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									                                                                                                      February 2005

                                Tourism insights

CNMI Tourism Delegation Led by the Governor Meet with key players
in the Japanese Travel Industry   A senior tourism delegation, led by the Governor,
                                                                visited Japan on Monday and Tuesday, February 21-22 for
                                                                and talks with senior management at major Japanese
                                                                airlines and Japanese travel agencies. Members of the
                                                                delegation included Carlos Salas, Executive Director of the
                                                                Commonwealth Ports Authority, Marian Aldan-Pierce, Vice-
                                                                Chair of the MVA Board of Directors, two additional MVA
                                                                board members Mr. Yoichi Matsumura and Mr. Ikuo
                                                                Katayama, Lynn Knight, President of HANMI, and Vicky
                                                                Benavente, Managing Director of the Marianas Visitors
                                                                       During the two-day stay in Japan, the delegation has
                                                                met with top executives of all 4 major airlines — Japan
                                                                Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines and All
                                                                Nippon Airways – as well as with 5 key travel agencies
Governor Babauta shook hand with Mr. Sano, Managing Director,   including JTB, R&C Tours, Kintetsu International, Pacific
International Travel Business Corporate Strategy & Marketing    Micronesia Tours, and Holiday Tours Micronesia. This
Headquarters Corporation.
                                                                packed schedule allowed the delegation to exchange
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MVA gears up for promotional campaigns in
FY 2005                                                                                  INSIDE THIS ISSUE
         The Marianas Visitors                    Bisita Marianas, a 13-month
Authority introduced many                         campaign, designed to entice Guam      Travel Tour Expo...................2
promotional campaigns in the past                 and military travelers to Saipan,      JAL Charter Flight ................2
years. A few of these campaigns                   Tinian, and Rota for a minimum         FY05 Promotions ..................3
evolved into a program that is                    two-night stay while providing         Upcoming Marketing Events .....3
expected from the travel trade                    significant value of savings in the    MVA Rota ...........................3
community abroad. These                           Marianas Value-Pak. The Value-Pak      Japan Fam Tours ..................4
campaigns provide promotional                     is a coupon booklet offering a         Korea Fam Tours ..................4
value for the destination. As part of             variety of savings from Hotel          Tinian and Rota Membership
this years “See My Marianas” PR                   accommodations, services on            Meeting ............................5
campaign, these on-island                         optional tours, discounted meal        Upcoming Events..................5
coordinated campaigns, contest and                coupons and more. Coming this          Tinian Turquoise Blue Events ....6
promotions will be the pinnacle in                April, the MVA will launch two         2005 Sports Fest ..................7
attracting more visitors to our                   additional campaigns targeting the     Visitor Arrivals &
islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota                Group and Diving markets, while        Visitor Profile - Feb 2005 ....8-10
especially during the low periods of              also supporting the travel agents in   Si Yuus Maase Members.........11
the year.                                         Korea in a Volume Incentive            MVA’s Corner......................12
        Beginning this fiscal year, the           Promotion.
MVA unveiled its Bisita Marianas
campaign in December 2004. The                    Continued on Page 3

Chubu Region Celebrates New Airport - Centrair                                      Governor’s visit to
                                                      In anticipation of the        Japan (continued from
                                               opening of the new Chubu             page 1)
                                               International Airport in             various opinions and ideas with key
                                               Chubu, Japan, the Marianas           players in the Japan market to
                                               Visitors Authority (MVA) and         increase travel demand from
                                               the Commonwealth Ports               Japan, and sustain the growth that
                                               Authority (CPA) hosted a             has been experienced over the
                                               welcome ceremony for the             past two years.
                                               JAL charter flight.                        The main purpose of the
                                                      This flight was a             delegation’s visit to Japan was to
                                               historical event for it was the      formally request that the airlines
                                               last flight to depart from the       consider increasing seat capacity
                                               old Nagoya International             from Japan to the CNMI on their
                                               Airport and the first carrier        regular flights, and to add
                                               to land at the brand new             additional flights, either in the
                                               Chubu International Airport          form of chartered services, or new
                                               called “Centrair”. This              regularly scheduled services from
                                               charter flight arrived at 1:10       Japan. The CNMI in return has
                                               am on Thursday, February 17,         offered a package of incentives
                                               2005 and departed Saipan             including a temporary discount on
                                               International Airport at 3:55        airport fees and promotional
 a.m. As part of the package, passengers received $15 discount coupon at            support from key tourism partners
 the DFS, 5-course menu served on the Nagoya to Paris route, a free ticket          in the CNMI.
 to the hot spring bath at the Centrair Airport Terminal and many more.                   Japan remains the largest
        JALPAK and the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB) were the main                      source of inbound travelers into the
 organizers for this special tour. This tour was advertised in two major            CNMI, accounting for about three-
 newspapers in Japan on Feb 3 and 5 for ticket reservation. The 206                 quarters of inbound tourists, and
 available seats were sold out as soon as the newspaper hit the stand. It           the delegation’s mission to Japan
 was reported that hundreds of people were on standby status for this tour          was designed to find ways of
 package.                                                                           continuously cultivating this key

