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      1     Name                   Dr. Nimal Sanderatne
            Date of Birth          16 October 1938
            Nationality            Sri Lankan

      2.    Education

      B.Sc. (Econ.) London - 1963
      M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics) Saskatchewan - 1967
      M.A. (Political Science) Wisconsin - 1973
      Ph.D. (Development Studies) Wisconsin – 1974
      D.Sc. (Honoris Causa) Peradeniya 2004

      3     Publications

            i      Over 70 Articles in Journals and Chapters of Books inter alia on
            Economic Growth, Social Development, Environment, Agricultural
            Policy, Agrarian Reform, Rural Finance, Crop Insurance, Public
      iii                 Books
                          Leading Issues in Rural Finance, University of Peradeniya
                          Peradeniya 2002

                            Economic Growth and Social Transformations: Five
                            Lectures on Sri Lanka. Tamarind Publications Colombo

                            With Henry J. Bruton et al., Malaysia and Sri Lanka The
                            Political Economy of Poverty, Equity and Growth, Oxford
                            University Press London and New York 1992.

                            Issues in Development : Felicitation Volume for Professor
                            T. Jogaratnam. (Editor with H.M. Gunatilleke) Deparment
                            of Agricultural Economics, University of Peradeniya 2002.

                            Sri Lankave Arthika Saha Samaja Sanwardhanaya, ( In
                            Sinhala) Kandy Books,2004
                         A Tale of Two Sisters, Twelve Short Stories (Kandy Books

                         The Guru’s Library, Twelve Short Stories, Kandy Books

                         Creative Expressions , Fourteen Short Stories (Ed) Kandy
                         Books 2004

4      Honours and Membership of Professional Associations

       Honorary Fellow Sri Lanka Economists Association

       Fellow of the Sri Lanka Institute of Management

       i.     Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (Past
       President Section F)
ii.    Sri Lankan Economists’ Association (Past President)
iii.   Sri Lankan Association of Agricultural Economists (Patron)

5.     Employment Record

Position Held                     Employer                      Period

Visiting Senior Fellow            Postgraduate Institute of       1999-2003
                                  Agriculture, University of Peradeniya

Chairman                          National Development Bank     1994–1998

Advisor, Research & Training Central Bank of Sri Lanka 1992-1993

Senior Fellow                     Institute of Policy Studies   1989-1991

Chairman                          Bank of Ceylon                1987-1989

Director Economic Research        Central Bank of Sri Lanka 1985-1986

Director of Statistics            Central Bank of Sri Lanka 1983-1984

Deputy Director of Statistics,    Central Bank of Sri Lanka 1967-1983
Senior Asst. Director, Senior
Economist, Head of Divisions
and Economist
Assistant Director             South East Asian Central 1977-1978
                               Banks Research and Training
                               Centre (SEACEN), Kuala Lumpur,

6      Consultancies

i.     Swedish International Development Association (SIDA) / SAREC
       Evaluation of Research Funding Projects in Sri Lanka 1995/96.
               Evaluated the extent to which SARECs research programme for
       Sri Lanka has achieved its objectives of creating and maintaining a
       sustainable research capacity and the effectiveness of the organizational
       and administrative arrangements.
ii.    Harvard Institute of International Development (HIID) Pilot Study of
       Capacity Building Project for the UNDP (Project INT/92//676).
               Developed an analytical framework for assessing capacity and
       enhancing country capacities for development. Analysed Sri Lanka’s
       strengths and weaknesses in development capacity and ways and methods
       of capacity building.
iii.   Consultant to Overseas Development Institute. Project on Accountability,
               Evaluated the methods of ensuring public accountability of funds
       in Sri Lanka in six country case studies.
       iv.     UNICEF study on the Impact of Structural Adjustment on Social
       Development, 1977.
       This study analysed the impact of the Structural Adjustment Programme
       introduced in Sri Lanka in 1977 on the country’s social development and
       emphasised the need for structural adjustment with a human face.
v.     UNICEF consultancy on Social Development in the Middle East.
               An analysis of human development experiences in Middle East
       countries with special references to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and
       Egypt with a view to development of an initiative for development of a
       programme of social development for the region.
vi.    World Bank Consultancy on Rural Finance in Indonesia, 1982.
               An analysis of the Indonesian financial system to recommend
       financial reforms with special emphasis on Rural Finance.
vii.   ADB Consultancy on Microfinance, 2000.
       An assessment of the leading issues relating to the expansion of
       viii. UNICEF Consultancy on the Impact of the East Asian Financial
       Crisis on Social Welfare, 2001.

                    An evaluation of the causes and course of the East Asian Financial
             Crisis and its Impact on Social Development and Child Welfare in
             Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand.
             ix.    Member of Team to Report on the Establishment of the Wayamba
             University of Sri Lanka and Propose the Structure and Fields of Study of
             the University.
      x.     Member of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka Council.
             xi.    Member of Team to Report on the Establishment of the Uva
             xii.   Member of the University Grants Commission Standing
             Committee on Humanities and Social Sciences
             xiii. Chairman, Steering Committee on the Social Sciences of the
             Natural Resources and Science Authority (1991-1998)
      xiv.   Member of Boards of Studies, Postgraduate Institute of Management,
             University of Sri Jayawardenapura (1990–1998).
      xv.    Member United Nations Advisory Panel on the Millennium Development
             Goals, 2004-2005.

Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management
Faculty of Agriculture
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka

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      (home), +94 81 2385858
      (cell), +94 777 801710
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