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LBJ Centennial Conference Medicare Past Present and Future Supported by benbrown


									         LBJ Centennial
   Medicare: Past, Present,
         and Future
   Supported by: The Commonwealth Fund,
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the
        LBJ School of Public Affairs
Early Efforts for Coverage, 1935

                         Source: A.E. Birn et al,
                         AJPH, 2003
Day One of Medicare, July 1, 1966

Sources: Social Security Administration
      Medicare and Medicaid
   Spending as a Percent of GDP

Source: CBO Historical Budget Data
        Years of Medicare Hospital
      Insurance Trust Fund Solvency

Sources: Medicare Trustees Reports. Note: no estimates were made in 1989
         Uninsured Rate by Age,
             Selected Years

Sources: Andersen, Lion, and Anderson, 1976; U.S. Census Bureau
    Poverty Rate Among Elderly
         and Other Adults

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
        Health Care Spending by
               Age, 2004

Source: National Health Expenditures, CMS
  Failed to Receive Medical
Care Due to Cost by Age, 2007

Source: NCHS, Early Release of Selected Estimates, Jan-Sept. 2007 NHIS
Received Recommended Hospital
   Care for Pneumonia, 2005

Source: AHRQ, National Disparities Report 2007; Medicare beneficiaries only.
Medicare Beneficiaries Spending
  >33% of Income on Health

Source: AHRQ, National Disparities Report 2007; Medicare beneficiaries only.
   Medicare Beneficiaries That
 Spend >33% of Income on Health

Source: R. Johnson, AARP, 2006. * Medicare HMO enrollees had almost identical rates.
         Medicare Spending Per
           Beneficiary, 2005

Source: Congressional Budget Office based on data from the
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
       U.S. Population Projections

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
          Life Expectancy at Age 65

Source: Social Security Administration, Office of the Actuary, 2008
   Medicare Beneficiaries with
        Chronic Disease

Source: G. Anderson, NEJM, 2005
                   Seniors by Race

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 65+ in the United States
       Projected Health Spending
  Percent of Gross Domestic Product

Source: Congressional Budget Office Long-Term Health Projections
   Medicare Hospital Insurance
   Trust Fund Ratio of Assets to

Source: Medicare Trustees Report 2008
   Medicare Out-of-Pocket Costs as
   Percent of Social Security Benefit

Source: Medicare Trustees Report 2008. Note: only for Parts B and D.
         Medicaid Spending on
      Medicare Beneficiaries, 2003


                    Medicaid Spending: $262 Billion

Source: KFF, Dual Eligibles Fact Sheet, July 2005

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