  MVA participates in the 12th Philippine Travel Tour Expo
        The Marianas Visitors            destination in a Travel Agent
Authority participated in the 12th       Seminar hosted by Continental
Travel Tour Expo held at the SM          Airlines. The Guam Visitors Bureau
Megamall, Manadaluyong,                  and the Palau Visitors Authority
Philippines from February 4 – 6,         were also present at this function
2005. International Business             held in the Edsa-Shangri-La Hotel,
Professional College (IBPC) from         Manila, Philippines on February 2,
Saipan participated with the MVA at      2005. Each National Tourism
the event and provided assistance        Organization had an opportunity to
with inquiries on education facilities   present their destinations product
and the NCLEX program available in       to 60 top management travel agents
the CNMI. Over 50,000 travel             specializing the Micronesia travel
agents and general consumers             market.
attended this year’s trade show.                                                 Mr. Martin Duenas and Mr. Vince Merfalen
The MVA also presented the                                                       attended to guests who visited the MVA
                                                                                 booth at the Travel Tour Expo.
PAGE 3                TOURISM INSIGHTS

FY 05 Promotions (continued from page 1)
The group campaign will offer benefits to arriving        travel agents in Korea, is a tie-up program with Asiana
groups from 20 pax or more.                                                     Airlines to increase visitor
The MVA coordinated this                                                        arrivals to the CNMI. The MVA
program with major travel                                                       and Asiana Airlines offer various
wholesalers and retailers in                                                    incentives to travel agents to
Japan, the Japan Saipan Travel                                                  increase the CNMI’s arrivals by 10
Association (JSTA), and its                                                     or 20%. By doing so, the MVA
membership to provide                                                           supports travel agents by
discounted privileges on                                                        assisting in advertising and Asiana
shopping and fine dining                                                        Airlines by providing
facilities.                                                                     complimentary tickets to the
         The Diving Photo                                                       travel agents who exceed their
Contest will attract the CNMI’s                                                 sales quotas.
largest repeat visitors for a                                                            In July, the MVA will once
chance to submit their                                                          again coordinate the Happy
underwater photos to win                                                        Children in Paradise summer
various prizes amounting from                                                   campaign. Every child 11 years
$500.00 to $2,000.00.                                                           and under will receive a Saipan-
Advertising of this Diving Photo                                                da collectible. This year’s
Contest has been done in Japan                                                  collectible will be a Saipan-da
with two major publications,                                                    backpack with a Saipan, Tinian,
Umi To Shima No Tabi and                                                        and Rota logo water bottle. The
Marine Diver magazine. Umi To Shima No Tabi writer        summer program will also entail a life size version of
and photographer will be visiting the CNMI this month     Saipan-da greeting arriving passengers at the airport
for a feature of the underwater fascinations and above    from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm and from 1:00 am-4:00 am daily.
water tourist sites. Promoting this contest in Korea is
through the Marianas On-line club, while in Greater
China, it is merely providing information to those
         The Volume Incentive Promotion, tailored for
                                                          Students visits our MVA Rota
 March 5 – 8           Korea Media Fam
 March 5 – 9           Kukmin Bank Incentive Group #3
 March 9 – 12          Continental Taipei Travel Agent
 March 9 – 15          Umi to Shima no Tabi
 March 10 – 14         Korea VIP Golf Fam
 March 12 – 16         Kukmin Bank Incentive Group #4
 March 30 – April 2    PATA Micronesia Meetingi
 March (TBA)           Travel & Life
 March (TBA)           Golf Digest
 April 1 – 3           Marine Diving Fair
 April 4 – 18          STI Workshop/Travel Agent
                       presentations, Russia              Third grade students from the Sinapalo Elementary School visited the MVA
 April 5 – 7           Marianas Sales Seminar Japan       Rota Office to collect information on MVA’s roles and responsibilities and
 April 13 – 15         Marianas Workshop Korea            visitor arrival information. MVA Assistant Marketing Manager, Mr. Alejo
                                                          Mendiola shared with the students the importance of clean environment.
 April (TBA)           Continental Japan Agent            He cited that preserving our culture and showing hospitality such as
                       Familiarization Tour               waving to our visitors will invite more visitors to our island. Mr. Mendiola
                                                          shared with our students MVA’s role in promoting our destination to other
