that
employment programs provided         and launch of this children's          give Toronto school students a
for Francophone youth with           museum located in Toronto.             comprehensive exposure to
diverse racial and cultural                                                 dance.
backgrounds.                         Chinese Cultural Centre of
                                     Greater Toronto                        Creative Works Studio and
Caribbean Tales                      $150,000 over two years to assist      Good Shepherd Collaborative
$150,000 over two years to           with the hiring of an operations       Renovation Project c/o Good
produce three media-based            manager and custodial staff for        Shepherd Non-Profit Homes
educational products rooted in       the new theatre and multipurpose       Inc.
Caribbean-Canadian storytelling,     hall, enabling the organization to     $100,000 over six months to
including the production of 'A       market the facility and establish      create a community studio and
Winter Tale'. Subjects addressed     relationships with potential clients   gallery in East Toronto for adults
will include gun violence, racism    and users.                             with long-term mental health
or multiculturalism.                                                        disabilities. This initiative will
                                     Churches By The Bluffs                 increase access to creative
Caribou Community                    Community Services                     spaces, helping promote recovery
Collaborative c/o North York         $100,000 to improve the food           and an enhanced quality of life.
Women's Centre                       bank's operations through the
$15,000 over six months to           renovation of its Scarborough          Crow's Theatre Circus
enhance exterior lighting, improve   premises and the purchase of           $5,700 to purchase new office
signage and replace building         new equipment including                equipment, including computers
entrance doors. This will improve    commercial appliances, tables          and network equipment. This will
the safety and security of this      and chairs.                            help this artistic company to
church building for the clients of                                          grow, enabling it to continue to
three community organizations        Citizens' Environment Watch            support and develop new plays
that use it.                         $150,000 over two years to build       for the Toronto community.
                                     the capacity of Toronto
Catholic Cross Cultural              community-based environmental          Curtain Call Players
Services                             organizations and support the          $5,000 to purchase six wireless
$71,000 over one year to             development and implementation         microphones in order to improve
purchase furniture and equipment     of a smart-growth strategy,            the sound quality of the musical
for the organization's new office    increasing community involvement       theatre productions at the Fairview
space in Scarborough.                in strengthening the sector.           Library Theatre in Toronto.

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Danny Grossman Dance               East York and East Toronto           Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club
Company                            Family Resources                     $64,700 over three years to
$112,000 over three years to       Organization                         support a house-league training
allow this Toronto-based           $149,000 over two years to           program designed to provide a
company to create a collection     enhance organizational               more consistent level of training
of preserved choreography on       capacity through a co-ordinated      to players aged 4 to 10 years
DVD, helping to build a stronger   volunteer program, expanding         and to provide new coaches with
sense of dance history and         the use of volunteers and            training and tools needed to train
preserve modern dance              nurturing meaningful voluntary       the players.
classics.                          experiences within programs
                                   and in the community.                Fado Performance Inc.
Diaspora Dialogues Charitable                                           $15,000 over one year to
Society                            Elizabeth Fry Society of             establish an office space for this
$135,000 over two years to         Toronto                              performance art group located in
expand programming by              $100,000 over one year to            Toronto. This will help the
increasing the number of           create an accessible, barrier-free   organization to better provide the
Toronto-area ethnocultural         main floor area in the Toronto       public with access to performance
participants, including youth,     facility that will create a safer    archives and other resources.
participating in the               environment for women with
publishing/mentoring programs      disabilities who have been           Fife House Foundation Inc.
and multidisciplinary              incarcerated and an aging            $71,100 over one year to fully
performance arts series.           population.                          equip and furnish a
                                                                        neighbourhood kitchen. This will
Downtown Soccer Toronto            The Esprit Orchestra                 help decrease isolation and
$11,000 over 18 months to help     $75,000 over 18 months for a         provide nutrition and social
increase the number of women       community-based mentoring            support to people living with
participants, to create formal     project that provides                HIV/AIDS and frail elderly
coaching skills clinics and to     opportunities for young people       people in downtown Toronto.
host an international soccer       to work with musicians and
tournament, an event built         composers to create and              FoodShare Toronto
around fair play and               experience new classical             $300,000 over four years for the
inclusiveness.                     music.                               Field to Table Schools initiative,
                                                                        which promotes food literacy and
East Scarborough Storefront        Etobicoke 55 + Sports and            agricultural awareness,
c/o Boys and Girls Club of         Games Committee District             encouraging students, parents
East Scarborough                   17A c/o Ontario Senior               and volunteers to cook, grow,
$339,000 over five years to        Games Association                    compost and learn about food so
expand the storefront's            $23,700 over three years to          they can make healthy choices.
volunteer program in order to      enhance outreach and
support people of all ages,        promotion strategies and             Franco-Fête de la
abilities and cultures in          private sector support. These        Communauté urbaine de
connecting to their broader        activities will encourage            Toronto
community through community        seniors' participation in almost     $159,500 over three years to
engagement, participation and      40 sports and games being            engage a co-ordinator
volunteerism.                      offered, providing healthy           responsible for expanding the
                                   recreation and physical activity.    outreach, visibility and impact of
                                                                        the organization and its cultural
                                                                        festival. It will result in an
                                                                        increased audience participation
                                                                        and expanded donor base.

