Union Agreements for Manitowoc County Employees by qru15075


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									I General:
1. Are you a County, Municipality, Tribal
Government, State employee, or a business, filling out
this survey?                                           County

2. What is the name of your organization?
3. If a County, Municipality or Tribal Nation, what is
your population?                                         22,000

II. County Organization Structure:

1. Do you think county boards are informed on what
emergency management contributes to emergency
services and public safety?                              Yes

2. Please list whom your County Emergency
Management Department reports to and if that
Department reports to another one? (County
organization listing/chart)                              County Administrator

3. What County Department do you feel would be           Emergency Management should be a stand alone - not
most beneficial to be part of, to report to?             beholden to anyone.

4. What is your Rank within County Government? Are
you appointed/serve at the pleasure of an elected
official, or are you a protected employee?         Department Head
5. Are you the Emergency Management Director, a
county employee, or contracted employee?                 Director
6.Who is your oversight committee? Example: Is it
part of a committee that looks at four or five
Departments’ activities, or does your county use the
LEPC as their oversight committee for Emergency
Management?                                              Emergency /Law Enforcement Committee

III. County Emergency Management Operations:

1. What is your budget overall and how much County
LEVY do you receive?                                     $105,000 with $51,000 from County tax levy.

2. Do you feel that you have enough funding to
support your Emergency Management program?               Yes

3. Are there any particular tools that you as a County
Director find useful (Information management
software or applications of the basic Microsoft Word,
Excel, or PowerPoint programs)?                          Just the basics for now.

4. Is CAMEO software used in your County
Emergency Management office and if so how do you
use it, i.e. Database only, database/plume modeling?     I am just learning its usages.
5. Does your Emergency Management office have/use          Use - contract through out-of-county private company
GIS, and if so how?                                        for mapping.

6. Please indicate your salary range as County
Emergency Management Director on the chart below
by checking the appropriate box. Please note below if
you are salaried or hourly, are entitled to over-time or   Fulltime, salaried, flex time (No overtime or comp
comp-time, if you are full-time, or part-time.             time.) $30,000-$40,000

7. How many years as a County Emergency
Management Director have you been in your position? 9 months

8. Where do you see your County heading in the next
five to ten years in terms of Emergency Management,        Stronger programs, more responsibilities and no
i.e. stronger/weaker programs, more staff, taking on       additional staff (1 FTE) and shrinking dollars to
more responsibilities, etc?                                accomplish them.

9. What are some of the problems that you have             Not enough hours in day. Fix = time in position,
encountered in performing your duties for Emergency        gaining more knowledge and comfort level. Learn to
Management? How do you feel they can be fixed?             say no to tasks not in my department's mandates.
10. Please list what duties/tasks you/your office does
in addition to WEM’s annual Plan of Work, i.e. in        Administering the formation of County Wide Hazmat
charge of 911, coordinate EMS, etc?                      team, adminstering E911 grant for LE dispatch center.

11. What is the size of your County Emergency
Management office and has it been consistent over the
past 20 years? How many people are full-time, part-      1 FTE - was 75% position prior to me. No volunteers.
time, and volunteer? Please list duties of each (i.e.    I am to be a jack of all trades doing all clerical needs
EPCRA planner, Program Assistant, etc.).                 as well.

12. Who serves as the emergency back-up to your
emergency management director (i.e. Deputy Director-
Sheriff’s Department member, Public Safety member
etc.)?                                               Back up is Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy.
13. What is your relationship with your local first
responders, how often do you meet with them and do     Meet with Volunteer Fire Officers every two months,
you have any influence with them and/or a close        EMS monthly, LE daily or weekly as need arises.
working relationship? How did you develop this?        Developed by being open to their needs and input.

14. What is your relationship with your county         Great support within the County Adminstrator office
leaders? How much support do you receive from your     and generally with the county board. With five serving
County Executive/Administrator and/or county board?    on my oversight and two others (of 20 total) on LEPC
How often do you meet with them? Do they listen to     they receive all the information needed to make
you and take your suggestions? If a positive           informed decisions. I have an open door - so they can
relationship how did you develop it?                   come in at any time with questions or concerns.

15. Are you required to take the WEM/WEMA
Certification as part of your job requirement? Does this No and no. I am working on the certifications on my
affect your pay scale? (For Directors and staff)         own initiative.

16. What types of Emergency Plans do you               Hazard analysis, fixed facilities, county ERP that will
prepare/update i.e. Hazard Analysis, Power Outages,    incorporate many of those previously mentioned,
Severe Winter Weather, Extreme Heat, etc?              updates for muncipalities and school ERPs,
17. Are your Outdoor Warning Sirens County owned,
Municipal owned, or both, and under what conditions
is your Outdoor Warning Sirens activated (i.e.            Municipally owned and maintained - do not cover the
Tornadoes, High Winds, Chemical Spills, etc.)?            entire county. Usually activated only during tornadoes.

18. Does your County Emergency Government Office
have its own web page and/or one attached to your
County web page? If so what is the address and can
WEMA put a link on its web-site to your County
Emergency Management webpage?

19. What is the involvement of your LEPC in               Have been rather inactive in the past, meeting only
Emergency Management operations? How do they              minimum yearly. But with Hazmat team formation
participate? What is their level of productiveness? Are   that will change hopefully. I would expect EM director
they active participants or do you do the legwork?        still will do most of work.
IV. Grants:

1.   How many grants do you oversee?                      10 at this time

2. What percentage of time do you spend, as an
Emergency Management Director applying for grants
and grant administration?                                 40%

3.   Has your County obtained any mitigation grants
from FEMA/WEM and if so for what? Please explain. No
V. Partners/Relationships:

1. FEMA is a true partner in emergency management?        Undecided
2. WEM is a true partner in emergency management?         Strongly Agree
3. OJA is a true partner in emergency management?         Strongly Disagree
4. You would rather have WEM rather than OJA
administer local grants to emergency management?        Strongly Agree
5. Emergency Management needs additional support
from WEM and/or OJA?                                    Agree

7. County Emergency a primary focus?
6. Terrorism should beManagement should merge with      Strongly Disagree
8. Your County’s organizational head (County
other county offices                                    Did Not Answer
Executive/Administrator and/or County Board Chair)
is in tune with the need for Emergency Management       Agree
9. Your organization provides you with enough
support to be successful? If not, what else do you
need?                                                   Agree
10. The current protocol to award the Department of
Homeland Security Equipment Grants is equitable?        Strongly Disagree
11. The training courses offered from WEM and/or
OJA meet your needs?                                    Agree
12. Municipal (city, village, town) Emergency
Management Directors are active and support their
County Emergency Management Directors?                  Disagree

VI. Miscellaneous:

1. Do you utilize volunteers/unpaid staff and if so, how
do you use them?                                         No

2. How active is your County Emergency Government
office with local HAM radio groups and in what          Maintain contact - called in during
circumstances do you utilize them?                      disasters/emergency power outages.

3. Do you have any questions, issues, or concerns
regarding EMAC? Please explain.                         No
4. What can be done by WEMA and County
Emergency Management Directors to encourage         Aid them in learning the need for their municipalities
Municipalities to have local Emergency Management   preparedness and their responsibilities in reaching
persons become more involved?                       that preparedness.


1. How can WEMA become a stronger influence for     Gain (or regain) the trust and support of minimally all
emergency management?                               county Em Directors.
                                                 Continue to be our united voice to other
2. What can WEMA do to support local Emergency   agencies/entities we currently work with or need to in
Management programs and other WEMA Members?      the future.


Most are unaware of emergency management's role.   yes, but having a tornado certainly helped to do that.

                                                   Law Enforcement / Emergency Management
varies (responsible for 5 counties)                Committee.

                                                   None. I feeling very strongly that it should be an
                                                   independent department, responsible to the County
                                                   Board and the Administrator. You only have to look
                                                   at WEM or FEMA to see what happens when it is
                                                   placed under another organization’s authority and
Administration                                     financial jurisdiction


N/A                                                Director
Varies by county                                     As above

?                                                    This year, it’s about $250,000. About $50,000 in levy.

                                                     No, but I don’t see that changing anytime soon with
                                                     the present fiscal situation. With all the new HS
                                                     programs, I am finding that I cannot do the emergency
                                                     management activities that I feel are necessary because
?                                                    there are not enough hours in the day for one person.

                                                     I use the above extensively, plus Office Project, Adobe
N/A                                                  photoshop

                                                     Our hazmat team uses it. I have chosen not to
Yes, but unsure how it is used in various counties   anymore.
                                                           Yes. We have a very good GIS system, linked
?                                                          throughout the county offices.

N/A                                                        $45,000-$50,000

N/A                                                        16

                                                           My hope is that there can be additional staff, at least
                                                           one. We have a strong, supported program and I think
                                                           it will continue. However, the weakness is that we are
                                                           getting overburdened with work that does not have the
                                                           local impact, such as education, natural disaster
                                                           preparedness, etc. Plus I think there is some serious
Taking on more roles as budgets tighten.                   duplication of effort going on from Public Health.

                                                           Too heavy a workload. Gutting of WEM. I think a
                                                           strong Emergency Management Division (with support
Reporting to law enforcement (Sheriff's Department)        from the governor’s office), headed by a person with
creates a difficult situation when grants are allocated.   EM experience, and independent of Millitary Affairs
Tendancy is to give more to law enforcement than           and OJA, would go a long way. It became too
other agencies due to reporting lines. Could easily be     militaristic under Military Affairs, and it is too
fixed by moving reporting departments to                   “justice” now. Emergency Management is not just
Administration or a Public Safety Committee.               about Homeland Security, and that is being lost.
      E911, coordinate Wireless 911, Safety programs,
N/A   hiring.

N/A   1 FT

N/A   Other county directors
N/A                                               At least twice yearly as a group. Often, individually.

                                                  I have been very lucky to have a good working
                                                  relationship with both. Of course, the respect for the
                                                  office was increased during and after our tornado as
N/A                                               they could visibly see the results.

                                                  No. Give me courses I can take online and such, but I
                                                  cannot justify that much time away at this point. It
N/A                                               would not affect my current status here

Agency plans, but provide support to county and
municipal plans with sheltering, public health,
pandemic planning, and mitigation.                all
            Municipal owned. Normally activated for Severe
?           storms or tornado warnings.

            Our LEPC has evolved into a form of an all hazards
            advisory committee, which I appreciate. Several
            members are very involved in helping with programs.
            The committee is improving and more constructive
            discussion is happening.

            8 this year


            Several, but the one the citizens most appreciated was
            the weather radios following the tornado

Undecided   Strongly Disagree
Agree       Disagree
Undecided   Strongly Disagree
Agree                                             Strongly Agree

Agree                                             Strongly Agree

Disagree                                          Disagree
Undecided                                         Strongly Disagree

Undecided                                         Strongly Agree

Undecided                                         Disagree

Disagree                                          Disagree

Agree                                             Disagree

Undecided                                         Agree

Our agency is volunteer led. Used to respond to
emergencies and train community members about
preparedness/mitigation issues.                   yes. Surveys, updates, advice

                                                  Very. They are an integral part of our planning and
                                                  response. Meeting monthly.
                                                  More education at the Municipal and Township level.
                                                  Many learn very little about their responsibilities from
                                                  their associations or leadership.

                                                  Have a one on one with the governor and explain what
                                                  is happening to emergency management in this state.
                                                  Have him look at FEMA at the Federal level, and ask
Outline more resources that are available, more   him if he really wants that to happen here. Because it
lobbying for changes in emergency mangement.      is.
Rally support for emergency management departments
at the county level. Because of the property tax freeze,
there will be movement to consolidate, eliminate, or
contract for emergency management. WEMA should
be an organization that strongly advocates to county
boards and the state on the value of independent
emergency management programs.
County                                                County

14000                                                 34,373

maybe some of the larger ones, but for the most part no. Somewhat aware

Reports directly to Health and Human Services
Committee, who then reports directly to County Board
or first to Finance Committee depending on           Reports to the Law Enforcement/Emergency
circumstances.                                       Management Committee

most beneficial would probably be Law enforcement,
but as far as reporting to that might be Finance
Committee                                             Reporting directly to a committee is the best option

                                                      Serve at the will of the Law Enforcement/Emergency
appointed                                             Management Committee

Acting Emergency Management Director                  County
We use both LEPC and Health and Human Services
for oversight                                         Law Enforcement/Emergency Management Committee

$16,000.00, with no tax levy dollars                  82,651/44,000 levy

no                                                    no

We utilize most of the Microsoft Office suite of
applications including VISIO and Microsoft Project.   My Pocket PC

On a very limited basis for database and plume
modeling                                              Yes, database/plum modeling
We utilize the County's Land Information Department
for providing us with aerial photography and GIS        Use GIS Information compiled by Planning and
related mapping projects and site scenario's            Zoning Office

salaried County employee, but only half of my salary
and time is for Emergency Management. $0-$25,000        Salary, Full-time $40,000-$45,000

1 year as fill in                                       2

depending on budget constraints, if we can get more
outside funding the program will grow and become
stronger, but as funding is cut for the Emergency
Management program on both the federal and state
level you will see the program die here as in many
other counties as local budgets continue to shrink.     Staus Quo

Lack of time and funding to properly train everybody
and make sure that all local compliance issues are met,
the only way that we can fix these issues at this time is
through increased funding                                 High workload/additional staff would be helpful.
in addition to annual plan the Emergency management
office coordinates all training and grant writing related
to Emergency Management and Homeland Security in
the County along with updating of off-site plans,
overseeing hazardous splills, etc                         OJA Grant writing

1-half time employee responsible for all activities of
the office/department and it has been this way for the
last 15 years or better.                                  1

up until this year there was no backup, now once EM
director gets back from serving in Iraq we will utilize
the interm director as his backup                         Chief Deputy Sheriff's Department
we have a good relationship, meet with them at least
quarterly. Relationship was built over the last several
years by proving to them that we are willing to listen
and work with them and not just impose our will on
them.                                                       Work together frequently on a variety of projects.

we have a good working relationship. I meet with the
County Administrator on a daily basis to go over
things and get his input and ideas and try to meet with
the County Board Chairman on a bi-weekly basis.             Positive relationship.

No                                                          no

all of these plus all municipality plans, school district
plans and off-site plans.
The outdoor warning sirens are municipal owned but
only four municipalities have them and one
municipality's sirens don't work and we are looking for
funding sources to get them fixed.                      Municipal owened, tornado warnings, fire

they are basically there as a information and guidance
group, they offer input into what goes on but not much
more than that. The EM Director does all of the

5-Apr                                                    5-Apr

20% of my EM Director Time plus another 40 - 50
hours per month of my own time                           25%

applying for our Hazard Mitigation Grant at this time

Undecided                                                Agree
Agree                                                    Agree
Undecided                                                Agree
Agree                                                     Undecided

Strongly Agree

Undecided                                                 Undecided
Strongly Dissagree                                        Strongly Dissagree

Strongly Agree                                            Strongly Agree

Agree                                                     Agree

Strongly Dissagree                                        Undecided

Agree                                                     Undecided

Agree                                                     Undecided

when ever possible to help with training activities and
contacting people for meetings and as key members of
our team during disasters                                 No

somewhat active, we utilize them when ever the need
arises such as bad weather                                Yes, weather emergencies

Not at this time
Not applicable to Buffalo County, all of our
Townships and

I'm not sure at the present
I'm not sure at the present
County                                                  County

54,000                                                  85,897 - Census 2000


It is part of the Sheriff's Office and reports to the
Judiciary Committee

Sheriff's Office



total budget about 115,000 and 70,000 by levy



datsa base and plume modeling
not yet

$35,000-$45,000 OT if I work over 40 hours.


We are taking on more responsibilites.

Lack of time to complete all the work.
The position is listed as half time EM and half time
Sheriff's office but it is usualy well over 50%
emergency management, I am also listed as the 911
coordinator. I also have become the "designated grant
writer in the department" any grants for EM or
dispatch ect. I end up writing.

We have one full time EPCRA planner and one 50%
director. I usualy work about 75-80% EM and only
20% on sheriff's duties.

Deputy Director
We have a very good working relationship. we meet
with fire and EMS associations 4 times a year each and
have extensive other contact with them. We meet with
the police chiefs on a monthly bases.