                                                          Asian countries and the US Mainland.
PAGE 4                 TOURISM INSIGHTS
MVA highlights promotional activities conducted in February for
Japan Market
For the month of February 2005,         Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball               golf properties and other related
the Marianas Visitors Authority         Festival, which was coordinated by          products and services. At the MVA’s
(MVA) hosted several media              Pacific Island Club on February 26,         booth, visitors received destination
representatives, which                                                                         and golf brochures and
included television and                                                                        participated on different
magazine companies from                                                                        types of games for a
Japan. This effort                                                                             chance to win a prize.
resulted to a paramount                                                                        The MVA also conducted
of free publicity                                                                              a survey to determine
amounting to                                                                                   the awareness level of
approximately                                                                                  the CNMI as a golf
$303,781.00 targeting                                                                          destination. According
nationwide readership                                                                          to the event organizer,
and TV audience.                                                                               over 45,000 visitors from
     TV Tokyo filmed its                                                                       the trade and public
annual television program                                                                      came to the fair.
called “King of Golf” at                                                                           The MVA received
the Lao Lao Bay Golf                                                                           tremendous support
Resort. This program                                                                           from its members which
focused on training fa-       MVA attended the Golf Fair held on February 25-27, 2005 in       resulted in
mous talents to become        Japan. MVA’s booth featured the CNMI as a golf destination       approximately
better golfer. The 30         showcasing the variety of golf courses available in the          $25,000.00 worth of in-
minutes show will be          CNMI.                                                            kind support for the
aired nationwide in Japan                                                                      month of February 2005.
every Saturday during the month of and 27. The event included volley-               These members included Pacific
April and May. “Beach Angels”           ball professionals from the U.S and         Island Clubs, Continental Airlines,
from Television Broadcasting Sys-       Japan who had played in the Olym-           Chamolinian Village, PDI Marine
tem were in Saipan and Rota to          pics.                                       Park, Capricciosa, Rakuen, Sand
cover various tourists sites such as            The MVA participated in the         Castle, Aqua Resort Hotel, Saipan
Teteto Beach, Swimming Hole in          Golf Fair 2005 which was held at Big Sunset Cruise, Kingfisher, Saipan
Rota and Saipan’s Managaha Island. Sight in Tokyo, Japan on February 25 Country Club, Mariana Resort &
Lastly, the “Monthly Volleyball         ~ 27, 2005. There were 189 booth            Spa, Coral Ocean Point and Lao Lao
Magazine” covered the 13 Annual
                           th           exhibitors, which promoted their            Bay Golf Resort.

 Korea Travel Trade and Media Visit the Marianas
          The Marianas Visitors Authority Korea representative and Asiana Airlines representative from Seoul
accompanied major Korea travel agents for a familiarization tour of the CNMI.
         Thirteen representatives from the travel trade industry, including Hana Tour, Mode Tour, Lotte Travel,
Freedom Travel, Red Cap, Happy Tour, Hyundai Dream Tour, and SK Tourvis, and supporting land operators and
hoteliers visited the islands of Saipan and Tinian. The representatives were given the opportunity to experience
and review the activities in the Marianas that are offered to their visitors from Korea. These activities included
golf, island tours, and marine sports.
         In addition to the travel trade visit, a group of seven media also made the trip to gather information for
future news articles about the Marianas. An estimated $75,000.00 worth of exposure value was garnered for the
Marianas in various consumer publications in Korea. A total combined circulation of more than 12,000,000 copies
will be distributed nationwide once published in Korea. The media Fam was made up of representatives from
daily newspapers, such as Chosun Daily, Joongang Daily, Don-A Daily, Hankook Daily, Daily Zoom and the Metro.
         The MVA members who supported these groups by providing complimentary room accommodations,
transportation, meals, optional tours and services, included the Saipan World Resort, Asiana Airlines, Koreana
Tours Bureau, Korean Tour Association of Saipan, Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino, Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort, Jaemin
Tours, Rakuen Restaurant, Tony Roma’s, and the Pacific Islands Club.
PAGE 5                 TOURISM INSIGHTS

