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									                                   CONTACT INFORMATION FOR SUBSPECIALTY ELECTIVES

                                         ROCHESTER GENERAL HOSPITAL
SUBSPECIALTY                       PHYSICIAN                         CONTACT PERSON                   PHONE #
CARDIOLOGY                         Dr. Krishna Rao                   Jackie Doran                     338-1212 ext 3126
ENDO                               Dr. Robert Heinig                 Eileen Tasick                    922-4344
ENDO (out-pt at TGH)               Drs. Freedman, Charatz, and       Sharon Morgan                    922-8407 Fax:28405       220 Alexander St. Suite 5500
                                   Drs. Dunnigan, Goldstein, and
GI                                 Casey                             Kathy Hamblin                    922-4149
GERATRICS-St. Ann's                Dr. Diane Kane                    Donna Berardicurti               697-6411
HEME/ONC                           Dr. Prad Phatak                   Sherri Hill                      922-5387
INFECTIOUS DISEASES                Dr. Edward Walsh                  Edna Fernandez                   922-4003
NEPHROLOGY                         Dr. Stephen Silver                Patty Read                       922-0402
NEUROLOGY                          Dr. Richard Barbano               Linda Pastorelle                 922-4373
PULMONARY                          Dr. Gary Wahl                     Susan Sutton                     922-4849
RADIOLOGY                          Dr. James Montesinos              Jackie Delio                     922-3220
RADIATION-ONCOLOGY                 Dr. Meri Atanas                   Patty Herrington                 922-4031
SURGICAL ED                        Dr. Boris Shmigel                 Judene Scheidt                   922-3846
                                   Dr. Ruth Kouides and        Dr.
                                   Tami DiNolfo(544-3327) Dr. Roz
Women's Health                     Hayes(453-7771)                   Dr. Ruth Kouides                 922-4834 ofc 922-4922
                                          STRONG MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
SUBSPECIALTY                       PHYSICIAN                         CONTACT PERSON                   PHONE #                 Box #
AIR                                Dr. Margaret-Mary Holyst          Bonnie Austin                    275-2891                695
ADOLESCENT MED.                    Dr. Cheryl Kodjo                  Donna Spencer                    275-7760                690
ANESTHESIOLOGY                     Dr. Audrey Alleyne                Pam Everett                      275-1385                604
BONE MARROW                        Dr. Gordon Phillips               Dr. Phillips                     275-1941                610
CARDIOLOGY                         Dr. Richard Pomerantz             Debbie Sheedy                    275-4777                679
ENDOCRINOLOGY                      David Bushinsky - Acting Chief    Marilyn Miran or Barb Morabito   275-1554                693
GI-Hepatology                                                        Patricia Dewinde                 275-4711                646
DIGESTIVE DISEASES                                                                                    275-1590                646
- GI                               Dr. Arthur DeCross
- Hepatology                       Dr. Thomas Shaw-Stiffel
HEMATOLOGY/Vascular Med.           Dr. Karen Kaplan                                                   275-6687                610
HEME-ONC - In-Patient Consult      Dr. Deepak Sahasrabudhe           Kristen Galvin-Burwick           275-5004                704
- Leukemia
- Medical Oncology
- Out-patient H-O & Vasc. Med.
HEME-ONC - In-Patient Consult      Dr. Karen Kaplan                                                   275-6687                610
- Hematology & Vascular Med.
HIV MEDICINE                       Dr. Amneris Luque                 Margaret Christy                 275-7728                689
INFECTIOUS DISEASES                Dr. Paul Graman                   Margaret Christy                 275-7728                689
NEPHROLOGY                         Dr. Rebecca Monk                  Marilyn Miran                    275-1554                675
NEUROLOGY                          Dr. Ralph Jozefowicz              Clara Vigelette                  275-2545                673
NUCLEAR MEDICINE                   Dr. Vaseem Chengazi               Shirley Tracey                   275-4741                620
OCCUPATIONAL/                      Dr. Bruce Barron                  Deb Klein                        487-1036                654
PULMONARY                          Dr.Paul Levy                      Kim DeLong                       275-6402                692
Radiation-Oncology                 Dr. Ralph Brasacchio              Wendy Malorzo                    275-5575                647
RHEUMATOLOGY                       Dr. Margaret-Mary Holyst          Bonnie Austin                    275-2891                695

