Japanese food in abroad

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   Japanese Food in Japan
   Image of Japanese Food
   Japanese Food served in abroad
   Sushi Police!?
Japanese Food in Japan
   Japanese Food consists of staple food,
    side dishes, and soup
   Various ingredients
   Vegetable protein
Image of Japanese Food
   Fresh
   Beautiful
   Luxury
   Healthy
Japanese Food served abroad
   California Roll      Tempura Cheese Fondue
Sushi Police!?
   To promote the exportation of agriculture,
    forestry and fisheries. Also to spread correct
    Japanese food culture and support the
    advance of Japanese-made food products into
    foreign markets.

Organization to promote Japanese restaurants abroad(JRO)
   Japanese Food is becoming more and more popular.
   Tastes that people like differ from place to place.
   Telling the traditional Japanese Food culture is
   Enjoy eating Japanese Food in any kind is the most
    important thing.
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