They are supportive of the office. we meet with our
governing group monthly.


We do not have any current plans for spicific events.
The only outdoor warning sirens are municipal owned
and are used for tornadoes.

They are not very involved, we meet two times a year
and fill them in and that is about all the contact we
have with them.

we have seven going at this time

20-25% it peaks higher at times.

We have a grant for an all hazards mitigation plan at
this time.

Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree

Strongly Agree








We are working with them and they have a station set
up in our dispatch center. I speek with someone from
the organisation a couple of times a month.

Try to educate them of the importance of having
someone in the position.

Attempt to settel the turf war with OJA. If this is
worked out I think it will be to the better for everyone
Look at doing presentations at meeting of towns
associations and municipalities to improve their
knowledge of and support for emergency management.
County                                                   County

28,000                                                   44,000

no                                                       No

I report to the Emergency Services Director. He
reports to an oversight committee and the County
Administrator.                                           Directly to County Administrator

I feel it should be a stand alone department. Many
times you need to work with other department heads
and if you are not one, it is more challenging.
Example: COOP plans.                                     Stand alone is the only way to go

Protected? Hired via County hiring policies, salaried,
non-union.                                               Appointed Department Head

EM Director                                              County employee
                                                         Report to Administrator the review committee is the
Part of the Emergency Services Committee (County         Law Committee that is assigned the Sheriff, Medical
run ambulance department)                                Examiner, and Emergency Management.

EPCRA 100% funded at about 10,000. EM is approx.
38,000 with half being levied.                   $1,094,565.00 overall budget $1,058,465.00 Levy

yes as it is but I would love to have a program assistant
but cannot get one approved.                              Yes

Excel for my phone contact list in support of the
EOP/ESF's. Also, having my contacts from
Microsoft outlook backed up to a IPAQ (handheld) is
wonderful. If I am at a spill or if the network computer
system goes down, I still have all my emergency
contacts.                                                I use all listed as well as Mapping and CAD programs

no                                                       I let the HAZMAT provide this information for me
no                                                       Yes, produce response maps and planning

salaried, no overtime, no comp time, and at 1/2 time
for EM and EPCRA combined. work the other 1/2
time for the EMS Director as his Adminstrative
Assistant. So the pay range below is for both positions Salaried, no overtime or comp, full time + $55,000-
(= a full time employee overall) $40,000-$45,000        $60,000

6                                                        Seven

more responsibilities but not anymore staff….same old
same old…                                             Increasing with more duties

Constantly adding tasks but not getting any additional
FTE to help. County will not hire new personnel yet      WEMA should be working with WEM to educate
requirements grow. Also, the mindset that the federal    organizations such as the Counties Assn. and Towns
government is wasting money and when I need to get       Assn. on the responsibilities and duties of Emergency
approval for acceptance of grants, they go through the   Management so elected officials here it from
same "wasting money" speech everytime.                   someplace other than the bottom.
                                                      Manages the County Communication Center and E-
                                                      911 system, operates and maintains all
                                                      communications towers, sites, and radio infrastructure
                                                      for all county emergency services, operates mobile CP,
                                                      generator trailer, MCI trailer, home of Highway Safety
                                                      Committee, Coordinates activities for volunteer fire
                                                      and EMS, member of City of Superior HAZMAT
                                                      team, team leader of HAZMAT outreach team,
                                                      negotiates all leases involving communications sites,
Administrative Assistant for EMS Director.            negotiate labor contract with dispatchers

1 staff person who is 1/2 time. No contracted EPCRA   1 Coordinator (me), 1 Program assistant, 12 dispatch
planner. No program assistant.                        staff, we picked up the dispatch staff three years ago

Emergency Services Director                           Program Assistant
                                                         We have monthly meetings with all volunteer
                                                         departments and I am invited to career department
                                                         meetings, I have significant input with all departments
                                                         and have been an officer in the county fire /EMS assn.
                                                         for thirty years. It is my belief that I have earned their
                                                         trust through hard work and performance, seen as a
                                                         resource, and in no way threaten them or there
                                                         authority. This is supported by all agencies
                                                         recommending my administration of the City/County
Meet with them 2-3 times/year for different trainings,   Communications Center, Mobile Command Post, and
exercises, etc. Closer relationship with PD, Fire, and   response trailers. I am viewed as a neutral agency that
EMS than with Sheriff Dept.                              provides service to all in need.

                                                         I have a very solid relationship with both the
                                                         administrator and board. I enjoy a high level of
                                                         support and trust with allows me a high level of
                                                         freedom in the management of my department. I meet
                                                         with my county board committee every other month,
                                                         and the administrator as needed (probably once a
Limited support. One thing that helped is I asked the    month). They have invested millions of dollars on my
County Board Chair to appoint a County Board             advice and changed entire programs. Hard work,
member to be on the design team for our full-scale       performance, presence, positive attitude, NO
exercise. The chair also received all design team        WHINNING, and just plain kicking ass to get jobs
meeting notices and attended some of the meetings.       done has built this relationship.

                                                         Not required to take anything and allowed to attend
Yes. does not affect it.                                 trainings and conferences as I see fit.
                                                         HAZMAT Response, Severe Weather, school plans,
                                                         communications plans, hospital plans, fire, EMS,
                                                         Hazard Analysis, evacuation, maintenance, Port,
All the traditional plus a bridge contingency plan and   Wildland fire, basically if there is a plan in this
manure spill plan.                                       county I am invited to be part of the process.
                                   The county owns no sirens, only one township has a
municipal owned. tornadoes only.   warning siren it it is used only for a tornado warning

                                   We utilize members on various committees for input
                                   and buy in. Our LEPC is from a wide range of back
                                   grounds and can provide different perspectives on
                                   issues. When they have a working committee they run
minimal . I do all legwork.        with it on their own.

                                   Probably an average of twelve per year are applied for.
                                    In addition we have several county funded grants that
10-Jun                             are administered through our office.

40%                                15%

                                   We have gotten both planning grants and grants to
                                   fund property buy outs. Several grants have been
                                   gotten to help the City of Superior with storm water
no                                 issues.

Agree                              Agree
Strongly Agree                     Agree
Undecided                          Undecided
Strongly Agree                                            Agree

Agree                                                     Agree

Strongly Dissagree                                        Agree
Strongly Dissagree                                        Undecided

Undecided                                                 Agree

Strongly Dissagree                                        Undecided

Undecided                                                 Agree

Undecided                                                 Undecided

Strongly Dissagree                                        Undecided

do not have the time to organize and train them at this
time.                                                     No

cooperative relationship, at this point mainly work
with them on training and exercises                       pretty active with SkyWarn

Would love to see someone develop and distribute a
written brochure outlining EMAC and gear it towards
County Boards/County Adminsitrators so they can
annually be given to update them on benefits it
provides. Mail it directly from WEM to these folks
with the Governor's seal. Coming from me it does not
warrant much credence.                                    No
?                                                      Do not know

Begin a Professional Development training offering
and bring in speakers like Dr. Alan Zimmerman.
Many other professional organizations offer a
professional development series. Reinforcing the
value of professionalism for all of us will help the   Maintain communications with emergency
organization to be recognized professionally also.     management players
provide annual training and bring in renowned
speakers. Not just your traditional EM speakers like
someone who was at 9-11 or Hurricane Katrina. I
think trainers that provide Professional Training like:
Prioritization when your desk is overflowing, how to
be a better public speaker or provide written
documents that are professional or BEST YET, how
about someone that can give us the motivation to want
to keep coming to work. Example would be Dr. Alan Maintain program funding and develop new programs
Zimmerman (http://www.drzimmerman.com/ )                the address community needs.
County                                                  Business


Not sure if the agency stands out among their issues.

Planning and Development Department Director and
the Planning and Development Committee



Planning and Development Committee. Action is
underway to establish Judiciary and Law as the
standing committee

137,000 is the budget with grant income of
approximately 50,000. This includes a medical
director salary of $13,000 and a contract with the

During budget deliberations non-mandated program
have been carefully scrutinized with some being
eliminated. Emergency Management is a mandated

Microsoft Word products are standards for
communications. CAMEO is used and there is a need
for sharing of information. We are waiting to see the
finished E-Sponder program

We use it for plume dispersions and have ideas of
increasing its use as a planning inventory tool.
Access is very limited.

full $50,000-$55,000

12 years in Eau Claire

Don't know the future

Limited funding and staff
Grants have not been listed because of the way they
present themselves

One half time secretary. The Emergency Management
Coordinator's office is approximately 11'x11'

Our medical director is in touch with the first
responder programs.

I have a good relationship with the county
admininstrator. He is a sharp fellow who has been
around emergency management for a while. The
County Board provides support for programs and
recommendations that are well supported by
information that I provide when issues need attention.

No and in this day of national standards I might be
more interested in a national certification.

I provide those plans that are required through the state
Municipally owned. Activated by the countywide
communications center. Each municipality owns their
own. Sirens are sounded on the severe thunderstorm
warning so people have time to find adequate shelter.
When sirens sound, residents are to 1) find more
information on television, radio 2) Determine if they in
the path of the storm, and 3) take shelter as appropriate.

Standard LEPC duties plus review of grant
applications for HS equipment grants and steering
committee for all hazard mitigation plan development



All Hazard Mitigation Planning

Agree                                                        Agree
Agree                                                        Agree
Agree                                                        disagree
Undecided                                                  Strongly Agree

Strongly Agree                                             Strongly Agree

Undecided                                                  disagree
Strongly Disagree                                          Strongly Dissagree



Agree                                                      disagree

Undecided                                                  disagree

I do it for the entire county and all its municipalities   disagree

No                                                         VOLUNTEER VICTIMS IN EXERCISES

It has been difficult to get folks involved but it is
improving at this time. The primary use currently is
weather spotting and additional emergency

It takes to long to implement. I can look across a         NOT ENOUGH ATTENTION PAID TO ALLOWING
bridge and see things in the neighboring state that I      QUALIFIED PRIVATE SECTOR RESPONDERS TO
can’t “officially get” for hours or days.                  HELP ON THE SAME TERMS AS PUBLIC SECTOR
We need to grow up, stop the WHINNING, act
professionally, and prove our own worth.

                                                       BETTER PR - RIGHT NOW THE STATE AND
                                                       FEDS CONTROL THE MESSAGE AND THEY
                                                       DON'T DO A VERY GOOD JOB OF IT. WEMA
Present a positive image, stress what is being done    SHOULD BE ON PUBLIC RADIO, TV, ETC.
correctly by those we work with, and work positively   GETTING OUT THE MESSAGE THAT EM IS A
and politely to correct the rest.                      PROFESSION AND IS PREPARED TO HELP
                                                   BETTER INTEGRATION WITH PRIVATE SECTOR
                                                   PARTNERS IN EM. ALSO, FACILITATE ENDING
                                                   THE DISPUTE BETWEEN OJA & WEM - TAKES
Quite doing things that wiz off our partners in    TOO MUCH TIME & ENERGY FROM THINGS
Madison and remember we may not always be right.   THAT REALLY MATTER.
County                   County

5300                     10,024

some are most are not    Nope

                         County Board - different committees for different job
Sheriff                  duties

Sheriff's Office         In my county, Sheriff & Justice

                         appointed by County Chair (per statute), but hired by
Chief Deputy/protected   Personnel because I have other duties to the County

County Employee          County employee
Personnel, Law Enforcement & Emergency   I use a combination of the LEPC and Emergency
Management                               Management Committee for oversight

                                         $32,841.00 of which approximately 17,000.00 is paid
34,553.00                                thru EMPG grant $$

no                                       Yes, for now


                                         no- i have it and know how to us it but do not on a
Not very often                           regular basis - I access the County GIS data
No                                                   Yes, I am also the GIS coordinator for the County

                                                     salaried - comp time for emergencies only - part time
Salaried with overtime $55,000-$60,000               EM $35,000-$40,000

11                                                   6

More duties being shared by the same amount or fewer
employees                                            weaker

                                                     I have too many responsibilities and that tends to make
Trying to manage my duties and responsibilities as   my EM program suffer from time to time. I would like
Chief Deputy within the Sheriff's Office and still   a person assigned to my office for emergency
maintain an effective EM program                     sistuations only - to back me up during an event.
                                                     911 coordination, computer coordinator, and am
                                                     responsible for anything in the Sheriff's department
Chief Deputy on Sheriff's Office                     that has a wire/cord.

1 Full time person on Sheriff's Office managing EM   I am part time EM - has been pretty consistantly that
duties                                               way.

                                                     no one - it would revert to the the County Board Chair -
                                                      however, I do use regional director and Oneida
                                                     County EM as a resource if I am out of town for and
Deputy on Sheriff's Office                           extended amount of time
I have very close working relationship with emergency
responders. All our fire and EMS agencies are
volunteer. I must say that I believe they are some of the
most dedicated people that I have ever met. Two years
ago we consolitated our County Fire Association and
EMS into County Emergency Responders Association.           Very good. Preparing for and implementing the 9-1-1
This gives every agency a say in decisions that affects     system in our County forced me to get to know them
Florence County. We use this committee to make              all. Homeland Security grants have made me contiue
decisions on how to spend equipment grant money,            to have excellent working relationships with most
exercising and training needed.                             entitites

I receive decent support from County Board members.
After receiving a presidental declaration for flooding
in 199 I believe the board has seen a need for EM.
Spending money they have been caucious but have             They have been very good. Not supportive, but open
been supportive in regional planning initives               to comments.

No                                                          no

Hazard Analysis, Strategic Plan, all POW documents,
Hazmat Team Billing, all OJA, Hazat Equipment,
NEWCOM grants                                               all the of the above
1 tower owned by Town of Florence - activated for   municipal fire departments are the only entities that
weather emergencies                                 have sirens

                                                    they mostly are there to oversee my homeland security
                                                    grants lately. we do not have any planning facilities so
LEPC is not very active in EM decisions. More for   it is more me keeping them informed of grant/training
informational purposes.                             issues

                                                    5 to 10 at any given time - for 9-1-1, law enforcement
5                                                   and computer issues

5%                                                  35% of my 50% position

Yes, County All Hazard Mitigation Grant             We are currently working on a planning grant

Strongly Agree                                      Agree
Strongly Agree                                      Undecded
Agree                                               Disagree
Agree                                                   Stroungly Dissagree

Strongly Agree                                          Agree

Undecided                                               Disagree
Undecided                                               Disagree

Agree                                                   Agree

Agree                                                   Disagree

Undecided                                               Agree

Agree                                                   Disagree

Disagree                                                Undecded

Volunteers staff all County Fire Departments, Rescue
Squads, Hazmat Team. Public Health utilizies voluteer
staff for mass clinic.                                not at this time

                                                        We do not have an organized group in our county but
Not very active. I have had preliminary conversations   do have preliminary plans to work with the Northeast
but nothing has developed yet.                          District of the ARES/RACES

                                                       More meetings through Wisconsin Towns Association -
                                                       that really brought awareness to our local
Education                                              municipalities.

                                                       be more professional, quit the backstabbing bull with
                                                       OJA and be productive. I am sick to death of the
                                                       fingerpointing. Politics is politics, but it needs to end
                                                       when it is having adverse affects on our local
                                                       programs. A member of WEMA made a fool of
                                                       himself, and in my mind, the organization as a whole -
                                                       that type of behavior should NOT be tolorated if
Continue to work to maintain or increase funding for   WEMA wants to be considered a professional
EMPG, EPCRA.                                           organization.
                                                      Keep an eye on the fiscal situation. Ensure that the
We need to maintain or increase funding for Level B   small amount of federal money we are able to get isn't
Hazmat Teams through hazmat equipment grants,         being used to support people who aren't supporting our
refresher training                                    State and local programs.
Tribal Government                                     Municipality


Short answer, they are aware but not fully informed

Department of Labor, Division of Safety for the Ho-
Chunk Nation                                          YES


At-will employees
Safety Administrator & Emergency Management
Department of Labor - Board of Directors                PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE

$0.00 the budget is part of the Departments operating


GIS, Cameo, all Micro-Soft programs

Data base/plume modeling
Plot proporties of the HCN in our 14 counties


5 - years for Safety Administrator and 3 years for EMC

Stronger programs - EM is fledgling in the HCN, it can
only get stronger.