                                                                                                          16 of 25

Franklin Horner Community             Girl Guides of Canada-Guides            The Green/Arts Barns Project
Centre of Etobicoke                   du Canada: Toronto Area                 c/o Women's Healthy
$170,000 over three years to          $21,000 over one year to                Environments Network
support the organization and its      replace roofs on buildings at two       $100,000 over one year towards
provision of accessible recreation    camps in Mono Mills and on              construction and renovations to
programs and strengthen its           Lake Simcoe, respectively,              the Community Barn of the
capacity to respond to the            continuing safe operation and           Green/Arts Barns Project, a
emerging needs of South               superb camping facilities for Girl      facility that will house a cluster of
Etobicoke community members.          Guides, Scouts and other youth-         environmental organizations in
                                      oriented, not-for-profit                the former Wychwood TTC
Friends of Simon Wiesenthal           organizations.                          repair facility.
Centre for Holocaust Studies
$59,000 over one year to              Grassroots Youth                        IC Network- JVS Toronto
establish interactive multimedia      Collaborative c/o Somali                Mentoring Program c/o JVS
workshops at this centre for          Youth Association of Toronto            Toronto
Holocaust studies in Toronto.         (SOYAT)                                 $219,000 over three years for
The program will help to educate      $225,000 over three years for a         Jewish Vocational Service
young people about racism,            co-ordinator to develop this            Toronto to support a mentoring
tolerance, combating hatred and       collaborative of youth-led              program that will assist Iranian
becoming engaged in                   organizations in Toronto. This          immigrant professionals in
democracy.                            will increase this network's            finding employment related to
                                      capacity to support its members         their field of training and
Frontier College                      with skills and resources to            experience.
$75,000 over one year to              develop grassroots youth-led
support and help establish            initiatives.                            Jane-Finch's Caring Village -
satellite Toronto locations for the                                           Promoting Excellence
Beat the Street program. This         The Green/Arts Barns Project            Program c/o Black Creek
initiative helps street-involved      c/o Latin American Art Projects         Community Health Centre
and homeless youth build their        $100,000 over one year towards          $225,000 over three years to
confidence and develop literacy       construction and renovations to         build a broad-based support
and life skills.                      the Community Barn of the               program that will engage
                                      Green/Arts Barns Project, a             community members in
Get your Move on, Making              facility that will house a cluster of   providing tutoring, peer
Physical Activity a Toronto           arts organizations in the former        mentoring and other social and
Thing c/o Toronto Community           Wychwood TTC repair facility.           educational support for high-
Foundation                                                                    school-aged youth in the Jane-
$75,000 over one year to develop      The Green/Arts Barns Project            Finch community.
programs and strategic plans to       c/o The Stop Community Food
increase physical activity in         Centre                                  Jessie's Centre for
Toronto. Public awareness will be     $100,000 over one year toward           Teenagers
raised, creating opportunities and    renovations to the Green Barn of        $106,000 over 20 months to
reducing barriers to community        the Green/Arts Barns Project in         increase the ability of pregnant
participation.                        the former Wychwood TTC                 teens and teen parents in
                                      repair facility. This will help to      Toronto to finish high school
Gilda's Club Greater Toronto          create a centre for year-round          and pursue post-secondary
$135,600 over two years to            gardening, community                    education through enhanced
expand the organization's             programming and environmental           educational counselling,
outreach and organizational           education.                              tutoring and research on
capacity by developing a                                                      effective educational supports.
volunteer services program.