Tinian and Rota share future plans                                               Upcoming Events
         The Marianas Visitors Authority (MVA) recently conducted their          March 5 -6
annual general membership meetings on Tinian and Rota.                           23rd Annual Micronesian Open
         On Tinian, Bill Cing, Chairman of the Tinian Casino Gaming Control      Windsurfing Cup
                           Commission was the guest speaker for the
                           meeting. Mr. Cing informed the members that           March 19
                           two companies have expressed their interest in        19th Annual American Red Cross
                           investing in the island. “I am very optimistic with   Walk-A-Thon
                           the plans these two companies have shared with
                           our office, which include developing a golf resort,   March 19
                           hotel and water theme park,” said Cing. “Local        4th Saipan Invitational Swim Meet/
                           businesses for their part need to                     27th Annual Saipan Ocean Swim
                            work together to offer a unique cultural
                           experience for visitors, including the availability   March (TBA)
   Mr. Bill Cing,          of local products and showcasing our culture,” he     2005 Northern Marianas Beauty
   Chairman, Tinian        added.                                                Pageant
   Casino Gaming Control
                                   Clifford Meads,
   Commission                                                                    April 1-3/8-10
                           Rota Resort & Country
                           Club general manager                                  5th Annual PIC/Powerade Tennis
and Hiroshi Yamamoto, general manager of Rota                                    Championship
Scuba Center Rubin were guest speakers for the
membership meeting on Rota. Mr. Meads who                                        April 2
once served as the chairman for the Visitors                                     HANMI Charity Golf Tournament
Convention Bureau in Savannah, Georgia stressed
the importance of a joint partnership between a                                  April 8-10
visitors bureau, in this case the MVA and it’s                                   The Great Tinian Cliff Fishing
members. He shared renovation plans for the                                      Derby
                                                        Mr. Clifford Meads,
resort, which includes additional rooms and an          General Manager,
upgrade of their golf course. Despite some                                       April 9
                                                        Rota Resort and
obstacles, one of which includes the current                                     XTERRA Saipan Championship
                                                        Country Club
airline situation, Mr. Meads remains optimistic
for the future of the island. Calista Pendergrass of Cape Air announced          April 15-17
that beginning April, the airline will start using bigger aircrafts to service   24th Annual Flame Tree Arts
the island. Mr. Yamamoto during his remarks shared his hopes for Rota to         Festival
become a top dive spot for diver enthusiast.
         “Despite the competition we face with other vacation destinations,      April 16
the CNMI is unique in that each island offers something different for            16th Annual Tagaman Triathlon
travelers to experience,” said managing director, Vicky Benavente. “In
addition to the in kind contributions from our members, we would also            April 17
like to thank government agencies on Tinian and Rota for their continued         S.O.P.H.I.A. Walk
support in our efforts to promote our islands as a premier destination,
three islands, three times the fun,” Benavente said.                             4th Annual TAGA Kid’s Triathlon
         The MVA membership is comprised of private business sectors on
Saipan, Tinian and Rota. General membership meetings are held bi-                April 26
annually on Saipan. In June, Saipan will be having its first general             Spring 4-person Beach Volleyball
membership for 2005.                                                              League
PAGE 6                TOURISM INSIGHTS
 6th Annual Tinian Turquoise Blue Triathlon & Reef Swim
    The 6th Annual Tinian Turquoise
Blue Triathlon & Reef Swim was held
on Saturday, February 19, 2005 on
the island of Tinian. Sixty-seven
swimmers and triathletes from
Japan, Guam, and Saipan warmed
up got ready for action. The event
took place at the Taga Beach at 7:15
a.m. and ended at 11:40 a.m.
    There were three events in one
race. The swim which consist of 1.5
