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									Winchester’s Thai Restaurant
Thai Prawn Crackers basket of prawn crackers served with sweet chilli sauce.                          £1.50
Surat Thani Thai Oysters fresh oysters served with southern style chili, garlic and aniseed
dressing. Add some sweet basil for a concerto of taste sensations. For a plate of 4 oysters.          £5.95

Som Tam traditional Thai Green Papaya salad with cherry tomatoes and carrot,
flavoured with chilli and peanut.(v),(n)                                                              £4.25

Spicy Chicken or Duck Salad (Lab Ped) salad tossed with chilli powder, Thai herbs and leaves,
dressed with ground roasted rice and fresh mint. Chicken £5.50 / Duck £5.95

Thai Beef Salad (Yam Neu) delicate Thai style grilled beef salad in spicy chilli, coriander
and lime sauce.                                                                                       £5.95

Seafood Salad (Yam Talay) exotic home-made recipe, seafood salad, prawns, squid
and mussels seasoned with traditional Thai herbs and a lemon dressing.                                £5.95

Tom Yum a clear soup spiced with chilli, lemongrass, galangal, lemon and Kaffir lime leaves
with a choice of: King Prawn £5.95 / Chicken £5.25 / Mixed seasonal Mushrooms £4.75

Tom Kha mild creamy soup cooked in coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal and Kaffir lime leaves
with a choice of: King Prawn £5.95 / Chicken £5.25 / Mixed seasonal Mushrooms £4.75

Starters Rolls (Por Pia Tord) spring roll filled with carrot, cabbage, mushroom,
Vegetable Spring
bean sprouts and glass noodles. Served with sweet chilli sauce.(v),(g)                                £3.95

Sweet Corn Fritters (Koa Pod Chub) sweet corn and coriander fritter, wrapped in wheat
flour, golden fried and served with sweet chilli sauce.(v),(g)                                        £3.95

Crispy Vegetable (Pak Chub) mixed fresh vegetables in a light breadcrumb coating served
with chilli sauce.(v),(g)                                                                             £3.25

Stuffed Chicken Wings (Peek Gai) fried chicken wings stuffed with minced chicken,
onion, garlic, coriander dried mushroom and vermicelli noodles. Served with chilli sauce.             £5.25

Chicken Satay (Gai Satay) grilled chicken in our home-made satay recipe served with
peanut sauce and cucumber relish.(n)                                                                  £5.95

Golden Parcels (Toong Tong) Light crunchy morsels of crispy pastry wrapped chicken &
water chestnuts.                                                                                      £5.25

Prawn Toasts (Pang Goong) delicious minced prawns on toast, fried to a golden brown
served with sweet and sour cucumber relish.(g)                                                        £4.95

Thai Fish Cake (Tod Man Pla) home-made fresh fish blended in red curry paste and
green beans and Thai herbs. Served with sweet chilli sauce topped with crushed peanut and
cucumber relish.(n)                                                                                   £5.95

Steamed Mussels (Hoi Neung) Thai style mussels delicately steamed with sweet basil,
lemongrass and served with a spicy chilli sauce.                                                      £6.95

Grilled Lamb Chops (Gae Yang) marinated and chargrilled with garlic and pepper.                       £5.95

Prawns In Blankets (Goong Hom Pa) delicious King Prawns wrapped in pastry served
with sweet chilli sauce.(g)                                                                           £5.95

Mixed platter (serves 2) spring rolls, chicken satay, Thai fish cake & prawn toasts with dips (g,n)   £10.95

Vegetarian Platter (serves 2) spring rolls, sweet corn fritters, crispy vegetables & golden parcels. £9.95
Mains Favourites
Thai Traditional
Green Curry (Kiew Wan) Thailand’s favourite green curry with coconut milk, bamboo, aubergine and
basil. Choice of Chicken £7.95 / Beef £8.95 / King Prawn or Salmon £9.25

Red Curry (Geang deang) slightly spicier with red curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo, chilli and lime leaves.
Choice of Chicken £7.95 / Beef £8.95 / King Prawn £9.25

Massaman Curry (Geang Massaman) cooked in authentic ground peanut curry with potatoes, onions,
red peppers and a dash of tamarind.(n) with a choice of: Beef £8.95 / Lamb £7.95

Jungle Curry (Geang Pa) a light, herby traditional Thai curry with salty shrimp flavours and a very
spicy peppercorn, chili and basil sauce. Chicken £7.95 / Lamb £7.95 / Beef £8.95 / King Prawn £9.25

Basil Stir Fry (Pad Gra Proa) Classic recipe with garlic, red chilli, enhanced with holy basil. Choice of
Chicken £7.95 / Lamb £7.95 / Beef £8.95 / Duck £8.95 / King Prawn £9.25

Garlic Stir Fry (Pad Gra Tiam) sauteed with garlic, blackpepper and fresh coriander. Choice of
Chicken £7.95 / Beef £8.95 / Duck £8.95 / King Prawn £9.25

Ginger Stir Fry sautéed fresh ginger, black fungus mushrooms with chilli Chicken £7.95 /
Beef £8.95 / Duck £8.95 / King Prawn £9.25

Sweet & Sour (Pad Priew Wan) lightly battered and stir-fried in Thai style sweet and sour sauce with
pineapple. Choice of Chicken £7.95 / Duck £8.95 / King Prawn £9.25 / Salmon £9.25