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Joint Etobicoke                       Li Delun Music Foundation            Metro Toronto Movement for
Transportation Services c/o           $16,200 over six months for          Literacy
Etobicoke Services for                program costs to present a           $90,600 over three years to
Seniors                               Toronto-based concert during         build the capacity of the
$182,800 over three years to          Asian Heritage Month in May          Literacy Access Network,
expand and enhance community          2007. This will bring together       enabling this information and
transportation services for           diverse groups of young              referral service to provide more
seniors and adults with               composers and performers             information to better serve adult
disabilities in Etobicoke,            working in both Chinese and          literacy learners and their
especially ethnocultural groups       European classical tradition.        families in Toronto and York
facing cultural, language and                                              Region.
financial barriers.                   Liaison of Independent
                                      Filmmakers of Toronto                Mid-Toronto Community
Kids Up Front Foundation              $75,000 over one year for            Services Inc.
(Toronto)                             computer equipment upgrade           $69,800 over six months to
$20,000 over one year to              to improve the organization's        purchase a new telephone
increase access to educational,       efficiency. This will enable it to   system and a passenger van.
cultural and recreational             provide more art education           These will help improve
community events for children         programming to both young            programs and services that
and youth in Toronto.                 and established filmmakers and       promote health and independent
                                      to enhance community                 living for seniors and adults with
Laboratoire d'art                     outreach.                            disabilities in downtown and
$125,000 over two years to build                                           midtown Toronto.
the operating and administrative      Madbakh Women's Initiative
capacity of the organization, and     c/o The Arab Community               The Milkweed Collective c/o
to renovate the existing Distillery   Centre of Toronto                    Arts Etobicoke
District space for the                $58,300 over two years for a         $270,700 over five years for
enhancement of programs and           community kitchen initiative. This   staff and program costs to
services toward a sustainable         will help reduce social isolation    expand delivery of the
future.                               among East African women in          Exploring Creativity in Depth
                                      South Etobicoke, grow volunteer      program. Arts awareness and
Leaside Lawn Bowling Club             leadership to sustain the kitchen    appreciation will increase for
c/o Ontario Lawn Bowls                and evaluate the model for other     elementary school children,
Association                           high-need communities.               students with special needs and
$22,500 over one year to                                                   youth at risk.
purchase greens-maintenance           Maison de la francophonie de
equipment and upgrade the             Toronto : développement et           More Than Child's Play
sprinkler system in order to          mise en oeuvre a/s Centre            Family Resource Centre
maintain this community               francophone de Toronto               $39,600 over three years to
recreation facility.                  $60,700 over 11 months to            create after-school
                                      undertake consultations with the     programming for children aged
Leave Out Violence (LOVE)             Francophone community and            6 to 11 years in this family
$159,000 over three years to          conduct a capital campaign           resource centre located in
establish a youth violence            feasibility study for the            Parkdale.
prevention program in Rexdale         establishment of the Maison de
through photojournalism and           la francophonie de Toronto.
leadership development.

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Native Women's Resource               North York Community House           Oasis Addiction Recovery
Centre of Toronto Inc.                $290,500 over four years to help     Society
$225,000 over three years to          develop, implement and               $78,500 over six months to
support the Dawnissog: Building       evaluate the Get Moving for a        renovate the
Our Own Futures youth                 Healthy Life program. This gives     reception/information centre,
program, providing young              peer mentors leadership and          washrooms and café of this east
Aboriginal women in Toronto           facilitation skills to engage        Toronto site. Renovations will
with a range of cultural,             newcomer families in                 make the facility accessible to
recreational and social support       recreational and environmental       people of all abilities who are
programming.                          programming.                         recovering from addiction and
Necessary Angel Theatre               North York Women's
Company                               Resource Centre                      O'Connor Irish Heritage
$73,600 over nine months to           $150,000 over two years to           House
acquire a specialized video           support volunteer and resource       $100,000 over one year to
projection and display system,        development, which will help         restore the heritage home of
which will enhance the                increase the organization's          Senator Frank O'Connor to
company's technical production        capacity to provide programs to      meet health and safety
capabilities and ensure its ability   women in disadvantaged               standards and transform the
to disseminate cutting edge           neighbourhoods.                      estate into an Irish culture,
theatre to the Toronto                                                     heritage and learning centre for
community.                            Now Hear This c/o Descant            the Toronto community at
                                      Arts and Letters Foundation          large.
Neighbourhood Centre (East            $68,000 over one year to initiate,
York)                                 administer and maintain a            Opera Atelier
$25,900 over two years to             program in which 10                  $140,000 over two years to
develop volunteer capacity            professional authors run weekly      expand the Making of an Opera
among newcomers living in East        writing workshops with 750           program in Toronto and add an
York. Staff support to existing       students in 10 Toronto Catholic      in-school component. This will
volunteers will also increase,        district high schools.               extend opportunities and
enhancing the organization's                                               resources for youth and
capacity to provide settlement                                             educators to increase their
services to community members.                                             understanding of opera.
The Nomads Rugby Football                                                  Parkdale United Church
Club of Toronto                                                            Foundation Incorporated
$68,900 over one year to                                                   $100,000 over one year to
purchase safety, training and                                              support a sustainable
development equipment that will                                            redevelopment project that
enhance coaching and training                                              models green building design for
programs, including the summer                                             affordable housing providers,
Learn to Play program, with a                                              and to increase access to space
focus on safety, technical skill                                           for social and recreational
building and increased                                                     activities by Parkdale community
membership.                                                                members.

