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									Korean War Webquest                                     Name___________________ Period ______

Open up mrloeper.org, go to the American Studies page and open the link called Korean War
Webquest. There you will find the same questions that are on this sheet and it will be easier to click
on the links to get to the readings to answer the questions.

1. Korea was permanently divided after World War 2. Where in Korea did this division take place and who
occupied each of the sections? A Divided Korea

2. a. Why is the Korean War often referred to as the forgotten war?

   b. How many American soldiers lost their lives in the Korean War?

3. For the next 4 questions, examine this interactive map. (You may have to read a little too)

  a. When did North Korea invade South Korea?

  b. MacArthur led an amphibious counterattack against the North Koreans even though everyone thought
     it was a bad idea. Where did this attack take place?

  c. Where is the Yalu River and why is it important?

  d. Look at the series of maps and the way the arrows show directions of the armies and describe the
     movement of troops during the 4 years of the Korean War.
4. Why did President Truman fire General MacArthur in 1951?

Who took MacArthur’s place?

5. What did Truman cite as the toughest decision of his presidency?

Describe the Banning letter.

Do you feel it was appropriate for Mr. Banning to send such a letter to the President of the United States?
Why or why not?

6. When was the armistice signed?

Has the Korean War ended? Why or why not?

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