Team Sponsorship Entry Form by uwy11403


									                                    Team Sponsorship
Package #1
Is for new teams with no               Entry Form
history at O’Grady’s. We track
your expenditures and then       Team Name:
we offer you a 15% kickback
in the form of an end of year    Sport:
party or 10% in the form of a    League Name:
cheque. ($1000 minimum
expenditure)                     # Of Players:
                                 How long has the team been together?
                                 Your previous team sponsor?
Package #2
Is for second year or more
                                 Season Length:
teams. We’ll give you in cash    1st Game:
15% of what you spent with
us in the year before, and
                                 Last game:
additional 15% kickback in       # games per season:
food and beverage will be
given for money spent last       what arena / field:
year.                            What city?
Example: team “A” spent          What time are the games at?
$2000 in year one. For the
start of year 2 they can get
$300 cash (15% of year 1)
Once they spend $2000 in         Team contact Name:
year 2 they can begin work-
ing on a 15% kickback on
food and beverages       for     Phone number (     )      -
money spent over and above
$2000, its easy
                                 E-mail address

                                         Please circle the desired Sponsorship Package
Package #3
Ask about a custom deal
                                       Package #1        Package #2        Package #3
anything is negotiable. T-
Shirts for teams or free food.

                  518 Church Street                            Phone: 416.323.2822
                                                                 Fax: 416.323.2822

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