The ear of the upper elected leaders, they can be fixed
through education having those leaders understand that
they are responsible for the community and must have
imput into emeregncy operations and planning.
We have developed our own tasks and duties, based on
the needs of the HCN


Safety Administrator                                   DEPUTY DIRECTOR
                                                    GOOD RELATIONSHIP, WORK IN SAME
We have only EMS and part of their training and     BUILDING, ALL VOLUNTEERS, WAS ONE OF
planning program.                                   THEM FOR 19 YEARS

The relationship goes through the Exec Director of the
Department and the Safety Administrator, they have an WE HAVE ONLY HAD A FULL TIME DIRECTOR
excellent rapport with leaders and able to foster that IN COUNTY FOR SHORT TIME AND WE HAVE
relationship with other leaders.                       MET ON OCCASION BUT NOT ENOUGH

No - but we are taking it for professionalism and
knowledge.                                          NO

All the above, plus the emeregncy plans for our     AL OF THE ABOVE PLUS CITY OPERATIONS
business enterprises                                PLAN
                                                         CITY OWNED SIRENS, ACTIVATED FOR FIRE
Do not have.                                             AND WEATHER

We sit on 5 LEPC's where we have tribal communities,
and are in the process of developing a Tribal Emergncy
Planning Committee.

2                                                        NONE

25%                                                      20%

Just PDMG grannt for All-hazards plan completion

Agree                                                    Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree                                           Strongly Agree
Agree                                                    Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree       Undecided

Agree                Agree

Undecided            Undecided
Strongly Dissagree   Disagree

Undecided            Agree

Agree                Disagree

Agree                Undecided

Agree                Strongly Agree

Undecided            Agree

                     THIS OFFICE RECEIVES $1200 PER YEAR FOR
                     NOT GET ANY PAY, EVERBODY ON THE PLAN
                     TEAM, MOST OF THE EOC STAFF IS


No                   NO I DO NOT, VERY GOOD THING
                                                          I THINK WE NEED THEIR BACKING AND
                                                          SUPPORT BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS
                                                          AVAILABLE AND I THINK THIS NEEDS TO BE
                                                          BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE
                                                          MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT AS TO THE
                                                          IMPORTANCE OF OUR BEING, WE SUPPORT
                                                          THE COUNTY WHEN NEEDED AND THEY
                                                          SUPPORT US, BUT WHEN IT HITS ALL OVER
                                                          NOT EVERYBODY IS AVAILAVBLE AND WE
                                                          NEED TO SHARE OUR RESOURCES AND
                                                          KNOWLEDGE AND DO THE JOB IF WE HAVE
Become more visable, we need to be out there all the      THAT CAPABILITY! WE HAVE NO MONEY AND
time, not just when there is an emergency. By that I      NO PROFESSIONAL GRANT WRITERS IN
mean, have a weekly column in county papers, be a         HOUSE TO HELP GET THE THINGS NEEDED
recurring guest on local TV and radio. There is a         THAT WE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE AND I
wealth of materials to present the public, we just aren't HAVE A BUDGET OF $3525. WHERE WILL THAT
doing it.                                                 GET ME?

Better attendance at meetings, I've noticed that we do
not have the representation we should have, that
reflects in my opinion the support of EMD's towards
the organization…without support how can there be
influence.                                               I THINK THEY ARE DOING A GREAT JOB.
                                                            FOR ME IT WOULD BE GETTING THE POINT
I'm not sure, the best I can think of right now, is to be a ACROSS THAT MUNICIPAL EM IS IMPORTANT
clearing house of ideas , WEAM should be the forum AND NECESSARY, NOT JUST ANOTHER PLACE
for inovation and the catalysist for change.                TO CUT THE BUDGET.R
County                                                     County

19, 677                                                    24,000

In spite of efforts, no.                                   Yes, but we could do better.

Risk Management/Emergency Management Committee
(a committee required for counties having Wisconsin Emergency Management Committee, who reports to
Counties Association liability insurance)           the county board.

I know now that being a one person department
reporting to a low profile committee is not good when
it comes to gaining respectability. I think it should be
Sheriff's Department (or reporting to a high profile
committee) and EM should be a "protected service".         Same as above

                                                           Emergency Management Director, Appointed by EM
                                                           COMM, approved by full county board.Non-union
                                                           department head physically located in the Sheriff's
I'm hired by the County.                                   Dept.

Emergency Management Director                              County employee, non-union, Em Director.
As a point of order, a LEPC should not be a county run
committee even though they are used as such in some
counties. It constitutes a conflict of interest. The
Federal mandate is clearly to have the LEPC consist of
a diverse segment of the community. My oversight
committee is Risk Management/Emergency
Management Committee. I am the only person who
reports to the Jackson County RM/EM Committee.         Em comm stands alone.

Total budget for 2006 is $87,555 including EPCRA
and EMPG plus salary and fringes for a 1/5 time          Em $55,080.00-levy is $34035.00/ Lepc $940.00-levy
secretary.                                               is 0/ Epcra $24,475.00-levy is $4404.00.

No, but it's adequate.                                   No

I use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and others
such as fax, scanner, camera programs. All are
important.                                               as above plus Windows Xp

Yes, I use it to make off-site plans. I do not use the
antiquated mapping function because it's too
inaccurate.                                              Yes, database/plume modeling
Yes, I work closely with the GIS person in the
Surveying department. They create maps for me if
time permits.                                            No

full time in 2006 - position will be half time in 2007   Hourly--30 hours per week,part time No OT-No CT-
$40,000-$45,000                                          No Benefits $25,000-$30,000

8                                                        12

Weaker. Budget cuts will mean a half time or split
time position in 2007. Secretary position was cut from
2/5 time in 2005 to 1/5 time in 2006. Responsibility
shifted from all hazard planner to grant writer in 2000 -
 grant dollars now diminishing but federal and state
required work is increasing.                              Stronger Programs

No clout. Yes, when the County again sees the need       Small rural municipalities don't have the money and
for planning. They will see that need when there is a    personnel to develop an EOP and continue to plan and
failure to respond adequately.                           exercise their responsibilities.
Also, Risk Management Director. I do not spend
adequate time on Risk Management but there is no
budget for Risk Management. A recent survey shows
individual departments are not training their employees
adequately on safety matters as required.               Strickly Emergency Management

Eight years ago we still had the aftermath of the 1993
floods and the job was made full time in 1993. The
reason for making the job full time seem to be
remembered but the Board says they can't afford full
time - and are willing to take their chances (as they    Director-30 hours per week/ Program Assistant 20
foolishly did in New Orleans).                           hours per week

Written mutual aid agreements with Clark, Monroe, La
Crosse and Trempealeau Directors.                    Deputy Director is the LEPC Chairman
                                                        My relationship is exellant--This takes a lot of work on
                                                        the part of EM Director. I attend the county fire assn
                                                        meetings, the chief of police monthly meetings, the
                                                        Juneau County Public Preparedness Partners
I attend quarterly EMS Association meetings. First      meetings[which includes human services, public
responders are members. Yes, I have influence and a     health, hospital, FSA, law enforcement, fire, ems and
close working relationship.                             schools] EMS meetings, Lepc meetings.

                                                        I have an exellant relationship with all
Good relationship. I've never had a resolution shot     County,Township,City and village leaders. I have a 43
down by the Board. Meetings with Board members          year background in law enforcement,municipal
are infrequent because we're all too busy. Most Board   government and public and private school boards and
members easily forget the importance of safety          have worked closely with all emergency responders. I
planning when faced with other immediately pressing     believe this type of background is necessary before
needs. My positive relationship is a result of highly   you even take the job of EM director. If you have not
persistant hard work promoting EM issues. My            walked in their shoes,don't attempt to tell them how to
approach is toward coordination and cooperation as      put their shoes on, because chances are they won't
opposed to trying to force results.                     listen to you. You have to earn their respect!

Yes. No.                                                NO

All of the above and others such as municipal plans,    All of the above,plus assist municipalities in
pet rescue plans, shelter plan renewal and more.        developing their EOP's
Municipal owned except for one owned by the County
in Town of Adams. Tornado warnings only not for    Municipal owned, operated according to established
watches.                                           protocal

                                                          They meet once a quarter with good attendance and
                                                          participation. They deal with all Hazmat spill
We have good membership but (with an occasional           responses,all off site facility plans. They help
few pleasant exceptions) little productive participation. administer the level"B" Hazmat team, however I do
 I do the work.                                           most of the leg work.

9                                                       5 on a continuing basis

33%                                                     50%

                                                        yes, for the county all hazards mitigation plan which is
Yes. Pre-disaster Mitigation Planning Grant             FEMA approved

Agree                                                   Strongly Agree
Agree                                                   Strongly Agree
Agree                                                   Dissagree
Agree                                                    Strongly Agree

Strongly Agrree                                          Strongly Agree

Undecided                                                Agree
Agree                                                    Dissagree

Agree                                                    Strongly Agree

Strongly Dissagree                                       Agree

Strongly Dissagree                                       Dissagree

Dissagree                                                Dissagree

Dissagree                                                Agree

Yes, primarily for exercises.                            no

Very active. Director is a ham radio operator.           We meet regularly-- I obtained equipment for them to
Exercises and responses if needed.                       operate their base station from the Sheriff's dispatch.

No but credentialing of medical people and the ability
to use medical people in other areas or from out of
state needs fixing. Medical folks must be allowed to
practice in other states during crisis.                  No
                                                More hands on meetings at the local level. More grant
Keep trying.                                    money available to help them plan and exercise.

Keep promoting EM issues and keep encouraging   don’t change leadership so often, so they can
participation.                                  accomplish their goals.
              Have WEMA Ass'n meetings in more central
              location,then put these meetings on the plan of work,
              this would allow more county directors to attend these
              meetings. Also get the training money back from OJA
Same as # 1   to WEM so we can actually participate locally..00
County                                                 County

roughly 159,000                                        20,186

                                                       To some degree. My oversite committee is probably
                                                       the only people who know to some extent. You can tell
                                                       them what you do until you are blue in the face, but I
                                                       seem to have a problem with them not listening, not
                                                       caring, etc… If it is not LE issues (cause I am with LE
                                                       oversite committee) they seem to hear only what they
                                                       want to hear. As far as the rest of the board, we have
                                                       to do an annual report to the board once a year. That
                                                       is the time I can toot my horn as to what we do and the
                                                       grants we bring into the county, etc... They receive the
                                                       report ahead of time, but usually no questions are
I don't know that this is a top priority/retaining     asked. So I guess I am not sure what that means, they
information for them. Our board is given information   don't care, don't want to know, don't understand, or my
but don't believe they could recall information if     report is explicit enough that they understand the entire
questioned.                                            program.

                                                       We are under the LE/EM oversight committee. I
                                                       report to the Committee Chair, who is the County
                                                       Board Chair. Under ordinance, he has to chair my
To Administration/Office of the County Executive       committee meetings.

The above works fine.                                  Leave it the way it is now.

Division Head, Non-Represented, but a protected
employee.                                              Appointed

County Employee.                                       Emergency Management Director
Judea & Law/Committee of the County Board. If an
issue is also fiscal, then the Finance Committee of the
County Board must also approve it prior to going to     Law Enforcement Oversight Committee consisting of
the full County Board                                   five county board members.

For FY 06 it is $423,550 with $162,013 in County        Total overall budget is $193,922. County Levy would
LEVY Funding                                            be $104.869. This is 1% of the county levy.

                                                        Do we ever have enough? No, we do bare bones
                                                        training and exercising outside the training and
Overall yes, but there are always additional projects   exercises for the nuke plants. The plant supplements
that we'd like to do which would incilce additional     our training and exercising budget for nuke drills and
funding.                                                exercises.

                                                        Actually, any program that makes our jobs easier,
CAMEO database, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power            better organized, etc… is helpful. We do use the above
Point. Not familiar with Access but see benefits        mentioned programs.

Database is updated an utilized somewhat by us, but
mainly used by county HazMat, Sherrff's tactical and    No, we have only 14 offsite facilities and the numbers
Municipal Fire                                          keep going down that it is not worth the program to us.
                                                      Yes. It is used to map our special needs people in the
                                                      county (over 250), can be used for Damage
                                                      Assessment quick assess to property values, can be
                                                      used to box out an area somewhat like Cameo to get
                                                      the facilities and area of danger for an offsite. GIS is
                                                      also used to make various maps for the nuclear plant
                                                      that we need such as population, traffic control points,
Yes we hace it in out EOC, but rely on our County GIS reception centers and congregate care centers, and
folks to use it, make maps for us.                    evacuation routes.

Salaried, no overtime, full-time $70,000-$75,000        Full-time/salaried. $35,000-$40,000

6 years                                                 9 1/2 years

                                                        I see we will have stronger programs. With all the
                                                        additional planning happening at different levels in the
                                                        county/state it will make our program even stronger.
                                                        (Bio-terrorism, Buffer Zone Planning, HRSA, Citizen
                                                        Corps, CERT, VIPs are just a few to mention. As far
                                                        as staffing, there is no way we would get additional
Stronger Program. Utlizing unpaid staff/workers         staff unless it was funded thru another means.

                                                       Problems we encounter are not really at the local level.
                                                        I think everyone has faced the problem with grants
                                                       coming out, short turn arounds to apply, and expend
State not fetting information out to EM Directors thus the money, and all the hoops you have to jump thru to
creating a gap between federal/State Requirements ans get those grants. Guidance is not there for many of the
state agencies not being on the same page. This can be grants (particularly Citizen Corp and CERT). State
resolved by WI agencies communicating more with        mandates come to us with no funding, how are we
each other and then to counties with one single coice  expected to get this done with everyones budgets being
and by being more pro-acting on issues.                cut for local programs.
Opperate County outdoor warning sirens, Countywise      Additional duties due to the nuclear power plants.
Homeland Security Issue/Polices, Grant                  That is an entire different plan, training and exercising
Research/writing, Operate Citizens Corps Program,       program in addition to all the other duties/tasks that
Anything else County executive requests of us.          need to be done for POW.

                                                        It has not been consistent. 9 1/2 years ago it was a
                                                        Program Assistant (20 hours) Deputy Director (10
2 people full -time; Director and the EPCRA             hours) and EM Director (20 hours). Since that time
Planner/Program Assistant. We have had grant funded     things have changed to currently having a full time
employee(s), and a work study student as well.          Deputy Director and a full time EM Director.

2 Deputy Directors - one from the Sheriff's Department
and the other from Health Department.                  In this order- Deputy Director, Cty Bd Chair, Sheriff.
                                                      At this point it has grown to a very good working
                                                      relationship. This position is the first time a female
                                                      has been in it. It took some time for me to gain respect
                                                      from the first responders. We meet quarterly at our
                                                      EMS council meetings. This council consists of Fire,
                                                      EMS, LE, County and local Govt reps, Hospital,
Pretty good. Get together roughly once a month.       Clinics, Physicians, and Citizens at Large.

                                                      I believe that we have a good working relationship
                                                      with county leaders. There are always going to be
                                                      those that you will never please no matter what you do.
                                                       Our County Administrator is very supportive of our
                                                      program. I think he realized just how things have
                                                      changed here and the benefits of our depts. I meet
                                                      with my oversite committee once a month, but the
                                                      entire Cty Bd. once a year at the annual review we are
                                                      required to do.

                                                      It is not required here. But I want to take it to better
                                                      myself. I don't believe at this time it will affect my pay
                                                      scale. Our county has been trying to get us in line with
                                                      other counties like us as far as pay scale. They have
                                                      hired Carlson Dettman to do a study several years ago
                                                      for Union employees. That seemed to help. The Dept.
                                                      Heads are the ones suffering now. Some of us (me for
                                                      one) are at the bottom of the scale compared to other
                                                      counties with similar size and duties. This has seemed
                                                      to be an area of concern that we continue to address.
                                                      They have started to make some progress by looking at
Required for Co EM Director as part of job, program   dept. heads and bringing a few up to salaries of
assistant not required to take it.                    comparable counties.

Hazard Analysis, Severe Winter Weather, Extreme
Heat, Stragetic HazMat Plan, EOP.                     Blank
                                                      Thirteen sirens are owned by Kewaunee Power
                                                      Station. They maintain them. We have access 24/7 for
                                                      activiation. Five are owned by the municipalities. We
                                                      maintain them and have 24/7 access for activtion. We
                                                      activiate for severe weather (tornado warning only)
                                                      and also for nuke events. We would locally activate a
County owned and they are activated for tornadoes and siren if a haz. spill occurred and needed to alert the
Hurricane Force Winds                                 area to evacuate.