km and 3.0 km, followed by the
Triathlon which consist of a 1.5 km
swim, 40 km bike, and 10 km run.
                                            DEFENDING CHAMPION DOES IT AGAIN – As seen here, last year’s defending
The three time winner from Japan,           champion Matsumaru Masayuki makes his way to the finish line with a total
Mr. Matumaru Masyuki defended his           time of 2:03:52.
title with a time of 2:03:52. Behind
him was former Tagaman winner
from Japan, Mr. Miyazuka Hideya who came in at 2:05:41 capturing second. Third place went to Mr. Dirk Sharer
from Saipan who clocked in at 2:25:07. In the women’s division eleventh overall and first place female finisher
was Ms. Susan Seay from Guam who came in at 2:44:20. Capturing second was Ms. Dawn Hammermeister from
Saipan who also ranked 20th overall with a time of 2:51:01. Securing third place was Ms. Mieko Motoyoshi from
Saipan with a time of 2:57:20.
    The awards banquet was held in the Dynasty Hall at 3:00 p.m. All the participants were greeted with a special
welcome remark from the Acting Deputy Director. Also present, was Board of Director of Tinian, Mr. Martin San
Nicolas. He was also there to assist with the presentation of prizes to the winners. The MVA provided manpower
on logistics for all the aide stations of the event and setting up all the bike racks, banners, and the route of the
race. MVA also sponsored an amount of $5,000.00 for the media advertisement in Japan. The other sponsors that
supported the event were the Tinian Mayor’s Office, Tinian DPS, My Wave Club, Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino.
PAGE 7                 TOURISM INSIGHTS
Japan Arrivals Down 15% But Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong Arrivals Are Up Triple
Digits                       60,000
        For the month of February,
the CNMI welcomed a total of
46,356 visitors, a 2.12% decline as
compared to February 2004 figures.
The travel markets showing an              40,000
increase in arrivals were Korea,
Guam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and         30,000
others. Arrivals from Japan and the
Philippines showed a decline of 15%
and 14% respectively for the month         20,000
of February.
        Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong       10,000
were the top market performers for
the month. Both Taiwan and Hong
Kong posted a 433% and 138% growth              -
                                                     Feb-04 Mar-04 Apr-04 May-04 Jun-04 Jul-04 Aug-04 Sep-04 Oct-04 Nov-04 Dec-04 Jan-05 Feb-05
respectively. This was attributed to
the resumption of direct flights from      result of the ten additional flights                daily flights from Tokyo, Japan to
Hong Kong and Taiwan on Continental        brought in from Asiana Airlines due                 Saipan. Northwest Airlines continues
Airlines.                                  to strong demand of the destination                 to use a 747 aircraft for its flights
        Arrivals from China registered     from travelers in Korea. Travel                     from Tokyo but with a different seat
a 169% increase, which was due             agents from Korea reported that                     configuration from 430 seats to 350
primarily to the celebration of            many travelers diverted their travel                seats. As a result, 30,040 visitors
Chinese New Year in February. This         plans to the CNMI from Southeast                    arrived from Japan, a 28% decrease
holiday period is traditionally a peak     Asia due to the Tsunami disaster                    in seat capacity from Tokyo. Lastly,
month for outbound travel in China.        which occurred in December 2004.                    the number of seats from Nagoya
The China Eastern Airlines had three               The CNMI’s primary travel                   also experienced a reduction of 48%
extra flights from China to Saipan         market, Japan registered a 15%                      compared to the same month the
due to the high travel demand for          decline compared to February 2004.                  previous year. The number of daily
the CNMI during the Chinese New            This decline was impacted from the                  flights from this region was cutback
Year.                                      changes in types of aircraft from                   from two to one flight, when
        The number of visitor arrivals     Tokyo and Nagoya when arrival                       Continental Airlines terminated
from Korea posted a double digit           figures were compared to February                   direct flights from Nagoya to Saipan
increase of 14% when compared with         2004. Japan Airlines changed its                    in April 2004.
February 2004. This increase was a         aircraft from 747 to DC-10 on the

