MEASURING GUIDE CHART You will need a steel measuring by corinnebrown


									                                             MEASURING GUIDE / CHART
                                                   Before Measuring please note:
                                        • You will need a steel measuring tape, pencil and paper.
                               • When measuring, round your measurement off to the nearest millimetre (mm).

• Note: Standard Size Blinds will be supplied with the exact width as listed on our size chart and the drop approximately 10 to 20mm longer
(i.e. an additional working slat is included). The additional slat can be used to increase the useable length of the blind or alternatively as a
replacement slat, should one become damaged in the future.
• Cut to Size Blinds will be supplied using the measurements you supply.
Step 1
• Decide whether you want the blind to be an
   “Inside Fit” (Go to step 2a)                                                  or an    “Outside Fit” (Go to step 2b)
                                       Step 2a •                                                                   Step 2b •
                                       For an “Inside Fit”                                                         For an “Outside Fit”
                                       If you decide you want the                                                  If you decide you want the
                WIDTH                  blind to be an “inside fit”                                                 blind to be an “outside fit”
              WOOD to WOOD             using your tape measure,                                                    we suggest measuring
                                       measure the “width” first                                                   to the outside of the
                                       (wood to wood), then the                                                    architrave to minimize
         D                             “drop” (wood to wood) and                                                   light gaps and to obtain
         R WOOD                        then write down the sizes.                                                  maximum privacy.
         O WOOD
                                       (Please ensure you give us                                                  (For “outside fit” blinds,
         P                             your exact measurements                                                     we do not make
                                       as we will take the                                                         deductions from the sizes
                                       necessary deductions off                                                    that you provide as this is
                                       these sizes to allow the                                                    unnecessary).
                                       blind to pull up and down                                                   If you have no architraves,
                                       without rubbing on the                                                      we recommend adding
                                       window frame).                                                              200mm to the window
                                                                                                                   width measurement
                                                                                                                   (100mm for each side)
                                                                                                                   and 100mm to the drop
                                                                                                                   measurement (to ensure
TIP: If you decide you want the blind to be an INSIDE FIT It’s a good idea to
                                                                                                                   coverage beyond the
measure the width in three places. At the top, in the middle and at the bottom
                                                                                                                   window sill).
of the window - record and order the narrowest of these measurements.

                         INSIDE FIT (2a)                                                         OUTSIDE FIT (2b)
 WINDOW                   WIDTH (mm)     DROP Qty                                WINDOW             WIDTH      DROP                     Qty
 Location             Top Middle Bottom (mm)                                     Location            (mm)      (mm)

              Freight: FREE delivery Nationwide                                          Freight: FREE delivery Nationwide
Step 3
• Compare your measurements to the list of standard sizes available, (visit and click on our “Product
Range” to view list) then either choose the Standard Size Blind that suits your measurements the best, or for a more finished
appearance, choose a blind slightly larger than your measurements and ask us for the blind to be Cut to Size.

Step 4
• If you ask for a blind to be Cut to Size simply provide us with your measurements by following the Steps above and we will cut the
blind to suit your measurements. (re-sizing costs apply).
IMPORTANT: The accuracy of your measurements is essential for a correct and proper fit of your blinds. We cannot be accountable
for inaccurate measurements, so if you have any doubts always be sure to double check before placing your order. As a further
safeguard we will always phone you prior to proceeding with your order. Therefore please ensure that you provide us with a day-time
contact phone number.

ORDER ONLINE AT:                                         
    or      FREEPHONE 0800 77 00 44                                                  or FREEFAX 0800 23 25 43

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