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									Sponsorship Application
Please e-mail completed applications to : marketing@nashville.theiiba.org

                                       Sponsor Information
Organization Name:                                  Mailing Address:

Organization Description: (Brief explanation of products and services and industry served)

                                                                 Minimum of $3,000 – recognition in all
                                        Premier Chapter
                                                                meetings and on all chapter
Sponsorship Level                       Sponsor
Desired (check one)
                                                                 Individual contributions, either
                                       Chapter Patron
                                                                 monetary or in-kind
                               Name:                             E-mail:
Sponsorship Point of
                               Phone:                            Mailing Address:
Why does your organization have an interest in sponsoring the Middle Tennessee Chapter of

Do you have any existing affiliation with the IIBA? (example: IIBA Endorsed Education Provider,
IIBA International Sponsor)

Additional Comments:

After emailing this application to IIBA, it will be reviewed and the applicant will receive a
separate communication from the IIBA Sponsorship Coordinator advising of their approval and
a request to remit payment using the applicant’s preferred payment method. Upon receiving
payment the sponsor will receive the appropriate sponsor logo, logo use procedures and
instructions for taking advantage of their sponsorship benefits. The sponsor will also be
requested to send their organization description and logo for posting to the IIBA website.
                            General Sponsorship Information
Types of Sponsorship:

Premier Chapter Sponsor

One organization/individual is selected annually by the Chapter Board of Directoirs as the chapter’s sole
sponsor for all primary activities of the chapter. The Premier Sponsor provides funds and/or facilities for
the chapter, such as refreshments for meetings, administration costs, etc. Each chapter signs an
agreement with the Premiere Sponsor defining the sponsorship fees and responsibilities of the Sponsor
and the Chapter.

The sponsorship fee stays with the local chapter, helping them to provide information, education, and
networking opportunities to Business Analysts in the Middle Tennessee area.

Chapter Patrons

Chapter Patrons are organizations/individuals which provide individual contributions, either monetary or
in-kind, to defray specific expenses, such as hosting meetings or special events, donation of printing or
advertising services. In return, the Patron’s company name and logo will be identified on such donations.
There are no limits on the number of Chapter Patrons a chapter can obtain. A chapter may have Patrons
in addition to the Premiere Chapter Sponsor.

                                                                                   Premier        Chapter
Sponsorship Benefits
                                                                                   Sponsor        Patron
Exposure on the IIBA™ web site                                                                      
Recognition at sponsored Chapter Meetings                                                           
Recognition on communications for sponsored Chapter Meeting                                         
Community visibility as the Chapter Sponsor                                           
Presentation to IIBA chapter Membership at one meeting a year                         
Recognition on marketing materials and newsletters provided by the chapter            
Recognition at all Chapter Meetings                                                   
Included on all meeting invites and other communication to membership                 
Sponsor logo included on all Chapter signage                                          

Sponsorship Contract/Agreements:
       The Premiere Chapter Sponsor fee is a minimum of $3,000. Chapters reserve the right to
        increase the fee.
       Sponsorship agreements should outline what all parties will provide.
       For the Premier Chapter Sponsor, the agreement should include verbiage about the sponsor
        having first right of refusal for all needs determined after the contract has been signed.
       Premiere sponsorship term should be 1 year.
       Chapter Patron agreements can be for a single event or up to 1 year.

Selection of Sponsors:
       The chapter sponsors should have a tie to the Business Analysis community and are interested in
        promoting the role of the Business Analyst.
      The Board of Directors is responsible for selecting the Premiere Chapter Sponsor and Chapter

About Middle Tennessee Chapter of IIBA:
      Kickoff meeting held January 11, 2007 with attendance representing more than 20 organizations.
      First Chapter meeting held February 15, 2007.
      Board elected April 19, 2007
      Chapter meets on the third Thurday of every month.
      Distribution list of several hundred – and growing!

Objectives of the International Institute of Business Analysis:
      Advance the role of the Business Analyst as a recognized profession;
      Support opportunities for members to network with, and gain knowledge from, seasoned BA
       practitioners as well as with industry and government leaders;
      Provide access for members to a formal “knowledge base” as well as forums for sharing
       expertise, expressing professional opinions and building a reputation within the industry;
      Provide pathways to learn about business analysis best practices;
      Obtain and sustain a level of financial security, sustainability and autonomy at the chapter level.
      Create corporate support for the IIBA within the local market by superior marketing/awareness
       programs that demonstrate the value of business analysis and the IIBA;
      Liaise with industry and association partners to increase awareness and benefit of IIBA Chapter
      International IIBA organization founded in October 2003.
      Chapters represented in 9 countries.
      38+ Chapters in the United States.

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