                                                      I do not have an active LEPC. We have gone down to
                                                      meeting twice a year. Our offsites are very inactive as
The involvement is minimal, however a few will assist far as spills to review, the committee doesn't seem to
in whatever our needs are. If the LEPC has issues     want to get involved in exercises, etc… so in short, our
they'd like addressed, then the CO EM Director and    office does most of the legwork for most of the LEPC
Program Assistant have to do it                       requirements.

All WEM and OJA Grants that we can apply for and
receive additionaly we have also received some priavte EMPG, SARA, and then any grants that we apply for
grants in the past. Varies from your to year.          thru OJA or WEM.

                                                       Lately it has been a tremendous amount of time due to
                                                       the short notices and the number of grants that are out
25%, possibably as high as 45%. Depends on what        there to take advantage of. The part that is next in time
Grants are out there.                                  consumption with grants is the closeouts.

We have received a flood mitigation planning gant and
also flood mitigation Grants.                         We have a Pre-mit grant open right now.

Undecided                                              Undecided
Agree                                                  Agree
Undecided                                              Agree
Undecided                                              Agree

Undecided                                              Strongly Agree

Disagre                                                Undecided
Disagre                                                Strongly Dissagree

Strongly Agree                                         Agree

Agree                                                  Agree

Agree                                                  Undecided

Undecided                                              Strongly Dissagree

Strongly Disagree                                      Agree

                                                       Not at this time. Coordination of this hopefully will
                                                       occur thru our Citizen Corp grant and Volunteer
No, not yet, but we plan to in the future              Program.

Not as active as we should be. HAMS report storm
chanfe directly to NWS; we have brought them in to   Very active. They are utilized for most of our
particiate in Exercises for Emergency Communications exercises. We try to meet qtrly with the local group.

No                                                     Blank
    Good question. I have been trying to figure that one
    out myself. The old saying "it won't happen here" is a
    huge aspect of not getting involved. I believe people
    are closing their eyes to this planning and saying it
    won't happen here so why do it. Hope someone has
    some good suggestions other than dangling the carrot
    in from of their face (grant money- do it or you won't
?   get any grant money). I don't care for that approach.

    I think WEMA has come a long way in the past 4-5
    years. We are standing taller and getting things done
    as an association. I think it is still going to take us
    time to get even stronger. We need to keep doing the
    programs we are now, advancing our association by
    getting it known within other associations. Maybe by
    pooling resources together to sponsor a conference
    together with a well known association.
Again, I think we are starting on the right track. Keep
members informed of information that is out there. As
an association stand together on an issue if it is truly
something we agree or disagree on. Bank on key
people within the association that have ties to
legistalors and senators for help.
County                                    County

110,000                                   20,740 (in 2005)

                                          In many instances, yes. I try to do a “show and tell”
                                          program so that those who are new to the Board have
No                                        some idea of what I do.

                                          My County oversight committee is the Public Safety
County Emergency Services Department      Committee.

                                          I requested a transfer from the Executive Committee to
                                          the Public Safety Committee, as the PSC is more
Emergency Services (Dispatch)             pertinent to my job.

                                          All Department heads, including me, serve at the
Appointed salaried                        pleasure of the County Board.

County Emergency Management Coordinator   I am a ½ time County employee.
                                                  I used to have a separate EM/LEPC which was
                                                  composed of the Executive Committee and others.
                                                  The Executive Committee was in charge of my
                                                  Department activities. Now I share the Public Safety
                                                  Committee with the Sheriff’s Department, the Coroner,
                                                  and Child Support. In retrospect, I got more
                                                  discussion time with the Committee when I operated as
                                                  part of the Executive Committee. Unfortunately, I was
                                                  ending up doing their agendas, minutes, and writing
                                                  their resolutions-with no additional hours (and I have
                                                  no staff). The new arrangement does allow me to
                                                  dispense with secretarial duties for my minutes, etc.
                                                  and gives me more time to do some actual work on my
                                                  own issues. I am finding it very difficult to provide the
                                                  level of service that this county should have with only
                                                  a half-time position and no staff. In addition, I have
                                                  been made the Traffic Safety Commissioner (with no
                                                  extra hours). Between Homeland Security and all of
                                                  the other regular planning issues, I find it increasingly
                                                  hard to keep up the quality of my work as well as the
LEPC and County Judiciary & Law Committee         quanitity.

                                                  My budget varies widely (or wildly) depending on how
                                                  much Homeland Security money I have to manage.
$30,000 from County                               Some years, my budget is $150,000 and my tax levy

                                                  No. As listed above, I would like to be working full
No                                                time

All Microsoft Office suite                        Nothing comes to mind.

                                                  I did take a course in this many years ago. My Hazmat
                                                  Team is current on using it, and they plot my plumes,
                                                  etc. for me. They find it very useful. I don’t think it is
                                                  a good use of my limited time to keep up to speed on
Yes, data base and incident response management   Cameo, when I have these people to rely on.
                                                      Our County is just getting up and running on GIS. I
                                                      am planning to attend the course offered in March to
County Land Info and Zoning Dept provides GIS         become more familiar with the process. I feel it will be
service                                               particularly helpful in damage assessment

                                                      1. am half time. My salary is $17,680.00. The County
                                                      pays SS/Medicare and retirement. A large portion of
                                                      my salary and benefits are covered by grants from
                                                      EPCRA and EMPG, so my total levy is only about
$45,000-$50,000                                       $18,000. $0-$25,000

3                                                     Since October of 1992-12 years.

                                                      I cannot imagine that when I retire that they will be
                                                      able to find a person who will do everything that needs
                                                      to be done without increasing the hours of that person.
                                                      The only problem is that the County Board must agree
                                                      by an 80% margin to refill or change any position. We
                                                      are struggling with tax caps and staying within our
                                                      budget limits. It is not going to be pretty in the years
More responsibilities, no increase in staff           to come.
                                                      See my kvetching above. I don’t know how we fix the
                                                    tax problem and get some funding out to the personnel
                                                    on the line who need to get their jobs done. I am
                                                    deeply grateful for the funding from Homeland
                                                    Security to get equipment for my people. However,
                                                    there is never any administrative money attached, and
                                                    they become my de facto bosses without touching base
                                                    with WEM in many cases. I would really like to see
                                                    some administrative dollars come with the HS grants.
                                                    I know this won’t happen, but it is a thought. Also, it
                                                    used to be much easier to get training for my people
                                                    when WEM was in charge. If they had the money, and
                                                    you wanted a class that was on their approved list, you
                                                    just applied and were given the OK. HS has quarterly
                                                    deadlines. This does not work as well when you are
                                                    dealing with organizations composed of volunteers.
                                                    HS should be more flexible in its requirements. Also,
                                                    they should fund ICS-100 and NIMS-700. I know
                                                    they are available on line, but again, we are dealing
                                                    with a lot of municipal elected officials who have
                                                    minimal computer skills, and frequently, no computers.
                                                     The library has computers, but they are only available
Not enough staff to complete all EPCRA requirements for an hour at a time. If you don’t know how to use a
                                                  Highway Traffic Safety Commissioner, Hazmat Team
                                                  administrator, plan and direct all exercises, administer
                                                  HS grants for equipment and training, do all the
                                                  EPCRA plans, speak at Towns Assn. meetings, attend
                                                  school safety committee meetings

                                                  This position used to be 23 hours per week. It has
                                                  been 20 hours per week since 1994. I have never had
                                                  any staff. I had to beg for my first computer. I have
                                                  excellent partners who work with me in planning and
                                                  training. Our Public Health, Fire, Sheriff’s and Police
                                                  Department, Hospital, EMS and Hazmat Team are top
                                                  drawer. They are the reason I can function on as little
                                                  time as I do. They are very cooperative and
                                                  enthusiastic. We have figured out how to work well
One Coordinator, one Clerk                        together and resolve our difference.

                                                  See item 11 above. They make coming to work
                                                  worthwhile. It took me many years to convince Law
                                                  Enforcement that IC was a good idea. Fire has always
                                                  been a bedrock of the EM program. We had a very
                                                  dynamic Fire Chief in Antigo who was a good bridge
                                                  builder. Over a number of years, we were able to work
                                                  together to get the other response agencies to buy into
                                                  IC. It has made all the difference in the world to how
                                                  we operate in an emergency. We meet on an as needed
                                                  basis. Typically we meet at least quarterly to keep in
                                                  touch. Just sitting down across from Public Health
                                                  nurses on a regular basis has made the other agencies
                                                  realize how vital they are to many of our emergency
                                                  situations. When we had a major flood here in 2004,
Emergency Services Administrator, then adjacent   no one had to wonder who they needed to call. We all
County EM Directors                               know what the other person could provide.
                                                          I do have a positive relationship with my Public Safety
                                                          Committee as well as the Executive Committee.
                                                          However, everything today turns on the almighty
                                                          dollar. They realize that I do a good job, but with the
                                                          80% requirement for approval of any job change, my
                                                          chances of getting more hours are very slim. The City
                                                          of Antigo has enough members on the County Board
                                                          to control any item that requires an 80% vote. The
I meet regularly with all first responder organizations   City is even more conscious of budget restraints than
except EMS, they are not organized.                       the County.

I have a good relationship with the County Board and      No. Nothing affects my pay scale, except the number
County Administrator. They allow me to make               of years I have been here. We are on a step process.
presentations to them via committee meetings or           Since I am ½ time, I am on step number 6 even though
during an occasional full Board meeting.                  I have 12 years of ½ time employment.

                                                          1. Hazard Analysis, all require ESF/Annexes, assist
                                                          with School emergency plans, do Strategic Capability
                                                          Statement, all EPCRA Off-Site plans, Tornado and fire
No                                                        plans for County buildings

Every plan that is provided to use via WEM I&G and I      There are two sirens in the City of Antigo that are
assist with any other agency/organization that requests   owned by the City. There is no longer a County siren
assistance with their plans. I prepared the 9-1-1         system. The City sets policy on when they set off the
Dispatch Center evacuation/relocation plan.               sirens.
Owned by the municipalites that have chosen to have     There are two sirens in the City of Antigo that are
them, activated from the County 9-1-1 Dispatch Center   owned by the City. There is no longer a County siren
for tornado warnings or for sustained damaging winds    system. The City sets policy on when they set off the
greater than 50 MPH. Not used for any other purpose.    sirens.

                                                        I do all the leg work and paper work. However, this
                                                        committee was the start of the relationship building
LEPC meetings bi-monthly and assists with the OJA       that took place between all of the responding agencies.
Homeland Security Equipment grant and with the          The LEPC signs off on all paperwork, and gives me
traditional LEPC duties (off-site plans).               some direction as to what they expect me to accomplish

5 to 6                                                  Homeland Security, Hazmat, EPCRA, EMPG,

                                                        I would guess that about 35% of my time is spent in
at least 50%                                            this manner. Mainly administering all the grants.

                                                        We just received a Hazard Mitigation Grant from
                                                        FEMA. Northcentral Regional Planning Commission
We are completing the pre-mitigation planning grant     will administer this. I will have to attend many of the
this year                                               community planning sessions.

Strongly Agree                                          Agree
Strongly Agree                                          Agree
Undecided                                               Agree
Strongly Agree                                          Strongly Agree

Strongly Agree

Undecided                                               Agree

Agree                                                   Agree

Dissagree                                               Undecided

Undecided                                               Undecided

Agree                                                   Disagree


                                                        I have had a great deal of help from the DNR staff.
                                                        They worked with me to plan and conduct an exercise
                                                        in which we used their fire simulator program to
                                                        simulate a tornado. They worked simply to make their
                                                        county more prepared, and not for any pay. I have had
County Mass Casualty Team reports to the EM             similar experiences with my local industries and with
Coordinator                                             the Public Health Department and the hospital staff

                                                        Our long-time HAM contact died, and is in the process
                                                        of being replaced. We have used HAMs in the past by
                                                        stationing one of their members at the hospital to keep
I just obtained my license. We use them for all full-   in contact with a HAM operator at the exercise site. I
scale exercises and encourage them to participate in    would like to become more involved with this group,
WEM training.                                           too, but there are only so many hours in my week.

                                                     A show and tell session for your County Board in
                                                     which you let them know what services you provide
                                                     has worked well for me. (Dogs and ponies are more
                                                     effective than charts.) It is also nice when the other
                                                     departments that you work with go to an exercise and
                                                     come back to tell their committees that our county is
Most municpalities have NO CLUE regarding EM         far ahead of the other counties in developing working
activities and do not have their own EM directors.   relationships between departments.

                                                     I would like to see a requirement for a minimum
                                                     number of hours/salary/etc. for all EM directors.
                                                     UWEX does this to help insure quality in their people
                                                     and programming. Why can’t WEM and WEMA do
                                                     this? If it were a state requirement, we in the field
                                                     would have some backing if we felt we needed more
                                                     time to do our jobs
See above. I am not sure what WEMA can do, but it is
a good forum for discussion. Thanks for listening to
my opinions

205,000        83,000

Blank          No

Blank          Reports directly to County Executive

Blank          County Executive

Blank          Protected employee

Blank          Director
        Public Safety Committee of the County Board with
Blank   oversight for about 7 departments.


Blank   1/4 M. Levy supports about half.

Blank   Yes

Blank   We use a variety of Microsoft programs plus Lotus

Blank   No, we use EIS
        Yes, the county has a separate GIS office. Mapping
        for a variety of "layers' used by EM, particularly
Blank   nuclear plant(s) EPZs.


Blank   25

        Stronger with increased responsibilities (I now have
Blank   oversight for our Joint Dispatch Center.

        The state and federal paperwork increases particularly
        regarding grant work and revising our EOP at the
        whim of some genius in Washington who thinks
Blank   they've "invented" emergency preparedness!
        Coordination of the Joint Dispatch Center (911);
        manage budget for County Level A Hazmat Team;
Blank   manage Critical Incident Management Team program.

        Full time director and 3/4 time program manager. We
Blank   contract for our EPCRA plans and training.

        County Exec., County Board Chair, Sheriff in that
Blank   order.
        We have a good relationship built on honesty and
        assertiveness and years of experience. Many are quite
        demanding, sometimes unreasonably, but they are
        reminded frequently that we're a "team" not competing
Blank   with each other.

        The EM office has strong support from the Exec. and
        County Board as well as municipal heads of
        government. That took years of development again by
        our having frank, open discussions. The track record
        we've established through the years preparing for and
        responding to emergencies throughout the county
Blank   speaks for itself if we do our jobs well.

        No to both, however I have done so for personal
        growth. I am also a CEM through IAEM since 1992.

        All of those listed. We also have a comprehensive
        Radiological Emergency Response Plan to support
Blank   Point Beach and Kewaunee Power Stations.
                    All of the sirens in Manitowoc County are owned by
                    various units of government and the largest system
                    (15) is owned by Wisconsin Electric for Point Beach
                    Nuclear Plant. We activate sirens everywhere they're
                    installed for tornado warnings. There is one exception:
                     The 10 sirens owned by the City of Manitowoc are
                    activated for high winds. Any can be used also for
                    chemical spills. The Point Beach system is used in the
                    event of a radiological release but they are also
                    available and used for tornado warnings and chemical
                    spills. Manitowoc County only activates the systems,
Blank               we don't own or maintain any.

                    Our LEPC meets twice a year. They have chosen to
                    take a very passive role. The EM office does all the
Blank               work with the help of a planning contractor.

None at this time   All OJA grants and at present W911.

                    Too much time! My program manager does a superb
none                job on administration and follow-up.

                    We are presently assisting our Parks and Planning
                    Department and BayLakes Regional Planning on a
                    hazard mitigation plan for the county. We received a
unknown             $75,000 grant from FEMA for this plan.


Strongly Agree





Strongly Dissagree


                                 Yes. We primarily use RACES, Red Cross, and
                                 Salvation Army. We also use some volunteers in our
No volunteers or un-paid staff   EOC and on our Hazmat Team, CISM Team.