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Parkdale/Liberty Economic             REMIX Project c/o Lakeshore         Seeds of Hope Foundation
Development Corporation               Area Multi-Service Project Inc.     $49,900 over six months for
$131,700 over two years to            $225,000 over three years to        equipment, programs and
support volunteer recruitment and     support an arts program that        training to expand the Art Life
program expansion in order for        uses hip-hop music and culture      program at 6 St Joseph House.
the organization to better meet its   to engage youth who are at risk     This will help the group improve
mandate to improve community          and marginalized. The project       the well-being of people coping
economic capacity in Parkdale.        also provides internships, post-    with addictions, homelessness
                                      secondary scholarships and          and underemployment in
PFLAG Toronto: Parents,               small-business development          downtown Toronto.
Families & Friends of                 opportunities.
Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals &                                               Shakespearience Performing
Transexuals                           Royal Astronomical Society of       Arts
$25,900 over one year to              Canada, Toronto Centre              $17,000 over one year to pilot
enhance the administrative            $52,400 over six months to          an after-school program of
capacity of this organization so      renovate the Carr Observatory       drama workshops for
that it can attract a larger          facility, making it more            secondary students in
membership, increase volunteer        accessible to people with           Scarborough's Malvern
involvement and improve               physical disabilities. Equipment    community, providing an
support and education to              will also be purchased to provide   enriched literacy program that
parents, families, friends and        interactive demonstrations.         will culminate with a
community members.                                                        presentation to community
                                      Scarborough Blizzard Youth          members.
Rasik Arts                            Soccer Club
$52,300 over 44 months to             $14,600 to update field, office     Silent Voice Canada Inc.
provide marketing,                    and computer equipment in           $90,000 over three years to
communications and outreach           order to support the growing        enhance four key recreation
support for this South Asian          recreational and competitive        programs for children and youth
theatre company in Toronto. As        soccer activity in the              with hearing disabilities in the
a result, the organization will       Scarborough area.                   Greater Toronto Area. The
grow, develop and increase its                                            program will help increase their
profile in the community.             Scarborough Village Hub c/o         participation in the community
                                      West Hill Community Services        and provide opportunities for
REEL CANADA: Canadian                 $112,200 over 18 months to          success.
Film in the Schools                   develop and pilot an integrated
$62,100 over two years to stage       service hub for Scarborough         Silver Creek Music
travelling one-day film festivals     Village. The new hub will provide   Foundation
in 44 Toronto high schools in         locally accessible programs,        $60,000 over three years for
order to encourage appreciation       services and supports, as well      services to increase the
of Canadian cultural products.        as a base for volunteerism, civic   organization's administrative
                                      engagement and capacity             and operational capacity. This
ReelWorld Foundation                  building.                           will support sustainable growth
$101,300 over two years for staff,                                        of the Toronto Summer Music
equipment and resources to            Second Mile Club of Toronto         Academy and Festival,
increase the capacity of the          $26,000 over six months to          contributing to a healthy arts
organization. This will help          purchase a new van that will be     community for all.
strengthen and expand current         used to transport clients in the
programming, increase                 Adult Day Program for the Frail
membership and enhance access         Elderly.
for emerging artists in Toronto.

