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					                                                                               Laotian Americans
HISTORY                                                   REFUGEE EFFECTS ON HEALTH
Lao People's Democratic Republic is a small               Southeast Asian refugees are a high-risk group for
communist country between Vietnam and Thailand            psychological distress and mental disorders. The
with China to the north. Its population is about 5.7      experiences of war trauma (lack of food/water,
million, with most people living in valleys of the        imprisonment, torture, sexual abuse, kidnapping,
Mekong River and its tributaries. Half the country's      etc.), re-education camps, and refugee camps, and
people are ethnic Lao, descendents from the Thai          the tasks of adjusting to a new country are all
                            people who began              associated factors.     In addition, post-traumatic
  Laos traces its history   migrating      southward      stress disorder (PTSD) may cause symptoms such
  and    origins  to   the  from China in the first       as:       disturbing dreams and other sleeping
  kingdom of Lan Xang, in   millennium A.D. The           difficulties, emotional numbness, and may be
  1353,   which    covered
  much of what today is
                            predominant religion is       confused with stress. However, data describing
  Thailand and Laos.        Theravada Buddhism.           this problem is lacking. Also, some refugees have
                            The      official    and      developed distrust for authority figures and may
dominant language is Lao, a tonal language of the         delay professional health until a health problem
Thai linguistic group. In the late 18th century, the      becomes unbearable. Other refugees may simply
Thai ruled over Laos. Following their colonization        not know where to go to seek treatment.
of Vietnam, the French integrated all of Laos into        Furthermore, researchers have found that
the French empire. In 1954, Laos was granted full         depressive symptoms decrease over time as
sovereignty. In December 1975, the communist              refugees become more proficient in English and
Lao      People's     Democratic    Republic     was      gain employment. iv
established. The harsh policies, deteriorating
economic conditions, and enforced political control,      OTHER HEALTH ISSUES
prompted an exodus of lowland Lao and ethnic                In California, cancer rates vary by ethnicity.
Hmong from Laos. From 1975 to 1996, the U.S.                Prostate cancer is highest among Asian Indian,
resettled some 250,000 Lao refugees from                    Chinese, Filipino, Japanese American, and
Thailand, including 130,000 Hmong. i                        Hawaiian men. Lung cancer is most common
                                                            among Cambodian and Laotian American men.
DEMOGRAPHICS                                                Stomach cancer is seen most in Korean men. v
Approximately 150,000-200,000 ethnic Laotians
live in America according to the 2000 U.S. Census.           Asian Americans have one of the highest rates
The states with the highest concentrations are               of Hepatitis B. In the majority of the U.S.
                            California,       Georgia,       population the rate is less than 1 in 200, for
  Laotian American Age      Texas,      and     North        Asian Americans it is 1 in 10. Hepatitis B is
  Distribution,Yr 2000      Carolina. About 18.5%            highly     correlated       with  Liver cancer.
  >18            34.4 %     of Laotian Americans             Furthermore, Asian Americans have the highest
                            live in poverty. ii              rates of Liver cancer among all populations in
 18-64           62.1 %
                                                             California; 5 times higher than for whites.
 <65             3.4 %        HEALTH BELIEFS                 Cambodian, Hmong, and Laotian, are
                              Laotian     views      of      particularly at high risk. v / vi
physical and mental wellness are tied to a person’s
ability to sleep and eat without difficulty. Illness         Asian Americans as a whole have low rates of
may be attributed to the loss of spirits to inhabit the      pre-term birth, infant mortality, and few births to
body and maintain health. Language, cultural                 teens and unwed mothers.            However, the
issues, and transportation are the three most                figures differ when separated by ethnic group.
significant barriers for Laotian Americans to obtain         Laotian Americans have the highest teen birth
access to healthcare.        When care is sought,            rate of any ethnic or racial group in California.
medical history may be incomplete due to                     There are 19% of births to Laotian mothers who
reluctance to volunteer information. Therefore,              are teenagers, while 12% of births across all
many will seek family or community for                       races occur among teens. This may due to 2/3
health problems and treatment. Also, most Laotian            of Asian American women being sexually
Americans focus on acute illness and not on                  active, yet less than 40% use regularly use
disease. iii                                                 contraception. v / vii
                                                      Laotian Americans

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