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Free Federal Grants for Re Training document sample

More Info
Lurching towards eRA
What is

Federal electronic workspace providing a
common source for funding information...

...and for proposal submission

More and more federal grant applications
require submission via
    Some Cautions
Requires PureEdge Viewer -- free
software that functions only on selected
Windows platforms

Proposals are stored locally, not in a
central location managed by

Potential for version control problems

File uploading not transparent: can
inadvertently upload wrong file
     More Cautions

Repetitious re-keying of identifying data

 Faculty data

 Institutional data

Meager data validations
 Still more cautions
Requires up-to 48 hours for to validate
and release proposal to sponsor.

Problems experienced by us or other sites

  Unregistered user; invalid DUNS number

  Incomplete application package

  Virus detected

Jeopardizes UNH’s ability to process last-minute
proposals successfully

What to do?
Long-term solution

Short-term strategies
   InfoEd Proposal
  Development (PD)
System-to-system solution (S-2-S)

PD is part of an integrated suite of eRA
     Proposal/Award Tracking (PT) with
     Interface to Banner

     Administration of IRB and IACUC (HS and

USNH owns PD module license
        PD Features
Platform-independent - no additional software

Faculty/proxies build proposals in PD

  Research plan is uploaded (and PDF’d by PD)

  Robust budgeting tool with versioning

Key faculty, institutional and application data
default into proposal

Thorough validation logic - institutional rules
    More Features
Proposals are routed electronically
for institutional approvals
 Rich routing/proxy rules

 Feedback re status of routing proposal

PD submits proposals electronically
to (background xml feed)
Same process no matter the sponsor
PD has complex implementation path


 Business processes

Months before initial OSR

Phased approach for faculty
What to do?
   Transitional Plan
Mitigate the pitfalls of
  Explore central document sharing system

  Provide regular training session in using

  Explore solution for faculty who cannot readily
  access PureEdge

Work with InfoEd to shorten transition



Training and Support


OSR developing project plan to manage
PD implementation and transitional
period with
 OSR planning committee

 OSR Advisory Group

InfoEd application consulting services

OSR website (continuing)

Dean’s Council

GMAF (regular updates)

Other venues?
Training and Support
OSR will continue to provide training
sessions in

 Available via the CIS training schedule

CIS Help Desk will provide basic support
in PureEdge Viewer (installation, etc.) -->
we are anticipating approval of this

OSR will provide departmental IT as a
backup for uploading issues.
InfoEd purchase funded by USNH Long-Range
Technology Plan v.2

Proposal to LRTP v.3 to fund implementation
consultants for PD

OSR staffing diverted to help transitional

     IT staff: technical support

     ResAdmin staff: training, etc.
   Other Thoughts

Colleges/research centers can consider
central proposal development services

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