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Small Theatre Administrative          Southern Currents and Video          Street Health Community
Facility                              Collective                           Nursing Foundation
$9,100 over one year to               $145,000 over three years to build   $148,500 over two years to
increase the operational              the capacity of the organization     enhance organizational capacity
efficiency of this administrative     through restructuring and            to conduct monitoring and
facility in Toronto by providing it   strengthening human resources.       evaluation, engage in
with up-to-date technology,           This will help maximize              community-based research and
which will enable it to continue      administrative, operation and        involve the homeless in
supporting small theatre              financial operations for long-term   southeast Toronto in research
groups.                               sustainability and growth.           on issues that affect their lives.
Soulpepper Theatre                    St. John The Compassionate           Symphonyx Entertainment for
Company                               Mission                              the Advancement of Arts
$200,000 over three years to          $75,000 over one year to             $4,400 to purchase four steel pan
diversify the organization's          renovate the centre's basement.      instruments for this Scarborough-
leadership and develop                This will enable this Riverdale      based steel band orchestra. This
marketing strategies. Funding         organization to expand its           will help to maximize the learning
will help build the company's         meeting and storage space,           potential and musical experience
capacity and strengthen its           providing service to low-income      of youth members.
operations to support training        residents of the community.
and youth outreach programs in                                             Tapestry New Opera Works:
Toronto.                              St. Stephen's Community              Tapestry Music Theatre
                                      House                                $130,000 over two years to
South Asian Legal Clinic of           $94,600 over four years to           expand audiences, raise funds,
Ontario (SALCO)                       support a co-parenting mediation     develop volunteers and board
$75,000 over one year to host a       project that will provide low-       members and upgrade
Toronto-based international           income, separated or divorced        technological capacity. This will
symposium on the issue of             couples with mediation in co-        help this Toronto organization
forced marriages in order to          parenting conflicts and to provide   encourage arts development
raise awareness and facilitate        mediation opportunities to newly     and engage diverse members of
the discussion among the              trained family mediators.            the community.
                                      Stonegate Community                  Textile Museum of Canada
South Asian Visual Arts               Association                          $90,000 over three years for
Collective (SAVAC)                    $150,000 over two years to           outreach, education and
$199,800 over three years to          provide meaningful recreational,     program costs to support the Art
support audience development          sports and physical activity         for Youth/Art for Life program.
initiatives that will make visual     programs in a safe and supportive    This provides free access to
arts programming from South           after-school environment in the      enriched arts education
Asian artists more available and      Parklawn-Queensway area.             experiences for young people
increase the participation of                                              from Toronto schools.
South Asians in their                 Stranger Theatre Company
community's cultural                  $20,800 to produce a theatre         Toronto Alliance for the
development.                          piece in four Toronto inner          Performing Arts
                                      suburbs and other underserved        $165,000 over three years to
                                      parks in the summer of 2007.         support the Go Live Toronto
                                      Volunteers will be recruited to      marketing campaign, designed
                                      work on all aspects of the           to encourage new audiences,
                                      production, showcasing artists       especially younger patrons, to
                                      and theatre to children, youth       attend theatre and dance
                                      and families.                        performances.