                                 We have a very active RACES group that participates
                                 in all of our full scale exercises, training, weather
Not at all                       spotting.

                                 Yes. I worked through EMAC in MS following
                                 Hurricane Katrina. I believe there is great value in
                                 developing this capability for future disasters, but
                                 think we must develop a plan and training to be
                                 effective. In many ways, the three of us who
none                             represented WI were under utilized.
                                                      I think the most important thing we can do is work
                                                      with them to develop a plan that organizes their
                                                      preparedness until they can request help from us at the
During the last 12 months I have worked hard to       county EM level. This simple 4-12 page document
understand the emergency management system in the listing their organizational chart, after hour contact
state and to learn the ropes of emergency management. information, key bldgs. available in their community,
 To date, I understnad very little about the system.  and other site specific information, should there be a
Municipal emergency managers are not supported by     need, is vital to them and the county EM office. To
WEM, OJA, WEMA or county offices. For example, expect the indepth planning we're responsible for at the
this survey asks 19 questions about county managers. county level is unrealistic.

                                                       Become more active with the state legislative bodies.
                                                       WEMA as an organization plays a critical role, in my
                                                       opinion, if we are to maintain "professional" respect
Sponsor training, support local and municipal managers and credibility.
                                                 I believe WEMA officers and the Board are doing an
                                                 excellent job in keeping our members informed, asking
                                                 for input, like this survey, and maintaining, I hope,
                                                 open dialog with OJA and WEM on our behalf. I do
                                                 think though, as mentioned about we need to become
                                                 more active (lobbying if you wish) on behalf of our
training, mentoring, sponsor discussion groups   membership with the Legislature.
County                                                  Municipality

42,900                                                  4,562

Yes and No, Yes, I keep our Board informed on
Emergency Management issues, No, I don't believe all
the supervisors understand or care to understand what
Emergency Managements role is and what the
responsibilities are.                                   no

County Administrator/County Board                       Member of Tribal legislature

We are already a separate County Department.            Member of ribal Legislature

Non-represented employee                                Un-protected employee

Emergency Management Director                           Tribal Employee
Our oversight is our Law Enforcement Committee          Tribal Administrator/LEPC

Our annual total budget is roughly $86,000. Our Tax
Levy portion is roughly half of the total budget $45,000 zero

With the state of the economy and the statewide tax
levy freeze, annual budgets are going too tighter and
more difficult to work with.                            no

Microsoft office and ArcView                            Word

Yes                                                     Have, do not use
Yes, the past 1 and 1/2 years                          If needed, Tribe has

                                                       salaried, with no $ budgeted for emergency
Full-time, Salary $35,000-$40,000                      government. $35,000-$40,000

1 year                                                 Am not EMG Director

Maintaining                                            Weaker, no funding

The sometimes lack of direction from OJA. What I
mean is for one , they have defined and started to
equip regional Fire and Law Enforcment specialty
teams but they have not prepared for the training of
these teams or given guidance on how the teams are to
deploy or be developed.                               Funding for a Tribal full-time position.
                                     Member of LEPC, Environmental Services, assist
                                     Menominee County EM in prparing plans.

                                     Tribal is 0, no full time EM, assist menominee County
Full time Director and 3/4 time PA   when time is available.

Communications Director              Legislative member.
I meet them quarterly, the relationship has been built    Facilitate training, respond to hazardous spills,
over the past 15 years. From previous work                developed over time and US DOT HMEP grant
experience to present.                                    training. Meet or talk almost daily.

Our office has a good relationship with the County
Administrator and Board Chair. We have an open
door for communication and support. This                  Tribal leadership has appointed legilative member.
relationship was established under previous EM            Meet as needed. Positive relationship developed over
Directors.                                                time. They accept technical and policy making advise.

No, but I am working on the certification and will use
it as tool for further position analysis and future pay
increases.                                                No.

EOP/ERP, Hazard Analysis, HAZMAT strategic plan,          Basic Plan, Pre-Mitigation Disaster Plan, Vulnerability
several Municpal EOP's, Area EMS plan's, Weather          Analysis and will be assisting Menominee County EM
Radio program plan/procedures.                            Director in revising Basic Plan.
Municipal, they are to be activated for severe weather.   None.

Our LEPC is involved mainly with the EPCRA issues.        Participate in exercises, attend meetings-participation
The LEPC has a subcommittee involved with the DHS         is good and production depends on agency
equipment grant and its allocation and a subcommittee     represenative. Legwook is done by myself or agency
that is involved with the All Hazards Plan.               employees.

All DHS grants to include county equipment and
specialty teams, All EPCRA grants to include HMEP
and Computer/HAZMAT equipment, EMPG, CDBG,
FEMA hazard mitigation grants, and the Radio
interoperability grant.                                   4

I've never how much time but I would offer a best
guess of 25%.                                             Zero

                                                          Nation-County 2003 Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
                                                          was     completed and approved by FEMA on August
Yes, the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant.                   30, 2005

Undecided                                                 Agree
Agree                                                     Agree
Undecided                                                 Agree
Agree                                                 Agree

Agree                                                 Agree

Strongly Disagree                                     Agree

Agree                                                 Dissagree

Agree                                                 Strongly Dissagree

Agree                                                 Agree

Agree                                                 Agree

Undecided                                             Agree

No                                                    No.

Not very active, they are involved with weather
spotting, and are written into our Emergency Plans.   Just starting.

Under our County ordinance our office has a joint
action agreement with several Municipalities to
oversee the emergency management functions.         Encourage funds for full-time positions.

                                                    Don't know.
Don't know.
County                                                    County

Approximately 986,000 persons                             42,000

                                                          Somewhat, the reports that are made to the county
                                                          board are done by the chair of the EMD oversight
Public Officials Briefings need to occur regularly.       committee so not all of the information is sharted.

                                                          Public Safety & Justice Coordinating Committee -
We report to the Sheriff.                                 Reports to the full County Board

                                                          None, EM should be a stand alone department due to
                                                          our dealings with so many emergency response
                                                          organizations, public entities and privately owned
N/A                                                       facilities.

I am not appointed by an elected official, I am a civil
service employee serving as EM Administrator which
is equal to a Sheriff's Captain, and I am non
represented.                                              Employee (non-represented - not union)
I am the administrator responsible for day to day EM
operations, the Sheriff has been designated by the
County Executive to serve as EM Director.                 County EM Coordinator
The County Board Judiciary Committee oversees us.
The LEPC is a committee of the County Executive's
Office charged with completing only the EPCRA
planning requirements.                                Public Safety & Justice Coordinating Committee

Approximately $900,000 annual budget of which 2/3
is tax levy support

We need more state funding; the $333,000 we receive
annually does not even cover 50% of the expenses
incurred to meet state mandates.                      No

Nextel two-way phones, and Weathersentry package

                                                      Used everyday proficiently, all of the programs are
All CAMEO functions are utilized.                     used
                                                         ARC View 9.1 and 3.2 are utilized by the department
                                                         for mapping and addressing purposes. All county
No GIS use yet.                                          maps are printed through the department.

fulltime $60,000-$65,000                                 $40,000-$45,000

Four years                                               6.7

If State EM program requirements stay at current
levels, staffing should be OK. We will require that the
exercise assistance grants continue at current levels in
order to maintain responder readiness. Homeland          less staff, more responsibility and under another
Security Programs will diminish as funding decreases. department

                                                         Trying to get Board Supervisors to understand the role
The OJA/WEM needs improvement. We need a                 and responsibility of the department, but I find that
County EM Advisory Committee at WEM similar to           they either don't want to listen or just don't care. More
the LEPC advisory committee which existed under the      concerned with budget issues that what actually is
SERB.                                                    taking place within the department.
                                                       By County Ordinance required to help municipalities
For 2005 we had 37 additional program initiatives that write their EOP's, providing maps for all agencies,
were not part of the minimum requirements under        rural addressing (GIS), and provide bulk photocopying
WEM's annual EMPG/EPCRA plan of work.                  for all county departments.

                                                      Administrative Assistant FT to 3/4 time (2203) to Part
                                                      Time (29-hrs./week) 1/1/06 - duties include
We have 8 fulltime positions; down from 10 fulltime   addressing, EPCRA planning, photocopying, mapping,
positions in 2002.                                    planning etc.

                                                      Administrative Assistant is designated in the absence
                                                      of the County EM Coordinator, Monroe County also
The Chief Inspector backs up the Sheriff and my       can request assistance from La Crosse or Jackson
Senior EM Coordinator backs me up.                    County EM Directors - written/signed MAA on file
                                                       Very strong rapport has been built with the Emergency
Excellent; we attend monthly meetings for Fire Chiefs; Response Community. This was by attending their
Police Chiefs, Public Health, Hospitals, and EMS       training meetings and becoming a member of the
Operations                                             Emergency Services Association (Fire / EMS)

Great support from the Sheriff and County Executive   Still in much need of more support, a few of the
which was developed by effectively briefing them on   supervisors understand but many do not. The County
EM issues and challenges. The County Board is not     Board Chair is and has been a very strong supporter of
directly involved with EM operations.                 the department.

No requirements nor affect on pay.                    Not required

All of the above plus EOP and Homeland Security       Amateur Radio, Mass Casualty Response, HazMat
elements.                                             Team SOG's,
We have 54 sirens; 29 are owned/maintained by the
county and the remainder are owned/maintained by the Municipally Owned / Operated - Tornadoes and High
municipalities.                                      Winds

Our LEPC oversees only the EPCRA planning
activities and has no involvement in other EM office
planning/activities. Our staff completes all the field   Involved, through quarterly meetings, somewhat
site visits and planning documents, the LEPC only        productive and the legwork is all done by Emergency
reviews and approves the final plans.                    Management.

Currently 12; EMPG, EPCRA, EPCRA
Computer/Hazmat Equipment, Exercises, EM
Training, CERT Training, Citizens Corps, EOD/OJA
Specialty Teams, SWAT/OJA Specialty Teams, OJA
County Grant, OJA UASI Grant, WEM HMEP Grant             5

75% of my time                                           20%

NO                                                       None

Agree                                                    Undecided
Strongly Agree                                           Agree
Undecided                                                Strongly Disagree
Undecided                                              Strongly Agree

Undecided                                              Strongly Agree

Disagree                                               Disagree
Strongly Disagree                                      Strongly Disagree

Agree                                                  Agree

Agree                                                  Agree

Agree                                                  Disagree

Agree                                                  Agree

Agree                                                  Disagree

No                                                     No

Very active; they are part of County Fire Operations
and are active in exercises.                           Active, exercises and hazmat response

No                                                     No
                            More training to understand their role and how they
Public Officials Briefing   will need to interact with County Government.

You are doing great.
                                                      Work on a state wide MAA between all emergency
                                                      management departments, build better partnerships
                                                      with our governming officials by providing
                                                      presentations and/or educational pamphlets at the
Nothing additional here; you are meeting our needs.   annual WCA Conferences or meetings they hold.
County                                               County

36,776 (2000 Census)                                 85,160

Not always, interest and board member turnover
appear to be the biggest problems                    Some members are much more informed than others.

Emergency Management Committee                       County Administrator

                                                     I believe Emergency Management must remain stand
                                                     alone to avoid conflicting directions and protocols and
                                                     must have the flexibility to take issues directly to the
Law Enforcement, Public Health and Social Services   Administrator/Executive or Chief Elected Officials.

Appointed with protection under Chapter 4 of our
County Code                                          Department Head, appointed by County Board.

Yes, county employee                                 EM Director
Emergency Management Committee, of five county       Public Safety Committee, who is responsible for
board members, LEPC is committee                     several Departments, plus a stand alone LEPC.

                                                    $365,023 offset by $154,417 in revenue, balance of
488,790.00 for 2006 approximately 413,190 is County $210,606 levy. This funding level supports
Levy dollars                                        Emergency Management, the EPCRA program

                                                     Funding is always an issue because these programs
Yes                                                  operate on "shoestring" budgets.

Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, Power Point, Arc
View GIS, CAMEOfm, Marplot, Aloha, County            Microsoft Office, Cameo Suite, Filemaker Pro, Photo
AS400 System, Internet, E-mail, and others           Editor, Adobe Acrobat.

Yes, database and plume modeling                     Database and Plume Modeling
                                                       GIS is based in the Land Information Office, we have
Arc View 3.2 is loaded on all department laptops and   access through that office, but nothing in-house except
staff is trained. This program is used extensively     orthophotography.

Salary, entitled to comp-time, full-time, $45,000-
$50,000                                                Full-Time, Salaried $60,000-$65,000

5                                                      15 years

                                                       I foresee continuing demand for EM services and
Maintaining current status                             increasing responsibilities.

                                                       Lack of funding, lack of understanding what EM is all
                                                       about and methodologies that must be utilized, too
                                                       many time sensitive projects, often with conflicting
                                                       guidelines (not unlike this project which has no less
                                                       than 3 different due dates)! Resolution is a matter of
                                                       education and visibility. Often EM does its work
                                                       background and we let law enforcement, fire service
                                                       etc. wave the flag. Most EM programs have not had
                                                       any recognizable emblems, uniforms, we often drive
                                                       unmarked private vehicles, so the public really doesn't
N/A                                                    even know we are present!
                                                         Water Safety Patrol - Search & Rescue on Lake
                                                         Michigan;County Level B Team Employee Safety
                                                         Program Coordinator Citizen Corps VOAD Council
EMS Coordinator, HazMat Coordinator, responsible         Amateur Radio Providing training to municipalities re:
for 911 repeater radio system                            NIMS, ICS and other programs.

                                                         The Department grew significantly over the past 20
                                                         years. We currently have 2 full-time and 1 part-time
1 full-time Director, 1 full-time Program Assistant, 1   employees, assisted bby approximately 25 paid-on-call
part-time HazMat Chief, 2 volunteer Deputy               members of the Boat Crew and Haz-Mat Teams, and
Emergency Management Director                            30 amateur radio operators.

                                                         Second in Command is Haz-Mat Coordinator, Third is
                                                         Deputy Director. The Lieutenants from the Water
Volunteer Deputy Director, currently in negotiations     SAfety Patrol and Haz-Mat Teams are also available as
with two surrounding Counties to assist                  back-up personnel.
                                                        We meet regularly with the first responders in addition
                                                        to responding with them to various calls for service.
                                                        We work together to resolve coordination issues,
                                                        develop response strategies, and preparation of
                                                        documentation for Disaster Declarations. I accompany
                                                        the municiplities throughout the declaration and
                                                        documentation process helping them recover as much
Very close relationship with first responders,          of their expenses as possible. Being proactive,
structured meeting every other month. I have a lot of   working with them, being sensitive to their issues and
influence because of my previous experience in EMS,     anticipating their needs, and being a resource for them.
Fire, and Law Enforcement.                               Being right more often wrong helps, too!

County Board has been very supportive of all
programs and resolutions brought to them. The
County Board meets monthly, I only attend when I
have an issue before the board. A positive relation     We have good relations with County Administration
developed through our first responder groups and town   and generally get good support from them, although
officials. Working closely with the first responders    they don't like to spend money, but to their credit they
and town officials gets back to the County Board        will if the issues are properly and effectively
Members.                                                articulated.

No                                                      No & No

                                                        All of the above, Employee Safety Plans,
Plan of Work requirements                               Communications plans, Incident Action Plans, etc.
                                                     Municipally owned - activated for tornadoes and high
Municipal owned                                      winds above hurricane force.

LEPC is somewhat involved, they attend meetings and
provide personnel for sub committees that were very
useful in the Homeland Security Grant process. The  LEPC is active in reviewing plans and helping with
level of productivity is good and they are active   broad policy and protocol decisions, however, the
participants as long as we do all the legwork.      Department does the legwork for most issues.

Approximately 4 major grants, but that varies with   This changes annually. For 2005, we coordinated 18
smaller grants as they become avaliable              different grants.

                                                     A considerable amount, especially with all the OJA
                                                     requirements and procedures, however, I never
                                                     bothered to take the time to figure out a percentage.
Unsure, that varies depending on what is avaliable   I'm too busy getting the work done.

                                                     Yes - Flood Mitigation Plan, Pre-Disaster Mitigation
                                                     Plan (currently under development with FEMA grant),
Yes, the orginal planning grant, DNR Fire Zone map   and Village of Thiensville undertook several
development project, and a NOAA Weather Radio        mitigation projects - including another new project
project.                                             nearing funding approval.