House Specials
Colin Firth’s Thai Mango Chicken (Geang Kari Mamuang) a traditional mild yellow curry with added
mango; especially created for actor Colin Firth. This is a sponsored item, & for every portion sold Bangkok Brasserie
will donate 85p to Southampton & Winchester Visitors Group, a local charity supporting refugees & asylum seekers. £8.50

Gai or Ped Nam Prik Pao stir-fried with roasted chilli paste and spinach. Chicken £8.50 / Duck £9.25

Cashew Nut Chicken or Duck (Gai or Ped Pad Med Mamuang) stir-fried with cashew nuts, onions
and peppers with a hint of smoked chilli.(n),(g) Chicken £8.50 / Duck £9.25

Roasted Duck Curry (Geang Deang Ped) spicy roasted duck red curried in coconut milk,
with cherry tomatoes, pineapple and fresh Thai basil.                                                           £9.25

Tamarind Duck (Ped Ma Kham) crispy fried duck with sweet & sour tamarind sauce.                                 £9.25

Beef In Oyster Sauce (Neu Nam Man Hoi) with vegetables & spring onions in oyster sauce.                         £9.25

Pad Ped a spicy lean beef or lamb in a fairly dry red curry sauce with chilli, long beans, lime leaves and
sweet basil. Choice of Lamb £8.50 / Beef £9.25

Thai Style Steak (Neu Yang Esan) North Eastern Thailand dish of chargrilled sirloin steak
marinated in herby and slightly spicy sauce.                                                                    £10.95

Spicy Scallops (Pad Cha) Queen scallops pan-fried with Thai herbs, peppercorns & rhizome.                       £12.95

Lime & Chilli Steamed Sea Bass (Pla neung Manow) with garlic, coriander in chilli & lime sauce. £12.95

Steamed Seafood Curry (Hor Mok Talay) the coconut cream, Thai herb and red curry
combination makes this dish fragrant, delicious and rich.                                                       £12.95

Crispy Sea Bass (Yam Pla Tord) with spicy green apple salad.                                                    £12.95

Andaman Prawns (Goong Andaman) Bangkok Brasserie’s recipe, Emperor Prawns
sautéed with spring onions in a special curry sauce, a regional special from Southern Thailand.                 £12.95
Mains - Vegetable                                                                                                  Side     Main
Vegetables Stir- Fried (Pad Pak) flame fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce.                                     £3.50    £6.95

Stir-Fried Mushrooms (Pad Hed) delicate stir-fried mixed seasonal mushrooms
in oyster sauce.                                                                                                   £3.50    £6.95

Vegetable Red Curry red curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo, chili & lime leaves ---                                      £7.25

Vegetables Green Curry (Kiew Wan Pak) using an organic & strictly vegetarian
green curry paste with Kaffir lime leaves & basil.                                                                   ---    £7.25

Green Tofu Curry stir-fried bean curds with shredded lime leave, chilli, long beans
with a dash of coconut milk.                                                                                         ---    £6.95

Massaman Chick Pea Curry authentic ground peanut curry with potatoes, onions,
red peppers & a dash of tamarind. (n)                                                                                 ---   £6.95

Ginger Tofu Stir-Fried (Tofu Pad Khing) fried bean curds with onion, mushrooms,
peppers and fresh ginger in soy sauce.                                                                             £3.50    £6.95

Thai Jungle Curry a lightly herby traditional Thai curry with salty shrimp flavours
and a very spicy peppercorn, chili and basil sauce. (contains fish extracts)                                          ---   £7.25

Basil Tofu (Tofu Gra Proa) deep fried bean curds fried with garlic, green and red
chilli,lime leaves enhanced with sweet basil.                                                                      £3.50    £6.95

Cashew Tofu (Pad Med Mamuang) Pan fried bean curd with cashewnuts & red,                                           £3.50    £6.95
green capsicums.

Aubergine with Holy Basil (Makua Gra Prao) spicy with thai herbs.                                                  £3.50    £6.95

Rice & Noodles Jasmine.
Jasmine Rice rice infused with                                                                                              £2.45

Egg Fried Rice fried rice with egg.                                                                                         £2.75

Coconut Rice fried rice with coconut milk.                                                                                  £2.95

Sticky Rice the Thai traditional favourite rice.                                                                            £2.95

Special Prawn Fried Rice Bangkok Brasserie’s special fried rice with King
Prawns,onion and vegetables flavoured with Thai sweet chilli paste.                                                         £7.50

Pineapple and Chicken Rice traditional Thai favourite with subtle flavours.                                                 £7.50

Pad Thai Thailand’s favourite dish of flat rice noodles, stir-fried with bean sprouts, spring onions, egg,
dash of tamarind sauce with crushed peanuts. Prawns £9.75 /Chicken £8.50 /Tofu or Vegetable £7.50

Pad Kee Mao a very spicy sir-fried noodle dish with basil bamboo shoot, egg mushroom & chili.
Prawns £9.75 /Chicken £8.50 /Tofu or Vegetable £7.50

Yellow Noodles egg noodles stir fried with carrot, spring onions and soya sauce.                                            £3.95
Please notify your waiter/waitress if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements. Chopsticks are available on
request, please ask your waiter/waitress.

(n) dish contains nuts.(g) dish contains gluten.(v) suitable for vegetarians.

Chili Strength: Medium        Strong

The Bangkok Brasserie is proud to be a member of Hampshire Fare promoting the use of local produce local where possible.

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