        4 0 ,0 0 0                                                                                                                    500%

        3 5 ,0 0 0
        3 0 ,0 0 0
        2 5 ,0 0 0

        2 0 ,0 0 0                                                                                                                    200%

        1 5 ,0 0 0
        1 0 ,0 0 0
         5 ,0 0 0

             -                                                                                                                        -100%
                     JA PA N   KOREA      C H IN A   GUA M        USA             PI           HK          TWN         OTHER

        2005         30,040    7 ,3 2 8   3,862      1 ,8 4 6     1,743          302           331          224           680
        2004         35,416    6 ,4 3 4   1,435      1 ,4 0 9     1,747          353           139           42           387
        % c hge       -15%      14%       169%        31%          0%          -14%          138%          433%          -43%
    PAGE 8              TOURISM INSIGHTS
                                                          By Gender
                 VISITOR PROFILE
This section provides a summary of key trends from
Japan for the month of February 2005.                                                                                                     Male

JAPAN                                                                                 Female
n      For the month of February 2005, the gender                                      45%
       breakdown were 55 percent males and 45
       percent females. Both males and females
       showed decline in arrivals for the month
       compared February 2004. The largest age
                                                          By Age and Gender
       group was the 20-24, accounting for 19.22         4000
       percent of the total arrivals from Japan. The                                                                               Male   Female
       second largest age group was followed by the
       25-29 age group capturing 13.13 percent of the    3000
       Japan market. Females continued to dominate       2500
       these age groups accounting for 58 percent of
       this age group. In terms of arrivals, all age     2000
       group posted decline in arrivals for the month    1500
       compared to February 2004.
n      55.36 percent our visitors were on their first     500
       visit to the CNMI. 35.09 percent had visited         0
       the CNMI before.















n      Friends, business associates, tour group and


       spouse were the top four selections in travel

       companion. However, in terms of arrivals,          Travel Plans
       traveling with parents/grandparents and other
       family members posted increases for the             90.00%
       month.                                              80.00%          67.75%
n      Packaged tours continued to be the main type        60.00%
       of travel arrangement. Group tours was the          50.00%
       only selection that received an increase            40.00%
       compared to February 2004.                          30.00%                               19.03%
                                                           20.00%                                                  14.29%                 13.95%
n      The top four selections in travel plans during      10.00%
       their stay included pleasure (67.75%), golf          0.00%
       (19.03%), diving (14.29%), and company                              Pleasure               Golf             Diving             Company
       trip (13.95%).
                                                         Travel Motivations                                                             Trip
n      The most popular factors in choosing the CNMI      30.00%
       were travel agents (25.75%), followed by                         25.75%
       climate (23.95%), friends/relatives (20.00%),      25.00%                               23.95%
       and short flight time (17.18%). Price was not                                                               20.00%
       selected as one of the top four selection while    20.00%
       friends/relatives made it to the top four          15.00%


                                                                      Travel Agents             Climate        Friends/Relatives     Short flight time
PAGE 7 9              TOURISM INSIGHTS
                     TOURISM INSIGHTS
                                                            By Gender
                VISITOR PROFILE
This section provides a summary of key trends from                                                                                        49%
Korea for the month of February 2005.

n     Unlike the month of January 2005, there were                                   51%
      more females than males for the month of
      February 2005. The gender distribution was 51         By Age and Gender
      percent females and 49percent males visitors
      from Korea. Females posted a 14.20 percent
                                                            800                                                                          Male     Female
      increase, while males posted a 13.78 percent
      increase compared to February 2004. February
      also indicated that it is a popular month for
      family travel based on the age group. The
      largest age group wasthe 19 and under which           400
      captured 22.58 percent of the total arrivals.         300
      The second largest age group was followed by          200
      the 30-34 age group capturing 17.52 percent of        100
      the Korean market. Females dominated the 20-            0
      34 age category accounting for 61 percent of








      the arrivals from this age group. The 55-59 age











      group recorded the highest increase of 24.10

      percent compared to February 2004. Other age         Travel Plans
      groups that posted tremendous growth were 35-
      39 (+22.86%), and 60 and over (+15.97%).                               89.98%
n     72.08 percent of our visitors were on their first     80.00%
      visit to the CNMI. 23.52 percent had visited the
      CNMI before. There was a growth of 10.17              60.00%
      percent in repeat visit to the CNMI compared to
      the same month last year.                             40.00%
n     Friends, business associates, and tour group
      were the top three selections in travel               20.00%
                                                                                                   9.65%                  6.64%                 3.26%
      companion. However, traveling with spouse,
      other family members, and parents/                     0.00%
      grandparents tour group posted increases for                           Pleasure               Golf           Honeymoon                    Diving
      the month compared to the same month last
      year.                                                Travel Motivations
n     The top three selections in travel plans during      60.00%
      their stay included pleasure (89.98%), golf          50.00%           49.80%
      (9.65%), and honeymoon (6.64%). For the
      month of February 2005, visiting friends and
      relatives received the highest growth rate of        30.00%
      39.68 percent compared to February 2004.             20.00%
n     The most popular factors in choosing the CNMI                                                                       9.73%
                                                           10.00%                                                                               6.90%
      were travel agents (49.80%), followed by
      friends/relatives (13.98%), previous trip             0.00%
      (9.73%) and short flight time (6.90%).














