ME 423 Design Progress Nugget Chart (11603) Title Device by chriswallace


									                                       ME 423 Design Progress Nugget Chart (11/6/03)
Title: Device for Lifting a Car Higher, Safer (Jack In The Box)
Team members: John Juckiewicz, Mike Zulauf
Advisor: Professor Chung Project Number ________       Brief statement of main results obtained so far

• Design Objectives:                            • Progress or Results Obtained at This
•We must cost effectively and safely            Point:
lift at least the front or back of a            We have researched cost and components for the
vehicle to facilitate the repair or             three major methods of powering and constructing the
maintenance of the undercarriage.               devices. Also, we have rated these choices.

• Technical Approach: We are
attempting to reconfigure the usual             • Graphic:
methods of lifting vehicles in order to
create an efficient tool for the
everyday mechanic. So far we have
researched pricing and components
for the design and compiled equations
that will aid in the design.

• Design Specifications:
•Closed ramp will facilitate all lowered
and regular height vehicles
•Will have an increased range of
motion inaddition to added safety

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