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The Toronto Blues Society          Toronto Drop-In Network              Toronto Humane Society
$99,600 over three years to        (TDIN) c/o St. Stephen's             $100,000 over one year to
enhance the administrative         Community House                      renovate the building's entrance
infrastructure, support            $99,100 over two years to            and upstairs washroom and install
performing artists and market      enhance volunteer opportunities,     an elevator. This will enable
blues programming that reaches     address sustainability and           access to the offices and the new
out to the broader community       promote organizational good          Cat Sky House for people with
including children, youth and      practices among 47 member            disabilities, allowing new job and
diverse ethnocultural groups.      drop-in centres. This will help      volunteer opportunities.
                                   them improve quality of life for
Toronto Book and Magazine          homeless and/or formerly             The Toronto Korean-Canadian
Fair (d.b.a. The Word On The       homeless people.                     Choir Foundation
Street)                                                                 $14,600 over six months for the
$45,800 over one year to           Toronto Festival of Arts,            purchase of a new piano,
develop a sponsorship plan and     Culture and Creativity               enabling the choir to continue to
marketing materials. These will    $73,600 over two years for           nurture Korean-Canadian
help grow and develop the Word     performance fees and a               student-artists and promote
On The Street Festival in          subsidized ticket program for        cultural activities in the Korean-
Toronto, strengthening and         young people. This will help         Canadian community.
diversifying its financial base.   celebrate the plurality of
                                   Ontario's population by              The Toronto Lesbian and Gay
Toronto Child Abuse Centre         presenting a diversity of artistic   Community Appeal
$13,400 to equip an interview      expression on the Trillium Stage     $100,000 over two years to
room with video recording          in 2007.                             allow the organization to hire an
equipment. This will enhance the                                        executive director, build its
skills of staff and students       Toronto Green Community              profile, expand its volunteer and
working with children who have     Inc.                                 donor base and increase its
experienced abuse or witnessed     $85,100 over two years for           partnerships in the Toronto area.
interpersonal violence.            program costs and resources to
                                   reach out to, attract and train      Toronto Neighbourhood
Toronto Community                  new volunteers. This will help       Centres
Employment Services                the organization expand its          $200,000 over three years to
$14,800 to purchase 10             reach and effectiveness so it        support the implementation of a
computers and one server for       can fulfill its new extended         wide range of peer-based
use by immigrant and visible       mandate to become a Toronto-         expertise and asset-sharing
minority women conducting          wide community.                      activities. This will increase the
independent job searches in                                             organizational effectiveness and
Toronto.                           Toronto HIV/AIDS Human               community impact of 30
                                   Resources Group c/o AIDS             multiservice neighbourhood
                                   Committee of Toronto                 agencies.
                                   $150,000 over two years to
                                   build the capacity of AIDS           Toronto Refugee Community
                                   service organizations in Toronto     Non-Profit Homes and Services
                                   to effectively manage human          $37,500 over three years to help
                                   resources through the                120 refugees from Toronto
                                   development of policies,             participate in Camp Romero on
                                   training and the use of              Anderson Lake near Espanola.
                                   technology.                          This will provide healthy outdoor
                                                                        recreation and an opportunity to
                                                                        integrate socially, build a
                                                                        community and learn new skills.

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Toronto Speed Skating Club,         Trees Davenport c/o                 Women's Art Resource
Inc.                                Davenport Perth                     Centre - WARC
$22,600 over 30 months to           Neighbourhood Centre                $100,000 over two years to
broaden participation in speed      $223,700 over three years to        support the Youth Leaders in
skating by reaching out to new      support an environmentally-         the Arts Phase II program, a
communities of potential speed      driven project focused on urban     series of comic-book-style
skaters.                            reforestation and enhancing the     publication workshops for youth
                                    tree canopy in west-end Toronto     that relate to community issues
Toronto Vegetarian                  while providing employment and      such as violence prevention,
Association                         training opportunities for youth.   AIDS awareness and body/self
$156,500 over three years to                                            image.
support a volunteer development     Turtle Gals Performance
initiative that will build the      Ensemble                            Women's Habitat of
organization's capacity to          $90,000 over three years to         Etobicoke
provide communities with            increase organizational             $100,000 over six months to
information and support related     effectiveness and expand the        create an accessible entrance
to vegetarian issues and healthy    reach of the company's creative     and washrooms at this outreach
eating.                             educational programming,            facility located in Etobicoke,
                                    increasing awareness and            helping to improve access to
Toronto Walk21 2007 c/o             understanding of Aboriginal         services for women and their
Green Communities Canada            history and communities.            families who want to live free
$60,600 over two years for                                              from violence.
program costs and a                 The Urban Environment
co-ordinator to engage youth in     Centre Toronto                      Women's Place c/o Malvern
developing the Pedestrian           $14,700 to purchase an infrared     Family Resource Centre
Master Plan at the October Walk     thermography camera system          $186,900 over three years
21 Conference. This will            that will help increase the         toward Women's Violence
encourage young people’s            organization's capacity to          Prevention, a community
participation and leadership in     promote and support residential     kitchen project that supports
promoting a walkable city.          energy efficiency in Toronto.       women and girls in Malvern
                                                                        who are experiencing violence,
Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra        Waterfront Trail Artists Inc.       helping them to make positive
$10,900 for instruments to          $40,000 over two years for          life choices through prevention
enhance the orchestra's             program costs, space and            and education.
repertoire and the young            volunteer expenses to support a
musicians' experience.              community arts centre in            World Literacy of Canada
Computer equipment will also be     Etobicoke Lakeshore. This           $120,000 over three years to
purchased to help increase the      facility will increase the          facilitate community/school
organization's administrative       availability of a wide range of     storytelling festivals in four
capacity.                           creative programming for people     Toronto neighbourhoods,
                                    of all ages.                        promoting family literacy, home-
Trailblazers Tandem Cycling                                             school-community
Club                                White Ribbon Foundation             communication and cross-
$10,100 to purchase tandem          $225,000 over three years to        cultural understanding.
bicycles and bicycle racks. This    develop the volunteer-driven
equipment will help ensure          fundraising capacity of the White
safety while increasing             Ribbon Campaign. It will
opportunities for people who are    increase financial stability and
blind and visually impaired to      provide more effective and
participate in physical activity.   responsive programming to end
                                    men's violence against women.

