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									  Real Estate                                                                                                                 Selling
AUCTIONS                                                                                                                    Real Estate?
                                                                                                                             Want to get top dollar and true
           Faster Results                                                                                                    market value for your property?
                                                                                                                             Do you want to be in control of
       No Negotiations                                                                                                        when your property will sell?
                                                                                                                               Would you like to sell your
                                                                                                                                     real estate fast?
     No Contingencies
                                                                                                                              Then you should consider a
        Upward Pricing                                                                                                      Real Estate Auction
    True Market Value
  Maximum Exposure
            More Buyers
    Higher Net Return

                                                               McLaughlin Auctioneers

 McLaughlin Auctioneers                                                                                                        AUCTIONEERS
  Real Estate Auction Marketing Group                                                                                       Dave McLaughlin, Auctioneer & Realtor
                                                                                        P.O. BOX 185 • Dilworth, MN 56529

   Brokerage by Kvamme Real Estate                                                                                                 Jim McLaughlin, Auctioneer
 Dave McLaughlin, Auctioneer & Realtor                                                                                            800-373-7652 • 218-236-9295
        Jim McLaughlin, Auctioneer                                                                                  
       800-373-7652 • 218-236-9295                                                                                                                                                                                   Hill City, Grand Rapids & Dilworth, MN
  Hill City, Grand Rapids & Dilworth, MN
           Conducting all types of
             Auctions since 1985
   Call us for all of your auction needs
 Note: This is not an attempt to solicit Real Estate that is                                                                        AUCTION
currently listed with a Licensed Real Estate agent or Broker                                                                 Marketing Group
     WHY A REAL ESTATE AUCTION                  have all the qualified buyers bid            maintenance, etc.) Real Estate
    SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST CHOICE!                competitively to obtain the highest and      Auctions usually net the seller more
                                                true market value for the property, (it      funds at closing than other
FASTER RESULTS!                                 could be higher than you think).             marketing techniques.
Auctions set a specific date for the sale
                                                Did you know “Real Estate Auctions”
and closing. We can market, sell, and
                                                can sell all types of property?                  REAL ESTATE
close your property in most cases as little
60-75 days. No waiting 3, 6, 12 months                                                         AUCTIONS WORK!
                                                • RESIDENTIAL
or years for your property to sell.
                                                • COMMERCIAL
                                                • LAKESHORE                                  HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE.
You, as a seller, set the terms and
                                                • HOBBY FARMS
                                                • RECREATIONAL
                                                                            SOLD               There are very few properties that
conditions of auction in advance. You           • INDUSTRIAL                                 can not be sold through the auction
are in control.                                 • ESTATE PROPERTIES                          method of marketing if a seller is
                                                • BANKRUPTCY                                 truly motivated and has realistic
UPWARD PRICING!                                 • FORECLOSURE                                expectations of what their property is
                                                • DISTRESSED PROPERTY                        worth.
Price is negotiated up by competitive           • FARM & HUNTING LAND
bidding, not down by offers and counter                                                       Why over price your property just
offers                                                                                       to have to do several price reductions
                                                Facts:                                       to finally get to the “true” market
TRUE MARKET VALUE!                                • According to the National Auctioneers    value?
Auctions find the true value of property.       Association, in 2006 more than 56.3
You may find that your property is worth        billion dollars worth of Real Estate was      Remember it is ultimately a “buyer”
more than you imagined.                         sold at auction nationwide.                  who will determine the selling price.
                                                  • “McLaughlin Auctioneers” and “Real
MAXIMUM EXPOSURE                                Estate Auction Marketing Group” has           The auction method of marketing is
                                                conducted over 50 Real Estate auctions       the only way that you have ALL of
High intensity, specific advertising high-      in the last 24 months and has sold over      the qualified buyers compete for
lights your property obtaining maximum          90% of the properties that were offered.     your property... You may get more
exposure and price!                             Our results speak for themselves.            for your property than you
                                                  • It is projected that by 2010 over 30%    expected.
MORE BUYERS!                                    of all Real Estate sold nationwide will be
Auctions allow all qualified buyers a           sold through the auction method of            Auctions provide faster results,
chance to own the property not just             marketing.                                   upward pricing, find true market
one. The terms of the auction qualify the         • Real Estate Auctions produce results     value, and higher net returns.
buyer. Auctions are done without                in all markets. Auctions motivate buyers
contingencies! Remember, it doesn’t             to take action wether it is a buyer’s or       That’s the bottom line!
matter if you are selling at auction or by      seller’s market.                                 Call us today for a
a traditional listing, the “Buyer”... not the     • When you compare what it cost to
seller…will ultimately determine the            hold, and maintain a property (i.e.,           no-obligation analysis
purchase price. It only makes sense to          mortgage payments and interest, taxes,           of your real estate.

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