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                                          Jeff Marvin

                      (780) 436-9850 (home phone, answering machine)
                  #2104, 8920 100 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6E 4Y8
                          jeff@jeffmarvin.com    www.jeffmarvin.com

  Become a contributing member of a web application development team.

  I am a web producer and developer with 8 years of experience in web development, usability
  principles, graphic design and information architecture. I have had full responsibility for the
  planning and delivery of web sites, E-Commerce Catalogs and web applications. I have gained solid
  planning and business development experience, from pre-marketing to client management. I have
  extensive experience employing web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ColdFusion,
  PHP and Java to achieve high quality results on time and on budget.

Skill Summary
       XHTML 1 / HTML 4, JavaScript 1.2, CSS 2, PHP 4, Microsoft VB 5.5, ASP 2.0,
        ColdFusion 4.5, Java 2, C/C++, SQL, MySQL, Oracle 6, MSSQL 2000, Prolog, Lisp

      Web Editors
         HomeSite 5, FrontPage 2000, NetObjects Fusion, Lotus Notes and Domino Server 4.5

      Graphics and Multimedia
         Adobe PhotoShop 6 and ImageReady, Macromedia Flash 5 and Freehand, Adobe
          PageMaker 6.5, CorelDraw

         Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Project 2000, Visio 2000

  Web Site Design and Development
         Gathered requirements, architected and developed dynamic web applications utilizing
          server middleware such as Cold Fusion, ASP and PHP.
         Developed over 50 web sites, adhering to cross-browser and usability standards.
         Developed sites according to user-centered design principles, employing use cases and
          user flows, usability audits, and WAI accessibility considerations.
         Experienced information architect; knowledgeable of the principles and techniques of
          creating, testing and maintaining large collections of content.
         Authored specifications and guideline documents including Look and Feel Design
          Guidelines, Functional Requirements, Technical Architectures, Development Standards,
          and Content Management Guides.
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  Consulting / Team Leadership
          Experience managing client relationships and successfully project leading teams as large
           as ten.
          Written winning proposals for projects up to and including $150,000.
          Consulted on department organizational structures, conducted interviews and trained
          Pioneered the use of “project sites”. Project sites provide staff and clients with an
           immediate and central access point for all progress reports, deliverables and
           communication throughout the lifecycle of the project.
          Established a custom site redesign process consisting of a series of standard tasks and
           deliverables. The process involves collecting and cataloguing large amounts of content,
           working with the client team to develop the storyboard of the redesigned site, and
           translating the reconstructed information architecture and prototype into the production

  University of Alberta
  Bachelor of Arts in Honors Philosophy, with First Class Honors.
         May, 1998

  Bachelor of Science, Computing Science Specialization.
         December, 2001

  1998 Philosophy Gold Medal, University of Alberta.
         Awarded to the Philosophy student with the highest GPA.

Professional Experience
  Freelance Web Development
  Calder Bateman Communications / Biomira.com                       January 2002 – Present
  Web Development, Strategy and Project Management

  Pangaea Systems Inc./ Canadiana Group Inc.                        May 1994 – December 2001
  Senior Web Developer

  I architected and developed web sites and applications, conducted focus groups and usability
  testing, and authored site strategy and standards documents. As Team Lead, I was responsible for
  the strategy, requirements specification, methodology, implementation, and quality assurance of
  large-scale site redevelopment projects. I also assisted in business development activities,
  including estimating project requirements, proposal writing and marketing calls.

  A list of project experience has been attached.
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March 2002 –       Biomira Web Site and Content Management System
Present            <http://www.biomira.com/> (still under development)

Architect and      PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Developer             I was brought in to complete the design and construction of a dynamic web site and content
                      management system. Existing page templates, scripts and database were refactored into the
                      Fusebox 3 methodology. I developed a content management system (CMS) that provides
                      administration of the site structure and allows content to be maintained using a WYSIWYG
                      editor. I developed the events calendar, news release listing, contact forms and job postings and
                      other dynamic components to be maintainable using the CMS.
                   TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES
                        Site Development               HTML, Javascript and CSS.
                                                       PHP 4, MySQL, Apache web server.
                        Methodology                    Project Plan, Status Reports, Functional Requirements,
                                                       Technical Specification, Fusebox 3 development methodology.

May 2001-          City of Edmonton - Interactive Business Initiative
September 2001     <http://www.gov.edmonton.ab.ca/>

Architect and      PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Developer             Provide the standards and capability for informational and financial transactions with the City of
                      Edmonton. As Web Developer and Architect, I led the visual design, technical architecture,
                      prototype development, implementation and testing of a number of interactive forms. I
                      contributed to the project planning and requirements gathering, conducted the usability testing,
                      and co-wrote the design document.
                   TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES
                        Usability Analysis             Usability tests, research of form-related usability issues,
                                                       recommendations report.
                        Browser Components             JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
                        Server Components              Microsoft Visual Basic, ASP and SQL Server.

