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					Summer Workshop „Gateway to AP Japanese and Beyond‟ (July 23-27, 2007)

1) Your information goes in the shaded boxes, which will expand as you type.. Position your cursor by positioning the
cursor and clicking your mouse or by pressing the Tab key.

2) In the yes/no boxes, when you position the cursor and click your mouse, an “X” will automatically be placed in the box.
Click again if you want to delete the “X”

3) When you have finished, either send as an attachment to an e-mail to Susan Schmidt at or
print it and mail to Susan Schmidt, Association of Teachers of Japanese, 240 Humanities Bldg, 279 UCB, Boulder, CO



Telephone number(s):

E-mail address:

Where do you teach (name of school or college)?

How long have you taught Japanese?

What Japanese-language classes / courses do you teach?

Are you teaching an AP-preparation class in 200607?           Yes            No

Do you plan to teach an AP Japanese class in 200708?             Yes         No

Will your students take the AP Japanese test in May 2007?              Yes        No

Have you attended an AP or Pre-AP workshop?           Yes         No

           If Yes, when and where?

Are you a native speaker of Japanese?          Yes       No

What would you most like to learn at a workshop focusing on AP Japanese? (Please check as many as are applicable, but
check TWO boxes for the one or two you are MOST interested in)

           Enhancing my reading and writing skills in Japanese

           Curriculum development for AP Japanese classes

           Learning more about the AP Japanese program

           Learning about the use of AP Japanese test scores by colleges

           Working on smooth articulation from high school to college Japanese programs
         Other (       )

Would you be interested in earning graduate credit for this workshop (at a cost of $100 for 2 credit hours)?

                              Yes      No

Please tell us a little about how you will use your time at this workshop to improve your teaching and how you might
disseminate the materials you receive and develop to your colleagues.