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									Volume I, Issue 1
June 2008


One year ago we welcomed April, our A-1 longarm quilting
machine, into our home and our lives. It’s been an interesting and
educational year for us. What started out to be Judy’s business
turned into more than she bargained for. Once April was installed
not only did Judy have to learn how to longarm but she had to
decided what books and DVDs would be the best guides, to
decide which stencils, templates and rulers would be most useful,
to find sources for battings and threads, to choose pantos and
patterns and to initiate a bookkeeping system and decide where and how to market even though neither
of these two would be necessary for a few months.

While Judy jumped from project to project, often multi-tasking (come on ladies, that what we do best),
Ed would play with April and tenderly care for her whenever Judy wasn’t playing with her. Soon Judy
was making quilt tops so Ed could quilt them for charity. By summer’s end, Ed had designed a quilt for
competition, bought his first fabric, and used a rotary cutter and sewing machine for the first time.

In November we had our first customer quilt and by that time it was evident that Ed was going to be
doing customer quilting while Judy kept books, made phone calls, did the purchasing and, in general,
took care of business. In the time since, Meanderings has had two bookkeeping systems, has added new
pantos and pattern boards, both of us have taken classes and Ed had a quilt at Machine Quilters Expo in
Manchester, NH, in April. Both Betty’s Quilting Etc. in Spencerport and Country Treasures in
Brockport have our services notebook with samples of our patterns and hand outs plus each store will
allow customers to drop off quilts for us to pick up to do pantograph quilting. (For any other service we
ask that customers call us and set up an appointment to meet with us in our studio.) Thank you Nancy
and Marie! We still travel a lot but whenever we’re home there is seldom a week that we don’t have at
least one customer quilt in the studio. We thank all of you who have taken a chance and allowed
Meanderings to do your quilting during our first year.

We offer for sale, by the inch, Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 96”, Quilter’s Dream Poly Select 93” and
Mountain Mist White Rose 102” battings. Soon to come will be Hobbs Heirloom Wool. Also, beginning
in May we now offer SewBatik 104/108” batiks. (See the next article for more about these fabulous

We encourage our customers to try a pantograph service,, that custom sizes borders
with matching block patterns to fit your quilt. While you can browse the site in your home at your
leisure, feel free to bring your quilt for us to measure, order your design choices, and print. We’ll just
add the purchase to your invoice.
We encourage you to check our website, On it learn how to
prepare your quilt for longarm quilting, how to measure, cut and apply borders, how to square up your
back and how to press. Learn more about batting. Link to and

Tips not yet on our website:

• Square all your blocks and make sure they’re the same size before sewing them together. Blocks that
are the same size will lay flatter. Blocks of different sizes that are forced together will usually create
fullness that may or may not be quilted out.

• Although many people may tell you otherwise, we recommend that you pre-wash your fabric. Many
fabrics contain excess dye that can bleed onto other fabrics when wet. Also, cotton fabrics tend to shrink
and different fabrics may shrink at different rates. Either of these can spoil your quilt.


We are now Longarm Batik Associates with SewBatik. We have samples of the 104”/108” wide batiks
that can be ordered for the backs of your quilts. We can also order from their whole line of 44/45”
batiks: batik spray, stamped batik, metallic batik spray, gradation batik, flannel batik and silk batik. Also
available are bundles, kits and accessories.

This whole line of vivid and rich batiks, unlike so may other batiks on the market, is soft and high
quality fabric. These luscious fabrics are hand-stamped and hand-dyed by master Indonesian
craftspeople. “Sew Batik is committed to offering the largest selection of coordinating fabrics in the
industry.” And the collection will continue to grow so you will always have new selections.

Without having to keep an inventory we can make these marvelous fabrics available to you in two ways:

Best way, we’ll place an order around the first of each month. Call us with your order (for orders over
$25 a deposit will be required) and we’ll place the order and pay the shipping costs for you.

Second way, you can phone or order online at In the “Special Instructions” field,
during the checkout process, please put:
Longarm Batik Associate LAP-1226
Meanderings/Judith Gucker.

Give us a call at 637-3579 so you can make an appointment to see and feel these beautiful fabrics for

                               Remember, it’s not a quilt until it’s quilted!

Judy and Ed Gucker

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