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York Maverick Water Polo
$10,500 over two years for pool
rentals, coaching, badge testing
and materials. A tournament will
be hosted and new programs
and services provided to
encourage members and
increase participation in water
polo in North York and
York West Senior Citizens
$138,400 over three years to
strengthen and enhance the
volunteer program and increase
community engagement of
people of all ages, abilities and
The Yorkminstrels
$12,000 to purchase set
construction tools and sound
equipment. This will help
increase participation and
engagement by North York
volunteers in the production of
shows, contributing to
community vitality and affordable
YYZ Artists Outlet
$8,000 over six months to fund a
program of strategic planning to
build YYZ's organizational
capacities through growth and

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              Ontario Trillium Foundation
                Province-Wide grants
   Making a difference across the province for
In 2006-2007, the Ontario Trillium Foundation awarded
$19,247,300 in 110 grants to organizations across Ontario. The
Province-Wide Program is overseen by the Foundation’s Board of
Directors and supports initiatives that have a provincial impact.
Work on initiatives funded through this program takes place in at
least three geographical catchment areas or two in the North. The
following is a list of organizations that received a Province-Wide
Grant for 2006-2007:

Aboriginal Cancer Care Video         Canadian Parks and Recreation     Envisioning New Meanings of
Project c/o Shkagamik-kwe            Association/Association           Disability and Difference c/o
Health Centre                        Canadienne des Parcs et Loisirs   YWCA of Peterborough, Victoria
                                                                       and Haliburton
Alternative Land Use Services -      Canadian Partnership for
Partnership Advisory Committee       Children's Health and             ESTEEM Team Association
(ALUS-PAC) c/o Long Point            Environment c/o Ontario Public
                                                                       Fédération des communautés
Foundation for Conservation          Health Association
                                                                       francophones et acadienne du
Aquatic Federation of Canada /       Canadian Retinoblastoma           Canada (FCFA)
Fédération aquatique du Canada       Society - La Société canadienne
                                                                       FICCDAT Steering Committee
                                     du rétinoblastome
Arts Network for Children and                                          c/o Ontario March of Dimes
Youth                                CAO / Debajehmujig Theatre Co.
                                                                       Financial Capability for Youth c/o
                                     c/o Community Arts Ontario
Augmentative Communication                                             Social and Enterprise
Community Partnerships Canada        Clean Air Foundation              Development Innovations
Building Capacity for Social         Club Amick c/o Southern Ontario   Forest Stewardship Council
Enterprise in Francophone            Library Service                   Canada
Ontario (BCSEFO) c/o Canadian                                          Freestyle Skiing Ontario
                                     Community Arts & Heritage
Centre for Community Renewal         Education Project
(CCCR)                                                                 Healthy Communities: Creating
                                     Community EFFORT c/o Ontario      Capacity for Change c/o Windsor-
Camp Winston/Pine Bay                Co-operative Association Inc.     Essex Brokerage for Personal
                                     Community Legal Education
Canadian Arts Presenters             Ontario (CLEO)                    Heart and Stroke Foundation of
                                     Community Living Ontario
Canadian Association of                                                Hospice Association of Ontario
Physicians for the Environment       CompuCorps Mentoring Inc./ Les
                                     Mentors de CompuCorps Inc.        Indigenous Culture and Media
Canadian Bookbinders and Book                                          Innovations
Artists Guild                        Cross Country Ontario
                                                                       Japanese Canadian Cultural
Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle       Dragon Boat Canada / Bateau-
Research Institute                   Dragon Canada
The Canadian Hearing Society         Easter Seals Canada
                                                                       Kawartha Heritage Conservancy
Canadian Parents for French          Les Éditions l'Interligne inc.
(Ontario) c/o Opera York                                               The League of Canadian Poets
                                     Environmental Earth Angels