Undecided                                            Agree
Agree                                                Agree
Agree                                                Undecided
Agree                                                    Strongly Agree

Agree                                                    Strongly Agree

Dissagree                                                Disagree
Undecided                                                Strongly Disagree

Agree                                                    Agree

Agree                                                    Undecided

Undecided                                                Strongly Disagree

Agree                                                    Agree

Undecided                                                Disagree

                                                      I have volunteers on the Water Safety Patrol, Amateur
                                                      Radio, and with Citizen Corps and VOAD fillilng
Volunteer Emergency Management Director to cover various roles from helping with emergencies to staffing
immediate emergency calls only when I'm not available positions in the Emergency Operations Center.

                                                         See above - they are integrated into Emergency
                                                         Management - we operate two repeaters for Amateur
Very active, they are used for weather spotting,         use, provide a meeting place, training, and various
exercises, and would be utilized in an event if needed   equipment to help them be successful in helping us!

None                                                     No
                                                      WEMA should coordinate the CERT and Citizen
The County Emergency Management Director should       Corps programs to ensure those programs stay attuned
approach the Municipalities and explain the           the local needs. This shouldn't be delegated to the Red
importance of the position.                           Cross.

                                                      See above - WEMA needs to get visible, get out a
                                                      carry the banner for EM in Wisconsin at the local,
                                                      state, and national levels. Coordinate some press
                                                      releases and do things to get EM into the forefront
                                                      rather than the background. Too often we allow the
                                                      agencies with the fancy equipment, noise makers and
                                                      dress uniforms to take the glory positions, while we sat
                                                      in the background, until something goes bad, then
                                                      frequently the blame shifts to the Emergency
                                                      Management system - which we are supposed to be
                                                      coordinating. I have been fortunate in developing a
                                                      cohesive working relationship at the local level that
                                                      avoids those issues. We stand together - Good or Bad!
                                                       However, that isn't universal across the state. WEMA
                                                      needs to push the "state" of Emergency Management
                                                      into a truly recognized professional status, push for
                                                      Statewide standard minimum qualifications for EM
                                                      Directors AND their staff. We need to be recognized
                                                      for the efforts we expend and be given the resources
                                                      necessary to truly accomplish the missions we are
                                                      charged to achieve. This requires ACTIVE and
                                                      professional involvement in all four phases of
WEMA and its officers are doing a good and the time   emergency management, not just the planning and
they spend is very much appritiated by my office      recovery phases; not just in being the person(s) who
Continue to provide accurate information as it
becomes available to the County Directors.       See above.
County                                                Business

41,319                                                54,800

As much as they want to be. No I don't think they
realize the extent of our involvement.                No

Emergency Management is a division of the Sheriff's
Department so I report either to the Sheriff or the
Chief Deputy and as part of Sheriff's Department we
report to the Public Protection Committee.            Columbia County EM is pat of the Sheriff’s Dept.

I have no problem with my situation as it is.         Directly to the County Administrator

Non-represented, hired according to the County
employment policies.                                  Local EMS Commissioner

County employee.                                      Contracted employee
The Public Protection Committee oversees the Sheriff's
Department, District Attorney's Office, Clerk of Circuit
Court, Medical Examiner, Child Support Department My EMS commissioner role is part of a three
and the Courts.                                          municipality representation.

My Emergency Management budget is $51,125.00
with a county levy of approximately $27,000.00. My
Emergency Planning (LEPC) budget is $14,842.00

No, approximately 88% of my budgets are salary and
benefits, that doesn't leave much for expanding
programs or educational endeavors.

                                                     - Goggle Earth

I do use it, but as a databse only                   No
No                                                            - Yes for exercise maps

Full-time, salaried. Not eligible for comp or over-time
$40,000-$45,000                                               Owner of Business – Economic status: Poverty

2                                                             3 years business owner.

                                                              Weaker: From my point of view it seems that the
I believe we will be taking on more responsibilites and       military will play a greater role in EM. EM Directors
have to do it with the same level of staffing (or less in     are getting many more responsibilities but
some cases) which will inevitably lead to weaker              governments are not able to add personnel because of
programs.                                                     fiscal restraints.

Lack of clear information and guidance particularly
with the NIMS/ICS compliance issues. The State
should be or should have taken the lead with the
Municipalities and then had EM go into to assist them.
I realize this is a work in progress, but if we aren't even
sure what needs to be done to comply we can't expect          From a back yard view, I see too many unfunded
buy in from the Municpalities. I find more resisitance        mandates. Consultants can lessen the burden on EM’s.
from the cities and villages, the Townships seem to           The consultants can also assist in the grants
have received more information from other sources             applications and grant oversight to lessen the job on
and are requesting assistance from my office to comply.       the EM’s.
911 Street addressing guide and mapping program
administration . National Food & Shelter Grant
Program (fiscal conduit for the County Food Shelves).
County communications tower project and grant (new
6 site system). Assist Communications administrator
with the Wireless 911 grant and implementation.

Currently I am the only employee in the EM Office,1
FTE. Prior to 2004 there were two employees, the EM
Director at .94 FTE and the program assistant at .75

Chief Deputy of the Sheriff's Department
We have an Emergency Responders meeting on a bi-
monthly basis. I have a good working relationship with
them. I work more closely with some than I do others,
but have no problems with any. I can't say that I         My local community has received free assistance form
developed the relationship, as long as I have worked in   my company. We have provided NIMS training, ICS
EM I have been able to communicate openly and             courses and offered AAR facilitation. My staff are
productivily with the emergency responders.               members of local emergency response organizations.

I have a good relationship with my governing
Committee and with the County Board Chair and the
County Board in general. They listen to me and take
my suggestions probably because they don't
understand what I do and they don't want to. I also do
not question their decisions whether I agree or not.
Any relationship needs to be based on mutual respect,     The County director in Columbia County is very
I believe we have that.                                   helpful when I have questions or concerns.

No                                                        No, but I keep mine current.

Hazard Analysis, assist with facility plans ie: fire,
severe weather for hospitals and nursing homes, assist
with Health department planning, severe weather and
warning plans for our County owned Fairgrounds.           All
Municipal owned and activated. Each community must
decide what conditions warrant activation. Most
activate for any severe weather warnings.          We have no local siren.

My LEPC is mainly for advise and guidance. I do the

Currently I am overseeing nine grants.

Recently I would say at least 30% of my time is spent
on grant work. This is an average not a certain amount
of time set aside each week for applications and

We had two communities receive mitigation grants
after the 2002 disaster declaration in Polk County.
Both were used to purchase property in flood prone
areas. We also reeived an All Hazards Mitigation
Planning grant for a County-wide plan.

Undecided                                                Agree
Undecided                                                Agree
Undecided                                                Undecided

Strongly Agree                                      Agree

Disagree                                            Dissagree
Disagree                                            Dissagree

Undecided                                           Dissagree

Undecided                                           Agree


Disagree                                            Strongly Dissagree

Disagree                                            Undecided

                                                    1. My company uses interns on occasion to support
                                                    special projects and promote the filed of emergency
No (other than the amatuer radio guys)              management and business continuity.

We work very closely with our County RACES group.
They are set up with equipment in our mobile
command post and have their own hamshack in the
County Government Center. We will be adding an
antenna to one of our new towers for them to enable
them to communicate with the NWS more effectively
during severe weather situations. Fortunately, we have
not had to activate them for an incident. They have
been activated for exercises.                          Unknown

                                                    The program did not seem to be very organized (i.e.
                                                    Katrina deployments).
I don't have an answer. I still have municipalities that
think I am going to do everything they need. They
don't want to be bothered. I think time commitment is
an issue. Apathy also plays a role, we haven't had a
major incident in our County, so they don't readily see This is the million dollar question. Community
the need. Unfortunately, it usually takes something bad exposure promoting the EM programs may be helpful
happening before the need is recognized.                 as it promotes awareness.

                                                      Professional organizational representation and try
                                                      support for key issues. Singling out certain regions and
                                                      making derogatory statements only lessens the belief
                                                      that WEMA is a professionally organized group.
Awareness of EM Programs, sharing educational
events, promote local, state and federal partnerships.
The group could also be an advocate to stop the
negative State agencies feuds.
County                                                  County

15,600                                                  58595

Not yet, I've had a year here and am continuting the
education effort.                                       No
Office of Emergency Management is in the Public
Health Dept and is overseen by the Board of Health. I
think the relationship works very well especially given
the current attention to bio-terrorism and pandemic     Executive & Legislative Committee. Reports to
influenza.                                              County Board

I would only recommend an independent department
other than what I have now. I feel that the association
with law enforcement as many are arranged, causes fire
and ems to keep their distance due to the inherent
internal friction between these services.               That one is fine.

I am appointed.                                         I am an employee, but not protected.

Emergency Management Director                           EM Director
Board of Health

$65,376 2006 expenditure budget; $17,058 from OJP
Grant, $20,300 from EMPG Grant, $28,018 from tax

Yes, could always use more to improve the situation,
i.e. new technology, backup generators, salary for
assistant, etc.

Just the usual office package.

Not yet, I am attending training in April
Yes, we have it. No, we don't use it yet, we are still
develpoing the database of information for it and I
really, really dislike the operating format for it, I am
trying to find alternatives and to make better use of it.

salaried $35,000-$40,000


This county's program was virtually non-existant in
terms of planning, training and preparing. I have spent
my first year with team building and putting together
the infrastructure of a competent program such as an
EOC, effective plans, etc. I plan to spend the next 2
years continuing to improve the basic building blocks,
i.e. NIMS and ICS training and integration, equipment
modernization, communications modernization and
organization, and team building. I intend to implement
an exercise plan that will make this county better
prepared and to complete integrated, thought out and
accurate plans.

Getting past the power curve of not having a
productive program in place when I got here and
getting past the perceptions given by the first full-time
director that I replaced (fired after one year) and prior
part time directors that this office was only here
because it had to be and wasn't really needed until the
balloon goes up.
LEPC; otherwise I am pretty much left alone to work
on the EM program.

Up until Oct 2003 it was a part-time position. Jan 2004
- Dec 2004 it was filled full-time but there wasn't much
done on the program resulting in the release of the
director and my hiring in Feb 2005. I am the
Director/Coordinator and only member of the office.
The Public Health Dept gives me some administrative
help with one of their people designated to assist me,
but she is not part of my office.

Chief Deputy; Public Health Officer
I began my first 90 days here with an aggressive effort
to communicate with and meet all members of the
emergency services. I attended each departments
meeting at least once within those 90 days, I started a
quarterly newsletter and a web-page and developed an
email address book of all service leaders and all
service personnel which I use to quickly keep them
updated of training and other information. I returned to
each department later in the year to conduct the NIMS
IS700 course and will do the same with the ICS 100
course this year. I regularely visit both PDs and the
Sheriff as they are readily available. I attend each of
the quarterly meetings of the Price County Fire
Association and the Lake Superior Fire Association as
well as the Price COunty TOwn's association. I am
currently developing our Ham operator network and
have a good relationship with the emergency
coordinator for PRice County. Setting up thise

I haven't had a lot of contact with them as most of my
work hasn't needed their input. I have made an effort to
meet all of them and include them in the NIMS
training and I also have them all on the email list and
send them information regularely. I always invite them
to participate in exercises and other training and send
them notification of available WEM training, etc. I
believe that when I need to get their understanding and
approval, I should enjoy some support. I use the local
newspaper and my newsletter to keep them informed
of my efforts and have received positive feedback.
Bottom line - If I can get things done without using
any or minimal tax levy, I'll enjoy support. If it cost
money, I probably won't.

No, Not as far as I know. I do intend to do it as well as
pursue a bachelor's degree in EM.

All of the above. I am currently focusing on the first
level of plans, the county ERP and ESFs. Once that is
complete I will move into the others as time allows.
The last complete plan was done in 1992.
Municipal owned. All for tornadoes, only Park Falls
for Hazmat.

I am effectively the legs of the LEPC. I utilize them
and find value in them as a sounding board for plans
and budget. I don't ask them to function as an
organization, I don't feel that would be productive. We
meet quarterly for 1-2 hours and I present my work to
them, discuss the required LEPC documents and
actions, and use the time to interface with the various
participants and gather cross knowledge of the

11 +



Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree


Strongly Dissagree
Strongly Dissagree







We are forming that relationship now.

I would like to see more rapid response to getting
information out to the field reagarding mutual aid. I
felt that we had to wait too long and ask the responders
to wait to long before we knew what to tell them.
Not really sure. I am trying that thru education and
communication and involving them in the planning

Not sure.
Get WEM to hold classes in the northern region once
in a while instead of requireing the volunteers to
always travel to Madison and Milwaukee. Northern
counties would probably have enough people when
combined to attend classes that are convenient to them.
They won't attend down south when it is such a
sacrifice to take off work to get to a class.
County                                      County


Yes                                         Partially

                                            Emergency Management to Sheriff's Department to
Report to the Shawano County Sheriff        Law Committee

Sheriff Department                          Sheriff's Dept

Emergency Management Director. Non-union.   Appointed/serve at the pleasure of County Board

Director                                    County Employee
Public Safety Committee                                Law Committee

Total budget = $120,965.46, County Levy =              Emergency Management = $5,000 levy, HazMat =
$45,935.46                                             $15,000 levy, total budget $90,000 roughly.

No                                                     No

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher.
Adobe Reader. CAMEO & Landview.

To make maps for off-site facility plans and look-up
chemical data.                                         yes, database, plume mapping, planning
We use GIS to make maps for Mobil Command and           County has GIS, not EM. We do work together on
EOC. To local sensitive populations.                    mapping.

Full-time $40,000-$45,000                               Salaried $40,000-$45,000

2                                                       2

More efficient and productive without more staff than
one. More responsibilities.                             Same size, potential to take more responsibility

Not enough trained staff to assist with plan review and
updates and administrative responsibilities. This can
be fixed by more match grant funding from federal and
state government that is dedicated to pay for additional performance of previous Directors - in-house public
employees or private contractors.                        outreach - be active.
Coordinate volunteer services, EMS and firefighters
through participation in county associations and local    HazMat Team, special projects (Cellular 911 grant and
chapters.                                                 project management)

One full-time director. No other staff over the last 20   Director with 1/4-time PA, consistant staffing but was
years. Only full-time for 6 out of last 20 years.         staffed with a sworn officer in the past

No designated back-up for Shawano County EM
Director.                                                 Sheriff's Dept. Captain of Administration
I meet with the firefighters and EMS associations 4
times per year, Shawano Hazmat Team, HAM Radio
Club and Public Health Consortium 12 times per year.
I also meet with the local Civil Air Patrol and DNR
Rangers 2 to 3 times per year. We schedule 4 Local
Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) meetings per
year and I meet with local law enforcement about same
number of times during training and exercises. I have
developed a very good relationship with local first
responders throught communication and sharing              Meet with fire chiefs assoc. 5 times a year, EMS 4
various responsibilities to obtain mutual goals. We        times a year - plus as requested to each Dept. Work
have also trained together and participated in exercises   well with most agencies - a few agencies do not work
on a regular basis.                                        well with Emergency Management or any other agency.

I meet with the County Managers 2 times per year.
The County Administrator and Board Chairman are
both very supportive of the emergency management
program. I developed a positive relationship by being
responsive to their occasional requests for support and Good relationships with most, a few se no use for EM.
involving them in training and exercises whenever       County Chair and Administrator very supportive. Talk
possible.                                               with them a few times a month.

Communication, evacuation, health and emergency        No
medical services, emergency management, law
enforcement, fire services, dam emergency action, off-
site facility hazardous chemical release, school
emergency response, Wisconsin EOP, Shawano EOP, Hazard Anlysis, EPCRA Plans, County ERP/EOP.
municipal EOP, county hazardous materials accidental County COOP-COG,
                                                          Owned by Municipalities, operated by County. Used
Municipal owned.                                          for Tornado warnings only.

They review plans, participate in exercises, attend
training and conduct preparedness activities (i.e.
establish emergency assistance registry, update shelter
agreements with ARC, update portions of the county
EOP). County EM Director still does most of the           They pretty much stick to reviewing off-site plans. A
legwork.                                                  few work, or assist, with exercises.

