Welcome to AP Japanese by lse16211


									Welcome to AP Japanese!
Where: Room 206, MSHS
When: 8:30-9:40 a.m. M-H, 8:15-9:00 (F)
AP Japanese is designed to develop advanced skills in reading, writing and speaking
Japanese. The goal of this class is to take and excel in the AP exam scheduled to take
place in May 2010. It is not a mandatory exam, but highly recommended.

Class schedule will look something like this:
Mondays: Kanjis/Chapter introduction/Grammar introduction
Tuesdays: Grammar and Writing Practice/ Web chat Proactice
Wednesdays: Audio Comprehension/ Recordings
Thursdays: Visual Comprehension
Fridays: Short Text Readings/Review/Makeup assignments

Assessments: There will be pop quizzes every week. These quick checks will focus on
kanji assessment, short text comprehension and conversations on daily situations.

The Six Week Thing: There will be an hour long comprehensive exam on all textbook
chapters covered at the end of six weeks. Questions on this test will be taken from the
workbook and other online resources used in class.

The Twelve Week Thing: At the end of twelve weeks, students will be interviewed by
native speakers, on oral language proficiency. There will be a short essay writing contest.
Depending on school calendars, this could coincide with semester final exams.

There will be two more long assessments during winter semester, based on similar lines.
The dates of these two exams will be announced in December.

Students should anticipate one hour long assignments on most weeknights and weekends.
Electronic assignments need to be saved on a disk.

Grading: All class assignments and homework assignments will carry between 5-15
points. Speaking and other lab assignments will carry between 1-10 points. Assignments
will not be graded on a curve. Unless announced differently, all assignments will be due
on the Monday of the following week.

Extra credit: Students are encouraged to create projects that highlight their language

Materials: Textbook: Yookoso! Continuing with Contemporary Japanese.
          Workbook: Yookoso! Continuing with Contemporary Japanese
          Online Resources: Students will be directed to online resources for practice
          and homework assignments.

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