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									            Thai Student Association at the University of Minnesota
               Information & Technology Team Meeting 1/2006
                          January 11, 2006 Minutes
       Chateau Student Housing Cooperative, 425 13 Ave. SE, Minneapolis

Meeting started: 6:30 p.m.

1. Panitan            Junhasvasdikul                (Por)          ThaiSA President
2. Nawanan            Theera-Ampornpunt             (Nunn)         Team Leader
3. Boonchai           Kijsanayotin                  (P’Boonchai)   Team Member
4. Baralee            Prasittisopin                 (P’Toom)       Team Member
5. Napol              Chaisilwattana                (Kong)         Team Member
6. Cattleya           Ounekeo                       (June)         Team Member

Agenda & Minutes*
1. News & Announcements from ThaiSA Board
    1.1 ThaiSA Spring 2006 Party
        The team was informed of the Spring 2006 Party to be held on Saturday January
21, 2006 at Galtier Plaza, 172, 6th St. E, St. Paul, MN (P’Ay -- Pramote Hochareon’s place).

2. Urgent Tasks
    2.1 Member Registry and Spring Party’s Registration
        Nunn informed the team that due to the upcoming party, one of the team’s urgent
tasks assigned by ThaiSA Board is to prepare the registration in front of the party in order
to update the profile details of our members. This registration task will also be our
responsibility for future party events.
        The team discussed about the details of the registration procedure and concluded
        -    There will be sheets of paper (3 or more separated sheets, sorted
             alphabetically) summarizing the information in hand of current members.
        -    Before joining the party, members will verify their information and make
             changes as necessary.
        -    If any person’s information is not in the list, a form will be provided for each
             individual to obtain necessary information.
        -    The information obtained will be used to update the information in the
             electronic registry.

Responsible parties: June - preparing the registration sheets and form.

    2.2 Web Announcement for the Spring Party
        Nunn also pointed out that another urgent task is to provide the information about
the party (date, place, activity, parking, etc.) on the Web. The information has already
been provided by P’Ay (Pramote Hochareon).

Responsible parties: Kong - updating the Website.
                     Nunn - forwarding the information from P’Ay to Kong.

3. Topics Open to Discussion
    3.1 Web Improvements
        The team discussed about ideas to improve our Website and concluded that:
        -  The current Website suffered from the low amount of visitors and low response
        -  The Website should be updated more frequently, at least every 2-3 months
           and especially in special occasions or when there is an announcement.
        -  Obsolete information and contents should be removed and archived.
        -  The Website should be more informative, especially for topics frequently asked,
           by presenting articles that will benefit the visitors. The proposed topics include
           Housing in Minnesota, Traveling and Sightseeing, Living in Minnesota
           (including information about grocery stores, shopping, and religious services),
           Studying FAQs, etc. The announcement will be made online and in the party to
           encourage members in voluntarily writing these topics.

    Agenda might not reflect the actual order in the meeting.
        -   The Website should contain meeting minutes in the News & Announcements
            section to allow members knowing what’s going on in our organization as well
            as encourage them to provide their feedbacks.
        -   ThaiSA’s budget should also be available online.
        -   To facilitate the communication and assistance among our members,
            information of our members should be posted online. The privacy concern that
            outsiders might be able to access this information and use it abusively was
            noted, and the ideas to protect our members’ privacy were discussed. The
            most practical and promising method is allowing members to log-in and access
            information that would not be accessible otherwise. This requires a hosting
            service that supports Web programming such as PHP and provides database
            systems like MySQL database. June and Nunn assured the team that the
            current free hosting service is capable of this specification, but Nunn suggested
            that we study the University’s grant proposal procedure just in case we need
            more grants in the future.
        -   There should be a Web update log (that records the history of Web updates)
            and an event log (that records the timeline of events such as parties held by
        -   To encourage more user interaction, a Web survey might be useful to gather
            inputs and comments from our members about our current Web and the future
            improvements, as well as feedbacks on parties. These could be conducted via
            blogs, the Webboard, and online polls.
        -   Kong suggested that a “Happy Birthday” module is interesting and would
            facilitate more interaction among our members.
        -   Por proposed an online content about our members’ masterpieces that are
            interesting and worth presenting, such as nice photos, publications, and arts.
        The team concluded that these ideas would be further explored and developed in
the upcoming meetings while at the same time the ideas are propagated to our members
and encourage their inputs and participation. However, this would be a long-term
projection and would require more than 6 months of efforts, so in the meantime, the
current Webpage would be maintained and slightly changed.

Responsible parties: The ideas would be explored in the next meetings.
                     Nunn - announcing some of the ideas during the party and
                              summarizing this meeting’s minutes.
                     P’Toom - summarizing the previous ThaiSA Board’s minutes.
                     June & Kong - maintaining the current Webpage and making
                                      necessary changes.
                     June - providing Nunn the account access to the current hosting
                     Por - finding resources on grant proposal and supply them to Nunn;
                          assigning the treasurer to provide our team the budgeting
                          information (on a regular basis)

     3.2 Member Registry and Data Elements to be Collected
     Nunn pointed out that the data elements collected from our members are not
comprehensive and further adjustments would be required to support the Web
improvements. P’Boonchai also pointed out that the design should take into account the
types of membership and whether the members are Thai. The design would be discussed
in the future meetings.

Responsible parties: Nunn - designing the appropriate data elements that would
                             be collected for each individual member, to be
                             discussed in the next meetings.
                     June - maintaining and cleaning the current member

4. Other Topics

The president thanked the team for the meeting.
The next meeting is expected to be held after the Spring 2006 Party.

Meeting adjourned: 8:30 p.m.

Minutes summarized by: Nawanan Theera-Ampornpunt                January 12, 2006

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