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					                NASCAR Sponsorship Fact Sheet

Office Depot’s sponsorship is part of a multi-year agreement with the National
Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) beginning with the 2005 race

Office Depot is now the sport’s first “Official Office Products Partner of

The relationship with NASCAR will be Office Depot’s primary national
sponsorship platform this year and will be incorporated into the company’s new
internal and external brand positioning campaign called Taking Care of

Office Depot’s NASCAR sponsorship activities include:

    Category exclusivity in NASCAR’s NEXTEL Cup, NASCAR Busch and
     NASCAR Craftsman Truck series
    NASCAR-themed customer promotions (both national and regional)
    NASCAR-themed television, print and radio advertising
    NASCAR displays in Office Depot’s 900 stores throughout the U.S.
    Advertising during NASCAR race telecasts on NBC, FOX and TNT
    Client hospitality opportunities
    Support for an upcoming NASCAR diversity initiative. (NASCAR is the
     fastest-growing sport among African-Americans and Hispanics,
     according to independent research*.)
    NASCAR becoming an Office Depot customer for office supplies and

Office Depot plans to unveil a NASCAR Nextel Cup team sponsorship and a
national promotion later this month. Additional details will be announced soon.


     Office Depot’s NASCAR sponsorship signals a shift in the company’s overall
     sponsorship portfolio and creates a powerful national marketing platform that
     reaches millions of people

     Office Depot has made a strategic decision to move away from a large number
     of mostly local sponsorship arrangements and instead have installed NASCAR
     as a key component of its marketing program across all business channels

     The NASCAR association has shown to be a true differentiation point in
     purchasing decisions

     With NASCAR, you have loyalty not only to the driver but also to the companies
     that make the sport work, and that is a competitive edge for Office Depot

        A recent survey of NASCAR fans found that 72 percent consciously purchase
        products because of a company’s relationship with the sport*

        44 percent of those who shop at other office supply stores would make Office
        Depot their primary supplier as a result of the company’s NASCAR affiliation*

        NASCAR has the reach, the passionate fan base and the ability to communicate
        directly to millions of business customers

        NASCAR appeals to all our customers -- from small businesses to national
        accounts -- and gives Office Depot year-round national and local promotional

        NASCAR’s fan appeal is nicely aligned with a large segment of Office Depot’s
        customer base:

         Small business owners (vs. the average U.S. adult) are 35 percent more likely
          to have attended a NASCAR race and 26 percent more likely to have watched
          a NASCAR race in the past 12 months**

         60 percent of Office Depot’s customers are women, and 40 percent of
          NASCAR fans are women**

         NASCAR is the second most popular sport for women (behind football)**


  The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) has a broad reach
  with 1,800 racing events in 36 states at more than 110 tracks

     75 million fans; 40 million avid fans; and tremendous growth

    Among major professional sports, NASCAR ranks number one in corporate
    involvement and per-event attendance, and number two in television viewership

*Source: Zoomerang Online NASCAR study – September 2004
**Sources: Sports Business Journal, SGMA, ESPN Sports Poll, Simmons NCS (Spring 2003); Edgar, Dunn &
Co. NASCAR Brand Study 2000-2001