May 2001-         St. John Ambulance – E-Commerce Catalog
December 2001     <http://www.sja.ca/>

                      I redeveloped the St. John Ambulance E-Commerce catalog using ColdFusion and SQL Server.
                      I conducted a site audit, was responsible for the visual design of the catalog, and produced and
                      tested the browser and server-side code.

                  TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES
                        Usability Analysis             Web site usability audit and recommendations.
                        Browser Components             GUI development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
                        Server Components              ColdFusion E-Commerce catalog programming.
Resume Attachment – Jeff Marvin                                                                   Page 4

May 2000-          City of Calgary – Site Redesign and Standards
September 2000     Establishment
                      The City of Calgary’s Tidy-Up project involved developing a solution that would allow 1000’s
                      of pieces of content to be better accessed by the public. I oversaw the collection and
                      reorganization of the information architecture, and the translation of the communication and
                      technical requirements into a usable and maintainable design.

                   TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES
                        Content Reorganization         Content collection, categorization and reorganization into a
                                                       workable Information Architecture.
                        Web Architecture               HTML and CSS template redesign, revisited site architecture
                                                       and set plan for future web components.
                        Standards Documentation        Set policies, procedures, and content standards based on best
                                                       practices and W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

September 1999-    City of Edmonton - Site Redesign and Standards
January 2000       Establishment

                       Taking the role of team lead, I was responsible for coordinating site redevelopment and
                       deployment. The project required the design of a content collection methodology enabling the
                       large organization to collect, edit and revise 1000’s of documents. Leading the team, I oversaw
                       the site’s visual design, page layout and information architecture, technical production, and

                   TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES
                        Technical Specification        Site Technical Specifications and monitoring design and
                                                       implementation teams.
                        Visual / Navigational          Site prototypes, graphic post-production, HTML and CSS
                        Redesign                       template designs.
                        Web Architecture               Site navigation functionality design, information architecture
                        Standards Documentation        Content Management Guide, webmaster training sessions for
                                                       twenty-five learners.
Resume Attachment – Jeff Marvin                                                                       Page 5

August 1999 –      Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, Alberta
November 1999      Gaming - Web Sites
Project            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Manager /               I led the development of two web sites for a new Alberta Government Ministry. Sensitive to
Team Lead               the importance of the new ministries public image, extensive visual design sessions were
                        conducted to ensure the proper tone, look and feel of the web site. I was responsible for
                        establishing similar, but visibly distinct sites for the two related groups, the collection, editing
                        and rewriting of the content, the information architecture, and the rapid production of the site

May 1999 –         The Calgary Foundation, Calgary Together –
September 1999     Site Vision and Architecture

Consultant              As web architect, I was responsible for the design and specification of a web site and E-
                        community. The Calgary Foundation needed to establish a professional presence on the web,
                        and was also looking to establish a community site to unite the efforts of Calgary funders and
                        non-profit organizations. I facilitated focus group sessions and design meetings to compile
                        the disparate interests of a number of stakeholders into two site architectures that presented a
                        professional, coherent and usable platform for the establishment of an online community.

August 1998 –      Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development
November 1998      <http://www.alis.gov.ab.ca>

Project            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Manager /               I led the redesign and reorganization of two related web sites: the AECD department home
Team Lead               page and the Alberta Learning Information System (ALIS) site. I was responsible for the
                        visual and template design, and the coordination with the client’s implementation team.

May 1998 –
June 1998          Strathcona County Municipal Government – Web Site
                        Develop Strathcona County’s first municipal web site. I led the development of the site visual
                        design and production of templates to be incorporated into the existing Lotus Notes
                   TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES
                        Web Architecture                Site navigation functionality design, information architecture
                        Browser Components              Site prototype, HTML, graphic design, GIF Animation.
                        Server Components               Template creation for Domino Server 4.5.
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November 1997 –    Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development – Ropin’
May 1998           the Web Redesign
Designer /         PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Developer               I was responsible for the redesign of the navigation system and page templates for a site with
                        approximately 6000 pages of content. The navigation had to support a deeply nested series of
                        categories, and the page template transition was designed to be efficient and simple. The
                        redeveloped site won many awards, including the Premier’s Award of Excellence.

May 1997 –
August 1997        Epcor – Intranet Prototype

Designer /         PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Developer               Develop a pilot intranet for the EPCOR Group of Companies. Key personnel within EPCOR
                        were consulted to develop the initial structure of the intranet. I was involved in focus groups,
                        strategic planning, technical architecture and deployment.

October 1994 -
January 1995       City of Edmonton - Web Site
                        Develop the City of Edmonton’s first web site. I oversaw the development of graphic
                        templates into working prototypes, led the conversion a large number of documents into
                        HTML, and constructed the site navigation.

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