Second Grade Nine Weeks� Pacing Chart for MATH GPS by chriswallace


									Second Grade Nine Weeks’ Pacing Chart for MATH GPS
*Information is based on 30 weeks. This is tentative. Revisions will be made after one
year implementation. All GPS Standards should be addressed before CRCT Testing.

 First Nine Weeks          Second Nine         Third Nine Weeks           Fourth Nine
                              Weeks                                         Weeks
       1 -1 ½                                      2-2 ½ weeks
       weeks                  2 weeks          M2N1. Students
                                                                             2 weeks
A general review of     M2N1. Students         will understand the
                                                                      M2N4. Students
 basic addition and     will understand the    place value
                                                                      will understand and
subtraction without     place value            representation of
                                                                      compare common
    regrouping.         representation of      whole numbers
                                                                      fractions with small
                        whole numbers          through four digits.
      2 ½ weeks         through four digits.   C. Use money as a
M2M2. Students                                 medium of
                                                                            2 weeks
will tell time to the        2 ½ weeks         exchange. Count
                                                                      M2N3. Students
nearest five minutes    M2N2. Students         back change and
                                                                      will understand
and know the            will build fluency     understand decimal
relationship of time    with multi-digit       notation and the
                                                                      multiply numbers
such as the number      addition and           dollar and cent
                                                                      and verify results.
of minutes in an        subtraction.           symbols to represent
hour and hours in a                            a collection of
                                                                            2 weeks
day.                          2 weeks          coins.
                                                                      M2N1. Students
      2 ½ weeks         M2D1. Students
                                                                      will understand the
M2M1. Students          will create simple            2 weeks
                                                                      place value
will know the           tables and graphs      M2G1. Students
                                                                      representation of
standard units of       and interpret their    will describe and
                                                                      whole numbers
inch, foot, yard and    meaning.               classify plane
                                                                      through four digits.
one metric unit,                               figures
                                                                      B. Represent
centimeters, and             1 ½ weeks         (triangles, squares,
                                                                      problem solving
meter and measure       M2N5. Students         trapezoids,
                                                                      where multiplication
to the nearest inch     will represent and     quadrilaterals,
                                                                      may be applied
or centimeter.          interpret quantities   pentagons,
                                                                      using mathematical
                        and relationships      hexagons, and
     1 ½ weeks          using mathematical     irregular polygonal
M2M3. Students          expressions            shapes) according to
                                                                      Two weeks will be
will estimate then      including equalities   vertices, edges and
                                                                      used to review for
measure                 and inequalities.      the number of sizes
                                                                       CRCT Testing.
temperature (F) and                            of angles (right,
determine if the          *A week will be      obtuse and acute
estimations are         needed at the end of   angels).
reasonable.              each 9 weeks for
                             review.                 2 weeks
  *A week will be      M2G2. Students
needed at the end of   will describe and
 each 9 weeks for      classify solid
     review.           geometric figures(
                       prisms, cyllinders,
                       cones and spheres)
                       according to such
                       things as the
                       numbers of edges
                       and vertices and the
                       number and shape
                       of faces and angles.

                         *A week will be
                       needed at the end of
                        each 9 weeks for

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