   Yuus                  MVA recognizes the following members for their generous inkind

                         contributions for our programs for the month of February 2005.
                         Our members’ continued support enables MVA to amplify our
                         advertising and marketing efforts abroad to the travelling pub-
                         lic. For the month, total contributions amounted to $33,366.15
                         which consist of gift certificates, complimentary and discounted
                         accommodations, meals, and optional tours. MVA appreciates
                         your continued support and partnership to promote the CNMI as
                         the destination of choice.

      Company                                                    Amount

      Aqua Resort Club                                              825.00
      Asiana Airlines                                             5,200.00
      Budget Car Rental                                             209.85
      Capricciosa Restaurant                                         70.00
      Caronel                                                        60.00
      Century Tour                                                  160.00
      Continental Airlines                                        7,500.00
      Coral Ocean Point Resort Club                                  35.00
      Dai-Ichi Hotel Saipan Beach                                 1,095.00
      DFS Galleria Saipan                                         2,283.30
      Hotel Nikko Saipan                                            336.00
      Kingfisher Golf Links                                       1,950.00
      Kinpachi Restaurant                                           100.00
      Korean Tour Bureau                                            240.00
      L.I.F.E.                                                      150.00
      LaoLao Bay Golf                                             2,793.00
      Marianas Trekking                                             108.00
      Microl Corporation                                            300.00
      Pacific Eagle                                                  32.00
      Pacific Islands Club                                        1,534.00
      Pacific Subsea                                                300.00
      Rakuen Restaurant                                             103.00
      Saipan Sea Ventures, Inc.                                     228.00
      Saipan Sunset Cruise, Inc.                                    240.00
      Saipan World Resort                                         2,160.00
      Sandcastle Saipan                                             210.00
      Tasi Tours & Transp                                           136.00
      Tinian Dynasty                                              4,958.00
      Verizon                                                        50.00

      TOTAL CONTRIBUTION FOR FEB 2005                           $33,366.15

      Details of contributions received from Members are updated regularly by our Accounting Division. Figures
      and events listed above were posted as of publication date.
Students join the MVA Team                                                  Birthday Shout Out !!!!
                                                                                                          Page 11

         The Marianas Visitors
Authority, together with the
Northern Marianas College and the
Marianas High School (MHS)
Cooperative Education program,
welcomed 3 students into the
workforce for a period of three
months. During their time with the
MVA, the students will gain
experience in the Public Relations
and Community Programs,
Research, Marketing and               Tasia Bocago, MHS student intern,
Administrative divisions of MVA.      takes a break from her accounting
                                      work and smiles for the camera.       February 28 - Martin Duenas
         Jean Ballesteros, NMC
student, is completing her
internship with MVA to satisfy the
Tourism Practicum Training class at   “Through this internship, the         Goodbye and Good Luck
the college. In May 2006 she will     students will not only gain working
be completing her Associate of Arts   experience, but also obtain a more    on your future
degree in Hospitality Management.     detailed perspective about the        endeavors!!!
“I enjoy the working environment      tourism industry.” stated Vicky
at MVA because the employees are      Benavente, Managing Director for      Edgar Johnson,
so friendly,” stated Ballesteros.     MVA. “We hope that this               Community Development Specialist II
         Tasia Bocago and Joshua      opportunity will broaden their
                                                                            Public Relations & Community
Tumaquip are both students of the     knowledge of the various
                                      components of the global travel       Programs Division on Saipan (2/28/05)
MHS Cooperative Educational class.
Initially, both students met with     and tourism industry and also
MVA personnel at the MHS Career       encourage them to share their
Fair in January and were              knowledge with their peers at the
interviewed by MVA as well as other   high school and college level. “      Congratulations
government and private
organizations. “Working here gave                                           MR. ED DIAZ !!!
me an understanding of what MVA
does,” stated Tumaquip. “I am                                               Ed was named the February Male
glad that I could help out as much                                          Athlete of the Month based on his
as I can.” Bocago and Tumaquip                                              performance and sportsmanship on
are in their senior year of high
school and will be graduating in                                            the Government Basketball League.
June of this year.

                        Tourism Insights is a monthly newsletter designed to bring you the latest programs and
                        events conducted by the Marianas Visitors Authority.

                        Tourism Insights is available online at (under the MVA Members’

                        For further information, please contact our office at or telephone
                        number (670) 664-3200/3201.

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