It is suggested that you contact the unit one week ahead of time to arrange for
the starting time and place and to discuss your schedule.
If you have any questions please call:
Lisa or Deb at RGH: 922-4365

                                                              ELECTIVE CHART
    ELECTIVE               PHYSICIAN                  CONTACT              TELEPHONE #        ADDRESS                  START TIME
    Allergy, Immunology,  Dr. Douglas Jones           Dr. Douglas Jones    922-8618 or 922-   220 Alexander Street     Contact Dr. Jones the
    Rhueumatology         Dr. Eduardo Arreaza         douglas.jones@viah   8350. Fax: 922-    Suite 402                week before for
                          Dr. Ana Arango--ext 2-      ealth.org            8355               Rochester NY             starting time, loction
                          8351                                                                                         and schedule.
    AIDS Community Health Dr. Roberto Corales         Barb DiMarco ext 244-9000               87 Clinton Avenue N.     Contact Barb DiMarco
    Center                244-1197 FAX                405                                     Rochester, NY 14604      the week before for
                                                      bdimarco@achcRoc                                                 starting time, location
                                                      hester.org                                                       and schedule. Needs
                                                                                                                       resident's health and
                                                                                                                       malpractice documents

    Dermatology-A          Dr. Elizabeth Arthur       Trish Hohman      Office 266-5420 ext 500 Helendale Road      Contact Trish the week
                                                      thohmanderm@front 17 Fax 266-5423 Ste 100           Rochester before for stating time
                                                      iernet.net                            NY 14609                and schedule

    Dermatology-L          Dr. Pamela(Larson)      Christine               383-4513           220 Linden Oaks        Contact Christine
                           Levy Barrington Park D'Ambrosia                 383-4515 fax       Ste 300     Rochester, D'Ambrosia the week
                           Derm Group (Levy,                                                  NY 14625               before for starting time,
                           Martin, Peachy, Pelton)                                                                   location and schedule.

    Dermatology-W          Dr. Joseph Wojciechowski   Sharon Matthys    232-8691              30 N. Union Street       Contact Sharon
                                                      smatthys@dermpart FAX: 232-8687         Rochester, NY 14607      Matthys
                                                      ners.wny.com                                                     the week before
                                                                                                                       for starting time,
                                                                                                                       location and schedule
    Ophthalmology - C      Dr. Dinesh Chawla          Erica Peppermott 442-2020               1992 S. Clinton Avenue   Contact Erica
                                                      chawla1992@hotma FAX: 442-2022          Rochester, NY 14618      Peppermott the week
                                                      il.com                                                           before for starting time,
                                                                                                                       location and schedule

    Sports Medicine        Dr. James Swenson          Barb Julien       341-9257              Clinton Crossings        Call Barb Julien the
                           jswenur@yahoo.com          Barb_Julien@urmc. FAX: 340-3051         4901 LacdeVille Blvd     week before for
                                                      rochester.edu                           Bldg. D                  starting time, location
                                                                                              Rochester NY 14618       and schedule

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                                                       ELECTIVE CHART
    ELECTIVE              PHYSICIAN            CONTACT             TELEPHONE #    ADDRESS              START TIME
    Rheumatology          Dr. Aitezaz Ahmed    Joanne Smith        256-2030       2210 Monroe Avenue   You need the following
                          drahmed@acrochester. jsmith@acrochester. Fax 256-2037   Rochester NY 14618   requirements obtained
                          com                  com                                                     from Employee Health
                                                                                                       Services. Proof of
                                                                                                       immunity to rubella,
                                                                                                       rubeola, and a PPD
                                                                                                       skin test within one
                                                                                                       year. If PPD positive
                                                                                                       they need a cxr report
                                                                                                       and proof of TB
                                                                                                       prophylasix. You
                                                                                                       need to call Carol
                                                                                                       Shearer at 256-2030
                                                                                                       to get clearance
                                                                                                       before you start this
                                                                                                       rotation. Find out her
                                                                                                       location and make
                                                                                                       sure you contact her at
                                                                                                       least one week before
                                                                                                       you start.

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