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Living History Multimedia           Ontario Community Support               Sage - Agora Demonstration
Association                         Association                             Project c/o Sage Centre
Local Flavour Plus                  Ontario Cultural Values and             Save the Oak Ridges Moraine
                                    Benefits Project c/o CCI - Ontario      Coalition
Master Gardeners of Ontario Inc.
                                    Presenting Network
                                                                            Seeds of Diversity
Meal Exchange
                                    Ontario Economuseum                     Canada/Programme Semencier
MNO/Frontier Literacy Project c/o   Corporation                             du Patrimoine Canada
Métis Nation of Ontario
                                    Ontario Floorball/Unihockey             SIRCH Community Services and
Municipal Cultural Planning         Federation                              Consulting
Partnerships c/o Community
                                    Ontario Heritage Connection             Social Planning Network of
Cultural Impresarios
                                    Society                                 Ontario c/o Community
Mural Routes Inc.                                                           Development Halton
                                    Ontario Horticultural Association
National Aboriginal Forestry                                                Society for Educational Visits and
                                    Ontario Sailing Association
Association                                                                 Exchanges in Canada,SEVEC
                                    Ontario Soccer Association
National Youth In Care Network                                              Students' Assembly on Electoral
                                    Ontario Sustainable Energy              Reform c/o The Students
Nature Canada
                                    Association                             Commission/La Commission des
NEOnet - North Eastern Ontario                                              étudiants
                                    Ontario Wheelchair Sports
Communications Network
                                    Association                             Sustainable Urban Development
North East Ontario Consumer                                                 Association
                                    Ophea and LIN Strategic
Survivor Network
                                    Partnership c/o Ontario Physical        TEKdesk c/o Community
Northeastern Ontario Recreation     and Health Education Association        Opportunity & Innovation Network
Association                                                                 Peterborough Inc.
                                    Orchestre de la francophonie
Northern Postpartum Outreach        canadienne                              Théâtre Action
Collaborative c/o Canadian
                                    Pathways to Education Canada            Théâtre de la Vieille 17
Mental Health Association,
Association canadienne pour la      PhotoSensitive                          Toronto Dragons 2006 (IDBF
santé mentale, Sudbury Branch                                               Club Crew Dragon Boat World
                                    Pipers' and Pipe Band Society of
Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre    Ontario                                 Championship)

Older Adults Centres' Association   Play/rights Collaborative c/o PEN       Toronto Festival of Arts, Culture
of Ontario                          Canada                                  and Creativity

Ontario AIDS Network                Project Porchlight                      Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Ontario Association for Families    Provincial Sport Organizations          Toronto Symphony Orchestra
                                    Council                                 Association
of Children with Communication
Disorders                                                                   Trans Canada Trail Ontario
                                    Renewed Strength Inc.
Ontario Association of Basketball                                           Transitions Action Coalition c/o
                                    Research and Conceptualization
Officials c/o Basketball Ontario                                            Open Doors for Lanark Children
                                    Initiative for Extending the Reach of
Ontario Association of Credit       Supportive Care c/o Wellspring          and Youth
Counselling Services                Cancer Support Foundation               Trees Ontario Foundation
Ontario Association of the Deaf     Réseau ontarien de prévention           Turner's Syndrome Society
                                    des agressions a/s Centre
Ontario Ball Hockey Association                                             Voice for Hearing Impaired
                                    ontarien de prévention des
Ontario Community Food              agressions
Security Network c/o Ontario                                                World Wildlife Fund Canada
                                    Réseau Ontario
Healthy Communities Coalition

                                                                                       26 of 25

                                  OTF grant applications deadlines are
                                    March 1, July 1 and November 1.
                                  To be considered in each grant cycle,
                                complete applications must be received
                             at our 45 Charles Street East, Toronto office,
                                no later than 5 p.m. on the deadline date.
                               If the deadline falls on a statutory holiday
                            or weekend, your application must be received
                                     by 5 p.m. the next business day.

                        Please contact a Program Manager before applying.

                   Keep in touch by visiting the Ontario Trillium Foundation
                            website at
                   for a wealth of information, resources, grant application
                                 materials and grant archives.

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                                     The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of
                                     the Government of Ontario.

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