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					                The Story:

          Tanzania, Africa, 2010:

  As the New Year ushered in a fresh decade,
four adventure-philanthropists climbed under
the light of a blue moon in the shadows of Mt.                                                             PA N DY T OW N
   Kilimanjaro. Led by Everest summiter &                                                                    PENDANT
  filmmaker Scott Mortensen, the core team
                                                                                                            AN EXPERIMENT IN
included Brian Bagnuolo, Michelle Lorusso, &
                                                              The Philosophy:                               BEAUTY & PURPOSE
Jen DeMattia. The mission was not merely to
  reach the roof of Africa but to explore new     Lose the charity mindset: I have worked as a
 ways to better the world one community at a      humanitarian for over twenty years in the
 time. Days after their successful ascent they      United States, Russia, Thailand, Haiti,
   chanced upon a precious gemstone called         Honduras, Fiji and Mexico. One thing I
   Tanzanite - one thousand times more rare        have discovered throughout my career is
  than diamond & known to exist only in the       that charity alone cannot resolve massive
  Merelani Hills around Mt. Kilimanjaro. An      global problems like poverty, inequality and
  elaborate cross-cultural collaboration soon       environmental degradation. Generous
   followed. As the 3.51 carat Tanzanite gem      donations may alleviate suffering but they
  changed hands & crossed borders between              rarely alter the underlying crisis.
 Africa, London and Beverly Hills the purpose
        of the movement became clear:              Don’t just treat symptoms, solve problems: To
Give friends the opportunity to invest in         create lasting social value, society needs to
         sustainable, social change.             replace good intentions with good ideas that
                                                 spur systemic change. This concept is called
                                                  social entrepreneurship. The approach
                                                  is not simply a donation to charity. It is an    A $50 do"ar contribution, a $12,500 Diamond
                                                                                                     & Tanzanite pendant & an opportunity to
                                                  investment in long-term opportunities for
                                                                                                           invest in a social movement.
                                                                  global change. 
                                                                                                                Everybody wins.
                                                            S C O T T M O RT E N S E N
                                                                  Social Entrepreneur
                                                   P A N D Y T O W N P E N D A N T: R O A T A N , H O N D U R A S

                                             Handcrafted by master designer Michael Beaudry, the Pandytown Pendant is a
                                               work of art that unites flawless .25cttw black diamond pave, .20cts lily-cut
                                                diamond, black rhodium and 18K white gold around a stunning 3.51 carat
                                                    Tanzanite gemstone. The pendant was created to initiate social
                                               entrepreneurship both in the United States & abroad. Our cross-cultural
                                             partnership aims to create long-lasting enterprise that improves our world one
                                                                          community at a time.

       so·cial en·tre·pre·neur
 n., 1. society's change agent: pioneer of   STEP ONE:                  IDENTIFY CHANGE-MAKERS
  innovations that benefit humanity.
         --Sko" Foundation, 2009             As an informal research activity we established a booth at the
                                             3rd Annual Community Service Fair in Thousand Oaks, CA. 
                                             Through this event we were able to identify roles for individuals
                                             who possessed a natural talent to communicate the need for
   The Objective: Raise $25,000              social change. These Pandytown Youth Ambassadors helped us
                                             generate a cross-cultural community of inspired associates,             A problem becomes an opportunity. The 3rd Annual Community
                   Roatan                    colleagues, peers and friends.                                                                            Service Fair.

                                             S T E P T W O :!                  UNITE TEAM MEMBERS

                                             As our social network grew, we needed a centralized technology
                                             that could facilitate communication, enhance collaboration and
                                             archive our collective history. For this purpose we created
                                    - an outward facing, video-blog. Coupled
                                             with the PANDYTOWN Facebook group that quickly grew to
                                             include nearly 500 members our resources could now be                   There are many places in the    ...but the Pandytown Youth Center
                                             mobilized at a moment’s notice.                                         world that need assistance...   is a cross-cultural co"aboration
                                                                                                                                                     that empowers everyone involved.

                                             S T E P T H R E E :!               E N G AG E C O M M U N I T Y

                                             The question was posed as an experiment in phenomenology,
The social entrepreneurship framework        “How can an online community help empower a physical
provides a valuable model for applying       community?” Anyone who invested $50 dollars was entered in
                                             our drawing to win the Pandytown Pendant - a Beaudry work of
the ingenuity and innovation necessary       art valued at $12,500.
                                                                                                                     “Beauty on Purpose” marketing   The motif reminds us of true
  to fundamentally change the world.         The bottom line: our social venture unites and empowers those willing   campaign.                       wealth, beauty & social purpose.
                                             to invest in the world’s cultural treasures and environmental riches.

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