7                                                         10+

40%                                                       Too much, about 20%

Applied for the 2006 mitigation planning grant with
WEM/FEMA. No other mitigation grants applied for
or received.                                              Yes, Planning

Agree                                                     Undecided
Agree                                                     Agree
Dissagree                                                 Disagree
Agree                                                     Agree

Srongly Agree                                             Agree

Dissagree                                                 Disagree
Strongly Dissagree                                        Undecided

Strongly Agree                                            Agree

Agree                                                     Disagree

Undecided                                                 Disagree

Strongly Agree                                            Agree

Undecided                                                 Agree

Yes. To support management and operation of hazmat
team members and equipment. Recordkeeping and
administration for hazmat team and responder
associations (firefighter, EMS).                   No

Very active. They are included in exercises to support
emergency communications. Participate in ICS, NIMS,
and EOC training. Supporting development of the
county website.                                        We work together in planning and exercises.

EMAC training and awareness seminars need to be
conducted at the Governor's Conference and at WEM
regional meetings. There should be a registry
developed and pre-planned assignments for response
teams to provide mutual-aid to other states (similar to
the MABAS cards) so that resources can be provided
in the most efficient and timely manner possible.         No
I have attended the local Towns Association meeting
and contacted municipalities to let them know that we
have a simple template for developing a local
emergency response plan. It only involves about 6
hours from municipal representatives and another 6
hours from the emergency manager to complete a plan
for a small community and double for the typical city.
Otherwise, for very large populations, it will require
much more time. For those larger areas, WEM can
provide staff and assistance in developing municipal
plans that are adequate and have already made that
commitment.                                               more contact

By continuing to monitor the actions of elected
officials, government officials, and emergency
management program managers in Wisconsin. By
sending representatives to all conferences, seminars,
and workshops related to implementation of
emergency management policies and programs in the
state and providing a summary of what was
communicated and who participated to the WEMA
Board. By continuing to develop our political and
professional relationships with the Governor and
Wisconsin Legislature, Homeland Security Council,
County Administrators, Fire Chiefs, Police Chiefs and
local elected officials in any way possible. A list of all
the opportunities to accomplish this should have been
developed and getting checked off as we proceed to
accomplish this mission and an annual status report
should be provided to the WEMA Board.                      lobby
By leading the way on communication with state and
local officials. Developing media plans for
communicating our purpose and achievements to the
public and even for emergency communications. By
facilitating easier processes for plan development and
maintenance and implementation of training programs
through the use of the website, e-mails and sub-
committee activities. By promoting standards for
education and training by continuing to support a state
certification program and insuring it's continued
development. WEMA could also conduct research in
emergency management such as searching for
successful ideas in other states, new scientific literature
and opportunities to network with national or
international emegency management organizations.
Again, a list of all the opportunities to accomplish this
mission should be developed and checked off and an
annual status report provided to the WEMA Board.
Perhaps at the meetings just before the Governor's
Conference.                                                 become more involved with WI Counties Assoc.
County                                                    County

85,897 - Census 2000                                      72,500 as of 2004

I feel EM should be a stand alone department. If we       yes
had to combine departments, I feel the best fit would
be to create a separate department like a Public Safety
Department of Emergency Services and Preparedness
Department made up of the EM and E911                     Emergency Management/Communications Committee
Communications Center. I would be against                 then the full County Board

                                                          none. Should be an independent dept.

I am a Department Head. I serve at the will of the
County Board Chairman like all the other department
heads.                                                    non-union department head

I am the EM Director and a exempt county employee         county employee
My oversight committee is the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee is the top committee. The
County Board Chairman is the Chairman of the
committee. The members of the highway, personnel,
law enforcement, ag & extension, finance, GIS, Land
Conservation, and health. Two other departments
report to Executive committeee and they are the
Administrative Coordinator/Secretary and Corporation
Counsel.                                             Emergency Management/Communications Committee

The EM Budget overall is $2,172,760. The budget is
mainly made up of capital equipment for the E911
Center and the Communciations tower. however this      $195,000 with a levy 0f 97,000

Dodge County has supported this department 100%.
However, with all the unfunded mandates and
responsibilities, I could use 1 more full time employee
or 1.5 people. Unfortunelty, with the tightening of the
county budget, it is almost impossible to get another
position created. Currently, we are making up for the
lack of personnel, by utilizing volunteers.             yes

All or in the process of implementation.               all of the above

                                                       calculations necessary for EPCRA planning only

$55,000-$60,000                                            full-time $60,000-$65,000

                                                           13.5 in St. Croix County - 17.5 in Emergency
I have been in the position for 2.5 years                  Management

I see the EM department taking on more
responsibilities with the current or less staff. I could
see the future consolidation of EM and the E911
Center.                                                    weaker. Our postions depend on the funding available

The biggest problems is the amount of responsibilities
and mandates and the lack of personnel to meet these
mandates. EM is tapped to the fullest in the amount of     reduction in funding until a couple of years ago.
workload we have to do. This could be fixed by             Funding must be maintained otherwise our programs
providing us additional funding for personnel from the     will be cut. If the county programs are cut, so will the
federal governement.                                       state programs be affected
E911 Communications Project The county is possibly
looking at me taking on the Project Manager role for
some Brown Field remeadiation properties in the
county. In the past, I work as a Environmental Project
Manager involving cleanup of former military
installations involving million dollar projects for the
Corps of Engineers.                                     Teach classes to the various response agencies

1-Fulltime Director1-Partime Deputy Director..same
person as Typist III but receives additional funds1-
Fulltime Typist III The deparment was a parttime
position held by the Chief Deputy in the Sheriff's
Department. He received a check and did nothing else.
 This department is still trying to make up for 20 years
of the EM office doing nothing. An example of this is
the Level B Hazmat grants went to purchasing
computers and equipment for the Sheriff's Dept, not
the Hazmat team.                                         director an part-time administrative secretary

The backup to the Emergency Management Director is Chief Deputy, Adminsitrative Coordinator and Risk
the EM Deputy Director.                            Manager per line of succession
I feel we have a great relationship with our first
responders. I attend all the Fire Chiefs meetings, I    Very good. Meet with individual agencies a couple of
meet regularly with the EMS and Police Chiefs           time oer month. By teahcing classes that they need we
Association. I also am a volunteer firefighter.         have come to depend more upon each other

Again, I feel we have a great relationship with our
county leaders. I have received an enormous amount
of support. I meet with the Executive Committee and
the County Board a minimum of once a month. I have
built this positive relationship on hard work, results,
and trust. I am constently promoting the EM
department.                                             Positive relation, good working relationship

No..and it does not affect my pay scale what so ever.   No. Does not affect my salary

The plans we prepare are required under the POW, and Municipal EOPs, County EOP, County owned Dam
other plans such as Communications, and Citizen      Plans (10 of them), EPCRA Off-Site Facility Plans
Corps                                                (33), Hazard Analysis, EPCRA County-Wide
                                                       Municipal owned. Activated for NOAA weather
Municipal owned…WWII vintage around the county.        warnings and monthly testing

The EM office mainly does the legwork. They are
involved in what we want them to be involved in.
Mainly updates, and doing tours of our facilities
around the county.                                     very little, meet once a quarter. I do the leg work.

                                                       EMPG, EPCRA, CERT, HS Equipment, HS Exercise,
12-16 grants                                           EPCRA Computer

                                                    60% 10%

                                                 Hazard Mitigation grant has been applied for, awaiting
NOAA Weather Radios County-wide Mitigation Grant on approval

No…don't work with them until a Presidential Disaster
occurs                                                Agree
Not with this current administration                   Agree
Not with this current administration                   Undecided
WEM                                                    Strongly Agree
Keep us informed on what is going on instead of
closing their doors and not telling us anything        Strongly Agree

Focus should be on All-Hazards                         Agree
                                                       Strongly Dissagree






Yes, we have them doing miscellanous projects in the
office that needs to be done.                          no

Not as active as we would like to, but I work hand and
hand with the county communication tech who is a
member of the HAM club. He keeps me and them
informed on what each other is doing. We did have
HAM operators come in and program over 1,000
NOAA weather radios.                                   moderately

Why was Wisconsin so behind on sending people as
opposed to Minnesota, Iowa, and the surrounding
states. Why do we only have one person at WEM
trained and who is the only one that can handle
EMAC?                                                  no
I am looking at Municipal EM's to start working and   Have them particpate more in exercises (designing and
helping us in the office.                             evaluating)

                                                      Lobby the Governor to put the funding back with
a. Have more participation of members b. Broden our   WEM instead of OJA. My best suggestion
membership c. Have 100% particpation of county and    for improvement of Emergency management at the
municpal EM's d. Offer more incentives to become a    County Level is lobby the
member e. Combine conferences with other              Governor to reduce the control over the funding by
groups/associations f. Hire a lobbyist to support     OJA and reduce the
WEMA g. Develop a strategic plan for WEMA h.          number of personnel in that department. It is
More clout with WCA i See what other EM offices are   becoming a little
doing around the US j. Promote ourselves better       kingdom.
a. Start having local EMs support us first, so we   Lobby the Governor to put the funding back with
actually have some "pull" with the legislators.     WEM instead of OJA
County                                                 County

19,757                                                 21,000

No                                                     Not fully. Some are not interested enough to listen.

                                                       Vilas EM is part of the Sheriff's Dept and coordinates
Sheriff                                                with the sheriff.

                                                       I think the present reporting structure fits the current
Sheriff                                                county organization at this time.

Emergency Management Director, I work for the
Sheriff, but our outdated County Code says I “serve at
the pleasure of the County Board.” I am also a Deputy
Sheriff, and a member of the WPPA (union).             Employed as part of the Sheriff's Dept.
Emergency Management Director/ Deputy Sheriff, and
a county employee                                  Director
Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Committee      Director

$8,280 includes Hazmat Team budget, but not wages
and fringes of Emergency Management Director.
Those amounts are included in Sheriff’s budget.     Small

                                                    The program has grown significantly since I began in
                                                    June 2004. If it is to continue to expand current
                                                    programs and initiate new activities, funding will have
Could use more                                      to be increased.

All of the above                                    All of them, and always looking for new ones.

It is used in our county, but not by me.            Not at this time.
No, our Surveyor’s Department has it and works with
us.                                                   Not accessable at this time.

$40,000-$45,000                                       Salaried $35,000-$40,000

Three                                                 1.5

                                                      No staff increases. Growth without adaquate EMPG
No changes                                            will be problematic.

Deadlines, paperwork, changing rules, and unfunded
mandates by State and Federal Officials and
Organizations. Back off; provide funding; provide     The county's refusal to participate in the NFIP blocks
consultants and staff to complete those mandates;     my access to mitigation funding. I have not been able
remove OJA from Emergency Management issues.          to get any movement on this issue.
WEM’s annual Plan of Work, in charge of 911,
EPCRA, LEPC, EOC, some Deputy Sheriff job task
responsibilities.                                        911 coord.

1 Full time Emergency Management Director now.
Formerly 2 part time. No program assistant or clerical
support.                                                 Me as full time employee. Prior employee was 3/5 time.

Sheriff’s Department member or EMS Director or
designee                                                 Oneida and Vilas fill in for each other.
Quarterly meetings with Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement,
First Responders, Public Health, and Emergency
Management. Excellent working relationships that
began with improved communications between
Myself, (as Chief Deputy Sheriff at that time) EMS, Good. We meet regularly. I have a background in local
and Fire Department. That communication grew from fire and Ems and used to instruct for Nicolet College
there.                                              as a fire service instructor.

                                                        I try to maintain a close relationship with the board
The County Board signs the papers I ask them to sign.   chair, LEPC chair, and oversite committee members.
Chair of LEPC is excellent to work with.                No county exec or administrator.

No. No.                                           No
Dam Plans, Hazard Analysis, County Wide
StrategicHazardous Materials Response Plan,
Emergency Operations Plans and Annexes, Emergency
Response Plan and Emergency Support Functions(new
federal requirement); advice on MEOP’s, etc.      EOP, Hazard Anal, Strategic Plan
Municipal Owned; Weather Warnings, Fire
Department Responses                                  No sirens

                                                      Vilas County has no planning facilities and limited
EPCRA and EPCRA related matters; Hazmat Team          exposure to hazmat incidents. our primary use of our
oversight; meetings 1-4 times per year; Chairman is   LEPC is a threat and vulernability assessment and
active and tries to meet all obligations of LEPC      planning group.

                                                      Difficult to say, i'm always looking for opportunities
Normally 1-4 at a time                                beyond the normal grants that make up the program.


                                                      Vilas is not eligibile for mitigation funding. The
                                                      county chooses not to participate in NFIP. I have not
No                                                    been able to make progress in this area.

Agree                                                 Agree
Strongly Agree                                        Agree
Strongly Disagree                                     Undecided
Strongly Agree                         Agree

Strongly Agree                         Strongly Agree

Disagree X                             Disagree
Strongly Disagree                      Disagree

Agree                                  Disagree


Strongly Disagree                      Strongly Disagree

Undecided                              Undecided

Disagree X                             Undecided

No                                     No

Trying to get re-established           We do not have an organized HAM group.

Not understood by County Authorities   Does it work?
Information through Wisconsin Town’s Association,
and Wisconsin Counties Association                  I think it has to be a local effort by the county EM

                                                    1. Forge a strong bond with the County's Assoc. 2.
                                                    Have substinative meetings with WEM and OJA with
                                                    both the questions and answers made public. 3. Find a
                                                    way to get Gov's staff involved.
Be much more visible and proactive.
Municipality   Municioality

5,500          300,000

Yes            Don’t know , I would think

County Exec    County Exec.


               Local govt. appointed emergency coordinator for the
N/A            village of Wales and the Town of Genesee

N/A            No
I am a member of the County LEPC and we serve as
oversight for all EM activities.                   Town and village govt

N/A                                                0

N/A                                                NO

N/A                                                All the above that is listed

CAMEO                                              Don’t know
County does have     Don’t know

$60,000-$65,000      part-time. Part of my job as fire chief

Municipal 13 years   3 years as emergency management coordinator

                     They are in the process of hiring a new EM director for
N/A                  the county

                     For myself its lack of training and funding, being new
N/A                  to the position, I have taking classes at UW-Green Bay
Municipal - I serve also in law enforcment command
role                                                 Fire Chief

Muncipal - 1 full time                               1

                                                     For myself it’s my assistant fire chief at the local level,
County EM serves as back-up to muncipality           I’m not sure at the county level
Excellent relationship. working together in a unified
command at all scenes has worked to our advantage.      I’m always meeting with my fire department

I have an excellent relationship as a muncipal EM
director with my County Director. I serve on the
County LEPC and many other committees that the
County EM Department hosts.                             I attend some meetings

No, but I have voluntarily taken many of the course.    No

All hazards are covered by ESFs in my Municipal EOP we have the county plan
Municipal owned. Activated for tornadoes.           don’t have any

Very involved. We meet at least quarterly and we work
very heavily with our County EM Director.             Don’t know

Numerous                                            0

25%                                                 0

County                                              Don’t know

Disagree                                            Agre
Agree                                               Agre
Undecided                                           Agre
Strongly Agree                    Strongly Agree

Strongly Agree                    Strongly Agree

Disagree                          Agre
Strongly Disagree                 Strongly Disagree

Strongly Agree                    Agre

Agree                             Agre

Undecided                         Disagree

Agree                             Strongly Agree

Undecided                         Disagree

Yes                               N/A

County is very active with ARES   Unknown

N/A                               No
I feel that there should be an outreach to
city/village/towns to have their own Municipal EM
Directors and intergrate them within the County EM
program. Having the County EM being the primary
EM program in muncipalities, can find the County EM
Director very busy when a large scale emergency does
happen. I equate the need for both County EM &
Municipal EM, to having both the Sheriff and
Muncipal Police Departments co-existing within the
county. For WEMA, it may be feasable to investigate
having a muncipal EM committee within WEMA and
encourage more prticipation by Muncipal EM
Directors within WEMA.                               Have local meetings / interact with local directors

                                                       Interface at all levels of government
See #4 above   Provide local training
County                                                  County

99,000                                                  approx. 125,000

No                                                      No

                                                        My office reports directly to the county Administrator
EM Director – Communications Captain – Under            who reports to the County board chair. We do not have
sheriff – Sheriff – County Board                        an elected executive in this county.

                                                        The best situation, in my opinion, would be as a stand-
                                                        alone, independent department of county govt.
Directly to county board                                reporting directly to the leadership.

                                                      I serve at the pleasure of the county Administrator. I
Sworn law enforcement officer with rank of Lieutenant am not a member of a union.

County employee                                         County employee
                                   The Washington County Public Safety Committee. A
                                   sub-committee of the county board. It has oversight
County Board Executive Committee   over several departments within the county.

                                   My total 2006 budget is $140,000.00. County Levy
$112,000.00 Levy = $59,000.00      totals $48,450.00 of that total.

                                   Present funding is suffient to allow my program to
                                   meet the bare minimum of requirements as they are
                                   now. Increased funding would allow for the ability to
                                   absorb the inevitable added tasks/programs mandated
                                   by the state and federal governments as well as
                                   allowing me to actually do some projects that benefit
                                   the people that pay me, the citizens of Washington
No                                 County.

The above Microsoft products.      I use them all but nothing stands out.

Yes, database                      Database and report generator for Off Site plans.
                                                        Maps, Ortho, site plotting, damage assessment, etc. We
                                                        are presently trying to link our GIS maps with
                                                        CAMEO/ALOHA/MARPLOT so we can more
Yes, currently as reference only                        accurately plot and model events.

Full time salaried with comp time banked straight       I am hourly, entitled to comp time and I am a full time
$55,000-$60,000                                         employee. $45,000-$50,000

3.5 years                                               5

                                                        I hope my program will get stronger over time. I feel I
                                                        have taken it a long way since I took over but there is
                                                        much more to be done. I would hope to have more
                                                        staff in the future but the present budget climate does
                                                        not bode well for that. More responsibilities will surely
                                                        be put upon EM programs everywhere. It is the trend
                                                        of the past few years and I don't see it stopping due to
Maintaining current status                              events such as 9/11 and Katrina.

                                                         Lack of understanding of what an EM person does/is
                                                         by responders, policy makers and funders. Due to the
                                                         recent series of homeland security funds, many think
                                                         EM is the county grant office. Attitudes of "it won't
                                                         happen here" from the public, responders, govt.
                                                         officials, etc. This affects EMs ability to promote
                                                         training, exercising, preparedness, planning and
                                                         information sharing. Most of these issues can be
Not enough staff to perform the required duties, lack of addressed through education and outreach. The
funding. It would be nice to have the support we need problem is, EM does not have the staff or time to do it
without having to go through a disaster to get it. In    with the frequency needed. Audience turnover and lack
short everyone needs to be proactive not just EM.        of urgency also hamper any efforts we are able to make.
                                                    In no particular order: Homeland security grant
                                                    administration, any/all tasks mandated by OJA, UASI
                                                    grants/actvities/groups, regional evacuation planning,
                                                    public health efforts, county hazmat team
                                                    administrator, NIMS outreach, department head duties
                                                    such as budgeting, manage and enhance the county
                                                    EOC, assist/educate local EM programs,
                                                    VOAD/Citizen Corps, severe weather response and
Grants, grants, grants. County wide ID card program education, on call 24/7/365, provide mutual aid to
admin., Communications trailer admin., High speed   other EMs when requested, involvement in county
telephone notification system admin., select law    organizations for first responders and other diaster
enforcement duties.                                 related groups, attend meetings and more meetings.

                                                        Presently 1 FT and 1 PT (1/4 time) and no volunteers.
                                                        PT staff is a progam assistant, some EPCRA planning
                                                        duties and is my deputy. All other duties are mine.
                                                        Prior to 2001, this office was a separate department
Currently one full time director and a very part time   and had 2 FT staff. We have been downsized and
clerk. In the past we had three full time persons       absorbed into the Dept. of Administration due to
(2002).                                                 budget cuts.

                                                        Our LOS is: myself, the Deputy Coordinator and then
Truly not established. Depends who is around.           the Sheriff.
                                                      I think I have a decent working relationship with law
                                                      enforcement, fire, hazmat, health care, public health,
                                                      VOAD and EMS. I am a member of all of their
                                                      organizations and meet with them on a regular basis
                                                      and as needed. Not as much with local DPWs, HAM
                                                      radio and governmental officials. I can't answer as to
                                                      my influence with them - you'd have to ask them. I do
Good working relationship. Attend county association know that they do not involve EM early or often
meetings and with my experience as a fire chief, they enough. They usually only call when things get beyond
respected my opinions, which has been influential in  their control and are not aware of the help and
some of their decisions.                              resources we can provide on the "smaller" events.

                                                        County Administrator: Great relationship and work
                                                        together/meet often as I work for him. He is aware of
                                                        what I do and very supportive (within his authority) of
                                                        the program. This good relationship has existed since
                                                        he hired me. County Board: Limited contact with the
                                                        board members and they display little to no interest in
                                                        EM. I try to educate whenever possible but little
                                                        progress is evident. Members may inquire as to certain
Relationship is based on grant signatures and approval. current events but even that interest fades as time goes
 Need to have more contact with them on all EM          by. These same issues apply to local municipal elected
issues. They have not always taken my suggestions       officials as well. Most have no idea the importance
and I have had to bring in police and fire chiefs to    they play and the legal obligations they have during
convince them on issues.                                disasters or emergencies.

                                                         No and no. I am following the program for the
Yes I am required but no it does not affect my pay.      betterment of my oun job performance though.

                                                         Hazard Analysis, County EOP, Hazmat, COOP/COG,
                                                         Off-Site, assist with other county departments and
EOP, Hazard Analysis, Dam, special event plans,.         local jurisdictions plans as well.
                                                        All sirens in Washington County are municipal owned
                                                        and operated with individual SOGs. As far as I know,
Municipal owned and set off for tornado warnings.       they are only used for weather events.

                                                       Other than the duties under the SARA/EPCRA laws,
                                                       my LEPC does very little. The membership is willing
                                                       to take on other projects and engage in community
LEPC is basically a formal group that I keep informed. outreach efforts but a lack of funding prevents it. My
They have not produced or reviewed any of the EM       office does the vast majority of the work, members
work.                                                  participate in the 4 meetings per year.

                                                        I administer at least 8 grant programs. Within some of
                                                        those programs, as many as 10 grants could be active
                                                        in a given year. Hard to give an answer to this
                                                        question. I'm guessing I've averaged over the last 5
Depends as many as 11 at one point.                     years, about 10-15 per year.

                                                        This year it is roughly 50%. In 2004 it was about 80%.
35%                                                     Each year has been different.

No                                                      No

Agree                                                   Undecided
Agree                                                   Agree
Undecided                                               Dissagree
Strongly Agree                                         Strongly Agree

Strongly Agree                                         Agree

Agree                                                  Strongly Dissagree
Undecided                                              Dissagree

Disagree                                               Undecided

Disagree                                               Dissagree

Disagree                                               Undecided

Agree                                                  Strongly Dissagree

Strongly Disagree                                      Dissagree

I have one volunteer who is not active. I have had
interns in past that gathered information and performed
data entry for cameo.                                   No

Very active. They have a pager and are the primary     Presently, not linked well at all. This is an area I need
operators of our communications trailer. We are        to improve upon but have no time to try. I forsee using
considering them for answering telephones in our       them as a back-up communications system and as a
communications center after storms for power lines     way to link shelters to each other and the EOC during
and trees down reports.                                evacuations.

No                                                     No
The bottom line is emergency management is a very
pro-active discipline. Our society is very reactive. It
doesn’t mix. Until we can get society to become more
proactive, we will always be the red headed, stepson.     Major education and outreach efforts that must be
When we talk about terrorism they say it won’t            continuous due to the turnover of local elected
happen. When you remind them of 9-11 they say it          officials. Explain why it would be in their best interests
won’t happen again. How do we get that mindset to         to do it.

                                                        Local, County and State EMs need to unite on
We need to be better organized and to be honest, I am important issues and get their message to the proper
not sure there is any EM Director in the state that has people. Much like PIO training we need a consistant
time needed for this organization.                      message delivered over, and over, to the right audience.
                                 Be our unified voice on the issues and lobby the
                                 proper policy makers on the federal, state and local
                                 levels to maintain and enhance EM programs. Use
                                 existing groups that know how to do this like WEMA,
                                 WEM, WCA, etc. Attempt to get the state agencies
                                 (WEM and OJA) to coordinate/consolidate their
                                 demands upon the counties and encourage the state
                                 regions (across all disiplines) to be consolidated into
                                 consistant, logical areas. Facilitate regional and state-
                                 wide EM mutual aid agreements, formation of IMTs
Be our common voice and lobby.   and state-wide EM resource lists.

Same Region as Lois Ristrow's   15,000

NO                              Yes, through the LEPC's

N.A.                            Reports to the Sheriff and County Board Chair

N.A.                            No answer

N.A.                            City Emergency Management Director

N.A.                            Emergency Management Director/ Police Sergeant

N.A.   $15,000 locally with no supported funds

NO     No

N.A.   No Answer

N.A.   Data base only
N.A.                                       No

N.A.                                       Volunteer

N.A.                                       15 years

N.A.                                       No answer

                                           No major problems other than time constraints due to
No Budget. All activities are voluntary.   volunteer status
       Responsible for EOP, training and exercising of local
N.A.   departments

N.A.   One person

N.A.   Police Chief
N.A.   Very good relationship with all local departments

       Belonging to LEPC has been a very positive
N.A.   relationship building tool with county departments

N.A.   No

N.A.   All hazards
N.A.                Municipally owned

N.A.                No Answer

N.A.                One

N.A.                10%

N.A.                No Answer

Undecided           Undecided
Undecided           Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree   Undecided
Strongly Agree                                          Agree

Strongly Agree                                          Agree

Agree                                                   Dissagree
Strongly Disagree                                       Dissagree

Disagree                                                Agree

Strongly Disagree                                       Agree

Undecided                                               Undecided

Undecided                                               Agree

Disagree                                                Agree

I believe they are basically ignored and not viewed as a Severe weather spotters used also for damage
resource                                                 assessments

Grossly under utilized resource.                        No answer

                                                        Local level managers should be made aware of the
N.A.                                                    acronym and what it all entails
                                                          Have more direct contact with individuals interested in
                                                          becoming local managers and encourage
                                                          police/fire/EMS/DPW chiefs to disseminate
?                                                         information by attending their chief meetings regularly.

Provide training/orientation to local elected officials
on their responsibilities for emergency management        Continue outreach with local level emergency directors
operations.                                               and encourage a more local role in WEMA activities.
                    Begin to foster better communications with local level
                    planners through County directors. This survey, for
                    example, was geared toward county emergency
                    management issues. If there were to be an emphasis on
                    financial support of current local emergency
                    management programs through funding sources
                    currently being received by county managers, and with
                    support of WEMA, this would help develop more local
See VII. 1 above.   programs and increase membership.
County                                                   County

160,000 plus                                             30,000+

As a whole, no                                           Yes, speaking of my county board

Directly to the Executive and Emergency Management County Emergency Management Committee, LCEM is
Committee                                          a stand alone dept.

Would not change our structure of accountability         Stand Alone Department

appointed/serve at the pleasure of an elected official   Serve at the pleasure of the County Board

I am the director, I am under contract                   EM Director
My committee is set up for my department. They also
serve as the public safety committee which monitors 5   EM Committee is: County Board Chair + Law
other departments.                                      Enforcement Committee + Mayors or 2 cities

$297,688 with $ 207,153 of the total being supported
by the LEVY                                             $90,382 Budget/ $63,133

Existing initiative can be reached but any new one will
have to wait. Large scale emergency and or disaster     No, desperataly need a program assistant and/or dep.
will put strain on budget.                              Director

We use everything we get our hands on that is
acceptable by our IS Depart.                            no

Data and plume when needed                              no
Yes, very often                                             Yes- mapping, addressing etc.

                                                            Full time/ salaried $50,000-$55,000

5.5 years                                                   in my 23rd year

Depaends on the 2007 County Budget. If we get
through we will be stronger. However since WEM has
incouraged EM's to be in Sheriff's officies and more
and more county's are choosing to do that, the EM
positions will altimately weaken                            stronger, more staff, more responsibilities

Internal county turf issues is the hardest I feel to over
come. WEM needs to be more proactive in support of
County Directors. Now we seem to support them and
they are no more than regulators.                           more staff would make 99% of the problems go away
Maintains 45 Sirens, Mobile Command Center,
Supports "City Watch Program", serves on numerous
committee's, maintains a Doppler Weather              E 9-1-1 Network Administation, County Safety/ Loss
Antenna/Dish System, special events planning, extra   Control/ Risk Management, County Highway Safety
school planning and exercising, assists state and     Coordinator, LEPC Chairman, County Traffic Safety
federal training efforts, etc., etc..                 Committee Chairman

Two years old. Large area, Operations Room,
conference area, PIO area, phone bank area during
emergencies and community room for EOC with good
to excellent capability                               1 FTE, same as always

Deputy Director/Planner, PIO, 1 paid on call
communications specialist and Program Assistant.      nope
We have a better that average relationship. Turf issues
are testy at times. Mutual respect, professionalism and
trust have played a good part in development of
working relationships. My duties and responsibilities
are now parimount to any one elses, we agree to meet       excellent close working relationship, very involved,
some place in the middle.                                  meet formally quarterly, develop over time

Relationship is very good. Get a lot of support from
Executive and EM Committee. They listen and take
suggestions pretty much all the time. Our relationship
has developed do in a large part with my experience. I
tell it like it and it's pretty much straight forward. I
respect their ideas and wishes. I like to make their
ideas part of the sollution. Deputy's long time
relationship to the county and her commitment to the
program is a big plus. PA's work and support also has
a positive effect on over all relationships.

We are not required but we do. Pay is not affected one
way or annother                                            no way

All mandated requirements plus School planning,
Hazard Mitigation, EAA Response, Country USA. Life
Fest and Duck's Unlimited are the main impact ones. all the usual plans
County owned and maintained by this department.
Activated for Tornado's or it's potential              municipal owned and controlled- tornado only

They really are not part of this departments daily
operations. Their productiveness is fair to good. Some Very little LEPC involement. I question the need for
members are active but most are not.                   an LEPC!

For 2004 through 2005, about 7 to 9 annually. Will be EPCRA, EMPG, PDMG, Traffic Safety Grants,
about 6 for 2006.                                     OJA………

                                                       (too much) Hard to say sometimes it is 50% of a given
30%                                                    week.

County received grant for Countywide All Hazards
Mitigation which has resulted in Oshkosh receiving a
large relocation grant and Omro(pending) large grant
for Trailor Home Sheltering.                           PDMG for planning only.

Strongly Dissagree                                     Disagree
Dissagree                                              Undecided
Dissagree                                              Undecided
Agree                                                 Undecided

Strongly Agree                                        Strongly Agree

Undecided                                             Strongly Dissagree
Strongly Dissagree                                    Strongly Dissagree

Agree                                                 Strongly Agree

Strongly Agree                                        Agree

Strongly Dissagree                                    Undecided

Dissagree                                             Disagree

Strongly Dissagree                                    Strongly Dissagree

During emergencies, volunteers to answer phones, data
entry, assist in communications, weather spotters
program, damage assessment and drivers/operators for
MCC and emergency portable light tower.               no

Pretty active. They provide spotter, damage assessment
operations, communication link to 3 major hospitals
and the Red Cross organization.                        Very Active, ARES weather spotters

Good thing BUT, need enough staff to support its
activation.                                           no
Need WEM to support more fully the county program.
Activity and interest by Municipalitities will follow.
They may not be active in a way as to step on heels but
they will follow in a distance.                         ?

Link with a lobbyist. Dues should support that. We
need a voice at all levels including our own. Our
initiatives play a major rule in how government
services continue in the aftermath of emergencies.
Those attributes need to be passed from the top as well
as the bottom.                                          Keep fighting the good fight
WEM's come along way but the new kids on the block
need to be aware of some of the successes down
throught the years. They must listen better. If the org
wants to be stronger it must look into the past to see
how it was accomplished. Government and it's political
thinking has not changed, we just have new players. I
think that we really missed that boat after Sept. 11,
2001. Its not the org's fault, it was just that we are not
organized.                                                 see above

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